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What happens if a robot kills an Emoji?

One day seven lawyers from Middle Finger Emoji visited a fair of the modern technologies in Neptune. There Emojis with big enthusiasm looked themselves moving trains. Traditionally Neptune belonged to the leading planets in new technologies long time. Emojis also looked remote control private airplanes. There ordered food and other things were delivered like fridges directly by smaller internal airplanes in the house of the customers. 😅➕➡️👤👥⬅️🎁🦋👍️👂️. 😉❌️👀⏳️🚘️🌊. They were ready to invent laws which were useless topically still in Emoji. When both lawyers from Middle Finger Emoji returned to their native country, they had to fly by Saturn. Saturn's aliens struck at their airfield. 😨😳🚘️🌊, ❌️🍽️❄️.
A Saturn's entrepreneur who imported several vehicles from the Saturn to Emoji in Alien Emoji could help thanks to his contacts with other transportation companies several Emojis in their return from the Saturn.
After their return several Emojis were arrested by policemen. 🥰➕⬆️🚼️🌊🔎🕯️➕🥫. After some time they arrived in Crying Laughing Emoji.
There the truck was stopped by the local policemen. The urban policemen just wanted to look what was transported in the truck. At this time a medium strong earthquake began in the surroundings. 🤗❌️💭➡️👤▶️☠️🟤🐻➡️👤. 🟤🐻🤔🐻➕➡️👤🚶‍♂️🚘️/🏘️, 👁️🐻❌️👀😶👀💡➕.
What happens if a robot kills an Emoji?
Who must be punished? How hard persons responsible be punished in this case?
The main lawyer wanted to discuss an other contract at the beginning. He explained that he wanted to work no interest on the legislation for future problems Emojis. At the end he organized a vote among his occupational colleagues. The majority wanted to regulate these questions anyway immediately.
This is why the following sentence landed in the legislation Emojis:
§ 😲➕⏱️🪵, 1️⃣ 👥🤔💡🤕.
Many Emojis who worked in Emoji App or Emoji Keyboard on new technologies protested against the takeover of the responsibility in the death of the victims by robots.
Nevertheless, the law was granted by the majority of the lawyers. Even lawyers from Emoji App and Emoji Keyboard recommended these strict laws for the future.
At this time somebody knocked at the door of the gathered lawyers. It was a newscaster.
He said that in Poop Emoji several bank accounts of the mighty tax authority were hacked by criminal actions. 👍️➡️🗣️➡️➕➡️👤🔙. 📛➕➡️👤🔙.
A religious monk in Heart Eyes Emoji was asked by several aliens from the Saturn to bless them with the laughter. He required patience of them. ➡️👤♿️, 🏁⏱️➡️➕2️⃣ ➡️👤☎️➕📻️. 🥫➡️👤➕💡🌟🏑🛰️➕❌️⛈️💲1️⃣ 🦺. 🥾🥇➕. This was rejected by the majority of the Emojis. Instead, compensation payments were granted to the affected members of the family. After these events all lawyers decided to visit together a comedy show in Laughing Emoji with other Emojis. There the theatre was shown on the subject "Laughing formula of the kingdom Emoji". There Emojis were able to do their sad legislation of the day road laughter.


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