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Emoji Opinion

Emoji Opinion is a port city in the Kingdom of Emoji. About 1,444,567 inhabitants live here at the current second. Here births and deaths must be considered. This changes the population every 4080 seconds. The city is located near the Yellow Sea.

Emoji Opinion 


Why the city is actually called Emoji Opinion?

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The origin of the name Emoji Opinion is not entirely clear. A popular legend has it that the name was derived from the ancient generous city Opin Ion. Some historians wanted to prove that in front of several 100,000 days in this area Generous were living. The Generous had consumed too many natural resources in Emoji Opinion. For this reason, the city has a large bald middle of the city. Other researchers think that the city was conquered by the Red heads. For this reason, the area got a big bald. A professor of jurisprudence meant in one of his lectures at the University of that City for the formation of opinion has been known since ancient times. He also wanted to say that Emojis invented the formation of opinion in this city. The disease of the opinion was transmitted to all other regions and cities in Emoji. An archaeologist could find a book under the earth. The book was written 876,000 days ago. There is something in an unknown language. The archaeologist was looking for a linguist. Unfortunately, most linguists could not figure out in what language the book was written. For this reason, the ancient book by emergency had to be sent to Pluto. Pluto aliens could translate the book into the modern Plutonic through its advanced technology. The book was written in an ancient language of Pluto aliens. Therein were laws described abroad to survive. Pluto aliens admitted to have lived on the territory of today Emoji Opinion. Currently, the City Council decided formally to accept the theory of the professor of jurisprudence. Who this theory did not like, tries to form an own opinion for a long time. Other theorists send their opinions to the local government.


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In ancient times, there were different peoples such as the Pluto aliens and Generous, and Venus aliens. 766,500 days ago Emoji Opinion came under the rule of Neptune aliens. 555,555 days ago the first acrobats came to this area. They built several circuses. 304,058 days ago, the modern Emojis came to the area.
😏😶😛🅰️🥅🕌➕🕌🤚🈶1️⃣ ➖🔯🍷😦🚯🤟🤔💮🤚🌐🤟🅰️🐴🧔🤯🤲💮🇮🇹💣🥬⏳🚯🛠️📞🕌🧑‍⚖️👩⬅️🥍💣🙏🅰️💮🚯.
Food revolutionary Chips Conquerors from the Mercury tried to start well in the city Emoji Opinion a revolution. But he quickly realized that the population had good food. He failed with the revolution in this city.
96,360 days ago a grain trader came to town. He tried to enrich himself. At that time the population of Emoji Opinion grew very strong. He opened several grocery stores. 💩⬅️🎁🎯💣💮🚓⏯🚯. 🧑‍⚖️💮🕌🤚💣🧵✒️. That was exactly the case, as the grain trader announced his candidacy publicly known as Mayor. At that time, the retired mayor changed his residence to Emoji Pop. Many residents were puzzled about these events for a long time. 🌓🔫🐴🤚🧐🤚🅰️🚽🅰️🚀🅰️🤖🔫🤳👠👯‍♂️🎖🤚🤬㊙️💀⏳🤯⏯✒️🌞➕1️⃣ 🅰️💀🚬🛋🐣. However, this was forbidden him. He could not bring the local authorities of the capital city Emoji SMS under his control, at least after the death of the king.

Then the grain trader looked for a servant of the late king. He promised the servant the meteoric rise when he would build his good relations with the royal family. 86,142 days ago the grain trader was invited to the royal house. 🥴➕🇮🇹👯‍♂️🅰️🌤🤳🕌🤚🅰️1️⃣ 👨🚅〰️🥊👆🇮🇹👆🚽🅰️㊙️🎖🤚⏳👋🤜🗺🙈➕🌉⏳🎌🚧🗾🥊🤚. They had to emigrate to Saturn. The reason was the birthplace of the wife of the late grain dealer named. Later, as the First Horror Clown came to power, the first attempted Egoists from Mars and the city Emoji Opinion conquer. 🤡👋🤜🙈🅰️🌌🤚🔖👋🤜🙈. There they were placed under quarantine. The weapons of Egoists remained in the city. After independence, the Emoji from the Circus Land the city was named as the most important city for aspiring judges and lawyers. The King of Emoji Devil Emoji declared the construction of several universities for law, business law, policy and opinion-forming. Currently are producing the universities law researchers. Later, they are allowed to work as lawyers, judges, politicians or laws inventors. As a politician, they must invent new laws. But they still need to be elected by the voters.
In addition, so-called opinion leaders are used for political discussions. They must present factual political contexts of the broad population. All the arguments for and against it must be able to always show.


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The history of the city is traditionally marked by many nations and denominations. Historically were Clowns and Pluto aliens for a long time the largest population groups in the city. For some time, however, the Emojis represent the largest group in Emoji Opinion. The city is currently as the most multicultural city in the Kingdom. Many residents love this city because of its proximity to the Yellow Sea. Basically, the population of the city continues to grow in height.


The proper name of the inhabitants Emoji Opinion reads Opinion Maker. In self-image can be found as the strongest element is the cosmopolitanism, a property that off the location on the border to the Yellow Sea follows.
In Emoji Opinion Emoji L and the language of the Circus Country are spoken. 
Thanks to the popular rule of Horror Clowns language from the Circus because of the cultural and historical settlement history of the region up to this very second is the most widespread language of the city. In the official census from the time of the sugar gave 89% of the population Emoji L as their mother tongue. Many Emojis in the city are also hardworking language students. They learn several languages of the region and the neighboring countries.
Before the death of the last Horror Clowns the Circus language in Emoji was as an official language of the country. After gaining independence Emoji from the Circus Country (after the death of the last Horror Clowns) Emoji L was back to main language of the country. Currently however, spreads again the circus language. The reason for this is that many tourists come from the Circus Country to Emoji Opinion.


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On the king of Emoji command all residents receive free medication to strengthen their immunity. Finally, the population used to be very sick in the city. This was the case prior to the takeover of the present king.

Geography and climate

🐦&🐌 Animals and Insects

The town lies near the Yellow Sea. There are at least five very high mountains. The mountains in Emoji Opinion belong the highest mountains in the Kingdom Emoji.
The climate in the city is moving very strongly on the mood of the inhabitants. If a majority of the inhabitants is sad, that is the weather. Sometimes it rains especially strong at night, when a majority of residents just brushing teeth in the bathroom. The temperatures in the summer are between 17 and 32. In the winter, temperatures range from -4 to 12.


🚂 Transport

In the city of ships, boats and other means of transport are built. Further, the city produces most lawyers, judges, opinion leaders and politicians. These are sometimes exported to other cities in Emoji. Also important is the chocolate industry. Many sweets are made in Emoji Opinion for the whole country.


The city has several universities with different focal points, the most important university for jurisprudence and opinion-forming. In it we study how to invent its own opinion out of nowhere. Simultaneously, the creativity of the legislation is taught. See many professors among students great potential for creative invention laws of the country. Several proposals of the students may not be publicly published for reasons of local censorship.


The city Emoji Opinion has around 256 officially registered politicians. These work in the parliament of the city. Some work as judges or lawyers. Other invents local laws for the city. They are working as law inventors. Others work as civil servants for various areas of life of the population. The top politician of the city is the mayor.

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