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The wise organization of Uranus rulers

On Uranus some ice researcher wanted to come into the south pole of the planet Earth with a flying saucer to the expedition. But they needed a license from the government of the South Pole. They searched on the Internet, which people were at this time in parliament in the Southern Pole. In this way they would contact with a person from the parliament of the South Pole. To this end, the parliamentarian Flower Power was in the opinion of the Minister for Foreign Affairs from Uranus Po Etry the appropriate politician. Po Etry sent a text message to the politician of the South Pole with the following content: "Dear Ms. Power, I am the Minister for Foreign Affairs from Uranus. Our ice researcher would have great interest to explore the ice of the South Pole. I want you to help me with the authorization to do so. Kind regards from the fresh Uranus." Po Etry informed the ice researcher that he wait for an authorization by the parliamentarian Flower Power from the South Pole. Meanwhile came Flower Power home. She looked at the table in her smartphone screen the word "unread messages". Now she pressed four times on the keys. Then she read a comic message of an unknown person, who introduces himself as Minister for Foreign Affairs from Uranus. She briefed shortly after the Internet, how expensive would cost the answer to a message from South Pole to Uranus. Since Power found no answer, she had to call her telephone providers and ask. An employee of the telecommunications company told her that every second and every byte would cost about 999 Bitcoins.
He personally recommended Flower Power rather for something sensible to spend this money, rather than take a risk with a faraway planet. Then Power decided to throw this amount in her piggy bank.
Days passed, weeks and months. But the Minister of the Uranus Po Etry got no answer from Flower Power. He lost his optimism but in no case.
He sat down at the table, wondering how he could enter the parliament of the South Pole. Then Po Etry came up with a good idea. He wrote a personal letter with the same request to the same parliamentarian Flower Power. But he decided this time much more careful with his request to proceed. He applied for a local marketing company from the South Pole and sent an advance payment, which would in his opinion cover all the costs. Po Etry sent from the state treasury from Uranus nearly 4 million Bitcoins. The marketing firm felt so honored when it learned of this order and the amount.
The chief marketing officer named De Port decided to meet for Uranus himself this job. De Port wrote an appeal to Flower Power on this topic. When this request was given Power, she called Port. De Port told the parliamentarian that he represents the interests of the Minister of Uranus on the South Pole. He was commissioned by Etry it. Flower Power wanted at the beginning of this petition refuse. In fact, it did not succeed the chief marketing officer De Port phone to convince Power. De Port was so disappointed that he long did not know how he could please the minister meet from Uranus. Then came De Port a perfect idea. He organized one of his unknown employees of the marketing firm as pizza courier. The staff sent De Port with the pizza and place of the bill was the request of the Minister of Foreign Affairs from Uranus Po Etry with 222 Bitcoins and gratitude for the help. The politician Flower Power was very hungry at the time of the pizza courier and was able to be allowed to be very grateful to accept from the staff of the marketing firm the pizza. Flower Power did not look clean and the staff paid more 9 8/9 Bitcoins for pizza. She thought that it was a coincidence that her hunger and pizza courier with the pizza at the right time at the right place met each other. They ate quietly but fairly quickly at a rate of 11 megabytes per second pizza. At the end she felt when her hunger from her with the words "Good bye!" adopted that was something else on the plate. She still found a note with a text. Next she opened another paper bag that was also there. Flower Power place as money. She felt slightly uncomfortable. Nevertheless, she started counting the coins. She came to the amount of 222 Bitcoins. That it was but a mystery. The pizza tasted actually quite normal and good. She could not complain here. She looked at the text more closely. Power read everything was in this message for her. On one hand, she felt somehow threatened by Uranus. On the other hand she thought that what actually this Minister Etry of their wool. He would easily get a permit to enter his ice researchers at the South Pole with her help. She threw these 222 Bitcoins in her piggy bank.
The next day she wrote an appeal to the rulers of the South Pole, to grant the ice researchers from the Uranus a permit to enter and to research. The top leaders declared in a press release that they would basically not tolerate strangers in their own territory. An exception would have to be examined by the Security Commission accurately. However, this would still take some time. Flower Power was already out courtesy reasons opposite the Uranus under pressure.
She contacted the Head of Marketing De Port and asked him how they could achieve the approval for Uranus aliens. As a quick thinker De Port could find a suitable solution in this case. He explained Power that he would bring this already on the same day a success. De Port looked in his list of what the supreme army commander and responsible for the decisions of the Security Commission of the South Pole would have liked to.
It was in this list: From an interview in 2999 days ago, the latest model of the aerostat type QMND-4 emerged. De Port tried to find out by his employees if the army chief had already fulfilled this ancient desire. Luckily for him, the army chief had been no time to buy a balloon. Then the Head of Marketing De Port went to the dealer of balloons and found the desired model of the army chiefs in the range of point of sale. Then the Head of Marketing organized the following situation for the motivation of the army chiefs in favor of Uranus: He paid the dealer the balloons an unknown sum of Bitcoins. He had one of his employees in the business. De Port himself took a coupon for free pick each desired by army chief balloons from the following business. In the evening went De Port to army chief and earned him the voucher. He introduced himself as an employee of the Post Express. The army chief could not believe what he was allowed to read on the voucher his eyes. The enthusiastic army chief wanted to go along with De Port to the point of sale of the balloons. De Port took an excuse from his pocket: He had yet to bring many things to the recipients. The army chief went to the shop alone and of course with the voucher. The army chief gave the dealer the voucher and chose exactly the balloon type QMND-4.9. He chose the most recent model.
The employee from the marketing firm put the piece of paper with a request from the Uranus to balloon the army chiefs.
When the army chief enthusiastically with the balloon was about to get into the air, he noticed a piece of paper in it lying on the floor. He took the note and read it through. He fell to the ground the balloons. On his first day of work in the Security Commission of the South Pole of the army chief was the first dossier "the request for granting the authorization of entry and expedition of the South Pole by ice researcher from Uranus". Since the army chief was in a very good mood, he gave a grant faster than usual. Flower Power celebrated as a winner, that "her" Please success had at the end. The Minister of Uranus Po Etry was informed by the Head of Marketing De Port of the granted authorization. Then he celebrated and ice researcher success together. Po Etry decided to send also a charlatan among ice researchers to the South Pole Expedition. After 29 hours flying ice researchers with the charlatan in the direction of the South Pole. The researchers have been received on the South Pole on the green carpet. While the ice researcher from the Uranus were concerned with the ice of the South Pole, the charlatan was looking for the spent money on the South Pole of the planet Uranus in recent times. As a certified Money Finder the charlatan found the hidden money at the following persons in their hiding places: In the army chief of the South Pole, in parliamentarian Flower Power and at the Chief Marketing Officer De Port. Even the merchants of the balloons had to later notice a decrease of his Bitcoins. At the end of the charlatan had nearly 7 million Bitcoins in his suitcase.
The ice researchers took two gigabytes of ice from the South Pole with to Uranus.
In Uranus arrived, put the ice researchers presented their findings on the ice of the South Pole other scientists. Meanwhile, the issues of this research could be fully brought back into the state treasury from Uranus.
Flower Power and other people of the South Pole in connection with the request from the Uranus had to realize that they lost their valuable time at the end for 0 Bitcoins. Even the army chief had to the dealer his balloon. After these experiences the marketing director De Port said in a speech to the audience of the South Pole:
"I was born with a 0 of Bitcoins. I die with a 0 of Bitcoins."
This speech was then disseminated by the whole population of the South Pole on the Internet.



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