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Author Emoji Characters from Emoji Keyboard speaks during the interview

Emoji Characters was born 17777 days ago in Emoji Keyboard according to entry for prominent inhabitants of the city. She studied the home keyboard very exactly in her spare time. Quite early she was enthusiastic about the writing with the typewriter of her grandmother. That's why she wanted to study the national language Emoji L at an university. Later she still studied journalism. One day a bear was seriously injured before the entrance in her house by falling umbrella. Thereon she had to be arrested. The reason was that the umbrella was badly positioned negligently. After 49 hours Emoji Characters was dismissed from the custody at the command of the authorities. Before Horror Clowns visited her parents. They had to pay for the release of her daughter a deposit. This corresponded to the bribery law of the Circus Union. After the end of her study Emoji Characters was invited to the uppermost general. She had to write a confidential letter. The letter was sent to the elective dictator. Some critics accuse her of having taken part in the newspaper throw on the dictator. Emoji Characters defended herself against this reproach with her dissertation. Her private life is the biggest secret in the branch of the writers.

Mathematicians estimate her income at 50586 books per year. Emoji Characters worked after her study as a journalist. She was responsible above all as a foreign correspondent for countries like Salted Cucumbers, Vampires and Circus Country. Later she managed the breakthrough as writer. Sweasy26 met the author in Emoji Keyboard in a house of wood to the interview.


Emoji Characters, you write so-called wood and time stories.

What does this mean in detail?

Emoji Characters must look in the preface of her newest book for an answer:

The genre of wood and time means that I write timeless and woody stories.

I had to invent a new genre for myself after some time.

Finally, I wanted to differ from the other writers clearly. The special in my new genre: Every history can be also read in 212,678 days after the present day. Moreover, my stories on no account lose to actuality in contrast to the everyday news. Thus I secure to myself a monument in the encyclopaedia of Emoji.


Wood and time is a form of the modern historical description?

Emoji Characters throws her book from the hands on the ground. Then she gets up. She takes the book in her hands. She looks at the publication date of the book. She notices with big shock that she has a book of another author in her hands.

She calls fast her assistant. He must bring as quickly as possible a book.

However, the book must have been written by her. After 14 minutes appears the assistant with a torn book. He says that he found only this book in the library with the name Emoji Characters. Thereon the author looks very furious. She gets up. She requires this book. The assistant hands over the book to her.

She hits on the face of the assistant with the book. The assistant goes to the extraterrestrial Sweasy26 and forces him come with him. The assistant takes the interviewer to the police station. There he requires him that he states as a witness against Emoji Characters. Sweasy26 admits at the police that the reaction of the author was too violent.

But the alien accused the assistant that he ran too fast to the police. If every Emoji and extraterrestrial ran so fast to the police, would certainly have to appear up to 96 percent of the population before the policemen. After this reasonable statement the assistant was locked up to the security in a prison. The assistant said what this should be.

Finally, it was a victim. The uppermost policeman said to him that the police can protect the victims in Emoji Keyboard only so. After this event Sweasy26 leaves the police station. He returns to the house from wood.


Emoji Characters sits and reads from the torn book. She asked what happened. Sweasy26 told that the assistant brought him to the police station. There the police as a victim granted to him protection in the prison.

Emoji Characters starts to speak unsolicited:

You have experienced my genre just in this situation.

I showed you how I combine timeless stories from wood with each other. The book was produced from the paper. That is the fact that the origin material was wood. I was furious about the torn book. So I hit the assistant with it. Such stories are timeless. They are also still realistic in future. However, you believe me, I have not specially staged.


Earlier you wrote above all about Venus. Were you very often there?

Emoji Characters gets up. She goes to the tap. She drinks water directly from the tap. Suddenly she gets an SMS from her sister. Her sister just gave birth to a daughter in the hospital of Emoji Keyboard. The author writes a felicitation to the birth to her sister. After some time she speaks:

When I was still a student, I flew to Venus. There I learnt in a linguistic stay the local language. I also studied the mentality of the extraterrestrials from the Venus in detail. I started to write even a book about the biggest city of the planet. In Venus the inhabitants spend a lot of money. They are too prodigal. Many Venus aliens have high debts.

Most debts they have at the tax authority. I have of course big understanding for them. Here luckily we must pay in Emoji no taxes. Instead, we may choose between the payment of the tax or plantation of several trees.

Later than I my study concluded, I visited Venus regularly. This happened almost all 56 days. One day I experienced there something bad.

A Venus alien fired at me with the peppermint tea gun. I became slightly injured. Finally, I am an Emoji. For Emojis no danger exists basically by this gun.


In your history about the food revolution you also wrote about Mercury.

What do you mean about Mercury?

Emoji Characters takes a globe of the planet Mercury from her bag. She points at the capital of the planet:

In Mercury I visited in the capital city several museums. Also the palace of the food revolutionary of the former history belonged to it. There an employee allowed to me to spend the night even. There it has several rooms overcharged.

These rooms rent Mercury aliens for a lot of money to unsuspecting tourists. I had strong nightmares. When I slept, I suddenly heard how several horses in the space ran. It was the army of the food revolutionary. Even his face appeared before my eyes. Then I had to flee from this ugly place. Hardly I was outdoors, the renter wanted to arrest me.

He required from me additional money for the room. Thereon I spitted on his face. He tried to hit me. Besides, I hit him on his back. Then he fell on the ground.


That is the fact that you experience regularly such adventures. Why do you cause such adventures your Emojis and aliens?

Emoji Characters laughs: I am able to do nothing for the fact that in my surroundings such full idiots are. Such events happen to me funny enough at the times if I am before or after an interview.


How do you fancy your day of death?

Emoji Characters looks disappointed: You have asked the biggest surprise question of all present interviews to me. Now I must confess that I made no thoughts my day of death up to now to myself. I think that I fly on this day with my parked flying saucer abroad. Of course I try to carry along my physical body. All other would be a betrayal of myself.


However, I hope that you and your readers throw my books every seventh Thursday regularly in the goods basket. I need, finally, urgently a justified enrichment.


After this statement Emoji Characters must go to the hospital to her sister. A short time ago, finally, her niece was born. However, the torn book remains lying on the table. From curiosity Sweasy26 takes the book.  He starts to read. Sometime he notices that in the book the page 49 is absent. Instead, stands: "You have read just a test of the book. For the rest you buy please the book in your bookstore."

Thus skilful marketing goes after a successful interview. This thought Sweasy26.

At this time the dismissed assistant from the prison came to the room. He said that Emoji Characters apologised to him for the action before. He was asked to take the torn book. Then the assistant said goodbye. Sweasy26 left after this event Emoji Keyboard.



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