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Training period contract in Emoji and predatory attempt of bank accounts of the tax authority

In an early morning the uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji woke up at night at 2:00 o'clock. He had a nightmare. This Emoji dreamt about an attack of the mightiest tax authority. Moreover, the whole money of the authority from unknown from all confidential bank accounts was stolen within 777 seconds. After this bad dream the mightiest official feared the end of the tax authority. That's why he tightened his socks. Then Emoji ran half-naked to his biggest building. There he opened the door. Then he noticed that other Emojis still slept. His clock pointed at 2:30 o'clock. He locked up the entrance. Then he lay down in his study on his back-careful mattress. After some time the uppermost tax collector fell asleep.
In this night just the change of time was concluded by summertime on wintertime. That's why the active policeman from Laughing Emoji looked for possibilities for additional income sources. Finally, it was to be broken in the darkness easier in a house or a flat. At that time read the policeman Buy Emoji about many discontented Emoji Poops. That's why he got the book about the subject Poop Emoji. Therein he read about the mightiest, stingiest, haughtiest and hated tax authority. So Buy Emoji decided to study together the mightiest building exactly with several occupational colleagues. Thus Buy Emoji told his boss that he wanted to look together with his colleagues for criminal Emojis and aliens in the surroundings. The police chief accepted.
Then policemen left their city of Laughing Emoji under the direction of Buy Emoji. They went with an unexemplary tempo to Poop Emoji. They found a baker's on their way. Buy Emoji felt strong hunger. So he went to the baker's. There he said that policemen should check the baker's for unlawful substances. The present trainee got great fear and called his boss. His boss, an alien from Mars came to the policemen. When he heard their request, the boss of the baker's paid 111 Bitcoins to bribery. Then all policemen with contented faces left the baker's. Actually, Buy Emoji bread rolls wanted to shop. At the end he had accepted, instead, a bribery.
His hunger led him and other Emojis in a restaurant. There all policemen ate their breakfast. Buy Emoji asked the waiter after the food where was the biggest tax authority. Later thanked Emojis the waiter for the valuable information with tip of 10 Bitcoins. Buy Emoji knocked at the entrance of the tax authority. It was 6:30 o'clock. The uppermost tax collector still slept very intensely. He could not get up. Policemen from Laughing Emoji agreed to wait. That's why they went again to the baker's where they accepted before a bribery.
The nervous trainee asked Emojis what they wanted this time. Buy Emoji asked the trainee for the opening times of the tax authority.
When the boss of the baker's heard the voices of the policemen, he came to them. This time he handed over to them 222 Bitcoins. Moreover, he required that they might never again come to his baker's. Thereon Buy Emoji explained that he looked, actually, because of crimes of the tax authority for the information. That's why there reacted the alien from Mars with big satisfaction and gave to the policemen several bread rolls. Other Emojis wanted to accept no bread rolls. Buy Emoji accepted all bread rolls. In contrast to the first visit Buy Emoji wanted to eat the bread rolls under no circumstances himself. That's why Emojis left this baker's in the direction of the tax authority.
The uppermost tax collector woke up. He asked himself what he made in his working place at night. He was very much angry about the fact that he was here without breakfast. He decided to buy a good breakfast to himself. For this purpose he left the tax authority. On time there came policemen from Laughing Emoji and welcomed the uppermost official. Moreover, they gave him all bread rolls. The mightiest official thanked very much these Emojis. That's why he allowed to them to visit the whole tax authority like a museum.
Thus Buy Emoji used his chance with other colleagues. The uppermost tax collector felt unwell after the consumption of these bread rolls. He had long time diarrhea. In the interim criminal policemen noticed all bank accounts in their memory card from paper. Then they left the tax authority.
The uppermost official could not leave the toilet any more. Thus Buy Emoji wanted to inform the emergency service. The uppermost official refused. In the interim several Emojis came to their working place in the tax authority. Buy Emoji and his colleagues left the building. Policemen from Laughing Emoji decided to go to the bank in Emoji Symbols. At this time a phone call of the uppermost police chief reached these policemen. He required from the policemen that they all should bring lawyers who worked on the legislation Emojis to their job. Because of the hectic rush Buy Emoji and his colleagues lost all notes about bank accounts of the tax authority.
They did not notice this. The vehicle with which Emojis drove to Poop Emoji, had not enough petrol. That's why policemen changed their vehicles. At the police of Laughing Emoji an alien from the Venus worked as a trainee. He had to do all unpopular works. Moreover, he got the deepest wage of all other employees. This time he had to fill in the vehicle with petrol. Moreover, he had to disinfect the vehicle. Completely below he found several small slips of paper. Therein all bank accounts of the tax authority were to be found. The alien from Venus felt this like a win in a big lottery. Thus he hid all slips of paper in his trouser pocket.
All lawyers were brought at this time in the capital city by the policemen on time.
The main lawyer welcomed his colleagues.
Moreover, the uppermost police chief from Laughing Emoji commanded his employees that they might take part exceptionally in the discussion of the legislation. Thus also it happened. The lawyer from Emoji Face said:
A training period contract is valid in Emoji if the employer finances a part of the cost of studying. In this case the trainee works according to education 2-3 days per week. With higher educations a trainee can work just one day per week. All present lawyers agreed with this formulation. Even the uppermost tax collector felt much better when he heard about the more favourable worker of a trainee in the toilet. His diarrhea came to an end.
Which preventive measures are there in the country of the Emojis for trainees?
The trainee of the baker's asked this in Poop Emoji who dealt twice with the policemen from Laughing Emoji in the early morning.
About this question a clerk of the court expressed his opinion: The employer must finance the part of the cost of studying. Moreover, the trainee may not be hindered in the participation of continuing education courses or free days. Moreover, the employer must use the trainee only in connection with the learnt occupation in the job.
When Saturn's aliens got to know about this statement, they wanted to boycott the kingdom Emoji professionally.
Under which circumstances can a training period contract be discontinued?
This asked just Buy Emoji who sat at the round table with the lawyers. He feared quite internally that the alien from the Venus could find the lost slips of paper.
A public prosecutor from Emoji Backpack answered this: The training period contract can happen in the case of a heavy loss of trust. If the trainee undertakes criminal actions against his employer. Also health changes of the trainee or the death of the responsible boss can be valid as reasons for the ending of the training period contract.
A group of concerned Emojis wanted to know:
What can the trainee do if the company goes bankruptcy?
In this case the trainee his training period would have to pause exceptionally. In the interim should be searched for a new training period place.
What must the employer offer to the trainee?
Two Emojis wanted to know this. An accuser answered: The employer must introduce the trainee in all practical aspects of the occupation. The qualified theory at school or university must be practiced gradually practically.
Moreover, the training period contract must be concluded in writing.
The main lawyer wanted to express himself further in addition: The training period contract must contain the aims, holidays, education contributions and the duration of the training period. Therein the trial period of at most 40 working days should be also fixed. Before the end of the training period contract the future employer may prove an ability proof of the trainee. The practical suitability for the practiced profession must be clarified compelling before.
All Emojis without exceptions agreed with this formulation.
An assigned counsel said: The trainee must be supervised under the supervision of a qualified expert regularly. This person is also responsible for the practical education. At the end of the training period the employer must write a training period report. Therein performed activities must be exactly described.
At this time the trainee from Venus left his working place and went to Emojis.
Together with them he wanted to rob a bank account of the tax authority in Middle Finger Emoji. Emojis who were friends with the trainee suffered from strong laziness. That's why the alien from the Venus looked for other allies for the purpose of the theft of bank accounts. He remembered Saturn's aliens in Crying Laughing Emoji. He visited them behind the old eucalyptuses.
These aliens dealt with their own. The trainee from Venus decided to rob alone in Crying Laughing Emoji a bank. He took his Horror Clown mask which he wore in Halloween. He also took an axe. In the cash he stood before several waiting Emojis. In comparison to other customers he was the only one who seemed disguised. He felt unwell in this role. Then he ran without saying something. Emojis looked at each other with funny looks. At this time reached an announcement of the local police place that somebody tried disguised to attack the bank in Crying Lauging Emoji. This information also reached the gathered lawyers. Buy Emoji remembered that he possibly lost his slip of paper in the car. He got a tongue attack.
His tongue fell from his mouth. Other Emojis contact the emergency service after this case. Buy Emoji had to be hospitalised. The trainee from Venus decided all found slips of paper to tear. Then he extinguished all criminal thoughts from his head. After his rest Buy Emoji was released from the hospital. At this time Emojis nationally puzzled over the reasons of the tongue attack of the policeman from Laughing Emoji.
On account of these events came several farmers from Middle Finger Emoji and gave to the lawyers healthy juices from the urban production. Some spies from the Saturn observed several Emojis at the work behind the windows. When the main lawyer noticed these spies, he pointed with his finger at them. Moreover, the cameraman had to show these spies live on television. After this event finished Emojis their meeting on the subject training period contract.


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