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What is the difference between an Emoticon and an Emoji?

After simple Emojis and aliens found out the day before their own meaning on the planet Earth, the wife of a lawyer from Middle Finger Emoji experienced something strange. The day before she visited together with other Emojis the charlatan from the Saturn. After the election of the first dictator several Emoticons from the neighbouring country came to Emoji. Finally, Emoticons were big fans of the future first dictator of Emoji still as he worked in the politics of the former Circus Union. The wife of the lawyer told him her dream: 👤🤩👨➕➡️👤🥫🏪👥➡️😎👥. The lawyer promised to his concerned wife to argue with this subject. After this conversation the lawyer took immediately 400 kilobytes of the national bread 🍠 on his plate. He started to eat the whole bread with pink pears and blue apples. 🆕🏤🥔➕🤔➕💡🛑. 👍️🕉️➡️👥💡💗⬆️🧓. By the touch of the letter the lawyer of his hometown disappeared to the religious building in Heart Eyes Emoji. There sat his religious occupational colleague and concentrated upon his laughing prayer. The lawyer recognised him among several foreign Emojis. The lawyer did not understand, why he should come to this town. Anyway it was no chance. After the laughing prayer the assigned counsel recognized his colleague. He asked him, why he came here. Finally, the day meeting of the gathered lawyers should take place on this day in the economic metropolis of Emoji Meaning. The reason was that Emojis should deal with new laws about the stock exchange.
💡😂❌️💡. 🥫🛒🥔➕😴. ≡⏰🏘️🤩🚶‍♂️. 🚽📜🎎😱❓️👥😭. 🤔👥⬅️❌️🥔➕2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣2️⃣🥔➕😷. Nobody understood what happened with disappeared Emojis really. At this time several linguists discussed on the planet Earth the difference between Emoji and Emoticon.
Finally, they wanted to write in the dictionaries exact explanations. That's why several information scientists had to come to the linguists. An information scientist showed the following answer about the question of the difference between Emoji and Emoticon:
An Emoji looks thus: 😊
If one translates this Emoji into Emoticon, it looks thus: :-)
Quite simply: 😊 = :-)
When the lawyers saw this, they understood how people interpreted Emojis and Emoticons on their planet.
Moreover, explained the information scientist: An Emoticon is the word, consisting of emotion and icon. Emoticons express emotions of the people in an easier kind. Emojis are against it rather a picture language. Moreover, Emoji means more exactly from the Japanese: E = Picture
Moji = Character
After this explanation all researchers understood everything. Now the concepts Emoji and Emoticon on all dictionaries of the planet Earth were properly explained.
By this second the first dictator ran to the building where the gathered lawyers were and disappeared later. He found the cameraman there. He commanded to him to show the exact circumstances of the disappearance of the Emojis. The responsible Emoji showed the moment to the ruler. The first dictator wanted to look at least 40 times at this event.
After several repetitions the ruler recognized the ➕1️⃣ 👥⬅️🟨✉➡️🤮👥➕☕️, 🍧📤️➕🥳. The responsible mailman hid in a tent which he rented with Monkey Emoji in a village. 🥇➕➡️👤👿➡️✊. 🖋️❌️⛺💡. Investigators found a dictionary with the big heading in his tent: 😊 = :-) Translator of two languages
Emojis took the dictionary and questioned the responsible Emoticon about his linguistic proficiency.
Emoticon answered this: 💩👤⬅️💿️❗️➕➡️👤🥔➡️👀🥔, 🇺🇸👥❌️💡🥫👾👤⬅️.
Most lawyers confirmed that they might observe several linguists with the interpretation of two concepts Emoji and Emoticon on the planet Earth. 👦*️⃣*️⃣ 💬1️⃣ ➕🖼️🚘️🪟🗝😃. That's why he commanded a new unique law to write:
§ An Emoji 😊 is a picture sign on the planet Earth. An Emoticon is an expression of an emotion in the form of an icon :-)
The ruler of Emoji hoped that, finally, everything becomes like before his election.


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