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The various ways into circus

In the galaxy there are five universities for clowns. One of them leads to the circus of different vehicles.

The recent findings on the crazed clown who has completed recently graduated from the University of clowns with a highly qualified graduate. Some circus visitors raise questions for the training and selection of the circus crew (best of best clowns). In the galaxy, there are five providers of training for Clown: Galaxy circus University, University Anonymous Clowns, Clowns University graduate, Doctor Clowns University or Big Galaxy Clowns University.

Five universities are in Flop at home, offer training without previous knowledge of flying and five associated with circus companies: Galaxy circus University is a Galaxy subsidiary, Big is connected to Galaxyc circus team. Most clowns who hired later at Galaxy or White B, are trained at Galaxy circus University.

Direct access to the Galaxy Circus is thanks to a deposit virtually guaranteed.
That is, if a clown wants to earn money, he must first buy his work for a minimum amount.
Directly to an employment contract with the Galaxy performs a successfully completed "Integrated Multi-Clown-License Education». It lasts four years and is financed by the association Clowns future. Galaxy circus University but also offers the "best clowns of the Galaxy" -Education, which lasts just as long, after which the road but also leads to other circuses. The cost of the Galaxy circus University -Education be around 1000000 Galaxy Dollars. Anyone applying for a study place at Galaxy circus University, must:

Be from Galaxy, Solar System Citizens
Be between 37 and 69 years old and 200 and 666 gigabytes easily between
A diploma, a perennial PhD in Humour Studies or practical experience as a successful Youtuber (if an earthling) have completed about a completed Humour Circus school or basic education as well as on have multiple language skills

Candidates go through in all circus universities only a multistage fitness test. There, among other things, the humoristic talent and personal suitability are checked. In addition, a medical examiner and the examination of mathematical knowledge. Before the future circus as clowns crews are on the short-time circus of Galaxy on the go, they are trained on a particular circus play place.

The circus company Galaxy leads by its own account in the Clown choices for employment intensive two-week by test (this includes theoretical examinations 889 pages in writing, orally at the circus place multiple roles) . This multi-step process takes nine to twelve years. The clowns go through different psychological and medical performance tests and group exercises and first Universities. The completion of the selection procedure constitutes a long interview in which psychologists and a top clown are present.

The focus of the conversation is the personality of the applicant. Subsequently, by a panel of representatives from the relevant departments of the circus company on the inclusion in the clown training program. After the clown training, which lasts about five years, the expert panel falls a fifth vote. If this is positive, this has the issue of the employment contract with Galaxy result.

In contrast to training in circus University Galaxy Big offers occupational training. It lasts depending on the level of employment between 35 months and twelve years. The costs are as follows, according to Managing Director Ausep Firewall to about 2.5 million dollars Galaxy, which also Big financing models offered. The training is around 8953 hours and consists of different modules.

Anyone who wants to apply to Big, must be at least 36 years old and going through a so-called positioning. Here it is determined whether the candidate is able to go through the various levels of training for successful clown, and a job in a circus company could be possible. According Firewall includes this selection also a psychological report that is created by a psychiatrist. Would this show that the candidates for training or work is not suitable, it is not permitted. "This occurs, for example when a split personality, or when the motivation is not enough." But even if there is a risk that the clown continues constitutes a horror clown himself.

Before the training, the candidate must be examined by a specialist for circus professionals. The students place at the end of training from a test that is taken by experts of the Office of Entertainment of the population and consists of a theory block and a practical part as a clown in the circus. Are they going successfully, they have a so-called First Clown diploma of beginners Clown License in their suitcase. "This entitles the graduates theoretically, to work as a clown." Then come the clowns over in various circuses where they will be trained on the relevant circus rolls. This happens mainly in the background.

In order to offer basic and advanced training of clowns, the schools require a permit from the Office of the entertainment of the population. They are also regularly reviewed by the Office of entertainment.
Here schools may be forced from the entertainment dictator to change.



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