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The spies from Mars were discovered because of their fingerprints in Venus

Venus responds completely outraged by this development. In addition, it was announced that several spies of salted cucumbers their assistance rendered Mars. The government in Mars Capital City threaten in the espionage scandal involving espionage ring pickles Cucumbers and Salami after political discussions now under penalty 77,777 onions. When onion penalty is an extremely small space in which the detainee must be kept for a minimum of 222 hours. 🚯🕌👃⏯🗾🌉⌚🤚🤬🕌🅰️🦘👭🦘🔖🤚🦘💠🦘🚽🅰️🤨👭🚯🅰️🚯🚨🌉🤚🕵️‍♀️🛎🦘🛎🦘🚯🤝🤚🛎💽🦘🛎🤚💁💼🅰️🕵️‍♀️🦘.

King Poisonous Snake of the Salted Cucumbers apologized publicly for all unpleasant espionage activities on the Venus. 🦘🤴🥽💬🚽🅰️🔋📉🍖🦘🚽🌉🔑👠🦘📡📙👮. They gave the police a small garden for the cultivation of 100 tomatoes per year.



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