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Which even flying smart idiot could make the cities unsafe

In nearly 2112 hours a smart idiot drone is presented in Venus. Which smart idiot is qualifying what the experiences in Jupiter are and what the Smart spies to do with it. Currently Smart spies are working very diligently to imagine on a sunny day, the new flying smart idiot drone of the general public in Venus. About the price of this sensation on the Venus is heavily debated among economists professors. A wheeler even opened a company in which bets can be placed on the price for a fee of 9.98 Bitcoins. Even the rulers of Venus already betting on the price of smart idiot drone.
Driverless smart idiots who himself can fly through the city without a permit of salami dictator: Soon they will be also in Venus reality, at least for a few months and only for certain groups. The dictator for aviation, missiles, aircraft, and Venus protection has the Smart spies issued a written authorization with yellow signature, perform by the end of summer in Venus test flights with a flying even smart idiot. In 2112.5 hours smart idiot public drone is presented.
From the public is requested to the dictator of applause command. Who does not applaud the Smart spies in this presentation, must pay a fine of nearly 499 7/8 Bitcoins. It is threatened with prison terms of 9 days. Although the Smart spies hide from this presentation from prying eyes, but is already quite known. When even flying test smart idiot is according to the deputy of dictator for flying a smart idiot drone of Elite University City Venus and the mad professor with longest dissertation in Venus about aviation "smart idiot drones". Which model is, the office of dictator for aviation and the Smart spies to betray in any case now. A charlatan, he nevertheless succeeded in two models of smart idiots to locate. According to him, there are currently two models: One is based on the Joker and a drone triangle on the Troll WWW. Both have a number of test flights in Jupiter behind and have the relevant exemption for smart idiot flights on Jupiter's cities.
Further, the self-conscious charlatan could kidnap the two drones with his skill from the square and test himself. He is looking forward about to finally be able to experience in the next Venus technical progress. Although the charlatan was later arrested by the police and be discharged to a payment of the deposit in the amount of 997 Bitcoins per policemen again. That was worth the charlatan but. He wrote his first article for specific subject and earned a secret sum from him. The test-Joker drone triangle, also known as a smart idiot drone built in Jupiter around 111,111days ago, is much longer in use as the troll WWW (109,098 days) and has returned to Jupiter in the last centuries several countless light years. Various stops in the center of Jupiter, studded with lights, warnings of other flying objects and other obstacles has the drone, according to the elite university Jupiter successfully mastered already 100,000 days ago. - without any expensive pilot in the cockpit.
That this is possible, ensures complex art of old-time nor of the Pluto: Thanks using an up-shifting laser eye of bacteria on the roof detect the Smart Idiot other drones up to a distance of 444 past giraffes. With radars and video cameras on all eight sides other smart idiots and private pilots are recorded in a database. Special software analyzes the data, detects air situations and generates the required flight commands. These controls a computer in smart idiot brake, accelerator and steering. All data will be sent directly to the dictator for aviation according Smart spies. Here, the dictator may pronounce fines against offending drivers even better. The office of dictator for flying hopes for higher earnings for its area.
According Two Five, head of the Artificial Intelligence Group of the elite university Jupiter, it would already be possible today, the tested smart idiots on private land regularly employ in Venus around for good paying customers or in missile sites. Moreover, it is conceivable to smart idiots ways smart idiot drones to experience flights in twelve years in Venus, so the scientist in a communication from the elite University of Jupiter. Where but flying many colored, individual problems must be solved. In Jupiter reigns, for example a ban on flights for Transparent. The other aliens allowed to fly.
Next said Two Five, that the intelligence of extraterrestrials must be prepared for this level of black tea. In Jupiter, we have had good experiences with it. The answer from the proud mouth by the Head Two Five. But he admits that Venus still has to make a lot of progress.
For starters, the tests follow on the Venus, which are carried out on behalf of smart spies. What the spy business has to do with self-flying Smart Idiots explains professor of planetary threats Forever Old, who himself is researching smart idiot drone: "Drones are like spies of metal; a smart idiot drone has to deal with a lot of information. Maps and plans are stored in the brain of the drone and exchanged between the other drones, "says Old in one of his courses for spy programs. Future Shell Seer Witch Toy the magic team in Venus adds: The Innovation find no longer the smart idiot itself instead, but with the technology. The allow technology companies to enter new business areas. Witch Toy said two days ago the conquest of Venus by the new Smart Idiot drones in exactly 4444 days.
It provides even a photo Proof: There is to see that countless aliens fly out of the Venus in the direction of the earth. Here earthlings get great fear of the more advanced technique of Venus aliens. The dictator for aviation was very upset with this publication the future shell seer. He sent ten policemen for her immediate arrest. He said later, laughing: That would Witch Toy never be able to predict. Otherwise they would be long gone. Following her arrest, all media had to remove immediately from all sides, the statements of the Witch Toy. The charlatan who tested the two models previously, publicly promised to work for the release of future shell seer. He tried to organize a mass demonstration. But he failed. The masses in Venus were of the opinion that they are better protected from their own future by the government. The Charlatan decided after his failure to go find other technological advances.



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