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The spies from Mars were discovered because of their fingerprints in Venus

Venus responds completely outraged by this development. In addition, it was announced that several spies of salted cucumbers their assistance rendered Mars. The government in Mars Capital City threaten in the espionage scandal involving espionage ring pickles Cucumbers and Salami after political discussions now under penalty 77,777 onions. When onion penalty is an extremely small space in which the detainee must be kept for a minimum of 222 hours. The inmate may be, but not easy to move freely. He is tied to the chair. The prisoner can only smell or count the onions. At the same time the lawbreakers of mouth is taped shut with a plaster. The penalty has been proposed, so that the relationship between Venus and Mars would normalize and stabilize again. Venus friends in Mars in favor of this punishment for spies from Mars in Venus. Even the largest Mars fan calls for the exclusion of spies from Mars. That was a big surprise for his friends. Not a day goes, does not come to light at the new in the affair of the spy service from Mars (Salami). So the intelligence service from Mars not only an amicable agreement with the salted cucumbers espionage of cucumbers espionage service (Cucumbers) has generously helped with data collection from the Mars. The intelligence service of cucumbers has siphoned also information for their own work in this activity, according to a leaked spy of Mars. The Martians were working with the salted cucumbers in their espionage activities in Venus closely. Both sides defend their espionage in Venus with the following sentences: "We wanted to look for the natural resources in Venus. Our plan was oil deposits, to find gold treasures from the ancient time and other valuable items in Venus. Sometimes we were able to locate especially gold. We immediately sent our drills to Venus. The Venus aliens got a little reward from us. From the censorship reasons we do not say, as we compensated the landowners. The forbade us the supreme dictator of Mars and even the King of salted cucumbers. We also had some important in Venus find patents. Unfortunately, we were there without success. But the reason is not us, but at the Venus aliens. They have in relation to Mars and the salted cucumbers still a fairly unimportant technique. This technique we have for a long time and significantly overhauled. As Example I call here the old telephone booths. Here at Mars this were so strong several years ago damaged by a major earthquake that in an emergency meeting issued the misers in Mars a ban on phone booths. Because of the risk for the future. But we also admit to have listened to video calls on the Internet. The salted cucumbers supported us very well. One more thing about this: We are interested especially in this video talks about extraterrestrials which is spoken exactly. In some cases we could even arrest the two interlocutors. This will make it clear what words led to a prison, I will inform you. If we "Poisonous Snake" or the names of the rulers of Mars heard the name, had those who said these names, by at least twenty police officers from their home or their home within 121 minutes are kidnapped. Thereafter, the parties concerned were interrogated. Some extraterrestrials resented so much that they later several police officers injured. Nevertheless, we had to react harshly. Who was discharged from the prison, had to leave fingerprints at us with all ten fingers. Furthermore, convicts received a threatening letter with more on their future life. Of course, were not allowed to warn their friends before us dismissed. That would still much harsher punishment. The salted cucumbers put a lot of money for the collaboration with the intelligence service of Mars (Salami). Next, we collected not only calls but tried virus programs to be stored in the computer of Venus aliens. We succeeded very well, because we have more advanced technology in Mars and salted cucumbers. But our espionage activities protected by and large the population from evil Venus aliens. "
After this justification speech of both intelligence services of the decision all the spies fell protect the bodyguards clearly on Mars. Only the Minister for Cooperation with the Venus criticized this decision. He felt ashamed about such a deal with the neighboring planet. The rulers of Mars deliberate how they could make up the planets relations. Venus aliens responded by they filled a long list of demands in turn. Among the demands of Venus following points were: supply of latest models Smart idiots drone investment in the formation of Venus, purchase of waste from Venus and delivery of waste to Mars, recognition of freedom of the planet Venus, construction of a new circus, buying worthless items , planting of two billion young trees, construction of a chocolate factory to the latest standards, each Venus aliens the latest computer with appropriate (latest update) software, faster Internet connection between all the planets, supplying the necessary raw materials to Venus, thousand tons of toothpaste and strawberries. More ridiculous demands were: winning the lottery all Venus aliens. The rest was censored for publishing for the masses by the Supreme Ruler with 69 signatures. The population on Mars responded to this list of demands from the Venus with a violent demonstration against their own rulers. For demonstration came almost 666,986 extraterrestrials. Some protesters pelted police vehicles from out of frustration with oranges. But a policeman managed to escape with a bag of oranges. He changed his police clothes in civilian clothes. So he went to the masses and offered the demonstrators oranges for sale. An alien was all the money he had at the time with him. The Secret Policeman sold in this way for a lot of money one angry protestor many oranges. After that he took more oranges and resold so until he was recognized by his boss. This issued an order to shoot to his subordinate officers. It saw the policeman that his boss not only recognized him, but decided against his employees nor equal rapid sanctions. The policeman with the oranges had to act fast, so he survived the attack of his colleagues. It saw many protesters that their helpers is in distress. A group of ten extraterrestrials stood protectively in front of the orange-seller policemen. Several policemen fired after the command of the Chief very intense in the direction of oranges salesman policemen. It was a real miracle. Suddenly the earth shook at the place where policemen were shooting. All rocketing policemen were swallowed entirely from the earth. Here, the orange-seller policeman rejoiced too early. His great revenue which it achieved by high prices for oranges by demonstrators were stolen by a magician. The policeman saw this, ran in the direction of the magician. The whole budget had the magician in his hands. Here, the policeman fell to the ground. He was injured so much that the sorcerer felt sorry for the policemen. The magician called the emergency ward of a hospital. However, the emergency doctors demanded a cash payment for their services. The magician gave the doctors almost 89 percent of what was in the purse of the policemen. The magician disappeared with the rest. The policeman recovered later from his injuries in hospital. Suddenly many unknown faces stood before him in the hospital room. He wondered who they all were. There were ten extraterrestrials who stood protectively in the shooting in front of him. They told him that they want to recognize these policemen as heroes of demonstrators planet far. Here, the police officer admitted to know more details in connection with the espionage in Venus. He worked himself in Venus a few years ago. He also had several Venus aliens as friends who found the fingerprints of our spies the first. That was this policeman very embarrassing. He wanted to join the very beginning of the demonstration. But he decided to indirectly support the demonstrators. At the same time he saw here an opportunity to his enrichment. This motivated him. The policeman told the truth to ten visitors: I earned with this demonstration by the sale of oranges as much as I earn as a police officer in six months. But his visitors was the damn. The ten extraterrestrials were normal relations with the Venus rather value.

King Poisonous Snake of the Salted Cucumbers apologized publicly for all unpleasant espionage activities on the Venus. Nevertheless, the collaboration with Mars in this region the king designated before as important for further protection ....
His speech was interrupted by a power failure. How Venus did react to all this?
In Venus the population celebrated the sponsored oranges salesman policemen who successfully established himself on Mars. The background: After Venus was ridiculous fingerprints at key locations, contacted high-ranking politicians their colleagues from Mars. The Minister for Cooperation with the Venus sends future orange seller policeman after Venus with all aids. The policeman recognized in the fingerprints, the shape of the fingers of the extraterrestrials from Mars. At the same time, he made friends with the Venus aliens. They gave the police a small garden for the cultivation of 100 tomatoes per year.



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