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Emoji App

Emoji App is a city near the blue river. This is the uppermost management of the Emoji App-area. The city belongs to biggest in the south Emoji. In the city Emoji App particularly many technological products are produced. The city is known as a high-tech capital city of the kingdom. Who would like to move something in the technical area, changes his or her residence to Emoji App. The city is the ideal place for innovations. The city was promoted earlier for long time by extraterrestrials from Pluto. That's why the Salted Cucumbers try to conquer the city every Tuesday. The envy of the Salted Cucumbers and the pressure of the rising planet-wide competition even already led to an envy attack on Wednesday. This was as a break of the long-standing tradition. Luckily the Salted Cucumbers could take up to now only defeats home. The Salted Cucumbers complain of the growing competition by Emoji App. Moreover, the king of the Salted Cucumbers Poisonous Snake accused personally Pluto. He pointed even with a threatening finger in the direction of Pluto. Finally, the Salted Cucumbers do not want to lose their position in the galaxy. The Pluto-extraterrestrials were unimpressed from that. Even if Pluto is only one small island in comparison to the Salted Cucumbers.


 Emoji App



Why is the city called Emoji App?

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Up to 34311 days the city was called Ijome Pi. At that time the First Horror Clown worked in his office on his world formula. If the job of the naming also belonging to that for some towns of the Circus Union. He collected in addition information from the different towns of the whole union. From the city of Ijome Pi came at that time a lot of innovative things of the past. The First Horror Clown decided to initiate a juridical investigation to this name. At that time still there came several extraterrestrials from Pluto. The First Horror Clown asked them how the city Ijome Pi could be renamed best of all. Pluto aliens decided to travel thereon with their time machine in the future. At that time they went about 11111 days in the future of Ijome Pi. They went out into the streets. They asked the pedestrians where the city Ijome Pi was. As an answer they got same that this name of the First Horror Clown was substituted with Emoji App more than 11109 days ago. The extraterrestrials from Pluto thanked for the information very much. Then they turned in their time with the time machine to the First Horror Clown. They recommended to the ruler to choose the name of the same name for the city. The First Horror Clown was so enthusiastically from this proposal that he invited exceptionally the Pluto aliens to his home. They might look with the ruler even a movie. Only the deputy of the First Horror Clowns was present on this day. The rest of the political elite might not be present. Together they watched a horror comedy. Exactly two days later the city Ijome Pi was officially renamed to Emoji App. All important journalists were forced invited. Who did not want to take part, had to expect on a denial of the journalistic working approval. A journalist whose parents became victims of the regime some time ago did not come ostentatiously to the celebration of the renaming. Thereon the First Horror Clown commanded not only the denial of the working approval of the journalist, but also the entire removal of his property. Moreover, a house of the journalist was confiscated in Emoji App by the circus army. At the place of the house only carrots and onions remained in the garden. The journalist was still kidnapped.


History of Emoji App

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In most history books the foundation date stands on an unknown day 89446 days ago. The urban parliament concerned itself with the foundation of Emoji App very intensely 488 days ago in a special meeting. After a several hours discussion the seventh day became as a foundation date after the birth of the small prince 388,888 days ago.  As a reason the end of the rule of a generous imperator was called. At that time he died on a tree half-asleep. Many modern historians suppose that the opposition grew against the Generous very strongly in the population. The waste of the natural resources made the Generous more and more unpopular one. Particularly the city Emoji App suffered from strong waste of the natural resources. Paintings at that time show the town as a desert without plants with few trees. 388,000 days ago above all many spices were produced in Emoji App. Spices called Ijome Pi became the most important export product of the old times. That's why many historians think that the city also took over this name. Only much later Emoji App became High-tech-Capital city. On account of the pleasant climate more and more Emojis and other ethnic groups came to the area. 31026 days ago archaeologists had to search the whole city Emoji App for historical objects on the command of the First Horror Clowns. They found then ancient clothes underground. An archaeologist told later that a skeleton was angry at the fact that the archaeologist took away his hat. The skeleton reacted to this very allergic. The skeleton started to insult the whole group. Finally, he had got used to his life underground so much. For the First Horror Clown the situation was embarrassing and very irritating. Finally, he commanded the strengthening of the circus army and the construction of a mighty censorship authority. After this event all journalists had to introduce their articles of the censorship place. Every article had to be read before the publication by the First Horror Clown. Later his deputy also had to peruse everything. Some journalists were condemned because of their wrong talent even to 6666 days of custody. Particularly many journalists from Emoji App were concerned 30296 days ago by this measure. The First Horror Clown had to check every successor personally after this. Also the archaeologist who took away hat from the skeleton had to go later for 666 days in the prison.

The skeleton was arrested by the circus army. Later the First Horror Clown wanted to meet the skeleton. This meeting applied as the most confidential of all meetings of the First Horror Clowns. Nevertheless, Pluto-extraterrestrials could transfer every detail of the meeting from the air into their most modern computers. According to this information the First Horror Clown asked the skeleton about his life in Emoji App (Ijome Pi). The skeleton was very nervous that the city was renamed. The ruler reacted to it that he would like to be written in the history. Moreover, the First Horror Clown wanted to make a good name for himself in all history books. In addition he wanted to produce possibly many Selfies of himself. Moreover, the First Horror Clown was called over and over again as a modernizer of the Circus Union. At that time the first flying pencil was developed at his order in Emoji App. The researchers had to make this under massive pressure of the circus army. The skeleton also told about the spices Ijome Pi. Emojis and other ethnic groups used this for their famous soups from ant sheets. At that time a lot of plants of the spices were sowed by the farmers. Further underground there lay several remains. In addition archaeologists found several other skeletons. Many had gold bar. The skeleton told the First Horror Clown also about the big party after the death of the generous imperator. This was a reason enough for the foundation of the city Emoji App. At that time, however, one also feared the birth of the misers. That's why corpses with their valuables were buried. This was a long tradition above all in Emoji App. Later the inhabitants of the town noticed that less and less valuables remained for them. Thereon some Emojis decided to dig out the valuables. Later they sold these things. This provided for big annoyance on the whole Emoji. The traders more and more often fled in the different planets. Some historians suppose that many misers from the Jupiter had their roots in Emoji App. However, this could not be confirmed up to now yet or be denied. 88333 days ago a big fortress was built by local Emojis. At that time the king of Emoji had very much great fear of the invasion of the Allergies to Emoji App. He feared that the king of Allergies could claim the town for himself. The aim was the protection of the foreign attacks. Moreover, a wide wall was built. An attack of the Allergies and other power addicts should be thereby prevented. Near the fortress a suburb was established. There the authorities let to live soldiers and policemen. They exactly had to supervise the border. Allergies got to know about this development in their newspapers. They were annoyed so. Thereon the king of Allergies mobilised his allergic army.

The king of Emoji got to know about the declaration of war of the Allergies. Thereon he wanted to go forward together with the Circus Kingdom against the Allergies together. Allergies tried to destroy the wall and the fortress. Several decayed water melons on the Allergies were thrown down by the uppermost floor of the fortress. Many soldiers of the Allergies injured themselves very hard. Thereon the king of Allergies had to inform personally of his defeat in writing and orally on a big poster before the border to Emoji App. The fortress was damaged only very easily. The repair work lasted about 44 days. The king of Emoji sent the bill for the repair to the authorities of Allergies. This made the Allergies again very furious. Thereon Allergies in an emergency meeting decided to set on fire the wall of Emoji App. At that time several Acrobats from the Circus Kingdom were on the way to Emoji App. They saw this. Thereon they informed the local authorities and policemen. This time the army had to extinguish fire. This time the king of Emoji decided a pitiless attack against Allergies. He sent his army to Allergies. However, in Allergies no Emoji knew what he had to do. Thus the soldiers from Emoji marched on foot on the streets of Allergies. Thereon the allergic army was alarmed. The allergic army took its wooden floors and ran in the direction of Emojis army. Soldiers from Emoji App had very much great fear. They would shout so loud that allergic soldiers could not hear this. Thereon there fled all allergic soldiers. The Emojis ran home. Thus the conflict was finished for long time. 79996 days ago the grain trader from Emoji Opinion visited the town. He was interested very much in the built fortress. As a mayor of the city he thought about the construction of a similar fortress also in Emoji Opinion. 74000 days ago several Saturn-extraterrestrials came in the city Emoji App. They kidnapped several army members of the suburb. At that time they renamed the name of the fortress as the tax authority. They forced Emojis with weapons to make penal payments. Step by step Emojis of the city Emoji App became slaves of the Saturn. The kidnapped soldiers were brought to Saturn. There they had to produce forbidden means. Long time had Saturn aliens the town under their control. Even misers from the Jupiter did not get to have success in Emoji App. 42344 days ago an opposing group formed up against the rule of the Saturn-extraterrestrials. At that time several Emojis worked on achieving progress. The local population decided to diminish the power of the Saturn clearly. At this time yellow Jupiter-extraterrestrials came to Circus Kingdom. They sponsored the group around the First Horror Clown. The First Horror Clown thereby gained strength and could build up his mighty circus army. Also eager Emojis from Emoji App got to know about these events. They tried to join to the First Horror Clown. Together with the First Horror Clown they worked on a plan to the fall of the influence of the Saturn. After the circus army from discontented citizens grew on and on, the First Horror Clown sent the first opposition group to Emoji App. Therein were above all citizen from the city of the same name. The circus army began a fight against the Saturn's levy authorities 41111 days ago. Besides, several Saturn aliens became seriously injured. The First Horror Clown commanded big thrift in dealing with the caught Saturn-extraterrestrials. That is the fact that the caught Saturn aliens might receive no reward. They got only two dry sheets per day to eat. After the end of the rule of Saturn in Emoji App the king of Emoji got great fear. Finally, he feared very seriously his own fall. After this success the First Horror Clown further went to Circus Kingdom. There he further worked on his conquest plans. He met yellow Jupiter-extraterrestrials. They were so enthusiastically from the plans of the First Horror Clowns that they guaranteed financial support him. Finally, they wanted to go forward against their local misers. For important discussions they met in Emoji App every twentieth day of one month. 38690 days ago the king of Emoji commanded the construction of a railway station in the city. The king thereby wanted to show his positive power in the city. However, this was not useful a lot. The majority of the city was controlled by the circus army. Nevertheless, the railway station was built after 2333 days. 36135 days ago the mayor of Emoji App organised the re-opening of the railway station. Besides, the First Horror Clown was also invited as a guest of honour. All Emojis applauded the future ruler in such a way as if he was the king of Emoji.

Later after the seizure of power of the First Horror Clown he changed the city name in Emoji App. Thereon all signs had to be renewed. In all books the name had to be corrected at the instruction of the First Horror Clowns.  31390 days ago the First Horror Clown signed a document to the subject Emoji App. Therein the population was requested to the industrial progress. Then began in the city the construction of several factories. Especially pocket calculators were produced actively. For this the city received an honouring of the regime of the First Horror Clown. Beside pocket calculators microprocessors were also built. Other technical things were also produced. The first keyboard was produced in a factory in Emoji App. The First Horror Clown got to know regularly about progress of this city. That's why he praised the motivated Emojis every week-end on a rainy day. 27376 days ago the first Egoists from Mars came to Emoji App. They came with their flying saucers to the city. They wanted to kidnap the children to Mars. Thereby they wanted to make later the local population susceptible to blackmail. The First Horror Clown sent after this event 55555 soldiers of his circus army to Emoji App. When Egoists tried to lure the children with sweets and other food to themselves, were there some Emojis. The local policemen had to throw down thereon several tonnes of rubber in the direction of Egoists. The Egoists were thereby disturbed more and more. To flee with the attempt of some Egoists with kidnapped children, several selfish pilots were overpowered by the police. Only twelve children could be kidnapped to Mars. This was for the First Horror Clown already as a defeat. That's why he commanded mass custody for thousands of Egoists. Thereby he wanted to strengthen his negotiations position. This led to the fact that the uppermost Egoist received 200 caught Egoists as a countermove for twelve children from Emoji. What the Horror Clown made, however, more skilful, was the entire destruction of the opposing flying saucers. The uppermost Egoist was thereby easily weakened. Easter Eggs tried to conquer later the city. But the local policemen could arrest them. Moreover, the Easter Eggs were thrown in the frying pans. 26888 days ago Egoists and Easter Eggs from Emoji App had to flee. Then they did not come any more to the city. The Egoists destroyed only two percent of the houses in the city. This was in proportion to other towns relatively little.  22222 days ago the Second Horror Clown visited the city quite officially. He found out with the mayor about the needs of the population. Thereby there came the idea of the urban fridge. The aim was to be made it for emergency case all food of a place for everybody accessible. At that time several subterranean places were dug out. There the urban fridge was organised. Besides, food is held for at least 999 days there. But with normal expiry the food is used after 46 days. The city consists of small regions.


Geography of Emoji App

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The climate in Emoji App is mostly described by meteorologists as sunny. The sun officially shines about 66 percent of all days. Remaining 34 percent the sun hides behind the grey clouds. But the sun not always hides behind the clouds. On one day a meteorologist explained that the sun had on that day work-free. This led to an outburst of rage in the Emoji App. The meteorologist had to hide for several weeks from furious Emojis. This was not easy for him. That's why he decided the construction of the artificial sun. On a cloudy day he hung up the artificial sun completely on top on the uppermost tower of the city. Thereby he became the most popular meteorologist of the city. Later the whole kingdom Emoji got to know about this meteorologist. This led to the fact that Emoji App got a special place of interest. Thereon the meteorologist was distinguished by all tourism authorities. In winter the temperatures fall on-0,66. The average temperature in winter amounts to +6. The average temperature in summer reaches +24. The most high temperature was in summer +49. In winter thermometer about-12 could reach. The surface of the city is estimated by researchers at 46899 packaging of all daily newspapers in Emoji. In the area of Emoji App there exist many nature reserves. There are also several waters in this area. The population uses the local water quite variously. The water can be used by the power consumption up to cooking water. Many Emojis have own solar cell in this city. The electricity is thereby produced by every citizen independently. An electricity enterprise does not exist here. Even on cloudy days the population has at disposal enough solar electricity.


Air quality in Emoji App

When the Egoists from Mars were in this area, the air was dirtied so strongly. This led to long-standing aerial cleaning works. Only 16000 days ago the authorities could call the air quality adequate. When the king of Salted Cucumbers conquered the city Emoji Pop, the air quality got worse again very strongly. This is why Emoji App belongs to the towns which exert themselves for a fight against the toxic king.

What does make Emoji App from wastes?

The city tries to produce useful products of rubbish. As an example a high-tech WC paper was shown 8899 days ago for the first time before the nose of the consumers. Researchers try to use feverishly the rubbish sensibly. Sometimes this succeeds, sometimes it needs about 1111 attempts. Only with the attempt in 1112 success can be registered.


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The uppermost statistician and mathematician dealt very intensely with the growth of the population of Emoji App. 244 days ago 777,777 inhabitants were counted in the city quite officially. On account of sinking births in Emoji App the population decreases more and more. Moreover, there are more and more older inhabitants than children. The mayor had one morning a bad feeling. Thereon he decided to raise the retirement age in the city clearly. Thus inhabitants of Emoji App might go only at the age of 31025 days to the pension. This led to a mass protest. Many Emojis started to pelt thereon the political building of the city with waffles. Some Emojis threw even old newspapers on the mayor. Thereon the king of Emoji urgently had to come to Emoji App. There the king allowed to put back the retirement age again. The mayor decided to raise after all his own wage. Some envious Emojis took several old metals and threw on the mayor at his visit in the media house. At that time the urban parliament had to alarm the whole police. The metal throwers were found after 77 days in a house. The metal throwers were condemned afterwards by a court for 246 days of custody. Thereon the mayor decided to justify his pay raise. He took several exercise books. Therein he took down all names of the citizens of Emoji App. Besides he visited every household personally. Most inhabitants reacted very much in amazement. He questioned every inhabitant about his/her worries or wishes. The implementation of this job lasted quite long. About 9666 days his visits lasted with the citizens. This brought the biggest popularity to the mayor. At the beginning only 40 percent of the population knew him. After the visits he could increase his name recognition on about 88 percent. That's why the mayor was re-elected regularly.


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In the city of Emoji App exists a local parliament. There male and female Emojis must sit half of this. This was decided in such a way, so that equal rights rule between both sides. The city selects all 1622 days a new parliament. Besides, no candidate may be officially criminal. That is the penal register freely from entries must be. 3777 days ago a Jupiter alien tried to run for election for the urban parliament. He faked several bank notes and paid the corrupt civil servants for the deletion of his criminal past from the penal register. Thereon he could run for election. Later the researchers examined the bank notes which they received in the bank from Emoji App for research purposes. They had to find out that a lot of bank notes were faked. However, the extraterrestrial from the Jupiter was chosen easily. The researchers examined the bank notes exactly with the magnifying glass and the microscope. In some bank notes they found unknown viruses and bacteria. This was identified as a token of the forgery. Later nationally became known that the bacteria of elective Jupiter alien come. This scandal was broadcasted live at the command of the mayor on all canals. The elective extraterrestrial from the Jupiter had to be locked up after this event for 2444 days in the prison. Later every candidate was examined before his candidature with the microscope and even telescope. The city Emoji App has several courts.


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The city of Emoji App applies as an area with very small unemployment. In addition said a mathematician: In this city there are on an average 999 unemployed people and Emojis in a month. With most unemployed people it concerns the people who have recently concluded their education. Partially the also had an accident people who are dismissed by their employers for patience reasons belong in this statistics.  In Emoji App many hardware products are produced. These products are used compelling for Apps. Who would like to succeed in the Apps-industry, must ordinarily change his residence to Emoji App. Many software developers have reached their first success in this city. Some investors exactly wanted to know the secrets of the location. For this purpose they invested money in several expensive researches. Charlatans also used this. They received a lot of orders on this way. Besides, they invented facts. As an example the autumn sheets were called. Many investors did not understand this. Finally, only 28 percent of the successful Apps- enterprises had been founded in autumn. The rest spreads for the other seasons. Except computer industry there is in Emoji App also an enterprise, allowed the grilling on the stones. This enterprise makes about two billions turnovers per year. Many stingy investors from the Jupiter try to bring every second Monday the enterprise under their control. Several investors have fought even mutually like in a bullfight. For the outsiders the whole works like a theatrical entertainment. 2444 days ago even the police had to take apart the stingy investors. This provided for conversation material under the Emojis. An enterprise produces above all metal bottles as a storage space for data from the computer or Internet. Many Emojis want to be able to look many files from the Internet also offline. This is why they use the metal bottles for this purpose. Also this enterprise is every second Tuesday on the shopping menu of the misers from the Jupiter. Up to now the army could repulse the misers, however, successfully. Finally, nobody wants that misers influenced the job market on Emoji App. Beside technical enterprises there are food markets. Many farmers sell their fruits and vegetables directly at the market. Other businessmen sell something other.


Education and Science

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In Emoji App, there is done research actively every Wednesday in a new computer language at the university for Apps in a lab. Thus nearly 111 new computer languages were developed for different areas of life. Besides, extraterrestrials from Pluto serve as big assistants. The city has at least five universities. One can study the following areas in Emoji App: Medicine, software, hardware, engineering and other (up to now) censored areas. On every Thursday researchers meet for discussions of their works at a confidential place in Emoji App. Someday a journalist wanted to be present. For this he let a robot snake creep to the meeting place. Thereby he could present a sensation in the local newspaper. Later the journalist was officially sued by the researchers. This led to a mass demonstration in the whole city Emoji App. The court had to throw the discomfort of the researchers live in the waste bag. Furious researchers decided to invent after this event a private computer language for their purposes. Later somebody hardly understood their talks in public. Even some researchers themselves understood no word. Thus this experiment with the secret language failed after some months. Current most researchers renounce these discussions. Only few researchers discuss. Besides, they pay attention to every letter which they spit from their mouth.

Culture and Art

In Emoji App there is a musician's group which improves the mood in the population every Friday to the week-end. They sing on the streets. They eat spinach with onions. Some musicians pelt the pedestrians with banana peels. The yellow colour means "welcome to the week-end" in this city. At the same time the mood of the Emojis officially rises by 46 percent. This was confirmed by a group of the psychologists. In the middle of the centre of the city of Emoji App. It can happen that pedestrians are appealed by a disguised group. Many disguised personalities ordinarily work at the theatre as  actors. Some Emojis quite simply draw pedestrians. Many Emojis are active on this way as artists. Thus several portraits of the local citizens have originated. Many of these paintings were issued in an urban gallery. One day even the mayor of Emoji App was portrayed against his will. He wanted to complain with the king of Emoji. The king did not want to express himself in addition publicly. Thus the portrait of the mayor was shown even in the land newspaper. Beside the artists script editors, occupational inventors and other occupational people also live in Emoji App. In addition several museums, libraries and other events still exist in the city.

Sports in Emoji App

Most Emojis go in for the so-called art sports in this city. Besides, they eat and jump at the same time about 7 snail steps forward. In addition the sports office of the city organises even regularly Olympic Games. Who wins here, can be recompensed with prices to the value of 17777 local Bitcoins. Some Emojis go swimming. But with the swimming competition it is a matter not only of swimming, but also of splashing himself/herself with water with the nose. (Similar to the elephants)

Mass Media

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In Emoji App there are many television broadcasting stations and other bearers of information. One day an alarm was released in the city because of the escape several information from the editorial staff. Thereon policemen and soldiers had to fetch back the brief information. However, this lasted too long. By this second the chief editor had to find out disappointed that the information was already 49 hours old. The chief editor took the information and threw them from the window. The information fell on the bucket of the rubbish. Thus ended the brief information.


🚂 Transport

In Emoji App one can allow to transport himself from point A to B by the trains, coaches, running horses and other means of transportation. More and more Emojis fly with their self-tinkered drones in the whole surroundings all around Emoji App. The mayor had great fear that the drones could fall. He explained his fear with the fact that he liked to have no damages. The urban parliament thereby had to invent a new law. Thus it was decided that all drones with a microscope by researchers would have to be examined for microbes and bacteria. Only afterwards it was possible to authorize the drone. At the same time there are more and more Trojan horses. With these horses some means of transportation is immobilised by informatics specialists. Thus the mayor on the way had to be evacuated to Emoji SMS to the king one day from the train. As a reason a hacker's attack on the software of the train was called. Who sent the Trojan horse in the programme, a riddle remained. Many thinkers supposed at this point all opponents of the mayor. But his opponents were known as computer-incapable.

Health Care

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1888 days ago several hospitals and medical centres could be registered in Emoji App. The exact number may not be called for censorship reasons. In Emoji App highly qualified doctors and other medicine staff are absent. That's why the government tries to advertise more and more to the medical occupations publicly. Even politicians promise valuable presents for all beginning doctors and other occupations in the medicine. This led to the fact that several Jupiter aliens from the yellow social layer came to Emoji App. The misers from the Jupiter became very nervous. Thus many yellow extraterrestrials from the Jupiter were trained in this city very well. The misers threatened Emoji with hard sanctions. However, the king reacted exceptionally very much calmly. Thus many Jupiter aliens could profit from good education. On the decision of the king all inhabitants from Emoji App receive free vouchers for medical controls. Besides, the vitamins and minerals are checked in the body. Also single organs are examined. For this the king via national bank sends the suitable amount to the hospitals and medical centres. Thus several illnesses could be found out early.

Cemeteries in Emoji App

Who would like to have a place on a cemetery in Emoji App, must absolutely leave a letter with his or her wishes for the time after his/ her death. No matter whether a testament or quite different wishes are accepted in this letter. In Emoji App there are several cemetery places. Some places are closed. These were founded especially for pandemics. This was the case 99008 days ago. At that time several million inhabitants died at several places in completely Emoji of falling fingernails. At that time the population lacked the yellow vitamin. Some Emojis express their wishes what one should make with their bodies or social media profiles after their death. This provided even for a bankruptcy of an Internet company 68 days ago. At that time an Internet enterpriser had to announce insolvency. Besides, most registered users were quite dead. Most dead users wrote in their letters that their profiles on that web page should also live on after their death. However, the Internet enterpriser wanted to take over no costs for this. Thus this case became a juridical game in Emoji. At the end decided the uppermost judge that the kingdom takes over the web page with the profiles of the dead users. Moreover, the kingdom committed itself the profiles wide plucking laying. Only the status announcements must not be updated any more. The profiles are further pursued passively. Thus the impression should be prevented that the person lives suddenly again. Other users are not thereby confused.


Tourist attractions

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In Emoji App exist at least five interesting places of interest. Up to now the censorship authority checks whether these places on the planet Earth may be published or not. The old tree is exception. A big and very thick birch stands in the south of Emoji App before the glass parking bay. Biologists found out after 246 days that the old birch was about 122,555 days old. Later still there came other biologists with other main focuses and checked the age of the tree. However, the other biologists came on an age of 246,642 days. Both groups started to argue about the tree long time. Someday both sides dreamt of the physicist called Albert Einstein from the planet Earth. He explained to both groups that time is relative. The next day both groups finished their quarrel about the age of the old birch. Current nobody more tries to calculate the age with stupid methods. Finally, every researcher would give his favorite number as an age. Before the first house stands a big shield with the full name of the First Horror Clowns. This shield was taken up as a cultural heritage of the city in the book of threatened shields. In addition the minister of culture of Emoji decided to recognise this shield as a place of interest. With these both subjects it concerns argumentative things under the concept "Places of interest". Some Emojis call the old birch and the shield only as a sign of the city Emoji App. Other inhabitants think of the old birch and the shield if they hear the word places of interest. 

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