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Urban planner Ob Eron from the Oberon talking

Why makes the subject compression on the Oberon (moon of Uranus) for so much controversy? Professor, Doctor in planning the details of each tiny particle and urban planners Ob Eron explained in Oberon.

In Oberon there was still room for a minimum of 7,678,000 extraterrestrials (If they weigh all together around 444,444 elephants), says the compression radar of Oberon & Uranus researchers. Is this a realistic scenario?
Ob Eron considering two minutes and responds: It's not about whether it is realistic or not. But about what would happen if one would exhaust the existing reserves of building and zoning regulations optimally. It is in this sense, no scenario, but a demonstration of the possibilities. In addition, the floor could simply collapse.

According to the study is made possible an Oberon with 23,345,000 inhabitants. But is that even make sense?
Ob Eron takes from his trunk a book and shows it: That's an interesting question already. The answer depends on what kind of future ultimately the population and the princes, dictators want for us in the Oberon. From the perspective of further economic growth an unlimited number of inhabitants would be useful. The majority of business leaders will be able to generate higher revenues. That's just possible only if an increasing number of new fresh aliens immigrating from different planets in the Oberon. In particular, affluent residents with a minimum capacity of nearly 5 million Bitcoins would make sense according to some testimonies of several entrepreneurs. From the perspective of conservationists another population growth is very problematic. The forests were reduced in order to build new houses and apartments. Here you can see the problem between the business leaders and conservationists. But a healthy relationships mind about the possible consequences must still be explained. Less arable land for agriculture make the Oberon on imports of agricultural products from another planet depends. Make sure the population will be imported on the Oberon is indeed so much growth as never before, but tomatoes and cucumbers should, for example, the Pluto before. Population growth would also drive up the price of staple foods heavily in the air. From the perspective of xenophobes Oberon would lose its identity and culture. From the perspective of the government in power, the situation of further population growth would even be very gratifying. This could generate higher tax revenues in their favor. On the other hand there is the economic reality, which is dependent on labor and land reserves, in order to respond to market changes. Restrictions inevitably have an impact on the economic and social development. This is my opinion, which I have already described in more detail in my book.

Ironically, in the city Obery, where often and gladly complained of density stress, should additional 555,555 extraterrestrials live. It does not deny that the resistance of the population?
Ob Eron takes a bottle out of his trunk and drinking a beverage. (It tastes like strawberry juice) After three minutes, he replies: This resistance is mainly influenced by fears of losing place or neighborhood. Between TPRQ and TPWC approximately 0.89 million square meters of housing have been added by the development of the stock in Obery, many city dwellers have but hardly noticed. Fear is therefore greater than the really dismay. Through internal compression - by existing buildings already be optimized - could be created a lot of space.

I still have a good example of how the population could continue to grow in the city, without the multiple surfaces on floor and nature would have to be destroyed.
Ob Eron takes from his trunk a sketch and explains his theory: The current buildings have an average of 5-6 floors. In order for the population to continue to grow in height, the existing building must be built at least another 10-20 storeys in height further. I put this plan with the sketch already several construction companies and the association. They were all extremely happy with my theory. In particular, the association sees great potential for the significant profit increase. Let me give you a concrete example in the lower road in Obery many buildings were to increase by seven to fourteen floors. The infrastructure would yet be strengthened. The additional residents need to find jobs, go shopping, traveling from A to Z ...
The number of jobs exceeds the number of residents in Obery. The city is also not particularly dense in comparison with our competitors Miranda (moon of Uranus). The infrastructure is at peak times though well utilized, but from an overload you can not even speak. We must decide whether we get used to a higher capacity utilization and change our behavior commuters or want to expand the infrastructure and on. The former seems more sensible to me. I think the economic interests in the foreground.

Especially in cities, the densification is preached for years, yet it remains for many an evil poison. Why?
Ob Eron gets up and opens the window and responds standing: Because everyone wants to claim to be charged on customary law. They do not want the view from the window will change, no one wants new neighbors. A correspondingly large number of construction opponents, especially when the internal compression. Therefore right here, the exchange between the parties has to be better. The planners of construction projects have to be aware that there are neighbors or institutions with which it should deal. If they do not, they come across this on the head and the fronts are hardened from the outset. This cultural change in the planning has already started, but still needs time to develop its effect. In addition to a war might arise from major conflicts of a smaller demonstration. I have read before 21600 seconds of a moderate sounding planned demonstration "nature conservation in Obery now or never" in a journal article.

Had a densified Obery another business location than today Obery?
Ob Eron takes his pencil in his hand and throws out the window. A passer-by gets the pencil straight into his hands. Ob Eron shouts Goal !!!!!
Ob Eron sits down and looks at the clock. He waits until the clock shows exactly 14:00 o'clock and responds
Obery is already the most important business location of Oberon. You would now be concluded that no capacity for additional residents and workers is no longer present, that would mean at the same time that no more growth potential is there. This would have serious consequences for the location Obery and for the economic order of the whole Oberon. As I have already said, economic growth is the main objective of the political elite and the business elite.

Apparently there in Oberon cities a lack of 0.5 room and two-room apartments. Does it make sense now to build much more smaller and even very tiny flats?
Ob Eron opens his book and tells: The cause of this deficiency lies in the current demographic trends. Currently, many older and younger extraterrestrials live alone, but this trend may change again. The biggest problem is not the lack of small apartments, but mainly in the cities of those of more affordable housing. At the same time there is an oversupply of luxury apartments, which can no longer be sold or occupied. This issue we have to address. It takes a variety of homes for different income groups and lifestyles. A mix of residential services for the very poor to the very rich must be Obery just there. This is also in my theory "Obery of the future".

According to the study, it has plenty of space, especially in the urban areas. Here agglomeration communities are from an urban planning point of view but highly controversial because not particularly popular with the middle class.
Ob Eron waits until the clock shows 14:17 and replies: This is pure polemic. The agglomerations are part of everyday life and infrastructure well developed. Therefore we must find ways to develop these areas appropriately. The professors must participate in this development again without permanently to raise the reminded finger. I also said to the dictator of Obery in a personal interview before almost 950400 seconds ago. The dictator said simply: expand the exodus of the middle class by significant price increases in Obery. Then they leave voluntarily Obery in the right direction to the suburban municipalities.

78 of the 122 most densely populated municipalities of Oberon are in the south of Oberon. What can the rest Oberon of the southern Oberon learn?
Ob Eron gets up and turns off the light in the room. Then he is ready to throw his answer from the mouth out. South Oberyo is the city with the highest population density in the Oberon. This example shows what happens when a place has to be compacted by pressure from the outside. South Oberyo surrounded by criminal boundaries and thus forced to develop in a small space. At the same time, immigration from the other planets is large. In South Oberyo profit maximization are on the menu in the first place. That's why the city had set early on compaction, also in order to develop as a business location. If you can learn something from, then this: If building zones can be increased at no more - what is sought with the new Spatial Planning Act -, then the pressure increases on the internal compression. This does not mean that all buildings must be hundred-storey. But it means that must be handled with the resources more responsibly.

Ob Eron takes his phone and calls his family. He told his relatives about his goal, he had achieved with his pencil throw. That was his most memorable moment from the time of this conversation. Ob Eron thanks for inviting him to this interview. Then he runs to the nearest bus stop and falls on the soft ground. He stands up and waits for the bus.



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