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What do Emojis understand by unwarranted enrichment?

After lawyers finished to eat the cake with strawberries and honey, the Emojis sat down to the round table. At this time an alien from the Venus knocked at the door. A former lawyer opened the door. Thereon the visitor required the delivery of the bank card from the lawyer. He answered that he was no credit grantor. The Emoji handed over to the alien from the Venus the address of the bank which was nearby. Then the visitor with big joy ran away. This was very strange for all Emojis. At this time a lawyer remembered that the group should further work in new laws of the kingdom Emoji.
A former defender of the stinginess of the aliens from the Jupiter wanted to discuss the subject which occupied his clients very much. The Emoji said: In my work I often had to defend stingy aliens from the Jupiter in court. The reason was: My clients were often sued because of unwarranted enrichment. Besides, these were often very cheeky Emojis. In a case an Emoji worked with a stingy employer as an office assistant and stole regularly several pencils to the value of 9 Bitcoins per month. My stingy client could not endure this any more. At the same time he could not dismiss the Emoji so simply.
That's why I recommended to my client that we should lodge a complaint because of unwarranted enrichment against the Emoji at the court for crime against enterprise in the area of the kingdom Emoji.
My client accepted this recommendation. At the end, the Emoji was sentenced to return of all pencils by the majority of the judges. At that time therefore I was right....
Suddenly shouts a young lawyer: Now I know that you condemned my father at that time because of the pencils. I will also sue you!!!!
Other Emojis would shout: Calm down!!!
The whole story has been come under the statute of limitations at the latest juridical seen. At this time an announcement from the emergency centre of the police reaches the lawyers: A short time ago a stranger headlined several assets to his bank account. The case happened near the discussion place of the Emojis. By this second the lawyers remembered the alien from the Venus. They decided to inform the police about the appearance of the suspect. After some time the alien from the Venus could be arrested. He confessed. In another case another Emoji wanted to express himself: I had to work on a special case of the unwarranted enrichment.
A group Emojis wanted to ask me with the subject to undertake something against the stinginess of their boss. Thus I recommended my clients to sue the stingy boss for unwarranted enrichment. The reason was: These Emojis received no additional wage for the first April. In contrast to their friends their stingy employer had got rich in this manner every time in the first April. He paid to himself the first April bonus. In court the stingy boss was condemned to the restitution of the first April bonus. Finally, then Emojis received their bonus.
For lawyers was clear that in this case it concerned a groundless enrichment of the boss. That's why they wrote in the law book of the Emojis the following important sentence: § Who unjustifiably, or needlessly enriched himself out of the assets of another, must urgently repay the enrich. Delay interest is expressly forbidden.
Unwarranted enrichment originates in Emoji automatically from the discontinuation of a reason. Thus unwarranted enrichment is also valid also if the customer returned the product, but did not get back the paid-up amount. Therefore the enterprise can sue the Emoji or another affected inhabitant. Vice versa it can also happen. If a receiver of a desired thing does not want to pay the necessary price.
How should the court of Emoji react if somebody pays voluntarily a non-debt?
Here a former judge wanted to express herself about a case: Some time ago several Emojis who paid twice the telephone bill for the June in the sleep complained. Later every Emoji had own complaint. Funny enough several Emojis with the same concern were in court on the same day. At that time I believed in a harassment on the part of the consumers. To my astonishment the telecomm supplier dispatched really double bills with hope to be able to get rich. I had to apply for an investigation of the uppermost bosses judicially.
At that time really a forger from the Saturn worked in this enterprise. On the account of the telecomm supplier too many income came at this time at the beginning of July. Also the accountancy of the enterprise could prove several payments in the same time of the same Emojis. Because these Emojis were anyway regular customers of the company, the paid-up bills with the achievements of the coming months were settled.

Does the repayment of a come under the statute of limitations debt be valid as an enrichment in Emoji?
A professor for jurisprudence asked this question his occupational colleagues. Thereon an assigned counsel wanted to describe his experience and his action:
One day the family Emojis from Emoji List received from the best friends a loan for the study of its daughter. Later defended itself Emojis with many excuses that they could not pay the amount of 5567 Bitcoins. Because they were the best friends, they decided to renounce because of courtesy the repayment. Later a member of the family Emojis paid back the amount.
The daughter who profited from the study long time before was disappointed very much. Finally, she got no birthday present because of the repayment to the best friends. She wanted to sue the best friends of the family for this amount. In court their positions argued the daughter of the Emojis and the best friends of the family. For the judges was clear that the repayment of the come under the statute of limitations debt showed no enrichment. With this judgment the law was concretised by Emoji:
§ Repayment of a come under the statute of limitations debt is not valid as an enrichment in Emoji. Such repayments cannot be claimed back afterwards. All repayments which were performed for come under the statute of limitations debts much later belong to.

At this time a lawyer remembered a case with which an Emoji effected his debt payment in spite of expired limitation after 14444 days.
Since when somebody is valid in Emoji as enriched?
In addition different lawyers had their own opinions: The retired judge spoke about a period between 0 days and unlimited time. His grounds: If somebody pays his come under the statute of limitations debt also after 50 years, the receiver or his descendant gets rich by no means. Finally, this is valid in Emoji as a lifelong quiet debt.
In this case the debt can continue to exist across generations. Even if a debt was expired before, this is not valid in Emoji on a repayment as an enrichment of the receiver. In this manner the lawyers did not want to load the Emojis with an overextension by wealth tax after the death of the Last Horror Clowns. Therefore the repayment is valid rather than a return of the property to his owner. At this point finished lawyers their work on that day. Several Emojis looked on the local television the new agreed laws with big interest.

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How does the court react in Emoji with a success by unwarranted enrichment?

Story: How does the court react in Emoji with a success by unwarranted enrichment?



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