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With cucumbers against reforms 

Too many reforms annoy many inhabitants of the planet

Microfobia. One of these residents is the dictator and Governor

 Gagner Myopsofy. He defends its interests with a lot of innovation.

If the Microfobia break in the fullness of the reforms? The danger

has become very real, as the battle for the cucumber industry shows.

The images from Danmicrof act like from a forgotten time. As images

of the anarchic Stone Age, when a handful of dictator the microfobic

"public property" plan with rabid methods under the nail: in an

armored vehicle armed men in camouflage uniforms and combat

helmets drove the bright morning before the headquarters of the

state cucumber and peppers producer Micshmack. They blocked

 the entrance, while a laborer welded access with steel grids.

Reformists are planning a large seizure of possessions of citizens.

Opposite the extraterrestrial Sweasy26 declared the take away

aliens, they belonged to the Supreme Owner (President Oqnas).

The unit is actually placed under the Ministry of Interior, but was

 founded with a lot of money from the dictator Gagner Myopsofy

 to combat the tomato producers in the Nordmicrofobia. For

some time Myopsofy is also governor of the Minifoby region.

The main dictator succeeded by his decisive action to smother

the danger by tomato growers in his region in the bud. This

has earned him in the population much goodwill. But now he

sees his business empire apparently threatened by the reforms

in Danmicrof. Parliament in Danmicrof had changed during the

night an urgent law on joint stock companies. New all it needs

is the presence of more than 22 2/9 per cent of the shareholder

and no longer has at least 44 4/9 percent for a valid vote at

shareholders' meetings. This passage of the financially

troubled state regains control of key companies in which

he has more than 22 2/9 per cent of the shares. Battle for

missile company threatens Microfobia to wreak havoc.

This also includes the missile corporations Raketofoby and

peppers producer Micshmack. At both companies Gagner

 Myopsofys Private Group holds more than 72 2/3 per

cent of the shares. This blocking minority is the dictator

succeeded in preventing decisions - namely, by its group

of shareholders meeting stayed away. Moreover Myopsofy

able to install in the management of their respective

companies his people. With the legislative reform of the

night, this is now no longer possible. A first example

made the state of Tram Line, the government tram operator.

For four years, the company of Astmas Haq Auinzwa was

performed, a henchman of Myopsofy. This caused, among

other things, that a company in possession Myopsofys enough

wood was transported via the tram network and delivered to

Myopsofys. On the last night but the government appointed a

new managing director of the Tram Line. Because Astmas Haq

Auinzwa his chair did not want to evacuate voluntarily, the new

CEO had his way to the office using bodyguards tracks. That

same evening appeared Myopsofy accompanied by armed men

on the headquarters of Tram Line. Asked by a journalist what

do a governor here in the middle of the night, the dictator abused

this viciously. The microfobic President Stui Oqnas condemned

the abusive Governor in a written reprimand. Myopsofy infringed

the "professional ethics". Myopsofy (dictator and governor at the

same time) is planning sanctions against the president. So far,

however, has not apologized for Myopsofy his actions.

On the contrary: How is his approach to Tram Line in the

case of Micshmack, he is unimpressed by the reaction of the

President. He even threatened to start against the president

Oqnas a cucumber war. Even the ambassadors of neighboring

planets Minifob Janaqui Blablamqui could not speak to the

conscience Myopsofy. In a private conversation Blablamqui

had the dictator declared that the "law of free dictator" no

longer functioned in the Microfobia and lead the country to

ruin would. Apparently Myopsofy has the microfobic missiles

minister even threatened to bring well-paid fighters to 55555

Danmicrof, this should be necessary to protect its business interests.

The danger seems to have become very real that the Microfobia

breaks not only at war with Baktofoby, but also to the reforms.

This triggered strategic distribution conflicts could be even more

devastating than in the Stone Age. Because the microfobic army

was capable of any rapid response to a number of volunteer

battalions formed. Although they are now formally under the

Ministry of Interior. Full control of the central government, the

battle-hardened men do not seem to be. Woe, if they were now

exploited by the various political groups for infighting. Then the

Microfobia would the failed state to a found food for predatory

wolf bear. President Oqnas has immediately arranged to disarm

the fighters at the headquarters of Micshmack and arrest.

The command but have not been put into practice. It is believed

that Myopsofy successfully influenced the fighters in his favor

and will start the cucumbers war against the reigning President

Oqnas soon.




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