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The magical power of water

On Mercury there were several interesting events in recent times.

The glass rockets which should be sent in Juqa on the Earth's Moon by telepathy, had to be postponed with a sense of humor to the regret of the researchers in the new folder. Unfortunately happened after the postponement of glass rockets to the new folder something against which all should always protect well. This was the researchers of the glass rockets the biggest downfall of their multi-year career. The glass rockets were indeed in the new folder, but they were not saved or moved at least to safety on other media such as USB or paper ship. That was a fatal mistake on their part. A rat moved underground. Any movement of the rat led to small displacements of the amount of soil in a different direction than before. Below ground, the internet connection was with the power line. The road led the rat in the vicinity of the communication technology. The rat penetrated into the system. The rat bite the power lines and was seriously injured. At this time, crashed the computer where was the new folder containing the glass rockets. The researchers present, who saw this in shock. A young astronomy researcher, who worked as an assistant of the Research Unit in conjunction with the glass rockets, just appeared from the kitchen with several coffee cups for his older colleagues. He found all lying on the floor. He contacted the nearest hospital with his smartphone. He also did not know how first aid could be provided. That's why he decided as an emergency measure his colleagues with cold shower (about 9.97 degrees Celsius) to pour. He thought that if plants and trees did the cold water well, this would have on other living things function well.
In fact, he watered his colleagues with cold shower. No sooner were the hospital doctors on site, already most of his research colleagues woke up again. As the young astronomy researchers spent so much water dripping some water parts on the ground out of the window. Some water also came to the downed rat underground. 🤚🐀🌊👶🐀🐃⌚🤚🐀🌉🅰️🥛📁❓🅰️⌚🎫🧒🔭🚽🅰️🍖🐃🤚🅰️🧫👩‍🎓🌉🧫👩‍🎓🍖🚽🐃🧒🔭🚯🧫👩‍🎓🐀🆕🧫👩‍🎓🇮🇹📡💾💽🐃🈶👒💽🌉⌚🧫👩‍🎓😛🌉⌚🧫👈🧫👩‍🎓💾💽🐃🅰️🍼🌉⌚🚽💽😶1️⃣ 🉐🌉💽🔑🗣📛🚽🥛🚀🆕📁⤵️🔙🌊➕🧫👨‍🎓️🧫👨‍🎓️🗣️➡️🛰👥🌊👶❌️👤💜👨⬅️👂️👤🧫👨‍🎓️👩‍💼🧫👨‍🎓️🌊➕🔂♿️⏱️💬🧫👨‍🎓️👨⏱️👤⬅️😷🧫⬆️🧫👨‍🎓️👨👤⬅️💻️🌊🍾⏱️👨👤⬅️1️⃣ 👤🔑➕📛. But also that they know that I was not a suicide. Goodbye." The astronomer, whose brother spoke before him, said that he has to take time off for today. After experienced he could not continue working. For this day, the team of astronomers with the biology student decided to call it quits. The next day it was clear that the water can even reproduce the speech of a long-dead. The biology student was sure that the voice of the dead brother a chance of rain took the time to leave a message for the bereaved. Then other researchers thought the team that also the new folder containing the glass rockets and paper rockets would be somewhere in the water. Since the water resources on Mercury was huge, presented the search for information is big challenge for the team. The biology student commented that if we were able to contact the already dead brother. Why should we search all water resources from the Mercury, when the dead brother of the astronomer us informed at length about how he experienced everything before his physical death and the afterlife. In this case, the biology student thought that the dead brother could help his living brother with saving the data. The astronomer was ready again to contact his brother. The biology student carefully took the same water in which the password and user name of the deceased brother worked. The voice of the brother rang: "Hello, my brother you wanted to know, in which water is the data for the glass rockets and paper rockets are. I tell you to paper rockets you make with your team easily in well water exactly 60 seconds... count until the correct water comes. This is ten steps from your house here. For the water resources, in which is the new folder with glass rockets there. For this purpose, I have to warn you and your team that you have to swear to me. This is something complex. This water resources managed in a rat. The rat will die in 999 days of natural causes. As long you should wait you. After that the rat will be just around the corner of this room. Only then you are allowed to pick up the data from the rat. Goodbye." The brother separated from contacting the biology student and the astronomy team. The team followed the instructions of the dead brother. They found exactly in the well water, the right water after 60 seconds. In this way they had again the data to the paper rockets. After several days, was at the door the rat, on the informed, the dead brother of an astronomer carefully. In the end, the astronomers had all their data again with them in full. They could send glass rockets together with the paper rockets from Mercury to the earth's Moon. The biology student got his doctorate in biology and other awards in water research.



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