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The record apple eater Good Bye from Saturn in Interview

The Saturn's record apple eater Good Bye predicts the Jupiter aliens an upswing and the Saturn aliens have a difficult time in the apple consumption. Good Bye has won more competitions than any other apple eater competitions-apple eaters least 68.68901 apples per contest, was planetary Masters, fruits winner and triumphed on the apple Republic in apple sea times. As a member of the Apple Eaters fans bored of the 97-year-old males Saturn last time in Tralalaland and met with the apple Information fruit News for an interview.

Good Bye, you actually makes the rivalry between Saturn and Jupiter still fun, as one-sided as it runs dull moment?
Good Bye is thinking for two minutes and replies: Of course. This rivalry is very important and very healthy for our teeth and our competition between several planets. The Jupiter aliens have quite strong in the competition eaten apple consumption with apple eaters price many apples. The Jupiter aliens are always there. Without our rivalry there would not be the healthy sports apple.

But Saturn has now won consecutively equal to 674 times the apple price. Even in eating two apples Saturn's extraterrestrials are always forward.
What must make the Jupiter aliens to finally be able to win again?
Good Bye suddenly opens his third eye and looks at the basket with countless apples: It's simple: Jupiter aliens have finally eat more apples! But for that they need to improve their conditions of agriculture. Apple trees need good care after their planting.

And how do you do that?
Good Bye: Yeah, that's a good question. I was ahead of the competition in Sild with Offline Bass on drinking apple juice. We then discussed the apple consumption, as is the Saturn aliens and Jupiter aliens. It is forbidden the Jupiter aliens to underestimate by 56 percent. They were eager consumers and are also oriented quite hungry enough for the future. We have the hungriest apple eater incidentally found on Jupiter under the apple tree. It is called the red-green apple Shkoky worm. I learned even earlier by this worm. While my personal participation in the various competitions-apple eaters I constructed myself before my eyes the hungry worm that ate the apple so enjoyable. So I swallowed the same already six apples. Hardly finished with six apples. I already automatically took several apples and drew me the apple worm in front of my two eyes. Suddenly I realized to open my third eye. Since I was able to expand my apple hunger significantly further. So I managed several times to win as apple eater. But do not worry about Jupiter aliens. I think in the future the Jupiter aliens will again develop a greater force for the apple mass food.

Bear Spinach has decisively helped to bring the Saturn's Pear eat-team back on the right thoughts. Could not you instead grab the Jupiter aliens at the apple eat sport under the arms immediately?
Good Bye suddenly begins 12 bees per second to blink. Then he answers: It has so many Saturn's apple eaters diplomats who work on the planet Jupiter. It is in apple eat sport generally the case that you simply can not predict certain things. But I truly believe that the Jupiter on track and right track and has some strong young, motivated, hungry for success and poor apple eaters. This is also important because without strong opponent, it is not funny to win. These properties are really necessary. I suddenly felt one day to 14:44:44 clock so great a hunger for success that my last Bitcoin died in an accident in the bathtub. Because I realized that I must find a way within 3 lions.

Is the rise of Saturn's pear food Sports a threat to apple eat sport in your planet?
Good Bye includes two of his eyes and says: That was always the case. The journalists in the mess are all pears fanatical. But I believe that this is not a problem. The pear-eaters have earlier registered for competition than the apple eaters. But apple-eat nevertheless remains the most important thing in Saturn. I think that is almost similar to Jupiter. We are both good friends in the universe, both eating apples and both trying to be the most arrogant of Galaxy.

There are also many families in Saturn from completely unknown planet that are more pear-eaters and have no relation to the apple eating. If you try to get this to apple eat somehow, or remains the domain of the hungry from Saturn or probe?
Good Bye acts quite surprised and opens again his two eyes closed previously: Bla Bla, I'm not a real Saturn alien. I'm actually a professional charlatan with purchased nationality of Saturn.
And we still have five fruits winners from other regions, who gathered for the granting of citizenship of Saturn money through a corporation. But you're right. I think you can not get around the extraterrestrials in filthy. The bulbs are and remain eaters and have other apple species in their 80 megabytes swaying head. Do not get me wrong: Pears food is certainly true, healthy and important. Healthy eating at all is important for the population, because the life improved by apple eat. Apple eat would have preferred me to 68 percent, but pears food is also acceptable.

Good Bye

 Evil extraterrestrials called the apple eat champion as time wasteful competition. What could be done to make the profit apple eat sport in the salted cucumbers or Mafia even more popular?
Good Bye: Venus begins in the next few days a very large area of unnecessary houses to destroy and to plant and develop apple trees, and also applying for apple eat Professors of the Year GPS, PL. But we have to be realistic: the planet is far apple eat a very special sport. It is not comparable to eating strawberries or pears food. Nevertheless, I believe that we are very hold, very brave, and our thanks apple eat sport successful apple eaters like Nia Zafe, Bear Coffee or Loi Moi will planet far more popular.

Is the dominance of Saturn aliens in the last 88888 days a threat to the popularity of Apple Eaters in other countries?
Good Bye: I don't think so. Saturn is indeed dominant, but the other trying to beat the Saturn aliens, and that's a good challenge. The animated story. After all, I have no longer active eat as many apples as then.

Good Bye starts laughing loudly. At the same time his wig falls to the ground. He cries, his wig is no longer clean enough. So he throws the wig out of the window. Then he regretted his childish actions. He apologizes and brings his wig again. He sits down on the chair and waiting for the next question.

What comes after from the Saturn's offspring?
Good Bye takes his notepad and looks inside. Since I have nothing to say. It is very sad. In fast food, we are well placed, but eat slowly and in a ten apple eat it looks sad. Since we need to do much more if we are to compete with the Jupiter aliens.

Rapsa Aspar and Rumig Rakram, the two most successful apple eaters of history, do not come from Saturn or Jupiter. Is this a coincidence, or had it in their countries less pressure and competition?
Good Bye takes his calculator at hand and typed in there numbers and speaks: They can and could eat apples without pressure from public and dictatorship. But Rakram is for me personally simply the best apple eater of all time. So many victories, how he did it, will be very difficult to repeat. And Aspar is simply a sensational story. Not a single apple publicly eat 894 days before the camera and then return so that one has never seen until now. They mix a lone soldier on the scene and are therefore also very important.

The Jupiter aliens team was nominated for an Apple Master as Team of the Year. How have you voted? (If the censorship allows you to)
Good Bye drills in his nose with his eighth finger of his right hand and typed in his brain following requirements: How I voted then? As results came the following answer: We are sorry, the search returned no results for your request. Good Bye acts disappointed and shows the evidence and forces us unsuccessful search to be transferred to our smart robot. I've already forgotten. The sympathy of course plays a role. Let me say this: I'm always very happy in Jupiter and had also fought like Jupiter aliens with the apple eaters to victory.

With whom of your former enemies you have the closest contact today?
Good Bye is on: With all. I was at the opening of Rdu Plo "The apple Republic» in Sild, with Nerd Glasses I'm very good friends with Minu Transition I had gone this day in pool eating apples and using with Taq May in Mars. That's the most important thing that I took away from my career in my archive bag. That we were enemies and friends were.

What do you do today else to seek out friends?
Good Bye is looking for in his daily schedule: Preferably eat tomatoes. My third eye times offline and send them into the holiday. So there I was never bored.
After answering the last question, Good Bye took a detergent and began to brush his wig with a big noise. He then put the wig into his pocket and took a very different wig from his secret pocket. Later he moved from his third eye and threw it in a bottle. After some time, Good Bye disappeared from the eyes of the beholder. He matched his name very well.



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