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Cute Emoji

Cute Emoji is a city in the kingdom Emoji. Cute Emoji needed nearly 998 days to be able to work out the number of the inhabitants for the home encyclopaedia. Many mathematicians tried to count every inhabitant after single streets. Cute Emoji is in the east of the country. That's why it seems not seldom that visitors from the Circus Country visit Cute Emoji. Acrobats fill up with their energy with the sweets from Cute Emoji. Then they are ready for use. Back to the number of the inhabitants of the town: Every mathematician got a street assigned. In the suitable street the mathematician had to count every inhabitant. Thus they did this. Many inhabitants of Cute Emoji told the following experiences: They were just in the breakfast. Suddenly an unknown Emoji knocks at the door. They opened the door. The unknown Emoji asked the inhabitant how many fingers had the Emoji. Thereon the inhabitant looked at this mathematician with funny look. At the end the irritated Emoji showed his only finger to the direction of the mathematician. The other fingers censored he or she. The mathematician thereby knew that in this household at least one Emoji lived. Thus he took down the number. Immediately three irritated Emojis sometimes ran to the mathematician. Everybody showed anyway his favourite finger.
Thus the mathematician took down immediately 3 fingers in his book. With this calculation method Cute Emoji could count 166,666 inhabitants on the last day of the calculation. Thus became Cute Emoji very proudly on this number that the sweet manufacturer on the packaging immediately wrote this number. Cute Emoji is according to a statistics in the top 50 of the most-inhabited towns of the kingdom Emoji.


 Cute Emoji




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Cute Emoji received its name thanks to the former production of the sweets. While some towns fall ill in Emoji even with caries regularly, Cute Emoji is responsible above all for it. For example, Emoji Meaning.
Cute Emoji is nationally known above all for its sweet candy. Many dentists accuse the factories of Cute Emoji that they produce too many customers for them. The need in qualified dentists has strongly increased by the consumption of the sweets. That's why Emoji urgently needs more dentists. So different countries and planets send completely congested flying saucers with young dentists to Emoji.


🌈 Geography and Weather

Cute Emoji has especially good sand for construction. This sand becomes road-transported regularly every Thursday by misers from the Jupiter with several pots. In an easy sentence: Jupiter aliens steal the valuable sand to their native country.
The police explained for a long time in writing and orally its inability with the fight of the theft. So Cute Emoji tries to search for solutions in cooperation with the specialists of Middle Finger Emoji. Moreover, there are in Cute Emoji valuable limestones. There are also special stone forms in Cute Emoji. Many aliens from the Venus look with big envy at the ground of the town by their telescopes. The climate in Cute Emoji is valid according to allowed meteorologists as sweet. The rain in this town can be used directly as a drinking source. Therefore can sell no miser the water in Cute Emoji simply so. Here fresh water ordinarily rains.
Moreover, it rains daily between 7:00 o'clock and 9:00 o'clock. Only on the week-ends there pauses rain. The water is warm usually pleasantly. In winter the water is caught cold only easily. Cute Emoji has many woods. Therein live different wild animals. There are also many predators. Moreover, there is a big variety in bird's kinds in Cute Emoji. Several zoologists confirmed in a restrictedly published media communication up to now. In the woods of Cute Emoji there are particularly many araucarias. 4404 days ago a new nature reserve with big applause was opened in Cute Emoji. The authorities thereby wanted to emphasise the tourist attraction of the town as a natural town.


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328,500 days ago the first Emojis came to the today's area of Cute Emoji. Even then they experimented quite diligently with the local raw materials. From it there originated a sweet drink. According to archaeologists particularly many gigabytes were found in teeth of ancient inhabitants. Some historians suppose that the first inhabitants produced by their experiments to sweet products. However, this led to a quick death of the teeth. Some researchers really found in subterranean caves drawings of the natives of Cute Emoji. There one can recognise how the inhabitants at that time took the teeth of the other Emojis with several tools out.
Anyway their handling with the teeth was not exemplary. Many researchers confirmed this who have just dentures. 261,340 days ago an extraterrestrial from the midget planet Ceres came to Cute Emoji. He decided to build a modern factory with his tools. For this purpose he provided a written plan on his pink paper. At that time Ceres was interested in a direct connection with the planet Halloween. That's why the extraterrestrial began the programming of a transparent tunnel in Cute Emoji. Later tunnel became the reality. The midget planet and Cute Emoji had a direct connection. The construction of the tunnel remained not without tracks.
So the nature was condemned to a certain regularity. Thus the rain began always at 7:00 o'clock in the morning. At that time local Emojis had been surprised very much at this natural phenomenon. Never they could up to now experience something like that. By the tunnel many guests from the Ceres also came to Cute Emoji. One day the inhabitants of the town noticed a flying saucer in the clouds. An Emoji shouted to his colleagues: Look up there!!
If you see the strange object!!!
Suddenly all Emojis looked at the unknown object. They tried to concentrate their attention to the object. After some time an extraterrestrial called Post got out of the flying object.
All Emojis directed their eyes upon Post. Afterwards welcomed Post all Emojis in Cute Emoji in their mother tongue. The local people had been surprised at it very much. Post spoke about the construction of a big factory for sweets. Thus the construction of a castle from building sand began in Cute Emoji under the instructions of Ceres. Emojis were motivated very much. This used Post completely. At that time so could produce Ceres at the expenses of the Emojis cheap sweets. Aliens from the Ceres imported the sweets to their home planet. Post allowed to transport in each case several suitcases with the building sand on his flying saucer in the afternoon. For it he used the sympathy of the Emojis. For local population Ceres had an effect very much modern, exemplarily and advanced. This brought big sympathy to the aliens from Ceres.
The produced sweets in the big castle of Cute Emoji sold in the record-breaking tempo fast. At this time Post tried to produce also a connection with the planet earth. For this reason he took an assistant from Cute Emoji on the trip. They landed somewhere in Great Britain. There they passed beside a small baker's. There stood several customers and would shout Cute!!!. Post and Emoji liked this concept so much that they called later the sweetness factory Cute. On account of many Emojis in this area a sign with the name Cute Emoji was also built before the entrance to the town.
Post noticed that him nothing but interested the word cute in Great Britain. That's why he flew back together with the Emoji to Halloween. At this time came unusually many ants from the sand. Post had great fear of the ants. That's why he fled to Ceres. His deputy, an Emoji took over the castle with the sweets. At this time a currency from sugar was produced for the local population. This currency had a form of a sweet. Therefore the sweetness factory produced not only sweets, but also the cash from sugar. Modern times thereby began in Cute Emoji.
224,840 days ago aliens from the midget planet felt big WLAN radiation in the town of the Emojis. So they decided to go by transparent tunnel to their home planet. There they looked for suitable materials for the protection from WLAN-radiation. Ceres aliens returned by several trucks of full alufoils to Cute Emoji.
Thereon they all started to cover walls of the houses and the castle of the sweetness factory with alufoils. With this work Emojis had to spend a lot of extra hours. Ceres wanted to send a virtual bomb by interplant Aryan Internet at this time with the help of the inhabitants of Cute Emoji to Pluto. On account of technical problems the bomb still exploded before the throw-in in the Internet line. Many Emojis injured themselves afterwards. They had to be treated medically. That's why the extraterrestrial called Post got to know about this event. He sent several rolling waves by the transparent tunnel to Cute Emoji. Injured Emojis thereby recovered within 14 seconds. Ceres decided to send a bomb at this time once more with the help of the Emojis to Pluto. This time the bomb landed directly with the duty in Pluto. The controllers pressed a button the bomb. Thus they could reprogram the bomb. The bomb thereby found again the way to the aliens from the Ceres to Cute Emoji.
Suddenly there exploded several walls of the building in which the bombs were prepared. On account of strong air pollution the local population had to invest a lot of sugar for the aerial cleaning. Sugar thereby became deficit. The sugar crisis began in Cute Emoji. Aliens from the Ceres put on their shoes. Then they fled from this town and left still only underdeveloped Emojis. After some days a research group from Pluto came to Cute Emoji. They found out by many talks that aliens from the Ceres left the Emojis with their problems. This were to blame although they for the events of the last time. So Pluto had to react for the irresponsibility of Ceres. The capital of Ceres was attacked several times with negative film. Thus calmed down Ceres with its big pride. In Cute Emoji Pluto aliens restored the destroyed buildings and imported honey from Pluto to the crisis town. By honey the air in Cute Emoji could become clean definitive. Later produced Emojis together with Pluto aliens much natural sugar. The sugar was produced above all from honey. Curious aliens from the Ceres came secretly by transparent tunnel regularly to Cute Emoji. They wanted to spy out the activities of the Pluto aliens in this area. In this time were interested Emojis for the production of glucose from unknown sources.
So they contacted aliens from the Ceres via transparent tunnel. The spies from the Ceres used the need in glucose in Cute Emoji in their favour. They required from the Emojis that they signed a juridical obliging contract with them. For this purpose Emojis wanted to appoint own city guide. Thus the whole responsibility on this Emoji could be transferred. For this purpose organised Emojis an urgent emergency meeting. All prospective customers could qualify for the election. Among them was also an Emoji with the name Sinful. He worked earlier as child slave in the sweetness factory in the big castle of Cute Emoji. At that time Sinful ate the made sweets after the production.
So he was hit by the responsible Emoji also several times with a ruler. Later Sinful suffered from hunger. He accustomed himself so much to the sweets that he saw flying sweets everywhere before his eyes. That's why he lived long time on leaves of the trees. Only with the introduction of the honey by the Pluto aliens, he found with the honey also a sweet natural alternative to the injurious sugar. His friends called him the honey Emoji. In the preparation for the election as a city guide every candidate had to deliver a juridical connecting election pledge. Sinful promised to all inhabitants by his election to want to produce quite many sweets of honey.
Moreover, Sinful promised the people to present with honey at his term of office. The other candidates had explained quite different subjects than food to their main focuses as city guide. With it persuaded only Sinful the dreaming Emojis of the sweet life. Within short time one wanted to begin the election of the city guide. The election hardly began, all Emojis pointed at Sinful with all fingers and toes. They would shout unambiguously together: Sinful for the city guide of Cute Emoji!!!!!
At that time thus he became the city guide of the small town. Sinful realised only after 67 minutes that he won the election to the town guidance. Then he ordered the occupation of the urban sweetness factory. Many Emojis ran to the sweetness factory faster than all rockets. Also the city guide elective anew ran to the sweetness factory. There he looked for his former employer. He commanded the pitiless arrest of the factory owner. The sweetness factory became the general property of the Cute Emoji. The present owner left bequeath the factory of several generations of his forefathers. Originally the factory belonged to the alien Post from Ceres. After the arrest of the present factory owner Sinful said that the factory should urgently produce several honey cakes. Then the production process began. After some time Sinful had enough honey cakes. Thereby he could realise his election pledge without exception. With it he won other followers of his urban politics. At that time it was hardly conceivable that the city guide realises his election pledge anyway. Anyway after the acceptance of the election this was seldom in such a way.
At this time the alien Post from Ceres tried to visit Cute Emoji with his subordinated. For this purpose Post used the transparent tunnel. At this time Post came and wanted to allow to sign the contract with his blood.
He also required from Sinful a bloody signature. The city guide said that he sacrificed himself for no contract in the life. Thereon Post left very furiously the city guide. After some time alien Post stole the sweetness factory of Cute Emoji from its location. Suddenly Sinful became powerless. He could offer no honey cake to his followers. So he was put under big psychic pressure. Sinful searched voluntarily contact with the alien Post. Then Post appeared before the city guide. This time Sinful declared his willingness to sign with his blood. Thus organised Post a blood sample quite officially. Sinful felt a little bit unwell after the blood sample. Then Post smiled to the direction of Sinful.
He said him that he needed his blood for own immortality. Then the sweetness factory appeared to its previous place. Sinful was contented. He could realise his election pledge again. On account of a strong flood in Ceres the contract with the city guide from Cute Emoji of Post was completely destroyed. The mighty Post felt from the nature in Ceres strongly threatened. That's why he suffered a panic attack. He fled by the transparent tunnel to Cute Emoji. He required from Sinful the delivery of his sweetness factory. The city guide explained that the castle with the factory were urban property. So he could make nothing. After this event Post threatened with his contract.
For inexplicable reasons a cage came from a direction. The cage opened absolutely automatically. Then the cage fell on the ground and went to the alien Post. Then Post was locked up in this cage. Then the cage flew together with the extraterrestrial from the Ceres. Finally, Sinful felt made easier. This time he felt this as a real rescue in an emergency situation. For the next time the city guide could develop the city Cute Emoji positively. 188,340 days ago Sinful had to introduce another currency. Finally, he wanted to save sugar for the sweets. That's why several alufoils from the walls were torn.
These alufoils were used as a material for the first bank notes. Several Venus aliens by a miser from the Jupiter from the Venus became this time flown. The miser promised best-paid job in Jupiter. The miser from the Jupiter worked as a pilot of airplanes and flying saucers. He wanted to build up his enterprise in Jupiter with cheap workers with the Venus aliens. While the flight from Venus to Jupiter the stingy pilot had to fly because of the strong wind by the planet Halloween. The wind was so mighty that the stingy pilot had to make a forced landing. He did this before the sweetness factory in Cute Emoji.
At this time an Emoji noticed by the window of the castle that outdoors was an unidentified flying object. This Emoji wanted to come as the first discoverer into the history books. That's why he went to the flying saucer. He wanted to speak with the passengers. Unfortunately, the Emoji did not understand their language. So he called the city guide by alarm button. Then Sinful came to the guests from the galaxy. He was able to do also an old language of the aliens of Ceres. So he could come to an agreement by different signs with the aliens from the Venus and the miser from the Jupiter. The stingy pilot explained that he had to make a forced landing because of the strong wind here.
Thereon the city guide of Cute Emoji explained that the guests from the galaxy were completely welcome to the ground of the planet Halloween. Then the aliens might spend the night in a house for foreign guests. The stingy pilot was very grateful together with the aliens from the Venus. When it was slowly getting dark, a panda appeared before the eyes of the stingy pilot. Then the Jupiter alien got a fright so strongly that he was swallowed by the wind. Besides, he was positioned somewhere. In the early morning Venus aliens mourned the stingy pilot. The city guide promised to help the aliens from the Venus with a new job in Cute Emoji.
Then Sinful sat down on his chair and looked in his brain for other sensible employments. Thus he decided to instruct the Venus aliens for the production of the bank notes from the alufoils. The foreigners from the Venus reacted very contently with this solution. The climate in Cute Emoji became sweeter and sweeter. That is the fact that in this area more and more everything smelt of sweets. Even babies of Emojis saw increasing like real sweets. The next generation of the Emojis was really sweet. Many strangers thought that they were in a chocolate factory. Thus a Neptune alien came to this town and thought that he could import the local sweets to his home planet.
He was wrong because the local population tasted so. So Neptune alien wanted to use several Emojis from Cute Emoji in his home planet as ingredients for food. He flew back to Neptune. Then he returned with several accomplices to Cute Emoji. He wanted to kidnap with them together the local Emojis to Neptune. At this time a strong earthquake began in Cute Emoji. Within short time the earth swallowed the whole gang of the Neptune's aliens. With it Emojis remained spared of a kidnapping. 151,840 days ago Sinful wanted to invite his urban people to a party. At this time a strong flash began in Cute Emoji.
Several Emojis were electrified. This led to a pandemic. Many Emojis flew from their physical bodies to an unknown direction. The long-standing city guide Sinful had to watch how several Hundred Emojis from their physical bodies flew away. So he had to cancel his party. At this time the descendants of the Venus aliens had to provide graves from alufoils in the castle of the sweetness factory. Then the corpses were buried in alufoils.
151,110 days ago the uppermost religious leader looked in Saturn with his telescope for other locations for the spreading of his religion. On account of his mildly visual weakness he instructed his assistant for help. His assistant had to zoom different places of the galaxy.
Then he found a transparent tunnel which connected the midget planet Ceres with Cute Emoji. For the Saturn's religious leader was clear that he should visit this town by Ceres. At this time the religious leader from the Saturn prepared for his visit. 150,380 days ago the religious leader from the Saturn came to Cute Emoji with several Saturn aliens. On the way by the transparent tunnel were also a lot of Satan from the Venus. At this time both sides met in the transparent tunnel. They noticed that they wanted to advertise at the same time to Cute Emoji for their religions. That's why a strong discussion began between the Saturn aliens and the Venus aliens from the Satan. At short term at this time alien Post was dismissed from the cage.
So Post ran by the transparent tunnel. Suddenly Post closed both entrances of the tunnel. Then Saturn aliens and Venus aliens had great fear that they had no way out from the tunnel. Thereon reacted Post with wide laughter. He required from the caught aliens blood donations. Because of fear Venus aliens and Saturn aliens declared their willingness to donate blood to the extraterrestrial Post. After the blood sample all aliens might cross the tunnel. Then Saturn aliens and Venus aliens ran as fast as possible to the Emojis in Cute Emoji. There every side wanted to advertise for their religion. That's why the city guide Sinful let all aliens present their religion.
At the end he asked his Emojis whether they had interest in a religion in Cute Emoji. Then all inhabitants were right against the introduction of both religions in this town. They said that they wanted to pay no fees or other taxes. Satan also tried to advertise very actively for its religion. They wanted to give even to every inhabitant a book about their religion. In spite of all no Emoji wanted to accept both religions. However, the uppermost religious leader from the Saturn did not want to leave Cute Emoji. He feared that he and his Saturn aliens would be attacked by the unknown alien in the transparent tunnel again. However, Venus aliens wanted to return by the transparent tunnel.
They wanted to force the local population in Ceres to their religion. As the first inhabitant alien Post should be forced to the Venus religion. Thus Satan went by the transparent tunnel and looked for Post. There they looked and looked. Suddenly a visible stair became in the tunnel. Thereon Satan went. Then flew the stair so fast that Satan did not notice how fast they landed in Ceres. Thereon the entrance was closed for Venus aliens. Satan were very furious about this action. So they wanted to fight against Ceres. But they were underdeveloped. So they were automatically delivered to Venus. Thus Satan buried for the time being his ambitions in the cemetery of the dreams. In the meantime, Saturn aliens remained in Cute Emoji. They decided to perform other conviction work.
They advertised daily between 17:00 and 18:00 o'clock for their religion with the Emojis. At this time the city guide Sinful had more and more trouble with the irritating canvassers from the Saturn. So he wanted to cover to them an advertising ban. He collected in addition the whole urban population to a crisis meeting. Then all Emojis accepted the urgent deportation of the Saturn aliens from Cute Emoji. At this time Post from the Ceres appeared before the Emojis. He said that he could expel the religious Saturn aliens from Cute Emoji. However, for it he had a condition. At this time the uppermost religious leader from the Saturn found out on his mobile phone that Saturn wanted to force Pluto to the religious entry militarily.
That's why this military action had to be blest by the uppermost religious leader. That's why the uppermost religious leader with the other Saturn aliens had to return home. So he said goodbye to the Emojis and left several books of his Saturn's religion in Cute Emoji. For the aliens from the Ceres only remained a retreat. City guide Sinful was very grateful for these events. 128,480 days ago the long-standing city guide of Cute Emoji became very old. That's why he searched a successor for the urban guidance. At this time an Easter Egg from Mars came to Cute Emoji. He was called Busy. He founded a modern factory for chewing gums.
On account of his thrift he advertised actively for child slave. He made this, however, very much skilful. The child slaves worked for a worthless paper called "Graduation as a professional employee of a factory". Thereby he gained many slaves. They worked for a graduation certificate. Besides, the Easter Egg saved a lot of money with the wage. Thereby earned Busy to himself a golden treasure. Moreover, he made friends with the city guide Sinful.
As opposed to most other aliens Busy learnt the language of the Emojis very diligently and could express himself very well. Thereby he could be perceived like a local Emoji. That's why he worked very sympathetically for the local people.
So Emojis wanted to have Busy unanimously as their new city guide. Thus the Easter Egg took over the town guidance from the resigning Sinful. 121,910 days ago Sinful died in Cute Emoji as the oldest Emoji of his town. The Easter Egg also wanted to enslave the adult Emojis. Moreover, Busy stroked the long-standing tradition of the regular gifting of the inhabitants with honey cake. At this time fled some soldiers with the inland revenue from Japanese Emoji. Some soldiers came to Cute Emoji with their tax revenues. They wanted to found own tax authority. They wanted to persuade the local city guide for this purpose. Busy was ready. However, he wanted to be a stockholder of the mighty tax authority.
Thereby he wanted to profit financially from the tax authority. With the construction of the tax authority Busy could also let enslave the adult Emojis, finally. He explained the Emojis that it was trendy of the time to build a mighty tax authority. Thus the rosy future of a real Emojis sees. This said the Easter Egg Busy the people. After Busy improved in appearance of the construction of a mighty tax authority, the construction works began to the mightiest authority of Cute Emoji. 112,785 days ago Emojis suffered already very strongly from the mighty tax authority. At this time the alien called Post from the Ceres noticed that he had up to now still no blood samples of the new city guide of Cute Emoji.
So Post came by the transparent tunnel to the city guide Busy and required from the Easter Egg a blood sample. Then Busy hit the Post with his fist in the cheeky face. Then there disappeared Post from the view field of Busy. After some time Post returned to Cute Emoji. He spirited away the mighty tax authority. Then there disappeared Post. After this event Saturn aliens noticed that their favourite authority for inexplicable reasons from its original location disappeared. Besides, the place worked in such a way as if there was no tax authority. The nervousness under the political elite of Cute Emoji grew up to the transparent tunnel. That's why Busy and the Saturn aliens started to eat a lot of sugar sweets. Thereby they fell ill with different diabetes.
The sweet revenge of alien Post to the town guidance remained unforgettably for many Emojis. They did not understand how such miracles were possible in Cute Emoji. On account of the memorial service of the Saturn aliens about the disappearance of the tax authority they left disappointed Cute Emoji to another direction. This time the city guide Busy decided to build new buildings and houses. So he engaged many Emojis for this purpose. 98185 days ago Busy celebrated his 32855 life days. That's why he organised a big celebration to his honour. He wanted to make an important speech in his birthday. Suddenly the alien Post from the Ceres appeared before his eyes.
Then appeared the mighty tax authority which disappeared more than 14666 days ago. Busy had been surprised very much at the return of the mighty authority in Cute Emoji. Because of big joy Busy ran to the mighty tax authority. He looked as it was therein. Then he made his speech to honour of the return of the tax authority. Present Emojis reacted a little enthusiastically. Then Busy wanted to leave his chair. However, he could not get up any more. He stuck to his chair. Then he reacted very much irritated. Then there exploded his nerves. Then there jumped Busy from his chair and ran to the tax authority. Then he was injured by a flash of the transparent tunnel fatally. The Easter Egg was buried afterwards by the Emojis.
On account of new situation in Cute Emoji nobody wanted to take over the town guidance. So Post took over the town guidance. He commanded the construction of other sweetness factories in Cute Emoji. Thus listened Emojis to the new old city guide. Finally, Emojis were inspired earlier by his abilities very much when he built the transparent tunnel. 82490 days ago Mercury sent several spies to Cute Emoji. The interest of the Mercury aliens thereby rose in this town. They visited from this second regularly this area. Moreover, Mercury made friends with the city guide Post. After these events Post decided to introduce the language of the Mercury in Cute Emoji. Moreover, Post strengthened the mighty tax authority in his favours.
Later when the emperor Chips Conqueror took over the power in Mercury, he felt the alien Post as a big menace for his career as an emperor of Mercury. So he arrested the city guide of Cute Emoji by 222 soldiers of his army. Then he sent Post in a subterranean bunker. There Post had no chance to flee. This was in Mercury. 75190 days ago Mercury appointed the FMG12 the city guide of Cute Emoji. The new city guide commanded the construction of several beekeeping to the advancement of the honey production. The emperor of Mercury visited telepathic Cute Emoji because of the sweets. Moreover, the local sweetness factory had to send its products at the command of the emperor directly to the ruler.
70810 days ago Mercury had big holes in its bank accounts. That's why many prisoners from the prisons dismissed. The alien Post from the Ceres was also dismissed. He searched a way for Cute Emoji. In the meantime, he was identified again by a cage. Then he was locked up in a cage. 62780 days ago several misers from the Jupiter came to Cute Emoji. They had saved so much money that they did not know how they should invest the money. So they looked for special places on the whole galaxy. So they came to Cute Emoji. Here they wanted to get rich. They founded above all banks in this town. They also produced plastic money. They advertised actively to the indebtedness of the Emojis.
In the meantime, Post was dismissed from the cage. He returned to Cute Emoji. There he wanted to take over the town guidance. However, he noticed the FMG12 in this position. So he wanted to take from the new city guide the blood. For FMG12 this sounded very strangely. Nevertheless, he accepted to donate blood. 53655 days ago the alien Post controlled the whole tax authority of Cute Emoji. He also left to make blood samples the Emojis involuntary. Post hoped his life to extend at the expenses of the Emojis. For this purpose he also abused the mighty tax authority. More and more discontented Emojis left Cute Emoji because of the power of Post. Many misers from the Jupiter felt very much threatened by Post. That's why they increased their stinginess. This led to the fact that they arrested the extraterrestrial from the Ceres one day together.
They locked up him in a cage. Then they spread press releases that, finally, the irritating Post was arrested. This led to a return of the Emojis to their hometown. At this time the stingy Sw78 strengthened his influence in Cute Emoji. He took over the banks of his competitors. Moreover, he advertised very intensely to consumption by indebtedness. On account of his big power he had very good contacts with FMG12. After the death of the city guide he took over the town guidance. He remitted a new law.
The new law obliged Emojis to the spend of the earned money with the misers from the Jupiter. Thanks to this law even more misers from the Jupiter came to Cute Emoji. They founded a lot of partly useless enterprises here. 42705 days ago the extraterrestrial Post from Ceres managed the escape from the cage of the misers. Then he started to take revenge with the misers. He stole several banks of the misers from Cute Emoji from their locations. The city guide Sw78 noticed all at once that his bank branches from Cute Emoji from their locations disappeared. This irritated him very much.
He asked all Emojis and other Jupiter aliens whether they noticed something. For all inhabitants of the town this was a riddle. In the evening Post appeared before the stingy Sw78 and required from him blood sample. He said that he donated without return of his bank branches nothing of himself. Then Post demonstrated the bank branches in their locations again. The next day Sw78 noticed that his bank branches were again at their places. That's why he let several Emojis and other aliens supervise his buildings. The next day Post came again to Sw78 and required his blood. The miser refused. The next day all bank branches disappeared again. The city guide noticed this. He was angry very much at it. That's why he said the other Emojis that they should help him. In the evening the stingy Sw78 left the other Emojis before his house. Nevertheless, Post appeared before the eyes of the city guide. He asked for the third time for blood donations. Sw78 shouted completely loudly: Help!!!
But no Emoji and no alien could help him. Post required blood of the city guide again. When Sw78 refused, Post disappeared. Then Sw78 saw no bank branch in Cute Emoji. 37230 days ago the First Horror Clown was a on the way in Emoji. He searched a contact person in Cute Emoji. At this time Sw78 wanted to see again the extraterrestrial Post anyhow.
But Post did not appear any more. Thus Sw78 remained an easy city guide. At this time Post appeared before the First Horror Clown. He required from him blood sample. Thereon the First Horror Clown promised that he would donate the next day blood. The next day the Horror Clown with his circus army came to the extraterrestrial Post and pelted him with 666 pumpkins. Then died the long-lasting Post.
Suddenly all bank branches of Sw78 appeared in Cute Emoji. The stingy city guide was glad very much about the miracle. He felt very mighty again as earlier. He allowed to develop his power. He put all Emojis without exception in Cute Emoji under big pressure.

They had to treat him royal. After some days Emojis had enough of Sw78 and his power addiction. 36135 days ago the city guide Sw78 was arrested by furious Emojis in Cute Emoji. Moreover, they locked up the miser from the Jupiter. There Sw78 died as a result of his growing stinginess. Then Emojis took over the town guidance. Later there came the First Horror Clown and let to connect all bank branches of Cute Emoji to all the other banks of the Circus Union. The Horror Clown wanted that Cute Emoji concentrates upon the production of the sweets. Therefore the town produced actively sweets for the Wednesday need of the Emojis and other people of the Circus Union.

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