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Urban planner Ob Eron from the Oberon talking

Why makes the subject compression on the Oberon (moon of Uranus) for so much controversy? Professor, Doctor in planning the details of each tiny particle and urban planners Ob Eron explained in Oberon.

In Oberon there was still room for a minimum of 7,678,000 extraterrestrials (If they weigh all together around 444,444 elephants), says the compression radar of Oberon & Uranus researchers. Is this a realistic scenario?
Ob Eron considering two minutes and responds: It's not about whether it is realistic or not. But about what would happen if one would exhaust the existing reserves of building and zoning regulations optimally. It is in this sense, no scenario, but a demonstration of the possibilities. In addition, the floor could simply collapse.

According to the study is made possible an Oberon with 23,345,000 inhabitants. But is that even make sense?
Ob Eron takes from his trunk a book and shows it: 🙅❓✅🍖🔑😦📈💯🗣💯⛲🅰️📑👷‍♀️🏘📌🤟🙈⚠️👩‍💼🥗🖕🤯👨➖🛫🚜🍖🌕🍖🤲🌬🏳🚮🏛.

Had a densified Obery another business location than today Obery?
Ob Eron takes his pencil in his hand and throws out the window. A passer-by gets the pencil straight into his hands. Ob Eron shouts Goal !!!!!
Ob Eron sits down and looks at the clock. He waits until the clock shows exactly 14:00 o'clock and responds
Obery is already the most important business location of Oberon. You would now be concluded that no capacity for additional residents and workers is no longer present, that would mean at the same time that no more growth potential is there. This would have serious consequences for the location Obery and for the economic order of the whole Oberon. As I have already said, economic growth is the main objective of the political elite and the business elite.

Apparently there in Oberon cities a lack of 0.5 room and two-room apartments. Does it make sense now to build much more smaller and even very tiny flats?
Ob Eron opens his book and tells: 🎗🤚👵📈⚠️🕌🚯🤟🌤➕🖕.

78 of the 122 most densely populated municipalities of Oberon are in the south of Oberon. What can the rest Oberon of the southern Oberon learn?
Ob Eron gets up and turns off the light in the room. Then he is ready to throw his answer from the mouth out. South Oberyo is the city with the highest population density in the Oberon. This example shows what happens when a place has to be compacted by pressure from the outside. South Oberyo surrounded by criminal boundaries and thus forced to develop in a small space. At the same time, immigration from the other planets is large. In South Oberyo profit maximization are on the menu in the first place. That's why the city had set early on compaction, also in order to develop as a business location. If you can learn something from, then this: If building zones can be increased at no more - what is sought with the new Spatial Planning Act -, then the pressure increases on the internal compression. This does not mean that all buildings must be hundred-storey. But it means that must be handled with the resources more responsibly.

Ob Eron takes his phone and calls his family. He told his relatives about his goal, he had achieved with his pencil throw. That was his most memorable moment from the time of this conversation. Ob Eron thanks for inviting him to this interview. Then he runs to the nearest bus stop and falls on the soft ground. He stands up and waits for the bus.



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