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Emoji Meanings

This is the story about the big city Emoji Meanings for meanings of Emojis (See: Emoji Dictionary). Emoji Meanings is the biggest city in the north-east of the kingdom Emoji. The city is the uppermost administrative authority of the conurbation of Emoji Meanings. In this city about 2,898,989 inhabitants live. In the city there are a lot of enterprises who had specialised in the chimney sweeping. The industry in this city is very sophisticated. The railway station of the city has very much great importance within the planet Halloween. The modern city of Emoji Meanings was founded 131,400 days ago in today's form with loud applause. The Generous called this city thus for up to now unknown reasons. At short notice after the shock of the rise of the First Horror Clown to the power this city had to be explained to the capital of the country of Emoji. This was a sort of reaction. The city has about 276 scientific institutes. Moreover, a lot of research centres are built up in the city. The research concerns itself very intensely with the dust from the chimneys. The research also concerns itself intensely with the air quality. Moreover, several colleges and universities exist in Emoji Meanings. The mathematicians estimate the number at about 98 facilities for university education. The first important university of the city was built 77015 days ago on the initiative of the ruling Acrobats in the Circus Country. At that time the city belonged politically and theoretically to the Acrobats. 1111 days ago the city took part in the planet-Aryan sports occasions.


 Emoji Meanings




History of Emoji Meanings

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As a founder of the city an Emoji with the surname Meanings is supposed over and over again. The discussion among the historians takes place regularly every Friday evening after the end of work. Up to now they could not agree. But, at least, they meet in Emoji Meanings for their discussion. This is already good.  The local population was called of early EM. However, this had to be changed at the command of the First Horror Clowns. That's why are called Emojis in this city quite simply Meanings. The city name could possibly come from the name of the local castle. At that time Generous came to the city and built a castle with the suitable name. However, the genuineness of this theory could not be confirmed by the researchers yet or be denied. The today's Generous are quiet on this subject. Moreover, they hide their old documents in this connection. The First Horror Clown worked at that time on the strengthening of the urban pride of this city. At that time Emoji Meanings got its own identity at the command of the ruler. The First Horror Clown praised the big diligence of the population of this city. Exceptionally he applauded the chimney-sweeps quite publicly to their achievement.

Geography of Emoji Meanings

🌈 Geography and Weather

The city has own river with the name of the same name like the city itself. The city lies about 6 giraffes over the sea. The highest point lies about 8 giraffes over the sea, the deepest point 3 Giraffes over the sea. The city is about 788 minutes of footpath of the Circus Country. Very sporty Emojis go regularly on foot up to the border of Emoji Meanings to the Circus Country. Fortunately, they have very good relations with the neighbouring country in comparison to other towns and cities. Emoji Opinion is completely to the south of this city. By the train one must drive about 14444 seconds. Emoji SMS is to the west of Emoji Meanings. The journey can be reached best of all with the flying saucer within 2640 seconds. The distances to other towns are prohibited by the censorship authority for the publication.


The climate of Emoji Meanings applies as between warmly and coldly. The meteorologists could not agree on whether it is cold or rather warm. That's why the opinion of a national survey must be presented here. About 64 percent of the interviewees believe that the temperatures of -4,46 C ° are not already warm in winter, actually. The summer temperatures of on an average +22,22 C ° are warm enough. Other 36 percent of the interviewees think that there is always good weather. On the question how often it rains in Emoji Meanings, every meteorologist had quite different opinion. From 12 mineral bottles per minute to 68 saucepans with hot water per second. The opinions about the climate in this city differ very strongly with the meteorologists. This city applies as only in Emoji where nobody exactly knows what weather rules by this second.


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The city counted with the last research project of the local mathematicians about 2,898,989 inhabitants. According to mathematicians is Emoji Meanings on the second place in Emoji since some time. As a reason the big surface of the city is called. In this city a lot of ethnic groups live. Emojis are the biggest ethnic group with 66 percent. Other amusing people live in this city. During the short-term conquest of the city by the Egoists from Mars a lot of inhabitants of this city were kidnapped to the hard labour to Mars. This lasted during 776 days. Later the population could grow again. However, this happened only when the uppermost leader of the Egoists was fought by the circus army. After the independence of Emoji of the Circus Country a lot of Emojis were afraid of the new government. They fled to Emoticon and other countries or planets. Finally, only 888 days ago the city could report a growth in population officially in all press releases. As a reason the free medical care was called in the city. This was introduced at the command by Devil Emoji also in this city. In spite of all Emoji Meanings hears Halloween to the cities with the biggest population number on the planet. Even the Salted Cucumbers look very with envy in the direction of this city by their binoculars.

The dream of Emoji Meanings

Although the city enjoyed its status as a short-term capital of the Emoji very much, the inhabitants of the city more and more often dream of this status. There were even demonstrations that Emoji SMS any more does not remain the capital of Emoji. Emoji Meanings lost its status as a capital at the command of the deputy of the First Horror Clowns. Historians suppose that he was so disappointed by his colleagues in this city that he appointed Emoji SMS the capital. Thereon several high-ranking politicians from Emoji Meanings became in mysterious manner disappeared. The modern historians think that the deputy of the First Horror Clowns allowed to murder them. 11316 days ago the city was possible again on the discussion table of the rulers as a capital. The reason was that the last Horror Clown became very much angry on the mayor of Emoji SMS. The mayor wanted to make the capital of the rest of the country independent. At the end the mayor was brought by Emoji SMS in a hospital. There he was hard poisoned with old food. Then he recovered from his poisoning. He left his office as a mayor voluntarily. Then Emoji Meanings could put into archives its ambitions as a capital.

The expansion of the agglomeration in Emoji Meanings

The local parliament decided the connection of towns close to the border with the conurbation of the town 2244 days ago. The position of the city should be thereby developed in Emoji further. Moreover, one wants to work on shifting the parliament building of the capital to Emoji Meanings. In addition representatives of the conurbation will express themselves with the land parliament and the king Devil Emoji personally. The neighbouring municipalities agree basically to connect the city. 


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In Emoji Meanings exist several factories which produce quite different products. An enterprise builds vehicles for the amusing people. More and more to build tried the company more ecologically friendly vehicles. The attempts failed long time. Only at the command of Devil Emoji the factory was condemned to the construction of ecologically friendly vehicles. In addition the bosses of the company had to appear before the court. Another enterprise was still founded at the times of the First Horror Clowns. At that time the Horror Clown wanted to develop by the state produced energy. From this there originated the nuclear electricity enterprise. In the day of death of the First Horror Clowns there struck the factory. At that time no electricity could be produced. Clairvoyants believed that the mind of the First Horror Clowns had closed down the production in his day of death. Thereon organised responsible persons of the enterprise a memorial service to honour of the First Horror Clowns. Then the company could function again normally. Further there is an enterprise for the construction of nuclear power stations. Also this enterprise became at the command of the regime of the First Horror Clown. Besides, the ruler any more was not interested in the company after his death. As meteorologists suppose, the reason was an explosion in this company in the day of death of the First Horror Clowns. The repair lasted about 1111 minutes. A sugar production company produces above all candy for the whole Emoji. Although Emoji Meanings hardly has connection with waters, boats from down are produced. However, the boats are admitted only to the swimming-pool. Other enterprises deal above all with the construction of machines for other competing companies. The rest deals something with the food branch. Besides there exists an enterprise which produces valuables. In addition belong the pressure of the state bank notes and coins. Over and over again misers from the Jupiter are observed near the state bank note printers. They try to come to the bank notes. One day an Emoji observed how a miser wanted to buy some bank notes directly in the printers. Thereon the king Devil Emoji had to intervene personally. The miser was deported to Jupiter. He got an entry ban to Emoji. Thereon Jupiter sent a protest letter to the king of Emoji. The situation got worse so far that a war between both governments threatened to begin. Jupiter already prepared its fight jets in the direction of Emoji. At this time the foreign minister of the kingdom Emoji was in Neptune in a conference. There was also the foreign minister of the Jupiter. Both politicians tried to calm the situation. The foreign minister of the Jupiter contacted thereon the uppermost army boss and forced him to the stingy dealings with the fight jets. Thereon there rose the stinginess within the Jupiter elite. This time the reason of the thrift won. Thereon all fight jets were hidden at an unknown place. Topically extraterrestrials must pay attention in Jupiter to their natural resources.  Emoji Meanings also has a specialist in the area of the fridges. These are exported even to Saturn. Moreover, clothes are produced for all needs by several factories. Some enterprises disappeared after the independence of the Circus Country. This concerned the concrete industry. Also a company which produced geometrical figures had to be closed immediately after the death of the last Horror Clowns at once. Also local paper factory had to be completely closed. However, the reason was general the increasing digitization in Emoji. The factory which produced illness-exciting chemicals was closed on the decision of the parliament in Emoji after 46 minutes.

Science and education in Emoji Meanings


The college and research centre to the aerial cleaning- Therein is intensely done research in the improvement of the air quality. EMA is the national scientific centre for chimney research. In addition there is also a research centre to the consumption of cucumbers in whole Emoji. The university of Emoji Meanings has different internal research departments. Nuclear power stations, chemicals, research of the insects, study of the local birds, progress research belong to this in medicine, technology and politics. An important subdivision in medicine deals with the increase of the life expectancy about 776 days with the male and female Emojis. Every progress is celebrated regularly by the researchers with a party long 14444 seconds. Some opponents accuse the researchers of wasting too much time for their parties. Thereon the parliament of Emoji had to start an unexpected controlling visit in the most important university in the city. Some professors were taken thereon in pre-trial detention. On account of missing professors in Emoji Meanings researchers from other towns had to come. The local population supposes a group of fans of the capital behind the opponents. This group tries to ruin the reputation of Emoji Meanings over and over again. The discomfort from the population strongly increased. Devil Emoji himself decided to examine the whole for this. In this case he checked several independent lawyers and judges everything. Besides, he could exactly know that the lawyers and judges could not be corrupt. The king allows to supervise them all with hidden video camera. Some lawyers were bribed by the suitable group. The king saw this. At the beginning he let them all make their work. In this case the corrupt lawyers recommended the substitute of the professors. The honest lawyers and judges argued that the professors lately achieved a lot of progress. Though the parties were exaggerated something.  But in this case one can pronounce a normal warning. Better said, the researchers should want their success on work-free days so often them, celebrate. The king Devil Emoji did not have to fell it easily a sensible decision. At the end he decided to approve the last chance for the dismissed professors. Besides, he refused to condemn the corrupt lawyers and judges publicly. He further exactly wanted to observe them. But the corrupt lawyers and judges were forced by the group Pro-Emoji SMS capital in addition, against this decision to appeal. Some lawyers refused. This time the group invested other presents for the lawyers. 90 percent of these lawyers and judges appealed against the decision at the uppermost court in Emoji Meanings. When the king got to know before, the next day he decided to appear personally in court. Besides, some corrupt lawyers found out that the king appears even in court. Some got fear. From these corrupt lawyers still 2/3 came on this day. In the court Devil Emoji showed his video recordings. Besides, all present lawyers and judges who appeared in the video recordings were condemned to a custody of 10877 days. Their names were shown with photos at the command of the king on all headlines. The convicted lawyers and judges were ashamed so much that they were ready to spend their time in quite dark rooms. The dismissed professors who might inform again at the university of Emoji Meanings shifted all festivities to their spare time.


🚂 Transport

In the modern city there are several airfields and railway stations. Besides there exist several bus stations. Many Emojis go very much with pleasure with the bicycles within Emoji Meanings and the frontier towns. The Third Horror Clown allowed to build a subterranean railway station. This subterranean railway station is used for emergencies. This was in the crisis between Jupiter and Emoji the case. Many inhabitants had to spend there their time. This was in the conflict in which the reason of the thrift of the misers won. Most inhabitants of the city have their own small saucers. Thus some fly to their job much faster. The public transport is used above all as a leisure traffic. The reason for this was examined by the researchers of the university exactly up to the small microbe. Most Emojis become so decayed in their spare time that they are rather transported by other transports like potato bags. Some are so decayed that they cannot switch on their notebook. For this they save their energy to the regular laughter.


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In Emoji Meanings a lot of important authors of the last days lived. Their names are kept secret for safety reasons by the censorship authority. The vast majority of the city recognised the language of the Circus Country as their mother tongue. Then the king Devil Emoji had to confess that he suffered from an allergy about 667 hours. The local population has nothing against it if Horror Clowns lived in the city. That's why modern Horror Clowns with their circuses come very often to the city. In spite of his allergy Devil Emoji had to accept the circus language in the city. In the city there are also several theatres. However, they are visited less and less. More and more Emojis discover Selfies as a leisure activity. This hobby was taken up fast in the urban constitution as a cultural asset. Thus it is allowed to make during the working hours about 6 Selfies per hour. Moreover, one may divide these photos on social networks twice daily during the working hours. Many employers got thus great fear of this law that they threatened to move their companies in other towns. Only when Horror Clowns put the bosses of these enterprises under big pressure, employers sent their threats in a bottle in the yellow sea. However, some Emojis had to be delivered because of excessive Selfie consumption to the clinic or to the custody. However, these were only individual cases. The doctor's association recommended the development of a therapy for Addict to Selfie. Who produces, however, in the normal area Selfies, this may point publicly in an exhibition. Many Emojis make with pleasure Selfies with the Horror Clowns. Even an important street was renamed in Emoji Meanings to Selfie. Thereon Horror Clowns wanted to appear above all there with their circuses. The city has several museums with different main focuses. Some deal with the ancient history of the city. A museum includes excluding dolls. In addition there are several galleries. On the initiative of Devil Emoji had the city to develop their libraries. Thus there are about five libraries here. According to specialisation of the library one can find quite different subjects. The following subjects: Clean air, medicine, history of the Emoji Meanings and the universe, art and the rest. Moreover, the city awards different honouring for special achievements of the local citizens. Yearly dance festivals also take place. According to a law these must take place always on the 12th of July. An offence against this law can bring a several days custody. Moreover, classical music is promoted actively by the local authorities. The city has own zoo. There different animals, insects, bacteria and microbes can be looked. Moreover, there is a medical zoo. There one can also exactly look at viruses and at other illness causes. The prerequisites for the visit of the special zoo are fixed yearly by the mayor of Emoji Meanings. The most important requirement for the admission an optimistic life setting and no fear of a lab. For this one gets 6D-glasses. Beginning doctors and other medical staff are seen with pleasure.


Radio and television stations

The city has several local TV stations. Several of them were founded by diligent Emojis. The misers from the Jupiter tried to set up their TV station in Emoji Meanings. Their attempt clearly failed. Nobody wanted to look at the stingy propaganda. The misers suffered a financially painful loss. They tried to sue the kingdom Emoji for compensation. The economic court sent the complaint of the misers in the wastepaper basket. The misers from the Jupiter tried to draw the attention in their native country to their problem. The elite of the planet threw the complaint also in the wastepaper basket. Moreover, Jupiter explained the decision with the fact that such pointless experiments may not be carried out abroad. The political elite of Jupiter permits only investments with sure profits. Besides, the principle of the stinginess must be considered. Besides national TV stations are shown by Emoji in the city. Besides, many inhabitants look the broadcastings from the Circus Country. Some Emojis founded after the death of the last Horror Clowns several radio stations. In particular in Emoji Meanings a lot of big radio stations were founded. 

Newspapers and cinema

💰 Money and Paper

Week in Emoji Meanings is a popular newspaper of this city. The first issue became appeared 8040 days ago. The newspaper was founded with the aim, that to improve the relations between Emoji and the Circus Country clearly. A lot of Horror Clowns read this newspaper regularly. In this newspaper subjects of the environment are also discussed. Also local news from the city are published. One day the misers from the Jupiter tried to order an advertising message on the cover. For this they tried to bribe the chief editor. Thereon the mayor got to know about this incident. The chief editor was arrested thereon by the urban police. His photo was shown nationally. Under it the heading: Buy this chief editor!!!

The reputation of the newspaper Week in Emoji Meanings was thereby damaged. But after about 467 days all Emojis forgot this scandal. In the city several known films were turned. However, their titles were still forbidden by a valid old law of the publication. The First Horror Clown still decided this when he came into power. He wrote several laws. Devil Emoji tried to throw away this law from the constitution. But on that day a gas balloon exploded near the parliament. Luckily there was no injured person or dead person. Clairvoyants believed that the mind of the First Horror Clowns made a warning signal. Thereon the law was written even fatter again. What may know, nevertheless, everybody, is that in the city surely about 1112 films were turned during the last 40616 days. Moreover, other magazines still exist in the city. Some Saturn aliens wanted to publish their own newspaper in Emoji Meanings. Their contents failed because of the censorship authority. No Emoji wanted to promote the Saturn's methods in the kingdom. Extraterrestrials from Mars wanted to found their newspaper in the city. But the prices were too expensive. Thus Martians had to close their editorial staff at once. Only Pluto alien could set up a digital newspaper on subjects like aerial cleaning with very modern technology in the city and nationally. The access is made available on the planet-Aryan Internet free of charge. The political elite from the Jupiter wanted to influence the opinion in the city. They founded a newspaper thereon. Many Emojis complained for the motivation increase of the purchase addiction to the purchase of this newspaper. Thereon a big demonstration began in the city. The editorial staff of the Jupiter aliens was drained help of fire brigade. The whole paper in the editorial staff was destroyed. The political elite from the Jupiter wanted to accuse Emoji thereon before the planet-Aryan court. The complaint succeeded. But Emojis remained strong and unimpressed. The pride of the Jupiter grew in it upwards. Jupiter allowed to themselves to throw down several depth charges on Emoji Meanings. Devil Emoji called Pluto for the help. Thereon several electric bombs were shot to Jupiter. This ended for the political elite in Jupiter with homelessness. But Jupiter finished at once its war.

Criminality in Emoji Meanings

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The police has a lot of problems with the extraterrestrials from the Saturn. But also misers from the Jupiter behave very problematically. While Saturn aliens are known before for the kidnapping by businessmen, misers are very criminal above all in the area of the coin forgery. Thus the misers brought wrong 0.10 Bitcoins in the circulation.


In Emoji Meanings a lot of sportsmen live. The best sportsmen won several medallions in different occasions. In summer sports (like butterflies catch) local sportsmen won about 12 planet-Aryan masteries. In the winter sports (such as ice break with spoons) local Emojis could win almost every second prize. The rest of Emoji does not understand, why in Emoji Meanings the population is so different. A team from the capital of Emoji SMS failed very embarrassingly with the attempt to break ice with spoons. Thereon even the censorship authority had to finish the live transmission at once.  Famous doctors exactly wanted to know the reason. This led to the fact that sportsmen from Emoji Meanings were brought in the research laboratories by compulsion. In the city led this to unbelievable protests and demonstrations. When Horror Juggler found out about this situation, he granted the invasion the Horror Clowns in the neighbouring country. Thereon all mass media planet-far spoke of the resurrection of the circus army among the generals Horror Clowns. Hardly were the Horror Clowns in Emoji Meanings all doctors got fear in the kingdom. General Horror Clown learnt from furious Emojis where exactly the research laboratories were. The circus army sat down thereon in a flying saucer. The army flew till the capital Emoji SMS. There a place was identified. General Horror Clown commanded all caught sportsmen from to the circus army Emoji Meanings to release immediately. They did this. All researching doctors were arrested by the Horror Clowns. All sportsmen were released. A threatening letter sent king Devil Emoji to Circus Country. Therein he warned Horror Juggler personally that the Circus Country may not interfere with inland circumstances. At this time got the king Poisonous Snake from the Salted Cucumbers great fear. Thereon he decided to occupy the city Emoji Pop after some time. In Emoji Meanings the population celebrated the freeing of their sportsmen from the research laboratories. The king of the Salted Cucumbers liked this not at all. Thereon he allowed to throw down a caries bomb on Emoji Meanings. This led to mass demonstrations in the big city against the king Devil Emoji. The mayor threatened to want to found own state called Emoji Meanings. Thereon the Salted Cucumbers sent other war material to the fight of the opposition in the city. The local Horror Clowns of Emoji Meanings felt obliged to proceed from tradition against the Cucumbers. The first soldiers of the Salted Cucumbers in the city hardly were in an action, they all were arrested by Horror Clowns. Later all Cucumbers were hidden in confidential bunkers. Poisonous Snake was so furious that he wanted to decide a war against the Circus Country as the next step. At this time three big houses exploded in the Salted Cucumbers. Poisonous Snake had to confess on all TV stations that the country had problems with other states. This led to big funeral service in the Salted Cucumbers. Meanwhile, Poisonous Snake found out that the planet Pluto helps the Emojis in the progress regularly. This annoyed him so much. He feared that one day his country would belong to the underdeveloped countries. He decided to write a plan. He tried to win several countries and planets for his concern. The other states wanted to remain neutral. They wanted to explain no plans of the Salted Cucumbers. Thereon Poisonous Snake decided to begin a war against Pluto. In Emoji Meanings some high-ranking politicians got to know from the plans of the toxic king. They informed their colleagues in Pluto. Thereon Pluto aliens sent several battery chargers to Salted Cucumbers. These could detoxify the weapons of the toxic king. This annoyed the king so much that he rather came to the summer plays to Emoji Meanings. Besides, he looked as the team from the Salted Cucumbers lost with the bottle collecting against Mars aliens. Thereon Poisonous Snake had to store his tears in a bottle. The other sports which are organised by the Emojis in this city yearly:

Planet width masteries in onion eating. Apple seeds count and plant so deeply as possible underground. This is checked with a device of the sponsors before the eyes of all spectators. Before the device must be shown to all spectators at the place before both eyes. Moreover, there are all six months national plays in the bottle tennis. Besides, bottles are thrown like tennis-balls. Officially as a relatively new sport the high jump with at the same time Selfie was introduced in Emoji Meanings. Besides there is also the broad jump with Selfie. Some sportsmen call this also Selfie masteries.


Tourist attractions in Emoji Meanings

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The city has a place of the freeing from the Egoists or freedom of Mars. At this place protests or demonstrations are carried out as a regional party.  In addition a building exists to honour of the First Horror Clowns and his circus army. This building was built at the wish of the First Horror Clowns. He commanded this still in his testament.  A normal zoo and a medical zoo are recommended to all tourists as visit-worth. However, the visitors must fulfil the prerequisites for the visit. The city has own stadium for different sports at the same time. Moreover, an artificial sea was created in Emoji Meanings. As a reason the lack of swimmers was called. An especially big building stands in the middle of the city. Better it is said a castle. This castle cannot be remembered unnoticed. The reason: This castle served long time as a power supervisors of the local citizens. From this castle Emojis got regularly disagreeable post. The subjects were above all calculations for the taxes. But also the tax for the death was sent by this castle. Earlier there was to save a duty every Emojis financially in the lifetime of money for the death and to deliver to the state. Current the castle stands above all as a mind of the old times at its place. As everybody knows, somebody must pay seldom still taxes in old form. Thus one can enjoy by the current second the castle as an architecture object. Moreover, an elephant's park was officially opened in Emoji Meanings 2426 days ago. In addition insect parks still come in the city centre. Therein various insects from whole galaxy can be admired. Another castle stands in the south of the city. There rich Easter Eggs still lived 89867 days ago. They acted with flour in the region.  On the border to the sixth building of the city stands an ancient train. For a fee of 0.24 Bitcoins one can visit the train therein. Moreover, one must report over the ancient train on the social networks. This stands on the ticket. Near the wood the oldest building of the city is still. Therein above all spiders live. But one is allowed to do free of charge his feet and nose put it back. However, for surprises no travel assurance accepts responsibility. The entrance is on own danger. Why this is in such a way, no courageous researcher could still say. Moreover, archaeologists reported that they found parts of an ancient fridge underground in Emoji Meanings. They tried to find out help of historians how old these parts were. Some Emojis suppose that it could act the international fridge. This exploded many years ago in the galaxy. Visit value is also the old prison for Egoists from Mars. Therein came all prisoner of war of the opponents from the surroundings. This happened at the command of the deputy of the First Horror Clowns. Before the government building stand several old tanks from the times of the Horror Clowns. They symbolise the strength of the circus army and the pride of the inhabitants of Emoji Meanings for the past. The king Devil Emoji wanted to shift the tanks one day to an not famous place. This did not want Emojis of the city. At the end the king had to accept the national will over his wishes. The city also has several monuments for old airplanes. Moreover, one can read the name of the pilots thereon. Most airplanes were used during the conflict with the Egoists from Mars. At least, they stand in the north of the city. Moreover, there are funny monuments in Emoji Meanings. An example of this is the monument for the first April. Because this date is very importantly in the life of the Emojis, the vast majority wanted to honour this date in this manner. There are other monuments to honour from movie heroes. So for an old cat from an old movie. The reason was that the movie was taken up by the majority in the city. The old cat was taken up by chance in the movie. It was a local cat. There is a monument for technical things also in the city. The most famous monument stands for walkman and floppy disk. The mayor of Emoji Meanings expressed himself on the subject new monuments in the city in such a way: "I would allow to build with pleasure monument for airplanes. Finally, they will already soon belong to the past." This statement made the mayor nationally so famous that the manufacturers of airplanes decided to produce no airplanes for the kingdom Emoji.

There the king Devil Emoji became a little bit envious on what a mayor alone with his sentence could cause. Some monuments could not be restored. That's why these were destroyed. Thereon a discussion began whether one should put up no spare monuments. The decision could not be liked in this area yet. The city of Emoji Meanings has at least eleven monuments to honour of the First Horror Clowns or his friends. Worth visiting are also the autumn markets in the city. Besides, one can buy different fallen sheets from the trees. Most traders from the Jupiter are of course. Some tourists buy such sheets as a souvenir. Besides, some researchers from Emoji had exactly examined the origin of the sheets in the lab. Some traders had to close thereon their shops at once. The reason were the phoney sheets. Some were poisoned even with chemicals. After this event all traders must check their goods.

Celebrities from Emoji Meanings

In the city several famous people were born. At the moment the censorship authority checks whether the data protection of the Emojis was not injured if the data were planet-far published. But quite briefly: Most famous Emojis of this city were from the branches of the celebrities. Actor, politician and other prominent occupations.

The historical and geographical facts

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Emoji Meanings is one of the heaviest towns on the planet Halloween. This was confirmed by the conferred a doctorate geologists after many years' researches before wide audience quite officially. Some Emojis of the city supposed this already before. The reason for this are the countless monuments and buildings. They weigh clearly more together than in other towns. Why here so heavy buildings were built, explain historians and archaeologists. The earth of the Emoji Meanings allows very heavy building material. This is why almost every building weighs up to twice as many houses of the same name like in other towns of the planet. When the economic elite of the Jupiter got to know about the quality of the earth in the city, they sent several flying saucers to Emoji Meanings. Suddenly inhabitants of the city and its surroundings saw particularly many flying saucers. Thereon the inland army was alarmed. Also police, fire brigade and outpatient clinic had to move. The army of the kingdom Emoji forced the flying saucers to the emergency landing on the airfield of the city. From the flying saucers greedy extraterrestrials from the Jupiter ran. They ran with shovels and buckets. Thereon the army tried to fire at the misers with coffee gun. This did not help. Thus policemen had to throw about two tonnes of real down on the misers. Besides, several misers got tangled in the material. The flying saucers of the misers were confiscated for a short time. The misers had to answer before the land court for their actions. They explained that they had big interest in the earth of the city for building material. Thereon the misers were condemned to a contract with Emoji Meanings. They had to accept once more that they must produce a consideration for the earth. No matter whether in the form of money or another form misers can choose. The only requirement was the use from the consideration must be provable. In the middle of the city stands a gigantic compass. This was still put 44444 days ago on the initiative of the geographer at this point. By the way, the geographer got a generous reward for his achievement. He might begin a world trip at the expenses of the kingdom Emoji. Nationally there are several streets which were called to honour of the city. At the times of the First Horror Clown came several Horror Clowns with their wives to Emoji Meanings. This is why a lot of Horror Clowns are born in the city. Today they help the city against the misers and other undesirable personalities. Some Emojis suppose, that the strength of the Horror Clowns in the city the principal reason for the fact that the city cannot get the status of the capital. However, the disappointment of the population is especially big in this area. Here there were even several demonstrations. The king Devil Emoji tried to fight against the demonstrators with coffee beans. One day the situation escalated so far that Emojis pelted the parliament building in the capital with cucumbers. After these riots Devil Emoji decided to value the status of the city in a new algorithm higher. This led to quiet times. Devil Emoji accused the Horror Juggler for the strengthening of the conflict. Horror Juggler sent back the discomfort in a bottle to the king of the neighbouring country. 23725 days ago Emoji Meanings had its own rules for the motor traffic. One might go with pink light during 49 seconds to the right. To the left while 48 seconds. Straight ahead while 66 seconds. With yellow light all pedestrians had to switch off their legs. This ordinarily lasted about 64 seconds. Then pedestrians might cross the street during 240 seconds. However, drivers could sometimes also go earlier. This was the case when no waiting pedestrians were on the move. 20444 days ago the urban musicians were founded as a band. The Horror Clown commanded this in a document on the subject "How further with Emoji Meanings?" 2666 days ago the urban parliament decided the cooperation with organisations who are led by the Salted Cucumbers to finish. 2198 days ago the city could win the honouring in the national competition as the best town/city with the highest quality of life in Emoji. This was celebrated afterwards during about 111 hours. The celebration contained above all thousands of jokes. Many Emojis also came from neighbouring towns to the party.

Military institutions and associations in Emoji Meanings

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The city had many important main buildings of the circus army at the times of the rule of the Horror Clowns. Also several subterranean bunkers were used here for the hiding place of weapons. Above all rice bags were stored here as weapons for emergency case. The First Horror Clown hid his toys from his childhood in a subterranean bunker in this city. His toys were supervised by 444 soldiers. After his death the Second Horror Clown decided to build a military museum in Emoji Meanings. Therein childhood toys of the First Horror Clowns were also to be seen. Also old tanks were issued there. Many war weapons from the time of the conflict with the Egoists from Mars stand still in this museum. The visit of the museum was held on as a duty for every soldier in Emoji and Circus Country. The rulers of the union at that time decided this. The great-grandfather of Devil Emoji hid several bank notes and coins at an unknown place in Emoji Meanings. He made this when he found out from the rise of the First Horror Clowns in the neighbouring country. He feared that this clown would also go to Emoji. 20000 days ago many master builders started to build many new buildings at the command of the Second Horror Clowns. Some construction workers found these treasures in Emoji Meanings. Some workers took these bank notes and coins for themselves. Some workers announced the finding at the regional office for archaeology and history. Thereon the construction work had to be interrupted for long time at this place. Instead, archaeologists and historians came to this place. All remaining bank notes and coins were sent according to an investigation of several days to the show in the museum. The Second Horror Clown wanted to look personally at the bank notes and at coins. The fingerprints on the money were evaluated. Finally, the fingerprints led to the grave of the overthrown king. Thereon the Second Horror Clown arrested the old son of the king. The grandfather of the today's king Devil Emoji had to make specifics the money under torture threat. He explained that the money was hidden by his father still at his youths in the earth. He called earth as the best and surest bank which will never go bankruptcy. The Second Horror Clown felt this as a big lie. Thereon the grandfather of Devil Emoji had to spend about 1111 days in the prison. Current a military association formed up in Emoji Meanings. The aim of the association is the strengthening of the urban police and the construction of a local army. The difference to the national army should be in the fact that also Horror Clowns may take part in the army. Devil Emoji observes the situation with big worry. He considers how he could expel the Horror Clowns from this city. He looks for a patent for a peaceful solution. Up to now he searches and searches. He also considers the option that Emoji Meanings should receive the status of the second capital of the kingdom. Up to now this idea lies above all on his table and is stored in his brain in the folder "problem solutions".

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