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Training period contract in Emoji and predatory attempt of bank accounts of the tax authority

In an early morning the uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji woke up at night at 2:00 o'clock. He had a nightmare. This Emoji dreamt about an attack of the mightiest tax authority. Moreover, the whole money of the authority from unknown from all confidential bank accounts was stolen within 777 seconds. After this bad dream the mightiest official feared the end of the tax authority. That's why he tightened his socks. Then Emoji ran half-naked to his biggest building. There he opened the door. Then he noticed that other Emojis still slept. His clock pointed at 2:30 o'clock. He locked up the entrance. Then he lay down in his study on his back-careful mattress. After some time the uppermost tax collector fell asleep.
In this night just the change of time was concluded by summertime on wintertime. That's why the active policeman from Laughing Emoji looked for possibilities for additional income sources. Finally, it was to be broken in the darkness easier in a house or a flat. At that time read the policeman Buy Emoji about many discontented Emoji Poops. 🤐👈️❌️➕👁️🪟. 📨⬅️👥❌️🥫💸👎️. ➡️👤💸🍽️➕❌️⬆️💸. 🤫➕➡️👤💔➕💥.
Thus Buy Emoji used his chance with other colleagues. The uppermost tax collector felt unwell after the consumption of these bread rolls. He had long time diarrhea. In the interim criminal policemen noticed all bank accounts in their memory card from paper. Then they left the tax authority.
The uppermost official could not leave the toilet any more. Thus Buy Emoji wanted to inform the emergency service. The uppermost official refused. In the interim several Emojis came to their working place in the tax authority. Buy Emoji and his colleagues left the building. Policemen from Laughing Emoji decided to go to the bank in Emoji Symbols. At this time a phone call of the uppermost police chief reached these policemen. ➡️👤❌️💸➡️👤🔚⬆️💲2️⃣0️⃣ ➡️. ➡️🛒👖➡️👤🆕👞➡️👤🐕️‍🦺.
All lawyers were brought at this time in the capital city by the policemen on time.
The main lawyer welcomed his colleagues.
Moreover, the uppermost police chief from Laughing Emoji commanded his employees that they might take part exceptionally in the discussion of the legislation. Thus also it happened. The lawyer from Emoji Face said:
A training period contract is valid in Emoji if the employer finances a part of the cost of studying.📲➡️👤📨🫀🍽️📔🍽️🎅🍽️🧀💸. 😟🙏➕➡️➕❌️💸. 🎅💡👥🧬❌️💭❌️📔❓.
A public prosecutor from Emoji Backpack answered this: The training period contract can happen in the case of a heavy loss of trust. If the trainee undertakes criminal actions against his employer. Also health changes of the trainee or the death of the responsible boss can be valid as reasons for the ending of the training period contract.
A group of concerned Emojis wanted to know:
➡️👥⬅️👍️👥⬅️➕⏱️. 👀⬇️💆‍♀️➕👥🥫⚙️4️⃣0️⃣ 🛠️➕💔.
At this time the trainee from Venus left his working place and went to Emojis.
Together with them he wanted to rob a bank account of the tax authority in Middle Finger Emoji. Emojis who were friends with the trainee suffered from strong laziness. That's why the alien from the Venus looked for other allies for the purpose of the theft of bank accounts. He remembered Saturn's aliens in Crying Laughing Emoji. He visited them behind the old eucalyptuses.
These aliens dealt with their own. The trainee from Venus decided to rob alone in Crying Laughing Emoji a bank. He took his Horror Clown mask which he wore in Halloween. 🧑‍🏭️❌️🛠️🐕️‍🦺. 🧑‍💼❌️💰️➡️➕🍽️🥫🌝💩. ➡️👤❌️👍️🛒.
On account of these events came several farmers from Middle Finger Emoji and gave to the lawyers healthy juices from the urban production. Some spies from the Saturn observed several Emojis at the work behind the windows. When the main lawyer noticed these spies, he pointed with his finger at them. Moreover, the cameraman had to show these spies live on television. After this event finished Emojis their meeting on the subject training period contract.


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