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The special nutrition as of April 1 of Horror Clowns

The 6 megabytes from circus acts candy store with its broken windows and doors like a normal sleeping provincial town. From the frame, only a well-kept garden apple falls right at the city entrance. Opposite the garden stands a two-storey building of the Experimental Factory Clown Yes. This building is the only company in the circus, which has specialized in the production of anecdotes for April 1 customer.
All processes, from the preparation of jokes to packaging in a letter, take place behind closed doors. From the hallway one can spy through the windows in the walls, as women fill in white coats unusual looking boxes and surprise jokes in transparent bags: Everything is packed in several boxes and after a shower all the boxes are placed on the sun to dry, such as dried fruits , The anecdotes are intended for horror clowns especially for the first of April. Until the mid-2220er years the Space anecdotes were packaged in tubes, told a secret agent of the Office of the 1st April- research the circus University Rotky Fifi. "For the first clown on April Fool outside the circus Lands Irg Nirag least eleven long anecdotes were written on paper and packed in tubes. Nirag took first several jokes outside the circus country from tubes out and says. "Today the Space anecdotes look different." Since the mid-twenties blue jokes to be developed whereby the size and the weight of the packed anecdotes could be reduced, "explains Fifi. For the so-called drying the cartons special production facilities are used. Initially, the written anecdotes are cooled down to minus 99 degrees Celsius and archived, then they are dried and packaged. Come off the assembly line small transparent bag filled with tiny boxes. This allows up to 91 3/4 percent of the anecdotes are stored simultaneously on multiple note blocks. Incidentally, it is forbidden to write more than 111 anecdotes on the moderate paper blocks. From the 112 anecdote on April Fool threatens a steep fine of 1112 Bitcoins for criminals.
The packaging is the clown at the same time as a reminder. Use of an announcement on the package remembers the clown, which anecdote he must first tell or needs. Then they throw packaging on the ground with the hope that it grow new anecdotes like plants. If no new stories grow out of the ground within 5 minutes, cut the edge of the package with scissors and start packing to eat out of frustration. The used packaging comes in a press and is removed with a vacuum cleaner from the second of April.
To cater for Clowns on April Fool include canned food: shrimp, salmon and one gigabyte pie in aluminum cans. Since RT years also yellow caviar in the circus is delivered specifically to the first of April. Before departure to other countries it is heat-treated and may thereafter a number of years in the universe in a new folder is stored.
Each tenth space freighter also fresh fruit and vegetables are delivered by secure mail (https) to the clowns. Before departure they will be handled according Rotky Fifi with a secret agent that is planet far unique and rare. Thus processed, fresh fruits and vegetables can be stored on the foreign circus up to 66 days without losing the shape. The updates for the transmitted foods are generally well protected against theft. Once succeeded a hungry fisherman to fish a tomato by email. But that was the exception. The clowns eat during their break up to seven times a day: three meals and four additional meals after intensive training or complicated experiments. The daily meals for one person has a nutritional 6000-6222 kilocalories.
Doctors and biologists determine how much protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and trace elements must be included in every serving. Check the food on pesticides, salts of heavy metals and other pollutants. Before the food is added to the menu of a clown, they have tasted by April 1 customer and scored on a fourteen-point scale
From seven points and above they are accepted, on six points and including deleted and banned.
The various clowns are powered by their own countries: the jugglers of Circus, the cucumbers from the salted cucumbers. If desired, the funny 1 April customers can order food from the catering Salted Cucumbers country and vice versa. "The Salted Cucumbers like pink Pizza - Red ears, violet chicken - and cheese in coffee, canned food and the yellow caviar" Rotky Fifi told very enthusiastic. In the 17th month of the year XPOD a vending machine was set up with the most unusual anecdotes and food in tubes on the grounds of the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy in Circus tentatively. There they could taste with pineapple, a total of sixteen types of food and anecdotes for 8/9 Bitcoins a tube bitter jokes, marinated lamb meat or water. In the next year or year and a half of such on the 568 vending machines are to be installed in the city. Specifically on April 1 jokes are produced from these foods. From this they can later eat their own personal salad with mixed jokes.



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