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Which meaning does an order have in Emoji?

A sports teacher from Emoji Keyboard ordered several wooden ramps for the sports lessons for his school. He asked several Emojis who he estimated as trustworthy. Finally, the children became much thicker above all in Emoji Keyboard after the death of the last Horror Clowns. 🤣🔉💬😑. An alien from the Neptune worked as an adviser for sporty support of the health of the Emojis in a village close to Emoji Keyboard. The sports teacher visited him on recommendation of his Emojis. The adviser from the Neptune had good contacts with enterprisers from the Neptune. Moreover, the Neptune's alien received very high commissions for the mediation of new customers in Emoji. 🫀➕❌️💡➕🔚⬆️📚️. In the school authority worked a notary public who collected green mushrooms in his early childhood in Middle Finger Emoji. In his recollection a meeting with Tycoon remained to him. The long-lasting entrepreneur from the Saturn told this Emoji about the curative strength of the ground in this town. ➕🤬🧩🍅🏠️5️⃣ 🥈. He could see so well without visual facilities that he could see the tax authority of Poop Emoji daily with his eyes. This was very far away although Poop Emoji. When the notary public spoke about the conviction of the sports teacher of wooden ramps from Neptune, he interfered with the conversation. He asked, why Emojis wooden ramps must import from abroad. 👨‍🎓️🔟*️⃣👨‍🎓️❌️💰️➡️😅*️⃣👨‍🎓️❌️😉👨‍🎓️🥫👤⬅️1️⃣ 🎁➡️.
After this order was concluded successfully, the Neptune's adviser expected a more generous commission for his achievement. Saturn's Emoji refused, while he said that the school authority renounced the rain protection. The adviser wanted to check this with his both eyes. Thus he contacted several Emojis and Saturn's aliens from Crying Laughing Emoji. He made friends with them in a celebration of the independence of the kingdom Emoji from the former Circus Union. 🤔❌️❗️1️⃣ ❌️🗣️❓️😍❓️💬❌️⤵️⬇️➕🗣️❓️😚❓️➕➡️👥🤓. When the adviser heard this, he decided to sue the wooden enterprise at the uppermost court in Emoji Meanings. The Neptune's adviser was valid as very intelligent and skilful. ➡️👤👶➕🚘️➕1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ . When this subject was announced few days in advance, several Saturn's aliens flew to Emoji.
Two Emojis wanted to know the meaning of the order in their native country. So the professor for commercial law from Emoji Copy Paste explained: 🤗1️⃣ ➕🗣️. 💆‍♀️➕🤩➕➡️👤💭➕💬📅👼📅🎂😀➡️👥➕➡️👥➕💬🆒.
Which duties does the principal have in the country of the Emojis?
Several aliens from the Uranus wanted to know this. About these duties a lawyer from Emoji List expressed himself: 😂➡️👤❌️➡️👥❌️➕🛠️➡️👥🤔❌️😐. This last sentence was written quite fat in the law book of the Emojis by the main lawyer. 😥❌️👨‍🎓️👨‍🏫👥⬅️➡️😨.
A former clerk of the court from Crying Laughing Emoji still complemented: If the principal or commissioned bankruptcy go or become action-incapable, the order automatically ends. The heirs of the principal or the representative must finish the order contract. All present claims must be concluded peacefully.
Suddenly somebody knocked at the door. The main lawyer opened the door. 🔁3️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ ×➡️👥🙇. 🙄#️⃣5️⃣ ✏️➕#️⃣1️⃣5️⃣ .
Suddenly there rang the phone of the gathered lawyers. The main lawyer answered the phone. ➕✍️✏️🔍️👜📐🦐👤⬅️➕🙏✏️🥉⏱️. Emojis who observed the scene in their television started to laugh. Then there ended the joke when the day meeting was finished.


What is a publishing contract in Emoji?

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What is a letter of credit?

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