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Emoji Keyboard

This is the story about the city (for Keyboard Emoji). The city Emoji Keyboard belongs to the big cities in the kingdom Emoji. The city was officially founded on the command of the ruling Acrobats 87698 days ago. At that time the city belonged to the Circus Kingdom. The city Emoji Keyboard lies directly with the lower puddle. The Salted Cucumbers tried to sponsor a demonstration in the city. At least this is maintained the followers of the Horror Clowns regularly. In Emoji Keyboard about 666,666 inhabitants live according to the last calculations of the mathematicians. The city is the center for the whole region of the same name. The city Emoji Keyboard became known by the invention of the home keyboard planet-far. The special keyboard is adapted to the needs of the Emojis very well.


 Emoji Keyboard




Originally the Acrobats wanted to call the city according to their imagination. The ingenuity of the Acrobats turned out very weak. Inhabitants thereby had to look for a good name for the area in the whole area of the today's galaxy. This lasted relatively long time. On an innovative day an inhabitant of the area presented a keyboard with suitable expressions before the audience. At that time the inhabitant got a lot of applause of eager spectators for this invention. He called his invention "Emoji Keyboard". Thereon would shout eager Emojis: "Exactly! Thus we also call the city from this second!" After this event the developed keyboard became the urban symbol. Then the city also became so-called Emoji Keyboard quite officially. 


🌈 Geography and Weather

Geographical situation of Emoji keyboard: The city lies in the south of the capital Emoji SMS. Also Emoji Meanings lies in about 54367 giraffes to the north. Emoji App is to about 472,234,343,577 shoes to the east of this city. However, Emoji Opinion lies clearly southern from Emoji Keyboard. The distance amounts here to about 546,456,789,447,578,568 ant steps.


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Administratively the city is made up to 7 different areas. 🏙️🤔📛7️⃣ 🆕❓️🧑📛. However, many inhabitants fear so difficult names which they could hardly learn by heart.

Transport in Emoji Keyboard

🚂 Transport

The public transport of the city is used above all by poorer social layers. As a reason the researchers could call the missing money for flying saucers and own vehicles. More and more pensioners use the public transport because they do not want to go any more the same car or are able. In the city there are several railway stations and an airport. The central station of Emoji Keyboard is looked above all as the most important point in the central Emoji. Many Emojis from other towns go through this city in the different directions. 🏙️1️⃣ 🥫 ✈️🏙️.


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The climate of the Emoji Keyboard is relatively moderate with generally mild winters and warm, sometimes hot summers. The average annual temperature was estimated by several meteorologists after long discussion on 9.27 °C. This was also established in the school books thus. The lowest temperature is mostly on the 7th of January of every year (below 7.6 °C). The highest temperature was measured up to now regularly on the 17th of July of every year with plus 26.77 °C. The present record in winter was measured 1111 days ago with-29.8 °C. In summer the birthday of the deputy of the First Horror Clowns became as the hottest day with +44.44 °C.


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87966 days ago a curious botanist visited the area of the today's Emoji Keyboard. He examined the plant variety in this area. He was interested very much in the fact that nobody lived at this place. He wrote in his notes: Just I have found a nice place in Emoji. I estimate the area at 123,232 elephants broadly. Interestingly no people, extraterrestrials and Emojis live here except insects and animals. 🌐🥫❗️🌱. With these absolutely optimistic words the botanist managed the quickest advertisement for the area of Emoji Keyboard. 87666 days ago the Circus Kingdom could defeat the Diligent definitively. From joy at the victory the Acrobats decided to found the town officially. On the foundation day a big party was organised. At that time several delegations from different countries and planets were invited. The king at that time of Emoji did not know whether he should take part. He sent for this his son to the celebration. Among them many botanists, zoologists and farmers from other regions wanted to inhabit the new area. The discoverer of the area thought long time to move also on the new area. Only the search for the name was fruitless very long time. The town remained called thereby quite simply as a central area on the land map. The inhabitants of the town avoided this name "central area" officially to call. Thus some inhabitants called the area simply Emoji. Only when the first keyboard to the local population was presented, the second part of the name was also born.


 First Keyboard


85411 days ago a naturalist with censored name visited the area and found especially old trees near the blue mountain. He provided a short description of the settlement Emoji Keyboard. At that time still few personalities lived in the town. Slowly more inhabitants came to the area. Other researchers examined the area with their hands, feet, noses and ears. The number of the households grew after 567 days from 22 to 76. 81764 days ago several construction researchers came by command of the ruling Acrobats to Emoji Keyboard. 🧑🧑🔍️💎🌱.

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78888 days ago 776 inhabitants lived in the place. Among them a mayor, 76 town parliamentarians, 333 botanists, 222 zoologists, 44 farmers and the rest were politicians. At this time a professor from the capital of the Circus Kingdom visited the city Emoji Keyboard. He took down all names of 776 inhabitants. 👤👨✍🖋️📃. 👤👨🔢➕🪙 ➕💰. 😃🍷🈶🤚☄️🕵🤳🕵️‍♀️📺🤲⌨🎒🎓🤢🏗🆓. ⏱️👨👤👪️✈️👽👽🪐. 😁™️🎡🤚👶🤨🅰️⌨👏✒️🏰⚫️🈷️.

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Besides, the uppermost Acrobat supported the king of Emoji in this attack. 75377 days ago the misers and the Saturn aliens could be defeated by the town. Then no conquest attempt of the area was supported politically by both planets. Only single extraterrestrials tried to build up their power in the town.  72270 days ago the king of Emoji decided to use some parts of the town for military purposes. The responsible general tried to use the military arrangement as a threat against the local population at this time.


 General of Emoji Keyboard


He allowed to collect money by the soldiers of the inhabitants. Besides, he said in each case that he performed only one command of the king. At that time, however, the king required no compulsive deliveries of very small towns. Thus the responsible general collected the whole money for himself. He financed to himself several houses. Moreover, he accused the mayor of having manipulated the elections. Then he invested the stolen money for the mobbing against the present mayor. His people made blind for the general what he expected from them. Thus the call of the present mayor was damaged massively. 69355 days ago the general gained strength in Emoji Keyboard so much that he could put through an arrest warrant against the mayor. 🥈🌲⬆️🤑➕👑👪️. 😀1️⃣ 🤚🚽🍖⏳📃💰👩‍💼💅⌨™️. 👤👨👀💎🤘. 👤👨 🔍️🥇🌳🪵. 👤👨👍️🧓🪵🍳🏭️🍳💁. 😅🍖🅰️™️🎡🤚💰💫⌨. Many tourists from the Saturn were interested in the metal factory of the miser from the Jupiter.

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The miser from the Jupiter knew that more and more comic personalities wanted to take over his metal factory. He read the application of the Saturn's house renter. Thereon he let his employees collect all information about this applicant. 😘👟🕌🅰️🤚🚷⏯🛃⚖🏇🤚🏅⏯🚷🅰️〰️🌓🇮🇹🤚⏯🏅💁⏯👟🕌🅰️ℹ️🤚👟📏🌥👟🏇🕌🇨🇫🏭⌨. 📐🐘 🎉🧑➕💰. On the table with many servings the Saturn's house renter estimated on which seat the miser should sit down. He estimated the twelfth seat on the right side. Thereon he threw poison means in the glass with the drink. However, in this seat not the miser from the Jupiter, but the mayor of the city Emoji Keyboard sat down. The mayor hardly sat down on the chair, he drank after his long speech of the drink. After 12 seconds the mayor of the chair fell on the ground.


 Mayor of Emoji Keyboard


The party became quick to the horror. Quick there came several doctors from their places and tried to help the mayor. The Saturn's house renter felt unwell that he made the biggest mistake of his life. After other minutes the Saturn's house renter from his chair also fell on the ground. Now all the other guests got great fear because of their health. Among the guests began a big panic. The miser from the Jupiter called everybody for the rest. He went to the Saturn's house renter and looked in the pockets. Therein the stingy metal factory owner found unknown tablets.

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He said all persons present that he does not know what this should be. Thereon some pharmacists came to the miser. They said that these tablets could cause heavy damages in the body. 🧑🎉🪐🏘️👮🤚⌨🍕🏠🚽🏙🚓. Who took part in an opposition group, had to be punished by this army hard. 36555 days ago the first friends of the First Horror Clowns came to Emoji Keyboard. 🤔➡️⌨👤💡🤟1️⃣ 😄🅰️🤚🅰️👏🌉⌚🤔🤟. In addition the First Horror Clown ordered the custody for 7777 long days. When the First Horror Clown got to know about that this extraterrestrial from Saturn was the descendant of his enemy, he wanted to execute him. However, in addition it did not come any more. The ruler had too much to do. After the death of the First Horror Clown the Saturn's prisoner requested of his release.


 Emoji Keyboard: Prisoner of Saturn


The Second Horror Clown rejected his request. The Saturn's prisoner was sent, finally, after 6888 days early in the freedom. He returned to Saturn. 12121 days ago grew the population so far that the number of the urban criminals already exceeded the number of the inhabitants in comparison to the first 40000 days. The town was neglected during the last years of the rule of the Last Horror Clowns very much. The outdated infrastructure was hardly renewed. The flats and houses were very repair-destitute. For 2222 days the city Emoji Keyboard celebrates yearly the party to honour of the planet called Halloween.


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The best known sports association of the town is the pocket calculator thrower's association Emoji Keyboard pocket calculator thrower. In addition a stadium exists for 44444 spectators. Besides, the mathematician watch regularly that from both opposing teams about 50 percent of followers may be present. 😎🕌⌨🅰️👪🈶🚸⏭🍐🏐🎾. The famous keyboard of the city is often used as a help to fans. The same name company Emoji Keyboard thanks for this, while the enterprise sponsors the sports events with a lot of money. At the expenses of the consumers gets on.




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