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What is an agent?

In an early morning sat all members of the family of a public prosecutor at the square table in Heart Eyes Emoji together. They began their day with a 5-minute laughter. Then every Emoji took something from the fridge. The public prosecutor took two especially big cucumbers on his plate. His wife took a very big pear from Middle Finger Emoji. His oldest son looked for a Jupiter's cheese. The youngest daughter took salad with honey and national bread 🍠.
The other son took the toilet for long time. The oldest daughter began her day with a telephone call with her best friend. She found out from her that her brother on the working way from his vehicle fell near an amusing house of Heart Eyes Emoji before eyes of several Emojis. His luck was that the highway was very soft near the religious Emojis. He injured only his hair.
In the hospital Emojis had to remove to him nearly 76 damaged hair. The oldest son of the public prosecutor worked as an agent. In his position he provided above all good sportsmen to different associations. Thus he searched gifted Emojis for sports clubs. For this purpose he always took his telescope. Moreover, he visited special spy courses in the Salted Cucumbers. Thus he learnt how one filters out a talent from ungifted personalities. He saw several small Emojis in a playground. They played with red pots on their heads. Besides, every small Emoji threw his water melon shell so far as it was possible to see. The agent was very much enthusiastically of a boy. That's why he tried to persuade him to come with him. On account of good education of the parents the boy rejected this offer. The agent spied the small Emoji further. Later he visited him at home. He could persuade his parents of a participation in the support programme for gifted Emojis.
The agent had business contacts with a sports association. Later the son of the public prosecutor of victories by the small boy profited long time by sponsor's money.
The wife of the public prosecutor left the house as first from all Emojis. She went to the city centre. There she wanted to buy several food for her diligent family. Exceptionally particularly many candidates were for state dictatorship of Emoji there. There were partially more candidates than normal citizens. Everywhere lay advertising pamphlets. Every candidate shouted completely loudly: Elect only me!
The wife of the lawyer thought: Damned idiots and egoists are these future politicians! Every newer generation of politicians becomes worse than the previous one!!
Beside the candidate for the dictatorship, the famous musician and later tourism minister Monkey Emoji visited the religious town.
He wanted to pray for his other professional success. Moreover, he planned the opening of a banana store in Heart Eyes Emoji. The wife of the public prosecutor recognised this Emoji whom she ordinarily saw on television. She asked him whether it was really he. Monkey Emoji used the chance. He said that he liked to advertise just to the consumption of bananas. He looked for advertising Emojis for television commercials. He asked her whether she took part. For the wife of the public prosecutor this was very strange. Finally, she said that she liked to consider this. In reality she told her son who worked as an agent that he should provide her to Monkey Emoji. Besides, she hoped that also her son of this order profits. This also happened. The agent got to know about quick opening of a banana store in Heart Eyes Emoji from his mother. He sent an inquiry to the mediation of advertising Emojis to the musician Monkey Emoji.
He was glad about the help of a local Emojis. He did not know that this agent was the son of that woman whom he also invited without mediation as winning over. Thus the agent also profited from this contract. Moreover, he also provided his brothers and sisters for the advertisement. Only his father wanted to know nothing about it. Finally, he worked as serious Emoji on the legislation of the country with other lawyers.
At this time several Emojis found out that a bearer of hope died among the candidates for the dictatorship of Emoji as a result of his old age in a hospital. That Emoji was 31397 days old. Everywhere where the old Emoji appeared, they cheered him. Even gathered lawyers respected this candidate mostly from all. In an occasion in Emoji Symbols several Emojis and aliens might make music before the audience. Among them was also an Emoji whose voice the agent with his ears checked several times. For him it was important that his Emoji gets the best comments with the audience. That's why he promised to several Emojis and aliens who voted for the desired candidate to give free bank notes to the value of 200 Bitcoins. The agent had for this purpose also a middle contract with Saturn's aliens who could help him with printing bank notes.
The agent had to prepare to the Saturn as a consideration certain places in Emoji for advertisement of their Saturn's religion better. He protected own religious town professionally against advertising Saturn's aliens. In spite of this measure other Emojis became together the first winners with aliens from the Uranus and Mercury with this musical competition. The agent reacted something disappointed. At the same time he saved his expensive promise to some Emojis in the audience. He went with this Emoji to a record company of an alien from the Mercury. They decided to record together the first song with that Emoji. The agent obliged this gifted Emoji to sign a special contract. In it the gifted Emoji was obliged to a participation of the agent in his income by the height of 10 percent. That's why the agent went for too different radio stations of the country. There he persuaded one after the other radio station for the admission of this song in the programme. The Emoji became so famous within 40 days nationally that Emojis almost forgot the other singers. The agent profited from his support quite incredibly.
By his talent he got even awards from radio stations national. His parents asked him whether he did not become a singer. He said no. He said that he ran for the charts watchman of radio station to radio station, so that he could celebrate, finally, the musical breakthrough with this Emoji. His father who worked as a public prosecutor on the legislation Emojis wanted to know: Which job do you have?
He said: I am an independent agent. I oblige gifted Emojis to the support to the suitable associations. Besides, I agree on a least participation by the success.
His father felt the need his own son legally urgently to protect. That's why he wrote several notes in his notebook. His son explained to him that he had earned thanks to his agency already even more, as if he worked on the legislation Emojis. The public prosecutor insulted his son as a dog face. Finally, he was very proud to work thereon as a lawyer. After this event the son apologised and pointed at his income from his activity as an agent. At this time the agent found out that in Saturn a useful new phone device was available for the purchase.
That's why he flew to Saturn. Before he had to adapt himself to Saturn's traditions. Thus he bought imported clothes from the Salted Cucumbers in Emoji Pop. In Saturn he might look as an agent at the old mobile phone. Later he wanted to buy this device absolutely. When the trader found out that the buyer came from the planet Halloween, he wanted to require a higher price. The agent from Heart Eyes Emoji had several Saturn's friends with himself. They threatened the trader. Thus the alien had to sell the mobile phone for the normal price. For his activity as an extensive agent, he wanted to get his interlocutors always also at wrong times with his mobile phone. Thus two gifted Emojis who painted very nice portraits were got in the middle in the toilet by the single-minded agent and mentor.
Another gifted Emoji worked at the mightiest tax authority in Poop Emoji as an examiner of the tax bills. The agent contacted him when the uppermost tax collector visited just him. The uppermost boss wanted to know with which secretly his employee wanted to earn money. Finally, the tax authority controlled every income with its microscope by its own army.
The gifted official told only that he sang a little bit according to hobby with his friends. This time his friends with him wanted to appear for free before big audience. Thus hoped the official that he would prevent his personal tax rise. The haughtiest Emoji sent several spies to the supervision of every income of his gifted employee. Thus the official had to audition before the agent and other Emojis in the closed space. This time the agent reacted very much disappointed. He said that he wasted just time for a weakly gifted Emoji. A Saturn's spy of the tax authority told the boss that the official turned out as badly gifted. The uppermost tax collector had to pour a lot of tears in the mightiest authority. Finally, he could not enrich the tax authority thanks to an employee, in addition. The disappointed Emoji decided to try out secretly himself as a writer. So that he got more rest of the agent and the tax authority, he invented for himself a pseudonym. Then he was nationally celebrated as a successful writer in completely Emoji.
Worked out on this day a lawyer from Emoji Keyboard wanted to discuss the subject of an agency contract with his occupational colleagues.
He completely wanted to define at the beginning still the concept more exactly in the law book Emojis:
§ An agent is who provides businesses for one or several principals. Moreover, the agent is entitled in Emoji to search for certain gifted Emojis or aliens at own expenses and is able to be their mentor. An agent may take part by the support of the talents in the financial success of his mediation. The minimum participation may not fall short of 10 percent. At most the agent may require 20-percent profit-sharing.
Which duties have agents in Emoji?
Two Emojis from a small village wanted to find out this from the gathered lawyers.
The public prosecutor from Heart Eyes Emoji explained: An agent must follow the data protection of his customers or principals anyway. All business secrets must be protected in the confidential bag of the agent against thieves. Moreover, the agent may increase his income by the expansion of other principals.
Thereon other Emojis wanted to ask something. If an agent acts by order of a third, the principal must deliver all details to the successful mediation available without restrictions.
Thus an agent who must search a gifted swimmer for an association can require all desired qualities of the swimmer in writing. Thus the agent with a detailed profile can look for a suitable swimmer. All agency contracts must be concluded in writing. Several Emojis wanted to work after this discussion as agents. Many Emojis thought that this work was especially easy. Most dreamers disappeared so fast as they came to the occupation.
What must the agency contract contain?
Thereon said a former clerk of the court: In it the aims, duration, preparatory activities and the beginning must be evident like the end of the contract clearly. By the death of the principal ends the contract. The heirs undertake to the ending to take over final works. If the principal has no heirs, the urban court must conclude the last demands of the agency contract.
At this time the son of the public prosecutor contacted the gathered lawyers.
He brought a cake from strawberries and honey to the diligent lawyers. The agent explained very proudly that the healthy cake came from local production in Middle Finger Emoji.
Then all Emojis took their magnifying glasses and examined the cake. The appetite of the Emojis for the work on the legislation ended with it.


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