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Which meaning does an order have in Emoji?

A sports teacher from Emoji Keyboard ordered several wooden ramps for the sports lessons for his school. He asked several Emojis who he estimated as trustworthy. Finally, the children became much thicker above all in Emoji Keyboard after the death of the last Horror Clowns. That's why the sports teacher had to provide a sporty draught. An alien from the Neptune worked as an adviser for sporty support of the health of the Emojis in a village close to Emoji Keyboard. The sports teacher visited him on recommendation of his Emojis. The adviser from the Neptune had good contacts with enterprisers from the Neptune. Moreover, the Neptune's alien received very high commissions for the mediation of new customers in Emoji. Thus the adviser persuaded the sports teacher to the purchase of the wooden ramps from the Neptune. The careful sports teacher explained to the adviser that he had to discuss this with the school authorities of Emoji Keyboard. In the school authority worked a notary public who collected green mushrooms in his early childhood in Middle Finger Emoji. In his recollection a meeting with Tycoon remained to him. The long-lasting entrepreneur from the Saturn told this Emoji about the curative strength of the ground in this town. Really the young Emoji could get rid of his short-sightedness after the consumption of the green mushrooms. He could see so well without visual facilities that he could see the tax authority of Poop Emoji daily with his eyes. This was very far away although Poop Emoji. When the notary public spoke about the conviction of the sports teacher of wooden ramps from Neptune, he interfered with the conversation. He asked, why Emojis wooden ramps must import from abroad. Finally, there would be good wood in Emoji. He expelled to the famous city of Middle Finger Emoji.
The Neptune's adviser absolutely wanted to steer the negotiations in the school authority in his favours. That's why he sent several spies from the Venus to the school authority of Emoji Keyboard. The alien from the Neptune reacted very nervously when he heard that Emojis would buy wooden ramps possibly by the home. That's why the Neptune's adviser drove to Middle Finger Emoji and required offers of wooden producers. The next day the adviser contacted the sports teacher voluntarily by telephone. The sporty Emoji spoke with his adviser. The alien from the Neptune visited the sports teacher at home. There he showed him different suppliers. Besides, all suppliers with deeper to small commission were sorted out by the Neptune's adviser. Thus the adviser presented a list with the suppliers who promised high commission to him. Thus the sports teacher took this list with thanks.
Then he presented these suppliers to the school authority. In a vote a supplier who finished a training period earlier in Saturn was chosen. For this purpose the school authority needed its notary public for the professional production of the order contract with the wooden enterpriser from Middle Finger Emoji. Some Emojis protested against the expensive order to a questionable enterprise. The Neptune's adviser observed the protest of the Emojis with big worry. Finally, the school authority chose the most expensive supplier with Saturn's roots. In the interim the notary public provided the contract.
Therein the commissioned enterprise was requested to the construction of 50 wooden ramps. The agreed price was 666 Bitcoins. The enterprise from Middle Finger Emoji accepted the order of the school authority. Moreover, the sports teacher provided a sketch for suitable wooden ramps.
Finally, small Emojis would have to be able to use this for their sports exercises. The Neptune's adviser got to know about the order to his provided enterprise by the sports teacher. That's why he decided to provide for the fact that the enterprise with his help forces an other achievement of the school authority. Thus he visited the boss of the wooden enterprise. He said him that wooden ramps also need a rain protection. This would bring even other 222 Bitcoins. The entrepreneur praised the Neptune's adviser for his idea. Thereon the adviser required the immediate payment of the commission. The enterpriser declined. Instead, this idea was of use Saturn's Emoji in his favours. Very persuasive he explained the advantages of a rain protection for wooden ramps. That's why the school authority increased its budget for wooden ramps with rain protection.
After this order was concluded successfully, the Neptune's adviser expected a more generous commission for his achievement. Saturn's Emoji refused, while he said that the school authority renounced the rain protection. The adviser wanted to check this with his both eyes. Thus he contacted several Emojis and Saturn's aliens from Crying Laughing Emoji. He made friends with them in a celebration of the independence of the kingdom Emoji from the former Circus Union. Thus he sent some Emojis who had to check together the wooden ramps with aliens from the Saturn. Thus an Emoji with a kidnapped child came to Emoji Keyboard. He sent the child to that school where the new wooden ramps should be used. Thus the Neptune's adviser found out that he was cheated by the wooden enterpriser from Middle Finger Emoji.
That's why he let by the child take a photo of the wooden ramps with the rain protection. Then the alien from the Neptune visited the enterpriser. He required the additional payment of the commission in decent form. The enterpriser explained that he did not sell the rain protection. He referred to other enterprises who offered the same product. Thereon the adviser decided to question the sports teacher. The sporty Emoji confirmed that the same enterprise was also responsible for rain protection. When the adviser heard this, he decided to sue the wooden enterprise at the uppermost court in Emoji Meanings. The Neptune's adviser was valid as very intelligent and skilful. That's why he won in court against the enterprise and received also 1000 Bitcoins compensation beside commission additional payments. The notary public from Emoji Keyboard pursued the process in the city and took down everything in his book.
One day the gathered lawyers dealt in the capital city with the subject order. When this subject was announced few days in advance, several Saturn's aliens flew to Emoji.
Two Emojis wanted to know the meaning of the order in their native country. So the professor for commercial law from Emoji Copy Paste explained: This kind is especially good above all for free Emojis. Not everybody would like to be bound to an employment contract. Thus working Emojis can sign independently directly an order contract with their customer. The representative thereby commits himself to the fulfilment of an agreed achievement for the principal. In this contract all conditions must be approved by both sides in writing. There the appointments, payment possibilities and the names of the contracting partners must seem compelling slightly discoverable.
With a juridical order the principal hands over his authority to the lawyer whom represent him in court and can defend.
The representative must take the responsibility for free from problems fulfilment.
If the representative hands over an action for the fulfilment to a third, he must also stick for it.
Several Emojis who acted above all as a contractors complained against the takeover of the responsibility for achievements of third. Thereon lawyers recommended them to sign a provisional agreement. This contract must be sent to the principal compelling.
Which duties does the representative have in Emoji?
The Neptune's adviser from Emoji Keyboard wanted to know this. Thereon a lawyer from Emoji Copy Paste explained: The representative must inform the principal about his progress in the fulfilment of the order regularly.
Which duties does the principal have in the country of the Emojis?
Several aliens from the Uranus wanted to know this. About these duties a lawyer from Emoji List expressed himself: The principal must deliver all aid, information and other things for the representative to the fulfilment of his order. Finally, the contractor should not be hindered in right implementation.
By offence against these regulations the guilty contracting party sticks for the resulted damage. This last sentence was written quite fat in the law book of the Emojis by the main lawyer.
The order can be revoked any time under consideration of the explained works and mutual demands. However, the full works would have to go settled. A retired judge from a village still complemented:
The order contract ends if the contractor is not able by heavy health obstacles or death any more to follow his duty. The same one happens with the death of the principal if it concerns an individual.
Exceptionally all Emojis agreed with this law completely.
A former clerk of the court from Crying Laughing Emoji still complemented: If the principal or commissioned bankruptcy go or become action-incapable, the order automatically ends. The heirs of the principal or the representative must finish the order contract. All present claims must be concluded peacefully.
Suddenly somebody knocked at the door. The main lawyer opened the door. Before him stood three Emojis and four aliens from the Uranus.
A furious Emoji said: I visited a personnel department of a big enterprise in Uranus. I saw how aliens go through there the applications economically. I was disappointed about the lazy action of the big companies there. Thereon curious Emojis asked what disappointed the guest from Halloween in Uranus. At the same time three Emojis from Uranus said: There applicants simply have to spam their application with certain Keywords. Then they get only the chance of an interview. Therefore every applicant must be in Uranus an application optimizer. When Emojis from Poop Emoji got this innovation from Uranus in their ears, they could not renounce the statement of their opinion. Thus they demonstrated for the introduction of automatic application robots to Emoji. Thus hoped for Emoji Poops the discrimination with different employers to handle.
Suddenly there rang the phone of the gathered lawyers. The main lawyer answered the phone. It was the wife of an assigned counsel from Emoji Keyboard. She wanted that her husband goes, finally, home and eats her soup. When the main lawyer repeated this wish to the affected Emoji so literally, other occupational colleagues sent their eyes on the assigned counsel. Emojis who observed the scene in their television started to laugh. Then there ended the joke when the day meeting was finished.


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