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The various ways into circus

In the galaxy there are five universities for clowns. One of them leads to the circus of different vehicles.

The recent findings on the crazed clown who has completed recently graduated from the University of clowns with a highly qualified graduate. Some circus visitors raise questions for the training and selection of the circus crew (best of best clowns). In the galaxy, there are five providers of training for Clown: Galaxy circus University, University Anonymous Clowns, Clowns University graduate, Doctor Clowns University or Big Galaxy Clowns University.

Five universities are in Flop at home, offer training without previous knowledge of flying and five associated with circus companies: Galaxy circus University is a Galaxy subsidiary, Big is connected to Galaxyc circus team. Most clowns who hired later at Galaxy or White B, are trained at Galaxy circus University. 😛👈👒🎪🕌🅰️🕌🅰️🤡🤑👨🌓🛍💼🅰️🤹‍♀️🤡©️🎓🇮🇹🍀🕌📡🎪🎓🤚🎓🛣🤚🎪🎓🅰️🔬🥇🌉🎪🎓👨.



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