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What is an agent?

In an early morning sat all members of the family of a public prosecutor at the square table in Heart Eyes Emoji together. They began their day with a 5-minute laughter. Then every Emoji took something from the fridge. The public prosecutor took two especially big cucumbers on his plate. His wife took a very big pear from Middle Finger Emoji. His oldest son looked for a Jupiter's cheese. The youngest daughter took salad with honey and national bread 🍠.
The other son took the toilet for long time. The oldest daughter began her day with a telephone call with her best friend. She found out from her that her brother on the working way from his vehicle fell near an amusing house of Heart Eyes Emoji before eyes of several Emojis. His luck was that the highway was very soft near the religious Emojis. He injured only his hair.
In the hospital Emojis had to remove to him nearly 76 damaged hair. 🤣🛠️✏️📐🦐. 👎️🥫➡️👤🥜😂. 🤔📐🦐✏️🖋️⌛️✏️📐🦐🔚⬆️✍️.
The wife of the public prosecutor left the house as first from all Emojis. She went to the city centre. There she wanted to buy several food for her diligent family. Exceptionally particularly many candidates were for state dictatorship of Emoji there. There were partially more candidates than normal citizens. Everywhere lay advertising pamphlets. Every candidate shouted completely loudly: Elect only me!
The wife of the lawyer thought: 2️⃣ 🧪🧑‍💼🛠️📛💩➕🖕➕⬆️📛.
Beside the candidate for the dictatorship, the famous musician and later tourism minister Monkey Emoji visited the religious town.
He wanted to pray for his other professional success. Moreover, he planned the opening of a banana store in Heart Eyes Emoji. 👨‍🏫🤝🗣️💩, 👨‍🦲📣➡️👥➕🔮1️⃣ 💩.
At this time several Emojis found out that a bearer of hope died among the candidates for the dictatorship of Emoji as a result of his old age in a hospital. That Emoji was 31397 days old. Everywhere where the old Emoji appeared, they cheered him. Even gathered lawyers respected this candidate mostly from all. In an occasion in Emoji Symbols several Emojis and aliens might make music before the audience. Among them was also an Emoji whose voice the agent with his ears checked several times. 👨‍🏫❌️👤⬅️2️⃣ #️⃣3️⃣ #️⃣1️⃣9️⃣. ➡️👤🤡➡️🛠️❓️.
That's why he flew to Saturn. Before he had to adapt himself to Saturn's traditions. Thus he bought imported clothes from the Salted Cucumbers in Emoji Pop. In Saturn he might look as an agent at the old mobile phone. Later he wanted to buy this device absolutely. When the trader found out that the buyer came from the planet Halloween, he wanted to require a higher price. 🐶✏️⬇️🗣️. ❌️➡️👤🛠️➕➡️👤.
Another gifted Emoji worked at the mightiest tax authority in Poop Emoji as an examiner of the tax bills. The agent contacted him when the uppermost tax collector visited just him. The uppermost boss wanted to know with which secretly his employee wanted to earn money. Finally, the tax authority controlled every income with its microscope by its own army. 🆗➡️👤👩. ➡️👤❌️💡➕💃➡️👤💰️➡️🖋️. 1️⃣4️⃣ 🖼️👪️💡3️⃣ ➕🗺️. Then he was nationally celebrated as a successful writer in completely Emoji.
Worked out on this day a lawyer from Emoji Keyboard wanted to discuss the subject of an agency contract with his occupational colleagues.
He completely wanted to define at the beginning still the concept more exactly in the law book Emojis:
§ 💯🐩➕🔙👤👨🫀🎒.
Which duties have agents in Emoji?
Two Emojis from a small village wanted to find out this from the gathered lawyers.
The public prosecutor from Heart Eyes Emoji explained: 👤👨👍️👨‍🏫➕🏫❌️.
What must the agency contract contain?
Thereon said a former clerk of the court: ➡️👤🤔🏤👨‍🏫💡. 👨‍🦲➕🥲🔚⬆️.
At this time the son of the public prosecutor contacted the gathered lawyers.
He brought a cake from strawberries and honey to the diligent lawyers. The agent explained very proudly that the healthy cake came from local production in Middle Finger Emoji.
Then all Emojis took their magnifying glasses and examined the cake. The appetite of the Emojis for the work on the legislation ended with it.


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