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What happens if a robot kills an Emoji?

One day seven lawyers from Middle Finger Emoji visited a fair of the modern technologies in Neptune. There Emojis with big enthusiasm looked themselves moving trains. Traditionally Neptune belonged to the leading planets in new technologies long time. Emojis also looked remote control private airplanes. There ordered food and other things were delivered like fridges directly by smaller internal airplanes in the house of the customers. In comparison to the airplanes on the planet earth these airplanes were remote controlled without physically present pilot. The pilot sat in his office and pressed the right buttons. Thus his airplane flew to his aim without passengers and pilots. Emojis from Middle Finger Emoji were inspired by this technology very much. Several events in Neptune neglected to them the joy in the modern technology. Thus two flying airplanes were collided.
In an airplane there were several gigabytes of tomatoes. In the other airplane were several books. The collision led to a damage to property of a roof in Neptune. The electricity failed in the affected house. This event still ended harmlessly. The other accident unnerved technically eager Emojis much stronger. In Neptune a train became without train drivers the biggest person responsible for the accident of the new time. Thus seven aliens were overlooked by the self-going train and fatally cross. This although the train had to recognise the crossing aliens thanks to its technology anyway. Also responsible researchers were persuaded of their work very much. Finally, all tests ended earlier and later with a 0-percent mistake rate. All researchers were dumbfounded. Emojis asked themselves: Who must take for the damage by robot responsibility?
In Neptune existed suitable legislation at that time. Thus responsible researchers and production company of the trains had to appear in court. They were condemned later to 10950 days of conditioned prison sentence. The least prison sentence amounted for all affected persons 7000 days. In comparison to this case both pilots and their compulsory assurances had to take over with both airplanes the financial results of the collision.
For Emojis was clear that they should deal on problems with the new technology sooner or later. This is why Emojis wanted rather earlier than later. They were ready to invent laws which were useless topically still in Emoji. When both lawyers from Middle Finger Emoji returned to their native country, they had to fly by Saturn. Saturn's aliens struck at their airfield. The reason was that many employees got their wages on bank accounts in Saturn. The banks decided to tax their profits thanks to transfers of book money in addition. Thus the banks took part in Saturn in every received income. From that were also concerned Emojis who finished linguistic stays in Saturn and collected work experiences. The protests of the aliens paralyzed several branches in Saturn.
A Saturn's entrepreneur who imported several vehicles from the Saturn to Emoji in Alien Emoji could help thanks to his contacts with other transportation companies several Emojis in their return from the Saturn.
After their return several Emojis were arrested by policemen. Among them seven lawyers from Middle Finger Emoji. They were transferred everybody in a truck by the policemen. Then all Emojis were fed without exception in the truck by an alien from the Saturn with Fast-food. The affected Emojis experienced the loss of their responsiveness. That's why they were neutralised according to feeling. Thus Emojis sat in the darkness and in the closed truck without every reaction or panic to release. The truck driver and his Saturn's passenger drove Emojis by several highways. After some time they arrived in Crying Laughing Emoji.
There the truck was stopped by the local policemen. The urban policemen just wanted to look what was transported in the truck. At this time a medium strong earthquake began in the surroundings. Both Saturn's aliens got fear. That's why the truck driver fled with his passenger to the direction of the eucalyptuses. After some time appeared the ghost Saturn's Non Sense who built tax authorities in Crying Laughing Emoji several times by his tricks. The ghost appeared before the eyes of the Emojis who were in the darkness of the truck. He said them that they should destroy the door with their forces. Emojis obeyed this ghost. The local policemen heard attempts of the freeing from the truck. That's why they hit with their devices on the door of the truck. Later all Emojis were released from the truck. At this time realised Emojis that they were arrested before by wrong policemen. That's why they wrote a common charge at the police in Crying Laughing Emoji.
The phoney policemen were Saturn's aliens who specialised in trade with the Emojis. The search for the criminals developed extremely difficultly. That's why policemen decided to conclude this case temporarily.
After this adventure lawyers began their discussion in the legislation of the kingdom Emoji.
Seven Emojis who experienced the technology of the robots with their advantages and disadvantages in Neptune expressed themselves: We were in Neptune and experienced there how a self-going train crossed several aliens fatally. Because the progress will be also topical in Emoji one day, we want to discuss this today.
What happens if a robot kills an Emoji?
Who must be punished? How hard persons responsible be punished in this case?
The main lawyer wanted to discuss an other contract at the beginning. He explained that he wanted to work no interest on the legislation for future problems Emojis. At the end he organised a vote among his occupational colleagues. The majority wanted to regulate these questions anyway immediately.
This is why the following sentence landed in the legislation Emojis:
§ By robot caused damages, must be compensated from the manufacturing firm. A compulsory assurance for unpredictable accidents by robot is important. All enterprises who work with automated technology are liable for damages with every kind of accidents.
§ If an Emoji, alien or other living being is killed by a robot deliberately or negligently, the responsible users and owners of the robot must be perceptibly punished. Prison sentences of at least 20 years must be finished speaking by the judge as unconditional.
Many Emojis who worked in Emoji App or Emoji Keyboard on new technologies protested against the takeover of the responsibility in the death of the victims by robots.
Nevertheless, the law was granted by the majority of the lawyers. Even lawyers from Emoji App and Emoji Keyboard recommended these strict laws for the future.
At this time somebody knocked at the door of the gathered lawyers. It was a newscaster.
He said that in Poop Emoji several bank accounts of the mighty tax authority were hacked by criminal actions. Moreover, the nervousness rose in the haughtiest authority of the country.
A religious monk in Heart Eyes Emoji was asked by several aliens from the Saturn to bless them with the laughter. He required patience of them. In the interim he informed the urban police about the suspicious aliens from the Saturn who wanted a blessing of the local monk. Aliens from the Saturn ordinarily try to force their religion upon the Emojis. That's why policemen organised a big surprise to the Saturn's aliens. The monk began with his blessing. Suddenly several policemen came to the prayer house. There all Saturn's aliens were arrested. It concerned former phoney policemen who had also robbed several bank accounts of the tax authority in Poop Emoji.
The imprisoned aliens refused to announce the exact location of the stolen money to the real policemen. Qualified police dogs had to store after this events the fingerprints of the aliens in their noses. Then a costly search for stolen money from the accounts of the tax authority began in Poop Emoji. After some time the dogs with their noses found the hiding place of the money in a hut. There several aliens from the Saturn waited for them. They tried to defend themselves with water melons. The policemen shot with a reassurance gun at these aliens. Then the doormen of the money were neutralised. Later the whole money could land again at the tax authority. The uppermost tax collector celebrated himself very haughtily as the biggest hero in Poop Emoji.

Which consequences will the death of an Emojis have by a robot except prison sentence?
A lawyer from Alien Emoji wanted to know about this from his colleagues.
Thereon explained a clerk of the court: The persons responsible for robot are not only owners, but also granting places of the authorities. Moreover, persons responsible must take over the funeral expenses for the dead person.
Several misers from the Jupiter protested against this law. They wanted better protection of their property from compensation demands. This was rejected by the majority of the Emojis. Instead, compensation payments were granted to the affected members of the family. After these events all lawyers decided to visit together a comedy show in Laughing Emoji with other Emojis. There the theatre was shown on the subject "Laughing formula of the kingdom Emoji". There Emojis were able to do their sad legislation of the day road laughter.


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