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The rise of Second Horror Clowns

The second horror clown was famous for that he wanted to take over the succession of the First Horror Clowns even during his lifetime. During this period he practiced already busy, as he could come close to the success of his illustrious predecessor. One of his exercises was particularly brutal. This led to a crisis with the country's Donuts.
Almost about 21998 days ago dictator of Donuts country Game Over was invited to the mighty circus country to a big party. In Circus Country it was customary for the horror clown to worship regularly. Eventually led the reign of horror clowns circus country to such a powerful country that charlatans and other Cunning had no chance against the country. On a summer day, many extraterrestrials but were also invited people to the national major hard. The second horror clown took this opportunity to the full. He flew to Donuts country and organized the flight of the local dictator Game Over active. He procured the appropriate flying saucer, which were designed specifically for flights and events in circus country. Moreover the first horror clown drew up a list of prohibited types of flying saucers. Flight controllers had to know all the details and send it directly to the subordinate officials of the first horror clowns office about any flying object in advance. One day, the first horror clown granted an uncontrolled flight of the Donuts with the dictator Game Over. The second horror clown had a suitcase with fake money to lie to the dictator Game Over in his flying saucer. In the suitcase he stuck the heading "Property of the dictator Game Over from the Donuts". Upon entry into the circus country of dictator Over had no problem with his contents. After the festival in honor of the dictator Horror Clowns Game Over was arrested as a thief who was trying to smuggle money out of the circus country. This quickly made angry headlines planet far. In Donuts quickly became clear that there was a conspiracy against the hated dictator Game Over. Here the chief customs officer of the circus country controlled the content out of a suitcase with a microscope. He noted that the dictator Game Over not just any money had it, but fake money in very good quality. The dictator Game Over refused to try take responsibility before the court crimes distinguished guests for his actions. Then the second horror clown came to the dictator of the Donuts country and threatened to imprison him in an underground bunker, he should not admit his crime.

Following these events, some friends of the dictator Over wanted to start a war against the circus country. The very preparation for war was thwarted by the strength of the second horror clowns. He learned thanks to a spy from the circus country about possible attacks from other planets. In this case it succeeded the second horror clown to consolidate a civil war among themselves in the circles of friends of the dictator Game Over.
After these events, the first horror clown ordered a criminal investigation, in this context, with the case of the dictator Over. Simultaneously, the first horror clown wrote a will in which he regulates his succession precisely. Later, the second horror clown was informed about his future successor in Circus country. After the criminal investigation, the lawyers came in Circus country to the conclusion that the counterfeit money did not really apply to the whole picture of the events. Then the dictator Game Over was released from custody. The first horror clown apologized in writing to the dictator of Donuts. The dictator Game Over refused to accept written apology of the first horror clowns because Game Over belonged to the arrogant in Donuts. He called on the first horror clown, person to brush his shoes in front of all journalists. He also wanted to hear an oral and loud apology from the circus country. In Donuts there were suddenly many demonstrations against the return of the dictator Game Over. That looked second Horror Clown to this second on TV with full enthusiasm. He quickly called the army chief of circus country for heroic arrest of the dictator Game Over. This refused to participate. Then flew the second horror clown with the dictator Game Over with the same flying saucer.
As both of the saucer got out the Donuts population applauded for landing and to the surprise of the dictator Game Over cried those present what wanted to hear in his ears no narcissistic dictator. They shouted: "Horror clowns are the best !, we want such as our dictator!"
The dictator Game Over fled to his friend on the Moon.
The first horror clown accepted the accession of the Donuts country to his empire of Circus country. From this moment, the second horror clown was definitely the only legitimate successor in power. The dictator Game Over could not accept as he was driven out of his power there in exile. He planned an union with the salted cucumbers, that they might displace the rule of horror clowns from the Donuts.
But the salted cucumbers wanted to exceptionally not interfere in this conflict. Game Over was hoping for help from the Forbidden also vain. They replied that they can only impose a travel ban on horror clowns in their country. The dictator Game Over tried to convince to an attack against the circus country charlatans, vampires, pirates and others. Log time was far planet in search of a pro-war. In Mars, he found a group of haters of the regime in Circus country. The sporting Martians from a small village organized themselves so that they flew an unexpected attack against the house of the first horror clowns. Since everything was under video surveillance to the command of first horror clowns in Circus country, the military was able to analyze every little thing exactly. The results of the investigation of the video material showed that they were aliens from Mars in the attack. Then the preparations began for a painful attack on the planet Mars. Even the supreme rulers of Mars had the worst admit: "We, Martians have lost this time!". Two days later, the number of dead aliens was specified on Mars 467890th. After this attack the regime of horror clowns strengthened in Circus country even further. Parts of the planet Mars were controlled by the first horror clown. In addition, came under his control the pineapple company from Mars.

The dictator of the Donuts country Game Over responded very disappointed that no one can do something about the power of the Circus country.
In Donuts a judge was on a bright day suddenly arrested and forced into a flying saucer. This made a bad impression on the fickle inhabitants of Donuts country. They wanted to know the reasons for the arrest of the judge. The first horror clown did not want to comment on the arrest. Instead, a clown from the circus country was promoted to judge of the Donuts country. This displeased many residents. They launched a demonstration for the release of their judge and the return of the former dictator Game Over. At this time, slept the first horror clown and dreamed. In his dream, he was prompted to bring the former dictator Game Over back to Donuts. As reason was mentioned in a dream that Game Over had to live only 333 days to his homeland after his return. Next, the first horror clown in a dream before he was warned when he did not bring the former dictator Over within 222 hours a home, the first horror clown could be forcibly taken out after 224 hours from his physical body without any further preparation of evil forces. The first horror clown woke up, ordered the entire army, after the dictator Game Over to search everywhere. This requirement seemed his whole environment very funny. Nevertheless remained a long time searching for Game Over unsuccessful. The friend of the dictator Game Over informed him that the first horror clown was traveling on a planet-wide search for him. Then Game Over decided continue to flee in the direction of the Smileys. They were the neighbors of the Circus country. The first horror clown was so very angry about that he could not find Over.
As almost 199 hours for the search had already passed, the first horror clown decided in his dreams asking every being, where was located the dictator of the Donuts country. An unknowable essence told him on the precise location. The first horror clown jumped out of his bed and sent the entire army into the land of Smileys. They had no understanding of the unexpected intrusion into their territory with the military of their former neighbor friend. Despite the unpleasant encounter the former dictator Game Over was found. Game Over was ready for it, that he'd been arrested. Thereupon the first horror clown approached him and said goodbye very kind of him. The dictator Game Over was flown along with the judges from the Circus country to Donuts. After 333 days the dictator Game Over died in his office, when he fell asleep on the sofa for a short time. This death notice reached the first horror clown and he decided the day to accurately count. He was astonished that there were exactly 333 days after the return of Game Over.
The judge took power on the Donuts after the death of Game Over. Somewhat later died first horror clown in the Circus Country. His successor was the second horror clown.



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