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War reaction of Martians on Mercury: With tons of chocolate

Shortly before the 70th anniversary of the occupation of merkurish Jupiter Islands, which drew a bloody war over the islands to be nervousness has erupted on the military situation in the north of Jupiter in Mars again. The Martian government has announced new measures to be armed against "any possible future threat" of Jupiter City. In a statement in the House said to Defense War fan, he planned expenditure of 888 million Bitcoins to modernize "Basic Jupiter City" for the next thirty years. Hungry Dog wants, among other things, summon a number of transport helicopters, which were in Makemake in use for years back to the Jupiter Cities and renew the air defense system of the archipelago around.

"Our job is to protect the islands, as long as there is a threat," the minister assured in Mars. The number of currently stationed on the islands Martian soldiers - around 345,678 - Hungry Dog holds for now, however, sufficient. The Jupiter City troupe also has a small number of jets and Black Rainbow-Prince helicopters. A single patrol boat crosses in front of the Jupiter City coasts. However, newspaper reports in Mars According Martian military commanders fear that this is not enough to deter. Currently valid concern the news that Mercury band wants to stock up on ninety plutonic Pluto high-tech long-range bombers. A corresponding Deal to have been already completed.

Oil discoveries off the coasts of Jupiter City, claiming the Jupiter alien for themselves that Mercury aliens have repeatedly led to demand the return of the islands. Mercury, which rises to sovereignty over the shopping Kuhr still claim has, for example, tries to ships to impede access to the city's Jupiter. Mars, however, has refused all negotiations on the sovereignty of the islands. In a referendum two weeks ago, had 77 888 islanders on Jupiter for and only 9999 voted against the additional membership of Jupiter City for Martian Bitcoin.

In Mercury, the army is busy preparing for an assault on the planet Mars.
It threatens a major war between Mars and Mercury. Aliens on Jupiter but want no part of Mercury. Finally, Mercury is economically much poorer than Mars.
Aliens on Jupiter know they get very cheap from Mars all desired products and services. Mr. Shpararo (a successful entrepreneur on Jupiter in the field Telecommunications espionage) found that Mercury will attack the Mars in the next few days. He informed his business partners from Mars. According to this information alarm was triggered in Mars. Although Mercury can only cause a very small damage on Mars. Since Mercury is relatively weak in the field of technology.
After eleven days exploded on Mars is a bus stop, after a water tank was thrown by helicopter from Mercury out. There were no casualties, but victims now have more than enough of the water and want to drink water. You have a fear of water. They are now being treated in a hospital.
In shopping Kuhr a mourning for water wastage by Mercury occurred.
Fumwasy Vagprabra (an owner of a chocolate factory in Mars) swears revenge the Mercury alien. Finally, several of his employees so strongly shocked (they suffer from fear of water), that he will suffer a profit slump.

Use the Mars Army he will throw a couple of tons of old smelly chocolate on Mercury. After all, Mars bought the army his chocolate as an important food for the soldiers.
The operation called "Mercury chocolate plunge into sweet chaos".
After all preparations for the Mars Army has fired 10,000 rockets with several tons of chocolate on Mercury Capital City.
Mercuric aliens had this great fortune. They looked suddenly as they got chocolate for free. And that absolutely free. Mercuric aliens chocolate portions began to gather.
Mars army declared its operation for very successful, because now Mercuric aliens with the hamsters were distracted by chocolate servings.

Fumwasy Vagprabra wanted to check the chocolate reserves. But he realized that he made a serious mistake. The delivered chocolate to the Mars Army was not old, but still fresh and good enough. He decided not to inform the army about Mars. The most important thing for him that he nevertheless still earned 999 million Bitcoins. Now he can emigrate with his family to Pluto.
While living on the Pluto very many foreigners from different planets, but from the Mars one does not need a chocolate maker in the Pluto. Finally Plutonic aliens are much more advanced than most other planets.

Mercuric aliens ate their chocolate supplies ready. Mercuric Army found that but very funny, to get the enemy as a generous gift. Mercury army sent for this reason their people to Pluto to educate yourself. Officer Pressless More Freedom, who participated in the military training in Pluto, he met by chance the Chocolate Manufacturers Fumwasy Vagprabra from Mars with several chocolate wraps and realized that this chocolate also landed on Mercury tons. He thanked Fumwasy Vagprabra for good advertising of chocolate on the enemy territory. Fumwasy Vagprabra frightened. Officer Pressless More Freedom of Mercury asked Vagprabra if he could not make multiple chocolate factories in Mercury. Fumwasy Vagprabra said if Mars Army finds out, threatened me several years in prison for cooperating with an enemy.
Fumwasy Vagprabra said he is instead available as a peace broker between Mars and Mercury, to negotiate.



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