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Why were Emojis created?

An assigned counsel from Middle Finger Emoji was very pensive, after he was together with other Emojis on the previous day in the past of the religious city of Heart Eyes Emoji. The assigned counsel was interested above all in the question: Why do Emojis become on the planet Earth in the future so popular?
The assigned counsel asked himself different questions in connection with the Emojis. He longed for landing in a reality where he might experience the beginning of the Emojis on the planet Earth. In Pluto several programmers worked on the realisation of the wishes of the well-chosen Emojis. A student of the informatics asked his professor whether he should send the assigned counsel only to the desired time or with other Emojis to the beginning of the creation of the Emoji in Japan. Professor Setag Lib received the list of wishes from his students about curious Emojis.
The professor checked every wish with his fingerprints. Then he granted some wishes of his students in favour of Emojis and some aliens from other planets. The assigned counsel wanted to prepare, so that he comes to other lawyers. Suddenly the phone rang with him. An assistant of the main lawyer explained to him that the first dictator expressed the wish that gathered lawyers carry out their meeting on this day in Middle Finger Emoji.
The assigned counsel was glad that he might remain this time in his hometown.
He still decided to buy several fresh strawberries with an alien from Mercury.
On the way to the farmer the assigned counsel was fired several times with a milk gun by a stranger. The affected Emoji fell asleep. With the shooting it concerned a hunter with roots from the Saturn. The hunter thought at the beginning that he shot a flying pocket calculator. He ran pleased to his prey.
He noticed that he shot an Emoji. He knew exceptionally the local methods of the first aid. Finally, the hunter studied medicine at the beginning of his career. Because of his passion in active hunt he interrupted his study. At least, the hunter could be calmed. The injured Emoji wore special clothes which made every bombardment safe. Thus the Emoji could fall asleep because of an unexpected bombardment from tiredness. After 122 seconds awoke the assigned counsel of his sleep. He did not follow the hunter. He went to the farmer from Mercury and bought two megabytes of cherries instead of strawberries. Then he went to the wooden house where other Emojis assembled to the day meeting. The assigned counsel brought all bought cherries to his occupational colleagues. At the same time he asked self-confidently:
Why were Emojis created generally?
Other lawyers looked at him with strange looks. They said him that they understand that he was still influenced by yesterday's event. At the same time Emojis wished that everybody returns without exception to the right reality. The main lawyer recommended him that he might recover on this day at home. The assigned counsel reacted very furiously. He hit with a thick fist on the table. Finally, by this second a student of the informatics in Pluto might try out his expertises.
All gathered lawyers were sent by the intervention of the informatics student in the past 70 days back. They saw how they answered the questions of the Emojis at the round table. The subject was Protection against unlawful dismissal with the rent of living rooms in Emoji.
The gathered lawyers did not understand, why they landed in relatively close past. In the meantime, the informatics student intensified his work. Now it was getting dark. All Emojis feared that they would be sent again to the stranger.
After other movements in the time zone the gathered lawyers landed 2222 days in the future of the planet Earth. They were in a building in Japan. There stood several computers with very big screens. Several Japanese discussed something in Japanese. Most Emojis understood no word. That's why the informatics student hurried up with the transference of all words of the Japanese to the brains of all lawyers without exceptions. Japanese-speaking Emojis should be thereby released from an enforced translation in advance. Suddenly all lawyers understood Japanese.
Emojis concentrated upon the conversation of the present Japanese. The manager of a mobile phone company said that Japanese should express their emotions in pictures in these devices. Finally, the communication should be simplified with Short Message Service (SMS) so. The other Japanese agreed with this statement very much. At this time the professor Setag Lib had to interfere personally with the programming. He sent a command to that Japanese who creates the first Emojis on the planet Earth as the first person.
Then the suitable Japanese had the quite first sketches in his thought as the first Emojis could look. The informatics student sent the suitable pictures to the programmer on the planet Earth. Afterwards observed gathered lawyers with big interest, as the first Emojis were created in Japan for mobile phone. Now Emojis started to philosophise on own life. They asked themselves who was responsible for the happened. They planned this question to ask their life philosophers if they return back to Emoji.
After lawyers understood what people on the planet Earth with Emojis will plan in the future, the informatics student sent them to other future. This time lawyers saw how people used Emojis as a communicative device in their everyday life. Then Japanese knowledge was extinguished by most Emojis again. Only Japanese-speaking Emojis kept their linguistic proficiency natural.
The lawyers were dizzy, after they saw millions of Emojis in the shortest time. Therefore lawyers answered the question, why Emojis were created, thus:
On the planet Earth the aim of the Emojis was, the creation of a new unique picture language which substitutes for all the other languages. Later appeared an interesting concept on the wall: Globalisation
Emojis were nervous a little bit. They wanted to find out the meaning of this word. Thereon appeared the planet Earth. Different countries were connected with many arrows with each other. Then lawyers started to explain to themselves this concept. The assigned counsel from Middle Finger Emoji said: I suppose that globalisation means the economic dependence of every single country on the planet Earth of other countries. The other lawyers analysed the picture and understood it also in such a way. This is why people need a new easier picture language, so that they better understand each other. Thus the gathered lawyers understood it. That's why they accepted the fact that Emojis would be only one picture language on the planet Earth.
After Emojis understood their own meaning on the foreign planet, they were brought back to the dusty wooden house in Middle Finger Emoji.
However, the lawyers landed not on their original day, but 70 days before. Thus two donkeys were bound near the house in the rope. They did not understand what here donkeys made. The assigned counsel tried to calm the other Emojis. He said that they were absent long time. That's why somebody would leave the donkeys here nearby brief. After some time a policeman came to both donkeys. He saw that these were extremely many Emojis here. Moreover, he recognised them as the known lawyers who worked on television on the legislation of Emoji. He asked the lawyers what they made here. They said that they had to carry out their discussion today in this wooden house. As a reason they called an urgent command of the first dictator. The policeman explained that the elections took place only in a few weeks.
Now Emojis understood that they still remained in a past. The policeman explained that, finally, his team could arrest a short time ago a charlatan from the Saturn. The accused alien must justify himself for the animal cruelty.
The reason was the confinement of seven dogs in a ceramic house in a subterranean bunker. The policeman decided to contact local emergency service from own initiative. Moreover, he recommended the gathered lawyers that they should proceed in medical treatment after strenuous working day. The main lawyer did not decide to react. Finally, Emojis already had experience with movements of the realities during the last days. The assigned counsel said that lawyers had to discuss new laws just in the wooden house. Then the policeman with both donkeys left these Emojis strangely working for him. Then lawyers discussed quite quietly present laws in the dusty house.
Suddenly a stingy Emoji with Jupiter's roots knocked at the door of the gathered lawyers. The main lawyer opened the door. The stingy Emoji asked something confused: What do you make here?
The main lawyer said that they had to carry out their day meeting here. The stingy Emoji said: But a short time ago I saw you on television. Are you twins of those famous Emojis?
The assigned counsel decided to apologise to the stingy Emoji. He commanded independently to leave the wooden house immediately. Most Emojis obeyed him. Finally, lawyers wanted to cause no other problems in the past of only-70 days. The stingy Emoji explained the lawyers that he came here originally from Emoji Meaning. He rented the wooden house above all, so that he could work as a farmer some time in the town of the most valuable ground. Finally, he wanted to pause of his occupation as a bank employee some time.
After this conversation the lawyers said goodbye to the stingy Emoji. They visited the local wood. After some time several foxes from nothing came to the lawyers. Every fox jumped on single Emoji. This time the professor for informatics Setag Lib reacted very fast. The foxes left all Emojis relatively fast. They left only their footprints on the lawyers. After some time the alien pressed in Pluto a button and shifted all lawyers to their topical time. After this adventure at least most lawyers understood how Emojis on the planet Earth would be perceived once.


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