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Why Emojis forced car manufacturers juridical to discounts

After the end of the Circus Union above all stingy Emojis bought new vehicles in the economic metropolis of Emoji Meaning. The car manufacturers noted the strong inquiry on time. At the same time they wanted, that their customers motivate other Emojis for the purchase of their car brand. For this purpose they enlarged the logos and their company names on all vehicles so far that everybody could recognise the car brand immediately. Thereby profited several car manufacturers that their customers did not advertise quite voluntarily to their company. One day a manager of the decayed banana factory was asked by two Emojis about his vehicle. The stingy Emoji realised at that time that he was abused unintentionally as an advertising media of his car brand. This filled him with thought: If he received money for the enforced advertisement, this would be still good. Thus he reacted very furiously. He tried to say both Emojis that he did not remember the name of the car manufacturer. Both Emojis looked at the logo and could acquire so in each case a vehicle of the car manufacturer. The manager felt unwell.
He visited the local town dictator. On the way the manager fell and injured his nose. The town dictator had to deliver the stingy Emoji with a high-class helicopter to the hospital. There the injured person had to listen to a conversation. Two doctors complained to the fact that their patients stole even the logos of their vehicles after the recovery. The manager felt very well when he found out from other Emojis that they had the same or similar problem with the logos. He said that thanks to him as a customer the car manufacturer of his car got two customers. Stingy Emojis were angry at their role as paying canvassers for car manufacturers. A high-ranking politician from the town of the thrift had to be angry especially strongly for his involuntary advertising. He was interviewed in the first week after the heavy earthquake nationally on the state television to the progress. He was shown before his driving car so prominent that Emojis could see the logo of his car brand especially well and recognise.
Then the affected car manufacturer announced that suddenly a lot of Emojis wanted to have his vehicle. The car manufacturer had to search even other locations for the construction of his cars. The irritating was for stingy Emojis that the car manufacturer produced the cars in the favourable country of the Ananas. Several Emojis complained because of these circumstances with the gathered lawyers who worked on the legislation of Emoji.
A defender of the consumers from Emoji Face said: "We must really force the car manufacturers to discounts if they want to advertise further unsolicited on the vehicles of their customers."
A car manufacturer tried to defend himself and his branch: "Where our logo stands, means for the customer that he has our quality."
A former judge from Laughing Emoji expressed himself: "The customer may let at the expenses of the trader or car manufacturer after the purchase uninstall the logo if he liked to defend himself against the involuntary advertising."
With this sentence a lot of Emojis were especially contented. Finally, many poorer Emojis by more favourable prices hoped to be able to buy a car. The main lawyer wanted to bring just the law book on the round table. At this second the first dictator wanted to look at all present laws which gathered lawyers wrote in their legislation more exactly. That's why he commanded to his assistant from the Mercury to take away the law book from the Emojis at once. Finally, the ruler wanted to analyse every law with his microscope. Suddenly the assistant knocked at the door of the gathered lawyers. An accuser from Middle Finger Emoji opened the door. The assistant of the ruler said that he came here at the urgent command of the first dictator. His job was to be taken away it the law book from the lawyers. The main lawyer was very distrustful about this wish. He feared an opposing theft attempt. That's why the main lawyer rejected the delivery of the law book.

The assistant left the lawyers without fight. At the same time he required of Emojis written confirmation for the mistrust towards the assistant of the first dictator. Several lawyers signed this. The main lawyer called the whole as a theatre. He wanted to contact the ruler of Emoji himself. The first dictator apologised for his attempt to have interrupted the work on the legislation. At the same time he explained his wish to want to read all present laws in rest. During the negative headlines about car manufacturers several aliens with roots from the Saturn together with three Emojis in Crying Laughing Emoji decided to attack a filling station of the hated car manufacturer. On the one hand they did not want to be got by the police, on the other hand, they wanted to come with their actions to the headlines of the mass media. For this purpose a former student of the informatics from the Neptune was contacted. He was interested very much since his childhood in the culture of the Emojis.
That's why he decided to go on a trip to Emoji after uncompleted study in his native country. After the election of the first dictator he moved his residence to the religious city of Heart Eyes Emoji. Finally, many foreigners feared that the new ruler would be able to do away throwing them from Emoji. So foreigners searched the shelter with the religious Emojis. The former student made friends in the party of the New Year with Saturn's Emojis and aliens from the town of the eucalyptuses. The information scientist could make his friends with the help of his knowledge invisible. Then these aliens and Emojis worked like a destroyed wind in the eyes of all witnesses. A driver parked his car and wanted to fill just his vehicle with petrol 26. Suddenly the shop-windows of the filling station were broken. Emojis looked with curious looks. Finally, there was no visible and perceptible wind in the surroundings. The employees inside of the filling station did not know at all how they should react. Finally, they had like other Emojis also the feeling that they became witnesses of an invisible destruction. Also the cashes of the filling station were destroyed by invisible Emojis and aliens completely.
Only the old phone device remained untouched. Finally, the problem causes wanted that somebody informs, finally, the police or other higher authority about the damages. Finally, a cashier had enough of all destructions. So she took the phone device in her hands and wanted to inform her employer about all events. In the meantime, there lay most products on the ground and several shelves were destroyed. The boss reacted shocked. He informed the police. When policemen came with the destroyed filling station, they had to watch helplessly how everything was further destroyed. In the meantime, invisible aliens and Emojis laughed at the helpless policemen and employees of the filling station. This motivated them to continue. At this time the informatics professor Setag Lib got to know in Pluto about the abusive use of the programming by a former student. He decided to intervene with the help of a bicycle bell. Thus the famous alien Non Sense became visible suddenly near the filling station for all Emojis. They did not know who was this. Non Sense explained that he got the order to brake the anarchists, finally. Really the presence of the most famous alien of the town history had positive influence on Saturn's destroyers.
By their concentration on Non Sense the destroyers became within 34 seconds visible for other Emojis. The policemen tried to arrest these destroyers, however, they were chased away by an internal magnet of these Emojis to the clouds. At least, nobody could arrest them. After this event nobody dared to come to the destroyers. The first dictator got to know about these events by a local spy. He knew how he could arrest these destroyers laxly. He commanded to his elite police to draw suits from heavy metal. With special suits elite policemen came to the destroyers who showed off, in the meantime, before other Emojis that they were invincible. Because of their strong self-confidence they did not notice how especially dressed elite policemen overpowered them behind their back and arrested. After this success the first dictator was interested in the backgrounds of the action. In the meantime, the announcement of discontented Emojis who protested against the arrest spread. The first dictator did not understand, why Emojis did not approve of his engagement against destroyers.
His Minister of Finance said him that the destroyed filling station belongs to an unpopular car manufacturer. The ruler wanted to know more about the hatred reasons. He found out that basically many Emojis were against the fixing of the logos and involuntary advertising for car brands. The first dictator commanded the automatic lowering of the prices of all vehicles if the customers were ready to go on with the logo. With this command there spoke the dictator a power word. The Minister of Finance already rubbed himself the hands. Finally, several poorer Emojis could buy a car because of the logo more favourably to themselves. On streets of Emoji vehicles of rich Emojis without logo looked a little bit special. The poorer Emojis profited from the discount by the purchase and went with the logo of the car manufacturers. The biggest winner was the Minister of Finance: The more Emojis owned own vehicle, the more vehicle taxes came to the treasury.
At this second bad news reached the first dictator once again: In the dusty city of Emoji Meanings local Emojis prepared themselves on the return of the rule of the Horror Clowns. Finally, a magician from the Venus promised to be able to revive the former ruler from remains of the First Horror Clowns. His recipe: He had taken several DNA tests from the skeleton of the former ruler of the Circus Union. Moreover, he grew in a confidential lab skin. He wants to allow to dress this skin to the skeleton. Nevertheless, the president of the Circus Country rejected the revival of a historical personality for ethnic reasons in the area of the Circus Country.
At least, older Emojis tried to revive him anyhow who experienced the First Horror Clown with his rule in their childhood. Finally, thus they believed a good and plausible possibility to have found. The first dictator wanted to prevent this anyway. Thus he sent several professional fascinating employees to the magician. He was threatened professionally. Moreover, he received several phoney bank notes, so that he would leave the country of the Emojis at once.
The magician obeyed. He took this a lot of money and tried to fly to his native country. The first dictator arrested the magician because of phoney bank notes with the duty. Then the magician was put temporarily on a garrotte. At least, the first dictator strengthened his power and position within Emoji.
At this time the ruler came personally to the gathered lawyers and let the new law dictate: "§ Car manufacturers must uninstall the logo of their brand after the purchase by request of the Emojis. Who keeps the logo, may ask for a discount of at least 1/5 of the original price."
Several car dealers criticised the new law as too one-sided. Finally, the car manufacturers should be recognizable by sales of the vehicle after some years.
The first dictator complemented his statement: "All vehicles must be registered at the tax authority with their original logos and car brands."
The Minister of Finance praised the ruler for his commitment in favour of the tax authority. The automobile business was carried out by the new law practically not without state control. The reason was that Emojis required an official confirmation of the tax authority and the proof of a car brand before the purchase. This was usually voluntary or of curiosity. Exceptionally stingy Emojis agreed with the bureaucratic law. Aliens from the Jupiter criticised that the expenditure was time-prodigal for vehicles without logo. All together the new law was taken up positively by Emojis. Finally, this rule led to more car purchases and more favourable prices with logo.


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