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The life of the actor Satan Devil

Satan Devil was (a not for all known location) born in the year -77,777 before the first extraterrestrials in Brrrrr the 77th day of the month megabytes. He died on the 88th day of the month in the year -77,576 bytes. He had very afraid before his 200th birthday. This fear led to his final death.
Satan the devil is a former bloodsucking imperious actor who turned countless films in his almost 200 years of life. He invented the horror clown.
His film on the life of horror clowns was the most watched of all time. He played the same horror clown himself. He also took over less important roles in various films.
He became famous for leading roles in horror documentaries that are often shown to date in the prime time of the public broadcaster and censor TV and horror clown Modern. He is also considered the inventor of horror gaze that devil consciously uses. So he can scare other faster than it is dear to them. With this view, he even won the most important film prize of his time. The other actors of the film Horror Clown went away empty-handed. In addition to his acting career his music teacher discovered his vocal voice. This also meant that he invented a number of songs and sang. Devil had several years of monopoly in the former music charts. This means that other singers were hardly represented. He filled positions from the first to almost the last place. Only two last places could take over other singers. In his live performances he filled regularly very large theaters, the tickets were sold out many months before the screening.
What archaeologists have found: 😈🚽🅰️🌎🏈🗺🏃‍♀️😈🚽🐣🌉✴️😍🔯🤚😍🥂🚽🤔🧒🤚😈🖕🅰️🧒🏥😈🌉🤚🔜🚽🔣🦘🖕🌉👆😵🌓🤚👫🍖🦘🗜🅰️📷🌉⌚🤲📷🖕😈🅰️🍽🍽🍞⛽😈🤚🧬🥇⌚🆔⏯🅰️📛🕌😈🚨🐣🖕.
Although he earned his living as a photographer of Selfies he confessed in an interview with a journalist his fear of this art form. His signature role as "Evil Clown" inspired many viewers.
Satan the Devil was a colorful character, he loved the old technology and the leading roles. But unlike most of the residents in this period, he was a chocolate eater. Devil had quite a lot of clothes.
One of his favorite roles was the dumb fish from the sea Mars. Thanks to this role, he managed to large interplanetary fame.
He wanted to impress pear Kaiser and Yellow Brain and show them that he's the better actor. Only the first horror clown was popular through his eternal grin.
What archaeologists found about Satan the Devil yet?
Renovated mummy that was found somewhere beneath a ruined castle. This could be probably have been his wife. Back then Satan the Devil had died the death of Pat with him as his wife. So Devil Made bury his former wife as a mummy.



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