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The rescue of the victims by three-class principle

After the crash of a large flying saucer in the ocean of Venus.
There were already recovered 49 dead aliens. Organization for equality for all extraterrestrials criticized "three-class rescue".
The shores of Venus is overloaded, many roads are blocked: The help of all the planets is difficult to crash area in Venus Water. The head Gold Rabbit by the Organization for equality for all extraterrestrials calls to think not only of the affected by the crash good taxpayer on Venus Water. In the outlying areas of the crash Venus Sea rescuers are coming to the disaster with at least 49 dead difficulties ahead. Aid agencies report that the crash of flying saucer left a lot of damage on the Venus and make arm width cracks many banks of medium-sized planet impassable. Individual rocket carrying relief supplies had to turn back because the only international bank Venus Waters was overloaded. Even in the capital Venus there was little electricity and energy. The Venus Waters inner dictator gave the number of confirmed dead 24 hours after the crash which now has 41 on alone in our own planet. According to the government several corpses were to be masses of fished out of the sea to bury naturally. In Outlook 29 died in PowerPoint least 48 extraterrestrials. The crash of flying saucer of the recent past was the worst in Venus Water for more than 198 years. Some of the dead appeared as ghosts in their families for their sedative. A spirit told his family that rescuers were indeed in place when he was in his body, but the rescuers were clearly very choosy about their salvation. They have not simply brought any more survivors. The rescuers had a list, after which they had to examine how high the tax revenue generated by the victims were previously. For example, there was an even survivor next to him, and he cried out loudly for help.
The Savior said that they would have to first look at their list, whether it is worthwhile for the top leaders to save you. They looked after in their list. As the rescuers saw that these extraterrestrials should have paid only 4,890 Bitcoins per year in taxes. This generates an annual income of nearly 42,034.67 Bitcoins. The Savior said that such aliens are in the second category, which must be saved. Primarily extraterrestrials would be saved with an annual income of at least 100,000.05 Bitcoins. Finally, they pay for it and 10,000 Bitcoins in taxes.
After this statement of extraterrestrials who visited his family decided to leave his own body. He knew he would as a pensioner at the age of 96 years are with an annual income 15,000 Bitcoins anyway under the third category. This even though he had yet to live almost 24 years. The former dictator Venus Waters Bamboo Camel flew to the epicenter of the crash in his native region Median. For an image that shows a completely destroyed flying saucer on a sea, he wrote to a short message service: "No rescue and relief operations in the accident area from Venus! Sends instantly within 10 megabytes large missiles with medical staff. "Venus Water is a small area that has only one hundred well-qualified medical personnel, added twelve doctors only for well-paying patients from at least the pink carpet area. Outlook sent a doctor to help the neighboring country. Organization for equality for all extraterrestrials criticized the three-class rescue very sharp. The head Gold Rabbit of organization for equality for all extraterrestrials criticized, there is a three-class rescue. In his opinion, the priorities are set incorrectly in the relief efforts. The head Gold Rabbit spoke to the spirit of the corpse over. So the Gold Rabbit learned about the bad rescue the crash victims. He complained about these abuses in the rescue of victims quite openly in the local radio station. For television, he got a performance ban.
"It is cynical that the rescuers valuable time for any meaningless list, instead of saving the victims immediately, they found still alive just before their eyes.", said the head of the Organization for equality of all aliens. On Venus Water there is in his opinion enough doctors and resources for the rescue of victims. In addition, one could fly out with the persons concerned of the rocket from the accident site. "In Venus valley and around it a much bigger disaster has happened. There are also several sharks were affected by the crash."
"In the other areas faraway place of transport of goods is always a challenge - even if there is no crash," said Swy Ican, Disaster Team Leader of the aid organization "Protection of the crash victims." It was clear so far only that a great harm in the sea of Venus emerged, but not know where exactly how many. "That's why it is not possible simply to throw supplies into the sea," he said. The most important it is now to provide the alien with tents and light such as solar lamps in the desert. Because it's snowing again, and forecasters say more snow expected. Furthermore, the medical staff must get easier access to the crash victims by the authorities. The criticism of the Gold Rabbit clearly in his personal speech. Venus Waters Government talks of more than 9,996 injured in the crash. Hospitals are hopelessly overcrowded, doctors working around 1440 minutes without a break. Many injured must be supplied in the street outside the hospital. The injured will be assessed for previous years income. Those who earn less than 100,000.05 Bitcoins per year, may not be in the hospital there. Who earns the 100,000.05 Bitcoins per year, must be treated in hospital in the pink area. Who to the bottom celebrities on the orange carpet belongs (annual income of at least 199,999 Bitcoins) is treated much more quickly. This caused in the population of major criticism of the authorities. The government's response was less surprise distracting. The government called on citizens after the event on to blood donations. Meanwhile shot soldiers under the command of the army chiefs of Venus Water more flying saucers near the Sea of ​​Venus in the disaster area. The extraterrestrials dare for fear of further crashes not return to their homes. Numerous parks and public spaces in Venus resembled tent cities - hundreds of thousands sleep in the open or try from the accident site toward the neighboring planet to escape. The dictator Sound Simple appealed to his countrymen to keep all stores and pharmacies open to ensure the supply of victims.
Many countries and organizations sent helpers with rockets. Outlook has been particularly active: 999 tons of material elephants had arrived, the message from Outlook informed very proud in Venus Water with a boastful speech. A machine of the Air Force got to turn back because of "overload" of the bank, said a Defense Ministry spokesman in Outlook. Therefore, all machines would now re-stained with green paint.
Also circus country sends experts: With Ad Acrobat and Pig Out presents circus country a disaster assistant and a sea water experts. The organization of the circus country has provided 55,555 Bitcoins for help in Venus Water available in a first step. With the money wages of medical personnel are paid and supplied those concerned with hygiene items and pans. Tourism Clown assured, a focus of the assistants it may be, to bring the people of the circus country in this area in safety. But from the base camp at Venus Water were 101 aliens were gone, said a sad spy by the Ministry. It threatens him a dismissal and expulsion from the planet Venus.
There were at least 29 good taxpayers. Dozens hid initially still the highest tower of the planet. In the Circus Country constantly worried reported relatives of circus country nationals who are traveling in the region. At 10 clowns from the circus country, there has been still no contact. With about 203 jugglers who were traveling in the area, could be contacted via satellite, calmed the spokesperson of the circus country for matters outside the border. So there've been around 17 inquiries from members. In the Ministry of futurologists reckoned with even more concerned. Reports of injured or dead from the circus country there were not up to the last second.
The Generous decided to grant emergency aid, which consists only of money and not necessities. The tax commissioner promised Venus Water at least 44 million Bitcoins emergency aid. The most urgent medical aid teams and emergency supplies would be needed, said the tax inspector for the help of the other planets, Dust Coffee. The Solar System Bank promised two million Bitcoins for tents, medicines and cleaning of seawater. In the affected area a great panic began after the extraterrestrials learned of another crash on TV. They started to purchase any goods in stores. They made so-called hoarding. This mainly benefited the business of the authorities, which came in for criticism in recent times due to excessive pricing. The army chief and the supreme rulers are the laughing third in this story.



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