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The rise of Second Horror Clowns

The second horror clown was famous for that he wanted to take over the succession of the First Horror Clowns even during his lifetime. During this period he practiced already busy, as he could come close to the success of his illustrious predecessor. One of his exercises was particularly brutal. This led to a crisis with the country's Donuts.
Almost about 21998 days ago dictator of Donuts country Game Over was invited to the mighty circus country to a big party. In Circus Country it was customary for the horror clown to worship regularly. Eventually led the reign of horror clowns circus country to such a powerful country that charlatans and other Cunning had no chance against the country. 🤡🍖🅰️😎👫🏞🥈🤡🌕🗾🛫🤚🎮🛸🎪🗾🌓🤡🤲🅰️👂🤚🚳💩🛫🇮🇹🌓💰👩‍💼1️⃣ 🌓🤡🛫🖕🎮🥈🤡🅰️🤑🤥🎮🛸😛🤚🎮⛔🎪🗾🖕😶⚠️👇🎅🤚🎮🚽🅰️🤑😛🎪🗾😠🌕👋⛄🦘.
As almost 199 hours for the search had already passed, the first horror clown decided in his dreams asking every being, where was located the dictator of the Donuts country. An unknowable essence told him on the precise location. The first horror clown jumped out of his bed and sent the entire army into the land of Smileys. They had no understanding of the unexpected intrusion into their territory with the military of their former neighbor friend. Despite the unpleasant encounter the former dictator Game Over was found. Game Over was ready for it, that he'd been arrested. Thereupon the first horror clown approached him and said goodbye very kind of him. The dictator Game Over was flown along with the judges from the Circus country to Donuts. After 333 days the dictator Game Over died in his office, when he fell asleep on the sofa for a short time. This death notice reached the first horror clown and he decided the day to accurately count. He was astonished that there were exactly 333 days after the return of Game Over.
The judge took power on the Donuts after the death of Game Over. Somewhat later died first horror clown in the Circus Country. His successor was the second horror clown.



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