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The wise organization of Uranus rulers

On Uranus some ice researcher wanted to come into the south pole of the planet Earth with a flying saucer to the expedition. But they needed a license from the government of the South Pole. They searched on the Internet, which people were at this time in parliament in the Southern Pole. In this way they would contact with a person from the parliament of the South Pole. To this end, the parliamentarian Flower Power was in the opinion of the Minister for Foreign Affairs from Uranus Po Etry the appropriate politician. Po Etry sent a text message to the politician of the South Pole with the following content: "Dear Ms. Power, I am the Minister for Foreign Affairs from Uranus. Our ice researcher would have great interest to explore the ice of the South Pole. I want you to help me with the authorization to do so. Kind regards from the fresh Uranus." 😲🍧🚏🥀🔋🇿🇦🎣🤳🥀🔋👪🌉🥄💻🆔🍀🍖🛋🅰️🖕💬🤚🧔🌐✅💬🇿🇦🎣🔋😶✅🤙📞🥈🥀🔋🤑🅰️🌕🔋🤢🏑🏦. While the ice researcher from the Uranus were concerned with the ice of the South Pole, the charlatan was looking for the spent money on the South Pole of the planet Uranus in recent times. As a certified Money Finder the charlatan found the hidden money at the following persons in their hiding places: In the army chief of the South Pole, in parliamentarian Flower Power and at the Chief Marketing Officer De Port. Even the merchants of the balloons had to later notice a decrease of his Bitcoins. At the end of the charlatan had nearly 7 million Bitcoins in his suitcase.
The ice researchers took two gigabytes of ice from the South Pole with to Uranus.
In Uranus arrived, put the ice researchers presented their findings on the ice of the South Pole other scientists. Meanwhile, the issues of this research could be fully brought back into the state treasury from Uranus.
Flower Power and other people of the South Pole in connection with the request from the Uranus had to realize that they lost their valuable time at the end for 0 Bitcoins. Even the army chief had to the dealer his balloon. After these experiences the marketing director De Port said in a speech to the audience of the South Pole:
"I was born with a 0 of Bitcoins. I die with a 0 of Bitcoins."
This speech was then disseminated by the whole population of the South Pole on the Internet.



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