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Fiction short stories

Policemen of the Mafia conquer charlatans city

Poisonous Snake, the king of Salted Cucumbers

The rise of Second Horror Clowns

Moonlight Killer in exciting Interview

Interview with the old cat

Star pirate Dance Award in Interview

GPS head Chel Smile

The magical power of water

Why time is relative

No authorization for hydroelectric power plant of electricity producers

The celebrities Sun and Beta Rise prepare for the red carpet

Interview with the city programmers Anti Malware from Saturn

The wise organization of Uranus rulers

The paper rocket of the Mercury aliens

Exchange Legend Invest Money in exclusive interview

A car theft with many consequences in Jupiter

Ms. To Me At Once in the election campaign and the theft of the election assistant Bitcoin Machine

My luck was that I had died immediately

Anydvd Old rejuvenated his government

Six hooligans music in the cemetery place

Venus male alien disposed of prohibited waste in Mercury

Bulls go for their food through hell

The aftershocks of the fork in the kitchen    

Twelve bakers were suspended in the Salted Cucumbers after violent arrest

Explosion of international refrigerator

The special nutrition as of April 1 of Horror Clowns

Tongue Cleaner is an important product in the lives of extraterrestrials

Satire book and 1 April

The art city Picasso and the Violet Painting

Aliens throw cucumber soups plate

The 114-year-old Film Doctor about his work

Brigade Concrete will be renamed

The record apple eater Good Bye from Saturn in Interview

Earth crisis

Banana thrower occur at the festival in Uranus

The rescue of the victims by three-class principle

Large alarm because of paper ship

The Greys wanted mushroom collecting ban for the Bears

Aldebaran want to dissociate

Which even flying smart idiot could make the cities unsafe

The spies from Mars were discovered because of their fingerprints in Venus

Singer Pest Control wants the spotlight back


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