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Emoji Meanings

This is the story about the big city Emoji Meanings for meanings of Emojis (See: Emoji Dictionary). Emoji Meanings is the biggest city in the north-east of the kingdom Emoji. The city is the uppermost administrative authority of the conurbation of Emoji Meanings. In this city about 2,898,989 inhabitants live. In the city there are a lot of enterprises who had specialized in the chimney sweeping. 🥰🅰️🉐🌗🈷️5️⃣ 😛🤚👩‍⚖️🆘🍖👯‍♂️🚯🦖🚯🦹‍♀️⛄🤙🙂✝🌉⌚😛🤚👩‍⚖️🍖📺〽️ .


 Emoji Meanings




History of Emoji Meanings

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As a founder of the city an Emoji with the surname Meanings is supposed over and over again. 😋🤚🍖🅰️🤚👩‍⚖️🅰️🍖👩‍⚖️👮‍♀️✌⏳🤙🤗. The First Horror Clown praised the big diligence of the population of this city. Exceptionally he applauded the chimney-sweeps quite publicly to their achievement.

Geography of Emoji Meanings

🌈 Geography and Weather

The city has own river with the name of the same name like the city itself. The city lies about 6 giraffes over the sea. The highest point lies about 8 giraffes over the sea, the deepest point 3 Giraffes over the sea. The city is about 788 minutes of footpath of the Circus Country. Very sporty Emojis go regularly on foot up to the border of Emoji Meanings to the Circus Country.


 Emoji Meanings River


Fortunately, they have very good relations with the neighboring country in comparison to other towns and cities. Emoji Opinion is completely to the south of this city. By the train one must drive about 14444 seconds. Emoji SMS is to the west of Emoji Meanings. The journey can be reached best of all with the flying saucer within 2640 seconds. The distances to other towns are prohibited by the censorship authority for the publication.


The climate of Emoji Meanings applies as between warmly and coldly. The meteorologists could not agree on whether it is cold or rather warm. That's why the opinion of a national survey must be presented here. About 64 percent of the interviewees believe that the temperatures of -4,46 C ° are not already warm in winter, actually. The summer temperatures of on an average +22,22 C ° are warm enough. Other 36 percent of the interviewees think that there is always good weather. On the question how often it rains in Emoji Meanings, every meteorologist had quite different opinion. From 12 mineral bottles per minute to 68 saucepans with hot water per second. The opinions about the climate in this city differ very strongly with the meteorologists. This city applies as only in Emoji where nobody exactly knows what weather rules by this second.


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The city counted with the last research project of the local mathematicians about 2,898,989 inhabitants. According to mathematicians is Emoji Meanings on the second place in Emoji since some time. As a reason the big surface of the city is called. In this city a lot of ethnic groups live. Emojis are the biggest ethnic group with 66 percent. 😁🌗🈷️🤚🅰️🕌👋➖🅰️👆🏭🚽🦹‍♀️🚇. This was introduced at the command by Devil Emoji also in this city. In spite of all Emoji Meanings hears Halloween to the cities with the biggest population number on the planet. Even the Salted Cucumbers look very with envy in the direction of this city by their binoculars.

The dream of Emoji Meanings

Although the city enjoyed its status as a short-term capital of the Emoji very much, the inhabitants of the city more and more often dream of this status. There were even demonstrations that Emoji SMS any more does not remain the capital of Emoji. Emoji Meanings lost its status as a capital at the command of the deputy of the First Horror Clowns. Historians suppose that he was so disappointed by his colleagues in this city that he appointed Emoji SMS the capital. Thereon several high-ranking politicians from Emoji Meanings became in mysterious manner disappeared. The modern historians think that the deputy of the First Horror Clowns allowed to murder them.


 Emoji Meanings: Archive of Dreams


11316 days ago the city was possible again on the discussion table of the rulers as a capital. The reason was that the last Horror Clown became very much angry on the mayor of Emoji SMS. The mayor wanted to make the capital of the rest of the country independent. At the end the mayor was brought by Emoji SMS in a hospital. There he was hard poisoned with old food. Then he recovered from his poisoning. He left his office as a mayor voluntarily. Then Emoji Meanings could put into archives its ambitions as a capital.

The expansion of the agglomeration in Emoji Meanings

The local parliament decided the connection of towns close to the border with the conurbation of the town 2244 days ago. The position of the city should be thereby developed in Emoji further. Moreover, one wants to work on shifting the parliament building of the capital to Emoji Meanings. In addition representatives of the conurbation will express themselves with the land parliament and the king Devil Emoji personally. The neighboring municipalities agree basically to connect the city. 


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In Emoji Meanings exist several factories which produce quite different products. An enterprise builds vehicles for the amusing people. More and more to build tried the company more ecologically friendly vehicles. The attempts failed long time. Only at the command of Devil Emoji the factory was condemned to the construction of ecologically friendly vehicles. In addition the bosses of the company had to appear before the court. Another enterprise was still founded at the times of the First Horror Clowns. 🔮👨👩💜👻🎃🤡😚 ⬇️👤👨⬅️💀. The repair lasted about 1111 minutes. A sugar production company produces above all candy for the whole Emoji. 😀🎄🅰️⏳🅰️🤩🙏🤝😶⌚🤚🤝🏳🌗🈷️🤚🅰️⏫🚽. The factory which produced illness-exciting chemicals was closed on the decision of the parliament in Emoji after 46 minutes.

Science and education in Emoji Meanings


The college and research centre to the aerial cleaning- Therein is intensely done research in the improvement of the air quality. EMA is the national scientific centre for chimney research. In addition there is also a research centre to the consumption of cucumbers in whole Emoji. The university of Emoji Meanings has different internal research departments. 🤣🕌🍖🔫🔌🍖👩‍⚖️🔌🤜🌉🇮🇹🚩. 👤👨🏁➕👨⚖️👨‍⚖️. The king Devil Emoji did not have to fell it easily a sensible decision. At the end he decided to approve the last chance for the dismissed professors. 👨‍⚖️〽️1️⃣ 🅰️👩‍⚖️📑🏬🤚👩‍⚖️⛔🅰️👩‍⚖️🚯🈶. The dismissed professors who might inform again at the university of Emoji Meanings shifted all festivities to their spare time.


🚂 Transport

In the modern city there are several airfields and railway stations. Besides there exist several bus stations. Many Emojis go very much with pleasure with the bicycles within Emoji Meanings and the frontier towns. The Third Horror Clown allowed to build a subterranean railway station. 😃🚟🚉🕌🚽🏆️🏙️📐🦐⌚. 😅🚽🤚🚃🚉➕⏱️🤚🌇🈶🌤. For this they save their energy to the regular laughter.


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In Emoji Meanings a lot of important authors of the last days lived. Their names are kept secret for safety reasons by the censorship authority. The vast majority of the city recognized the language of the Circus Country as their mother tongue. Then the king Devil Emoji had to confess that he suffered from an allergy about 667 hours. The local population has nothing against it if Horror Clowns lived in the city. That's why modern Horror Clowns with their circuses come very often to the city. In spite of his allergy Devil Emoji had to accept the circus language in the city. 😄🤳⚽️⬆️☄️⏱️🎱🚽🤲⏩🏙🅰️.


Radio and television stations

The city has several local TV stations. Several of them were founded by diligent Emojis. The misers from the Jupiter tried to set up their TV station in Emoji Meanings. Their attempt clearly failed. Nobody wanted to look at the stingy propaganda. The misers suffered a financially painful loss. They tried to sue the kingdom Emoji for compensation. 😍🤚🎭🌕🧺🚯❌️😛📻➕📺. In particular in Emoji Meanings a lot of big radio stations were founded. 

Newspapers and cinema

💰 Money and Paper

Week in Emoji Meanings is a popular newspaper of this city. The first issue became appeared 8040 days ago. The newspaper was founded with the aim, that to improve the relations between Emoji and the Circus Country clearly. A lot of Horror Clowns read this newspaper regularly. In this newspaper subjects of the environment are also discussed. Also local news from the city are published. One day the misers from the Jupiter tried to order an advertising message on the cover. For this they tried to bribe the chief editor. Thereon the mayor got to know about this incident. The chief editor was arrested thereon by the urban police. His photo was shown nationally. Under it the heading: 🛒👤👨📰!!!

The reputation of the newspaper Week in Emoji Meanings was thereby damaged. But after about 467 days all Emojis forgot this scandal. 🤡📰🌇🍿🈲🏙️💡🎞️🚫🧓🅰️🗝👮‍♀️🤚🤡. The access is made available on the planet-Aryan Internet free of charge.

Criminality in Emoji Meanings

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The police has a lot of problems with the extraterrestrials from the Saturn. But also misers from the Jupiter behave very problematically. While Saturn aliens are known before for the kidnapping by businessmen, misers are very criminal above all in the area of the coin forgery. Thus the misers brought wrong 0.10 Bitcoins in the circulation.


In Emoji Meanings a lot of sportsmen live. The best sportsmen won several medallions in different occasions. In summer sports (like butterflies catch) local sportsmen won about 12 planet-Aryan masteries. In the winter sports (such as ice break with spoons) local Emojis could win almost every second prize. The rest of Emoji does not understand, why in Emoji Meanings the population is so different. A team from the capital of Emoji SMS failed very embarrassingly with the attempt to break ice with spoons. Thereon even the censorship authority had to finish the live transmission at once.  Famous doctors exactly wanted to know the reason. This led to the fact that sportsmen from Emoji Meanings were brought in the research laboratories by compulsion. 😉👟👔🤚⏯🎮🧰⏯👆🏅👕⏯👩‍⚕️🤚🏅⏯1️⃣ 🏆🅰️🕌👭🏅🅰️⏯🎨🕌. This led to big funeral service in the Salted Cucumbers. Thereon Poisonous Snake had to store his tears in a bottle. The other sports which are organized by the Emojis in this city yearly:

🧅 🍽️. 🍎➕ 🪴 . Officially as a relatively new sport the high jump with at the same time Selfie was introduced in Emoji Meanings. Besides there is also the broad jump with Selfie. Some sportsmen call this also Selfie masteries.


Tourist attractions in Emoji Meanings

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The city has a place of the freeing from the Egoists or freedom of Mars. At this place protests or demonstrations are carried out as a regional party.  In addition a building exists to honor of the First Horror Clowns and his circus army. This building was built at the wish of the First Horror Clowns. He commanded this still in his testament.  A normal zoo and a medical zoo are recommended to all tourists as visit-worth. However, the visitors must fulfill the prerequisites for the visit. The city has own stadium for different sports at the same time. Moreover, an artificial sea was created in Emoji Meanings. As a reason the lack of swimmers was called. 😶1️⃣ 🏰1️⃣ 🏳🅰️💯🤚🏅🅰️❄️👟🕌🤚⏯🏅🤚⛄🏅👆🏰⌚🅰️🔋🤚🏣💯🤚🛄🤯🏅🌎♟🌉🏅🌎🏅5️⃣ 🏅🌉♟💯🤚🤯🏅. At least, they stand in the north of the city. Moreover, there are funny monuments in Emoji Meanings. An example of this is the monument for the first April.


 Emoji Meanings: 1st April Monument


Because this date is very importantly in the life of the Emojis, the vast majority wanted to honour this date in this manner. There are other monuments to honour from movie heroes. So for an old cat from an old movie. The reason was that the movie was taken up by the majority in the city. The old cat was taken up by chance in the movie. It was a local cat. There is a monument for technical things also in the city. The most famous monument stands for walkman and floppy disk. The mayor of Emoji Meanings expressed himself on the subject new monuments in the city in such a way: "I would allow to build with pleasure monument for airplanes. Finally, they will already soon belong to the past." This statement made the mayor nationally so famous that the manufacturers of airplanes decided to produce no airplanes for the kingdom Emoji.

There the king Devil Emoji became a little bit envious on what a mayor alone with his sentence could cause. Some monuments could not be restored. That's why these were destroyed. Thereon a discussion began whether one should put up no spare monuments. The decision could not be liked in this area yet. The city of Emoji Meanings has at least eleven monuments to honour of the First Horror Clowns or his friends. Worth visiting are also the autumn markets in the city. Besides, one can buy different fallen sheets from the trees. Most traders from the Jupiter are of course. Some tourists buy such sheets as a souvenir. Besides, some researchers from Emoji had exactly examined the origin of the sheets in the lab. Some traders had to close thereon their shops at once. The reason were the phoney sheets. Some were poisoned even with chemicals. After this event all traders must check their goods.

Celebrities from Emoji Meanings

In the city several famous people were born. At the moment the censorship authority checks whether the data protection of the Emojis was not injured if the data were planet-far published. But quite briefly: Most famous Emojis of this city were from the branches of the celebrities. Actor, politician and other prominent occupations.

The historical and geographical facts

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Emoji Meanings is one of the heaviest towns on the planet Halloween. This was confirmed by the conferred a doctorate geologists after many years' researches before wide audience quite officially. Some Emojis of the city supposed this already before. The reason for this are the countless monuments and buildings. 💩➕🤚🥰🤚🎗👯‍♂️🦹‍♀️🎵🤚🥇🥰🅰️😈🤚💰🐶. One day the situation escalated so far that Emojis pelted the parliament building in the capital with cucumbers. 👿🏙️🆕. 20444 days ago the urban musicians were founded as a band. The Horror Clown commanded this in a document on the subject "How further with Emoji Meanings?" 2666 days ago the urban parliament decided the cooperation with organizations who are led by the Salted Cucumbers to finish. 2198 days ago the city could win the honoring in the national competition as the best town/city with the highest quality of life in Emoji. This was celebrated afterwards during about 111 hours. The celebration contained above all thousands of jokes. Many Emojis also came from neighboring towns to the party.

Military institutions and associations in Emoji Meanings

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The city had many important main buildings of the circus army at the times of the rule of the Horror Clowns. Also several subterranean bunkers were used here for the hiding place of weapons. Above all rice bags were stored here as weapons for emergency case. The First Horror Clown hid his toys from his childhood in a subterranean bunker in this city. His toys were supervised by 444 soldiers. 😈🅰️⏳👪📺🤡👪👊🌌🕌🕹💰🇮🇹. 👤👨😨🤡➡️😚. 🏦💰🎶➕🪙📦️➡️🖼️. He also considers the option that Emoji Meanings should receive the status of the second capital of the kingdom. Up to now this idea lies above all on his table and is stored in his brain in the folder "problem solutions".

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