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Middle Finger Emoji

This is the story about the city of Middle Finger Emoji. For the Emoji see: 🖕 Middle Finger. The area around the district in the West of Emoji, agglomeration Middle Finger Emoji in the areas of national, cultural and educational and scientific centre, an important industrial centre and transport is regarded as a capital city of the West of Emoji. The city Middle Finger Emoji founded 277,400 days ago by the King of the Circus Kingdom. Several times, the city was capital of various rulers of the old days. In the last census 444 days ago, mathematicians counted exactly 777,777 inhabitants in Middle Finger Emoji. 1222 days ago, the city organized the biggest sports event in the Kingdom. At that time came very many athletes from various planets and countries. The area around the old town was included by historians in the city archive unopposed 8989 days ago. 2299 days ago, Middle Finger Emoji won the status of the cultural capital of the country in the cultural competition. Many stingy investors from Jupiter described the city as "interesting for investments".  As a reason they call very low wage costs. Also may easily poor wages to pay miserly in this city. So far, all attempts to better earnings for the employees of Middle Finger Emoji failed.


 Middle Finger Emoji




Origin of name

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Middle Finger Emoji is so named because of the King. The former King was also Middle Finger Emoji. He lived at the time of the foundation of the city. 🏙️➕➕. The inhabitants of the city regularly different own name their residential area. So some people, aliens and Emojis call the area as Small Mercury or Easter Egg Mountain.

Geography and Nature

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There are several forests in Middle Finger Emoji. The Office of forest cover makes sure that at least as many trees of the same species grow in each forest. So, at least 246 Birch in addition to 246 oak trees were planted some time ago. The city is located in the West of Emoji. For this reason, many wasps in the city come. 25009 days ago, several botanical gardens were built on the command of the First Horror Clowns in Middle Finger Emoji. The aim was to secure the protection of endangered plants and trees. Many plants and trees were destroyed after the conflict with the Egoists of Mars. That was an important reason for this decision. In Middle Finger Emoji there are also several parks. An urban researchers estimated the number of parks at 898. Thus, the city in relation to other equal large cities reached a record number of parks. Middle Finger Emoji is located 3600 giraffes away from the capital Emoji SMS. Mathematicians on the command of the First Horror Clown calculated this. 🏙️❗️. 👽️🪐 ➕. Many trees and plants grow on average 10 times faster than anything else.


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In Middle Finger Emoji is a continental climate. The average temperature in January is-2.2 ° C and in July 19.9 ° C. The coldest temperature was 31755 days ago at - 44.4 ° C due to historical meteorological data. On that day, the First Horror Clown caught a cold because he had some Mars aliens with him at home. 34377 days ago official meteorologists recorded the highest temperature of 61.3 ° C.  At that time, the First Horror Clown worked very intensively on the invention of new laws for the Circus Union. 22 days ago, the censorship of the Kingdom Emoji approved to the publication of the rain quantity in Middle Finger Emoji. Every year, it rains on average 12 mineral water bottles per millisecond over the whole area around the city. It rains on average roughly 48 percent all year. The remaining 52 percent of the year are referred to as rain and snow free days. Usually springs in this area are felt relatively cold. It rains more often in the spring. Researchers think that the timing of the rain for spring is actually most suitable. 🎃🎃☀. In the autumn it is relatively warm in Middle Finger Emoji.

History of Middle Finger Emoji

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9125 days ago archaeologists searched in the area for historical evidence of life before the death in this area. They wanted to find evidence that there was a life well ahead over 278,000 days ago here. At that time, archaeologists in quite Emoji were unemployed. For this reason they were located where they could find historical finds beneath the earth. Their choice fell on the area in the vicinity of the old theatre. 🔎👽️♇⬅️🎁. Also old crockery made ceramics and copper was found from the time of over 450,000 days. Who at that time the area of today's Middle Finger Emoji inhabited remained but unclear. 406,975 days ago the area belonged to the people of mosquitoes. 388,725 days ago, the former Clown Empire and Allergies wanted to claim the whole territory for themselves. The mosquitoes were fought by the two peoples. According to Chronicle of the researcher, the town belonged the rulers of Allergies during 7777 days. 377,410 days ago, the Clown Empire conquered the whole Middle Finger Emoji. From this time, archaeologists found ancient tombs with many skeletons. Therein were several diaries in the old language. Since this discovery, researchers attempt to translate the texts in the diaries. Unfortunately, they have achieved so far no positive success. A historian from the Pluto said that 333,975 days ago, a powerful earthquake destroyed the whole city. The area of Middle Finger Emoji was therefore long time also uninhabited. The historian could prove his opinion in a screen of his time machine. 277,400 days ago, the city was founded with its present name. The founder of the city built his castles in this area with several workers. He wanted to prevent that the city assume Allergies.


 Castles of Middle Finger Emoji


In addition, he hid several horses in the castles. The city's founder used the horses for his soldiers. ⏱️,🎵🏑🪴 ➕ 🌳🌲 🌲⬆🖕️. 243,090 days ago, Allergies conquered the city and its surroundings. The allergic constitution was introduced in the city. The city experienced great economic boom. Many trees have been planted. But very quickly, the trees were cut down. The rulers in Allergies took advantage of the rapid growth of the trees to trade with wood. Another advantage of Middle Finger Emoji was that many dealers had to pass through the area. For this reason, Allergies charged several taxes. 235,425 days ago, Middle Finger Emoji was known under several aliens. This led to a large migration into this city. Allergies wanted that more and more residents for them would generate tax revenues. ➕👽️♄🪐♂♀♇. Many aliens came particularly from the Moon of Mars Deimos. They founded above all pharmacies in Middle Finger Emoji. Allergies decided also the introductions of the visiting soldiers. 🪖➡️ 🏠️. The King of Allergies counted every Thursday his revenue from Middle Finger Emoji. Later, he decided to build a thick wall around the town. In addition, he wanted to build an own Castle here.

Middle Finger Emoji after the fire

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178,129 days ago, there was a huge fire in Middle Finger Emoji. Many houses and tents were burned. At that time, around 27778 people, aliens and Emojis were residing in the city. After that, residents had to repair their houses and the earth. After long repairs Allergies felt uncomfortable. They decided to let more revenue to the inhabitants. So they lowered the bottom tax to 20 percent.


 Middle Finger Emoji under fire


Descendants of aliens from Venus began to fill several pans with earth from Middle Finger Emoji. They were trying to smuggle the earth to other cities. At that time, they were arrested by the allergic soldiers. Later, they were killed with pots and pans. When the rulers from the Venus got to know about these events, they sent their army in the field. They tried to fight allergic soldiers. They failed. 113,880 days ago, the whole town was completely conquered by Uranus. Many aliens from Uranus stole several valuables from Middle Finger Emoji.  112,420 days ago, the Prince of the Circus Kingdom visited the city. He dealt with the trade agreement between his country and the Allergies.

Middle Finger Emoji under Easter Eggs

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88695 days ago, Allergies has been significantly weakened. At the time, Easter Eggs took advantage of the situation. They took over the city. At the same time, they called the city Middle Egg. Hardly, they changed the name, started big problems in the Easter Eggs. The top General of the army fell from his horse. He was fatally injured. Then, there were several fires in Easter Eggs Country. Several soldiers fell from unexpected weakness in the pans. There they died.


 Middle Finger Emoji under Easter Eggs


✍️👪️🤚📏. 👤📐🚽🥃⏭🤚🗿🥚🗾👨🥃🪖🔥🏰🥚🙏🍽️🙏📡🥚. 🆕🅰️🚧🗿🥚🗿🌇🖕👐🎫🗿🏭👐🖕. 🖕🥚🏙️↪️8️⃣7️⃣9️⃣6️⃣5️⃣ 🥚🏢🏫🖕. Tycoon got a compulsory invitation to this course. He founded the first private library in the city. Also, he was specifically looking for good authors. He paid high fees for good writers. The mysterious entrepreneur from the Saturn was increasingly becoming the popular topic of conversation in the city among the inhabitants. They wondered about his generosity as an employer. They always wondered why so successful entrepreneur in this underdeveloped city was going to come. It was a big mystery among the inhabitants. But why came Tycoon to Middle Finger Emoji?


 Tycoon in Middle Finger Emoji


Tycoon was writing a diary for a long time. There he wrote the desire to be physically immortal. He wrote daily in his diary that desire. Actually, he found an ancient book one day in his home planet Saturn. Therein, the secret of a long life was described in detail. 👤👨✍🖋️🌐🎃👍️🧬. 76650 days ago, the complete transformation of Middle Finger Emoji began in an Easter Egg city. The languages of the Allergies and the Circus Language were banned. Tycoon had to banish other languages due to the Easter Eggs from his newspaper and the library. 👨‍✈️💡😷🥉🎉💰️➡️🧑‍💼💬🖕🆕➕🚘️💬. ⏱️, 👤👨🖨👣💰💸👤👨. For this reason, almost 65 percent of job seekers were trying to get a job from Tycoon. This displeased the misers from Jupiter and the Easter Eggs. Tycoon has been admonished by the Supreme Prince of the country of the Easter Eggs. Thereon Tycoon told his employees that the Prince and the other rulers had no interest in good wages for workers. As a result, that Tycoon was seen as a friend of the inhabitants.

Middle Finger Emoji under Emojis

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37230 days ago, came the circus army to Middle Finger Emoji and bombarded all positions of Easter Eggs. Tycoon and his friends helped the circus army against the hated Easter Eggs. In fact, Easter Eggs lost their rule over the city. The young First Horror Clown shook his hand at the time with the media businessman Tycoon. At this time began a conflict between Emojis and Allergies. This conflict took some time. Later, Emojis but lost against Allergies. The city was occupied by the Allergies. Tycoon was this time neutral in this conflict.

Middle Finger Emoji under Allergies

35405 days ago Allergies ruled in the town and its surroundings. Tycoon could speak Allergic language very well. For this reason, he was allowed to work as the city's Mayor. At the same time, he started to feel that he started to age. He was very nervous. He thought that he would be immortal. Indeed, he was already clear the oldest inhabitant in the Middle Finger Emoji. 35040 days ago the Circus Union came and fought against allergic army. This time, Tycoon could be hardly neutral. But he not interfered into the conflict. The First Horror Clown got to know that Tycoon in Middle Finger Emoji was city mayor, he decided to send his circus army back to home. Meanwhile, Tycoon provided for the construction of more apartments and houses for the growing population in the city. 30295 days ago Tycoon got to know that Saturn, joined the emerging Egoists in Mars. This he did not like at all. Finally, he has always been an opponent of Mars. He did not forget the defeat of Easter Eggs. At this time, Allergies tried to build several military positions in Middle Finger Emoji. This brought even more workers from other cities, mainly from Allergies to the city.

Egoists in Middle Finger Emoji

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27740 days ago, soldiers of the Egoists from Mars came to Allergies. Egoists tried to bring the city under their control. At that time, Tycoon learned that the conflict was before his door. That's why he decided to strengthen cooperation with the Circus Union. As a result, that Allergies had to leave Middle Finger Emoji to the Circus Union. 27913 days ago, Egoists from Mars captured the whole city. Their flag was very demonstrative on the signs of the city. Egoists began with the forced labour of the residents. The locals of the city had to build underground prisons 🥷. He promised himself to fight the descendants of previous winners. His forces were suddenly much stronger. He felt like 65700 days ago. He organized his own army in Middle Finger Emoji. The First Horror Clown helped Tycoon with the building of the army. The First Horror Clown sent more 11,246 soldiers to Middle Finger Emoji. Tycoon shot 4366 Easter Eggs, who were fighting for Egoists with his fire gun. Egoists felt that they will lose. For this reason, they threw at various buildings with grenades. In particular the paper mill and other businesses by Tycoon were severely damaged. As Egoists wanted to flee from Middle Finger Emoji, they all were pelted by the soldiers of the circus army with pumpkins and rotten eggs. Then they fell to the ground. Then, Tycoon gave the shooting command. The soldiers obeyed the mayor Tycoon. All these reclining Egoists were run over with heavy tanks. 26098 days ago Allergies tried to recapture the city. This time, Tycoon and his army performed violent resistance to allergic soldiers. The First Horror Clown wanted to have Middle Finger Emoji in the Circus Union. That's why all allergic soldiers with calculators were stoned and injured. The First Horror Clown worked with Tycoon. So Allergies lost the battle for the city.

Middle Finger Emoji under Horror Clowns

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25550 days ago the First Horror Clown decided the expulsion of Allergies from Middle Finger Emoji. For this purpose, the Horror Clown nominated the mayor Tycoon to organize the whole thing. That are considered great treachery on the part of their elected mayor for local Allergies. They remembered Tycoon that they promoted him to the Mayor of the city. Tycoon admitted that it was true. But he explained that the First Horror Clown was too powerful. Nothing he could do about it. He signed a document for all Allergies, in his name. Therein, he confirmed the residence claim of these families in Middle Finger Emoji. So, the return of the allergic families in the future should be allowed. Also listed Tycoon of each name of Allergies in the municipal archive.


 Horror Clown and Tycoon in Middle Finger Emoji


So could be tested in the future, who actually lived in this city. 25446 days ago allergic inhabitants left the town to the direction of Allergies. For this task, Tycoon received great applause from the First Horror Clown. 🤡🧩👥➕📞➕💸🏆️2️⃣6️⃣ 🛠️⬆️4️⃣0️⃣ 👪️🧑‍🏭️❌️🌲⬆️💜⬆️💵⏱️😀🔜🖕. Meanwhile, Tycoon sent his son to Emoji Opinion. There, his son should be studied jurisprudence and political science at the University of public opinion. At the same time, the Second Horror Clown decided to deal with the personality of Tycoon. He collected several researchers for this purpose. He was interested for Tycoon. This time, researchers came to Middle Finger Emoji again. 1️⃣ ➡️🤡👤🌖👤🖕👨⬅️🧑‍🏭️💡➕😷🏃‍♂️🚪⬆️😷➕🗣️😷. 👤👨 🙏 🔎👽️. 💡👤👨. His son visited him 12410 days ago on a weekend in the Middle Finger Emoji. This weekend, Tycoon gave to his son more notes from his life. Tycoon died aged 89066 days in his sleep after a few hours. Two days later his wife died aged 35040 days. The son of Tycoon buried his parents. 12227 days ago the Third Horror Clown ordered the construction of a large mechanical clock in Middle Finger Emoji in the centre of the city.

Middle Finger Emoji after Circus Union

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9125 days ago came several misers from Jupiter to the city. At that time many aliens knew about the valuable earth of this place. Many misers from the Jupiter brought several bags, suitcases and other tools to take of the soil. In Jupiter, they used the earth or they were selling at record prices. This met with great resistance in the Kingdom Emoji. Opponents of the trade with the local earth took the services of the son of Tycoon. He had to represent these opponents in the District Court. This was not easy. Finally, his father Tycoon smuggled the earth to Saturn. But unlike the misers he did not sell the earth. That calmed the lawyer. Later, King of Emoji had to enforce a ban on trading of the earth. After the death of the Last Horror Clowns, descendants of the inhabitants from Middle Finger Emoji rejoiced in Allergies. They took their documents and drove to Emoji. There, they met the son of Tycoon and showed him their claim to a residence in Middle Finger Emoji. He told them that they could well take advantage the current mess. So many Allergies returned to their early home, that they had to leave early on the command of the First Horror Clowns. The population began to grow again. Too many misers from the Jupiter took advantage of the death of the Last Horror Clowns. They began with the theft of the earth. Later as Devil Emoji became the king, he attended Middle Finger Emoji. He was very interested in why all stole the earth from this area. Someday the theft of the soil was gone so far that a large hole in the middle of the city was built.


 Hole in Middle Finger Emoji


The son of Tycoon began his investigation against unknown offenders. After some time, he flew to Pluto. He attended a company specialized in trips to the past. He wanted to know whether he could track down the thieves of the past few days in this way. He got a positive answer. He arranged a trip for this purpose on the next day. That night, his father Tycoon appeared in his dream. 😈🥼🔎🖕🆕⏱️😀🖕🏻😃⬆️🆕🖕🏼🔚🥫🛒🔙🖕🏽🔚🥫😷🏢👤👨⬅️😀⏱️❌️🖕🏾➕🧹. 👤👨❌️📐🐘 🕳️. 👨⚓👤👨👩⬅️📅. The reason was that he could not speak  the language of the Circus Union. Then became known nationwide that three residents tried to flee. They were imprisoned for several days in jail. No one noticed that it was the family of the famous Tycoons. They were released after some time.

As they returned to their time 4745 days thanked the son of Tycoon very much to the Pluto aliens for the true experience of his life. The next day, Tycoon appeared very angry in a dream by his son. He told him that 😈🔣⚪️🏘️⬇️📞⤵️🖕🏿➡️1️⃣ 💬👤💸👨⬅️😀🧑‍🏭️⬇️. After this event, a special military surveillance group was founded. Its goal is monitoring the most valuable earth of planet Halloween.

Download of Middle Finger Emoji

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1826 days ago, the authorities of the country got to know that the name Middle Finger Emoji are highly sought on planet Earth. For this reason, the Office of Tourism decided to publish a brochure about the city online. Because the web pages from the planet Halloween on the planet Earth are still unreachable, a command was given the alien Sweasy26. He should allow the download of the municipal logo on planet Earth on his web page. He did also.

Population of Middle Finger Emoji

5111 days ago, mathematicians had to obey the King of Emoji. They started with the census in Middle Finger Emoji. There they had to have seen at least once every single citizen with their two eyes. And in any case they had to collect signatures from every resident. At the end, they had to determine the number of the population. Then they wrote a report for the attention of the King. At the time were counted 757,568 inhabitants in the town.  Compared to the reign of the Last Horror Clowns, which was a decrease of almost 66987 inhabitants. Some historians suspect that died with the death of the Last Horror Clowns also his downsides.  They could nowhere find a proof for their theory. The latest number of people came up with the number 777,777 inhabitants.

Allergies in Middle Finger Emoji

The ethnic group of Allergies was again greater than the time of the reign of Horror Clowns on their return. Currently, mathematicians estimate their number to 20 percent.

Clowns in Middle Finger Emoji

From previous Circus Union, a lot of clowns came to Middle Finger Emoji. This happened especially when the Horror Clowns ruled. Then came voluntarily many clowns as inhabitants in this city. Also the number of the Emojis grew greatly during this time.

Politics in Middle Finger Emoji

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All 1460 days the municipal parliament is elected quite anew. The previous candidates may participate for the second time to the election. But after 4444 days in Office as parliamentarians they are not allowed to stand as a candidate again. This means that end is automatic after four elections. In Middle Finger Emoji there is also a special newspaper about local politics. All households receive this newspaper every Friday in their mail boxes. Therein, inhabitants learn what ran off in the passed week in the municipal parliament. All decisions and changes are explained in exact details. Also, the mayor must talk about the situation regularly in the city and its surroundings. When this newspaper was officially founded, politicians wanted to check the residents about whether they read the newspaper at all. At the end it was been omitted. The task of the parliament is dealing with the needs of the population in connection with Middle Finger Emoji. The mayor has to deal with the requests of the parliament and the residents. In addition, he may meet the King as the sole representative of the city. Some 92 parliamentarians are sitting in the parliament building. The mayor has at least two deputies.


In Middle Finger Emoji dominate agriculture, many factories and other industrial establishments. The pears of this city are unrivalled in their quality. For this reason, some residents call their city also called pear town. Every year on July 1, farmers organize several trade fairs. In promoting local agriculture. This measurement will be broadcast live on the planet-wide internet. Due to the good quality of the water, a beverage company was founded here a while ago. The local drink must contain minerals and vitamins from the earth of Middle Finger Emoji. This promises the manufacturer. Valuable substances from the earth are taken with a special form. These substances are seasoned in the drink. Also there is also a chocolate factory in the city. The reason is that cocoa nuts grow very quickly. A factory produces LED lamps. These lamps are sent throughout the country for trade. Many factories have something to do with the food industry. Some time ago several Emojis started to establish bakeries. So, Middle Finger Emoji has nearly 289 varieties of bread and rolls from the domestic production. Economic researchers estimate the contribution of the city's total gross domestic product of the Kingdom to 2 percent. 2897 days ago, residents were asked to their income by an economic institute. The average wages per hour were assessed on 0.9 Bitcoins. Many respondents said that they were generally satisfied with their lives.


In Middle Finger Emoji is there an airport and several train stations. Used but rarely from the protection of the soil. For this reason donkeys and horses are very often used as a means of transport. Some time ago, the authorities attempted to ban the use of the vehicles. This was achieved. After this decision, all residents must wear the appropriate shoes. So, the earth must be protected from excessive use. Most of the residents agreed. If that didn't fit, was allowed to emigrate voluntarily from Middle Finger Emoji. Up to the city limits, most residents drive ecologically. Only on the border they switch to other modes of transport. This arrangement caused that most of the local residents operate in their town. From the city limits, trains, trams and buses and other vehicles can be used without restriction. They are used mostly for leisure traffic.


The national post was founded about 146,000 days ago under the rule of Allergies. At that time, each letter before sending was read by the censors through several times. For this reason, the shipping lasted also nearly 266 days. Even if the distance between two cities with 120 minutes took a ride on the horse. The first phone booth was built 46722 days ago in Middle Finger Emoji. At that time were many residents in a long queue. Many wanted to try out the device. Only there was a problem. At that time, there were very few telephones. For this reason, it was unclear to outsiders who they wanted to call. In his diary, media entrepreneur Tycoon wrote the following sentences of phones: "Weird. Certainly more interested wait outside on the device, as there still are phones." Further, he wrote: "Now I have got installed my first phone by professionals." 4380 days ago, all old telephone numbers were replaced by newer complex numbers. The aim was that the new phone numbers could realize many residents barely in the memory. This would contribute to a purchase of smartphones. This happened at least in Middle Finger Emoji.

Research in Middle Finger Emoji

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Geologists study the earth for eternity in this area. This evolved to the tradition of research here. Besides the soil research, health research is increasingly important. Also the earth will be assessed on the health jointly by geologists and doctors. Many researchers are still interested in the mysterious figure of the local history. (Tycoon is meant) Some researchers want to find his body for research purposes. Other researchers believe that he is still alive. For this reason they want to find him alive. The research centres include several universities and other educational institutions in Middle Finger Emoji.


In the city exist several circuses, theatres, museums and other venues for the design of leisure. Most of the cultural buildings are located at the city limits next to the train stations. For this reason, especially nature parks and similar places are visited more often. In the city's museums, one can experience the entire history of the Middle Finger Emoji. There are several historical things. The first products from the company of Tycoon are there. Historians said that there are around 44 museums in this city. An old wig of Easter Eggs is kept in a museum. Historians believe that this wig of the judge of Easter Eggs wore in Middle Finger Emoji over 80000 days ago during his official visit. He should have lost the wig in front of the house of Tycoon. The legend is so. Much has been speculated about the tooth of the First Horror Clowns. Many residents and specialists think that the Horror Clown out of anger and envy on Tycoon lost a tooth. This tooth is shown to the visitors very proud at the forefront. Historians doubt this theory.


In Middle Finger Emoji is celebrated the city foundation day every 365 or 366 days. Eating local fruits and vegetables belong to this tradition. Especially pears are served at this feast. The son of Tycoon wanted to introduce a day of glory for his father as a new celebration. Most residents want to find for the first time Tycoon. A different celebration of Earth Day is celebrated. On this day, residents agree to plant a tree entirely voluntarily. They celebrate the day of the harvest. On this day, the residents in group enjoy their own fruit.

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