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What is a safekeeping contract and which duties are connected with it

Several Emojis met several misers from the Jupiter in Laughing Emoji. Stingy investors found out about the possibility that, finally, in Emoji a private lottery was legalized after the death of the last Horror Clowns. ➡️👤💡🤔. Thus Emoji Poops were asked in Poop Emoji to build these balls carefully. Later Emojis had to mark these colored balls with figures from 1-49. In the interim other Emojis were asked in different places of the country to build special houses for the sales of the lottery coupons. Above all religious Emojis and monks in Heart Eyes Emoji were big opponents of the Jupiter's stinginess.
They collected together signatures against this plan of the private lottery. Then these Emojis came to the gathered lawyers because of this problem. At this time Emojis had to keep the valuable marked balls in Emoji Art. There was a small gallery. The owner committed himself with a safekeeping contract that he should hide the balls with himself up to the first game. 🤣🆗👤🎭️🆚👤👻🎭️❗️. ❣️➕🎯❣️🙄. 👤🎭️🏁👤👨⬅️⚙️. 🕵️🔝🗣️. One day commissioned Emojis from Poop Emoji noticed how several aliens from the flying saucer brought several bags with money from Emoji in a safekeeping house. They took a photo of all steps of these contractors of the misers. Later Emojis came to the uppermost tax collector and pointed him where the lottery owner kept the earned money. 👤👨❗️➕👤👺👨⬅️. Every coin and every bank note was checked for their original fingerprints with a special device of the tax authority. Later Emojis brought the earned money from Emoji back to their native country. The uppermost tax collector celebrated himself as the biggest hero in the history Emojis. Then the whole money was laid in a hiding place of a ship in Japanese Emoji temporarily. With this ship it concerned a not used old ship which was not used since the times of the Second Horror Clowns any more. As an owner of the ship was valid the city of Japanese Emoji. Thus a safekeeping contract was signed between the mightiest tax authority and the city administration.
In it committed itself Japanese Emoji that every coin and every bank note must be protected against pirates well. 🎯❣️🤡❌️. 💆‍♀️👤🎭️👀≡👤➡️👥. 🔙🖕.
A lawyer from Emoji List wanted to write the concept in the legislation Emojis with his both hands: § 💯💀💭🖌️🦋👤⬅️. 👤👨❌️≡➕🧑👤👨. ➕👤👨🤭👤👨*️⃣≡*️⃣ . 🤠💭🖼️🎻❌️👀.
An alien from the Uranus wanted to explain his concrete case to the gathered lawyers:
One week ago I had to keep ten bottles with honey with myself. I undertook in writing all ten bottles to keep carefully. By my growing hunger I could not watch any more. I opened a bottle and ate the whole honey.
Later I could return only 9 full and unopened bottles. I paid to the principal the full amount for the bottle. Did I act correctly?
Gathered Emojis applauded the alien from the Uranus with both hands. They were glad that after a silly question a questioner also presented a right solution in a problematic case.
A clerk of the court from Emoji Copy Paste explained: ➡️👤🛄🎯❣️😀➡️🛠️⬆️➕🦱.
What does pass with ownership claims third? To whom must the keeper the thing bring back?
Two aliens from the Mercury wanted to know this. A professor for commercial right from Alien Emoji said: 🤣❌️🥫1️⃣ 👀1️⃣ ❌️👀.
Thereon the gathered lawyers decided unanimously that the urban court must deal with the case. Thus the third must prove his property in the thing.
Which duties does the warehouse keeper have in Emoji?
Two Stars from Star Emoji wanted to know this. Finally, they wanted to open an enterprise for the safekeeping of plastic bags. Thereon explained a lawyer from Alien Emoji: 💩🎥➡️👤💘➡️👤➡️🔎1️⃣ 👯‍♀️🗺️. Then they sat down in their flying saucer. After some time they flew to Emoji. There they looked for Emojis who were able to do their language. They found a teacher for Saturn's languages in Crying Laughing Emoji. Together they went to Japanese Emoji to the coast of the yellow sea. There they more exactly wanted to look at the old ship. Completely behind they found a door. They opened this door with their tools. 1️⃣ 👤👩⬅️➕💬🔮💡❌️👤🎭️, ➡️👤👤📖👤🎭️, 🗣️❓️🙏💩➕💥. Suddenly a device appeared in the flying saucer of the criminal aliens from the Saturn. They reacted something confused. Stood on the device: Emojis for Android
The curious alien wanted to look what this was. He did not understand how the device functioned. So he laid the device on the side. The alien from Pluto further programmed. Thus his work led to the fact that the uppermost tax collector of the tax authority from Poop Emoji suddenly appeared in the flying saucer with the stolen money. 💩💬❣️😂. 🖼️👤👩⬅️❌️▶️. ❌️👤👩⬅️➕🔎🧩👤👩⬅️➕❌️🎭️. 1️⃣ 🤔👤👨🧍▶️🙇🚿👀➕1️⃣ ❌️❌️🛠️👤🎭️⚙️➕🎨. Misers from the Jupiter applauded for this law.
By this second former founders and owners of the first private lottery in Emoji wrote a letter for their pardon and untimely release from the prison. Under pressure of the tax authority they still had to remain in the prison. In this case also there failed efforts of their defenders to bribe the tax authority and other authorities. Many Emojis played regular lotto, although the tax authority reduced the profits in such a way that some Emojis even had to pay extra.


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