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Emoji Art


Emoji Art is an important town in the kingdom Emoji. The town is completely in the south of the country. In winter many animals of the north of the Emoji fled to the area of the Emoji Art. The town is known as a minicapital of the region and its surroundings. The king of Emoji visits this town every 167 days in the year. Traditionally meet on this day the urban parliament, the mayor and other political representatives of the Emoji Art with the king. The uppermost politicians thought even to fix this day in the land constitution as a duty day. However, thereon there protested the uppermost politicians from the capital city Emoji SMS. Nevertheless, the king visits the town yearly on the same day.


 Emoji Art


Geography of Emoji Art

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Emoji Art lies in 276 giraffes sea height in an area permeated from hills with woods and fields. The town applies predominantly on the left shore of the medium-sized river. The town is also ordinarily inhabited by 1555 foxes in the woods. Emojis fear attacks sometimes agree if they suddenly see three or four foxes concurrent. For this case exists the urban emergency service. Moreover, Emoji Art every seventh Tuesday is visited by a group of wolves and bears. Oddly enough the inhabitants have no fear in comparison to the foxes. At least, the big predators are looked as an assistant. The reason for that quite simply lies in the waste bags. The hungry bears and wolves search the waste bags for eatable remains. Besides, Emojis have less and clean rubbish in this town. Thus they save a lot of work and money. 


🌈 Geography and Weather

The city Emoji Art is in the southwest of the kingdom Emoji. This means that the climate becomes tolerable in winter for many animals. It rains at least two coffee cups per second on an average autumn day. In winter it is snowing from about 8 to 9 days per winter. Otherwise there remain about 77.77% of the time cloudy. The temperatures move in winter around 5-10 °С. Seldom the temperatures fall in winter under-11. In summer the temperatures remain with on an average 23°С. Exceptions were measured in the visiting day of the king by the meteorologists. On such days the weather reacts a little bit allergically to the ruler. In summer the temperatures immediately rose on 44°С. In winter the king did not visit the town though up to now, but many meteorologists state that the visit of the First Horror Clowns crossed in the city Emoji Art in winter the present record clearly. Some historians saw that the temperatures fell on-67°С. At that time a lot of inhabitants of the city Emoji Art froze.


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As archaeologists found out some time ago, the first inhabitants in the area lived already 1,825,000 days ago in Emoji Art. Some historians think that at that time here the first forefathers of the Circus People lived. However, lawyers could prove none of these theories in their approach. What archaeologists could not prove, the fact was an unknown inhabitant. At least, old credit cards were found. A theory says that the natives got into debt so far that they became extinct. The credit grantors protested against this theory in Emoji. They feared a damage of their valuable reputation. Moreover, excavators also found several freshly preserved corpses very deeply underground. Some researchers got great fear. Finally, many corpses lay in such a way as if they were buried only a short time ago there. However, this was not the case. An archaeologist decided to let examine the corpses by doctors. Among the doctors was also a forger. He stated that the corpses are still alive. This was a sensation. He tried ones to prove that at least a corpse had a body temperature around 33°С. Other doctors wanted to check for this the other corpses just. But they were interested more in the reason, why the corpses remained so well-preserved. Thereon a long-standing research began. Among the researchers was also a food specialist. He always claimed that food was to blame for it. In a lot of food there are receiving ingredients. Thus they remain a long time in the fridge long-lasting. That's why these materials also remained in the bodies. This prevented the conversion of the corpses in skeletons.

297,475 days ago a castle was built in Emoji Art at the order of the emperor. The emperor wanted to make a castle his new place of residence. At that time, however, Generous also came and destroyed his castle. Thereon the emperor was kidnapped by the Allergies. Later still there came extraterrestrials from the Uranus. They were much better than the Generous equipped. Thus a long struggle for power began between both sides. 255,135 days ago were kidnapped all Generous by the extraterrestrials from the Uranus. In Uranus Generous were forced to the hard labour. At that time the city Emoji Art was taken by the Uranus aliens. Generous ones were afraid already to conquer the town again. The area of Emoji Art remained very long time under the occupying of the planet Uranus. The mighty extraterrestrials defeated all the other people in the surroundings. Even Circus Kingdom was incapable against Uranus. 221,555 days ago the conquerors of the Uranus decided a compulsive delivery for the inhabitants of the city Emoji Art. Emojis of this town were very gifted artists. They earned high profits by their art. That's why there grew the envy of the extraterrestrials from the Uranus. Thus they sent bills in all households. At that time, moreover, the political elite of Uranus established a mighty building. In addition a prison was also built. There was above all a law in the city Emoji Art under the rule of Uranus. The law obliged all inhabitants to deliver at least 80 percent of their income to the authorities. Who defended himself against this payment, was punished with 99 punches. Some Emojis were arrested in perpetuity. 202,575 days ago several inhabitants of the city Emoji Art were kidnapped to Uranus. At that time grew the power hunger of the extraterrestrials from the Uranus so far that many inhabitants of the town wanted to defend themselves. However, all attempts of the local population failed fast. But later extraterrestrials from the Uranus were punished by the nature. 190,344 days ago registered persons responsible from the Uranus for the weather a special flash. They did not know this up to now yet. Although they were highly qualified, they did not know this kind of the flash. The flash approached more and more in the direction of the city Emoji Art. After a short time there paused the flash. The extraterrestrials from the Uranus thought that the flash was over. They ran in their buildings and castles. There they counted the collected money. They discussed quite haughtily their plans for the future. Suddenly it flashed very strongly in the surroundings all around the houses and castles of the Uranus aliens. Local houses were not met by the flash. The flash caused big damages in the buildings of the Uranus aliens. The money was burnt by the flash. The extraterrestrials from the Uranus reacted very much angry about the nature. They ran from the houses and fell on the ground. From the ground there came several poisonous snakes. These snakes bit the haughty extraterrestrials from the Uranus. Many of them died after some hours at the place. After 76 minutes the earth shook in the surroundings of these houses and castles during about 67 seconds. Besides, the houses and castles fell together with the extraterrestrial from the Uranus underground. They were swallowed everybody by the earth. 189,944 days ago the inhabitants noticed that no Uranus aliens were in the city Emoji Art. They ran to the prisons and released their local prisoner. They looked in vain for the mighty castles of the Uranus-extraterrestrials. In Uranus the political elite was interested which income was generated in Emoji Art. That's why they flew to Emoji Art with a cage of wood. Once in the town, they found nothing. They believed themselves, as cheated. Nowhere was a track of their compatriots. Thereon it was got cloudy suddenly very much all around the political elite of the Uranus'. They got great fear. Within 12 seconds it was snowing very strongly on the political elite. To flee they agreed. Hardly they fled of Emoji Art, the weather became stable again. After this experience the thirst for conquest of the extraterrestrials from the Uranus passed definitively. Uranus concentrated more and more in the progress. Then it came to several conquest attempts of other extraterrestrials. There were several struggles for power. The Generous tried once more to conquer the city Emoji Art. 118,990 days ago the inhabitants of the town built a lot of independent houses. Also many tents were built for art-creative. In this time the city Emoji Art experienced its economic highlight. At that time the town of different power addicts for some time remained partitioning. They organised on the principle of the voluntariness. At that time they also had no mayor and no uppermost politicians. All inhabitants had respected themselves mutually. Historians call this time of the Emoji Art best in its history. The population of the town amounted at that time to about 1222 inhabitants.

Easter Eggs in Emoji Art

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87668 days ago the Easter Eggs decided to take the city Emoji Art as a hostage under their control. The queen of the Easter Egg Country used the situation completely. She let her soldiers supervise the town. The whole town was supervised by the Easter Eggs around-the-clock. Who wanted travelling of road Emoji Art, can to let like degradations on the part of the Easter Eggs. Slowly the economy of the town of its highlight fell in the direction of an economic crisis. Finally, the inhabitants saw too many Easter Eggs. That's why the local art was also adapted to the Easter Eggs. That is the fact that more and more artists painted above all Easter Eggs and signed. The city Emoji Art became the centre of the rule of the Easter Eggs in this area. On account of the rule of the Easter Eggs more and more extraterrestrials from Mars came to the town. The Easter Eggs tried, if to raise possibly fees. They invented a fee for the use of the area. Thus every inhabitant had to pay a property fee. 83585 days ago began the construction of several educational institutions in Emoji Art. The Easter Eggs invented a kind of the education which connected slavery and education together. Thus children of the Emojis worked about 6 days per week. On the seventh day the children of the Emojis visited a school. Thus the Easter Eggs could use the worker cleverly cheap. Thus they legitimised child employment at that time in Emoji Art. 73000 days ago about 5567 inhabitants from mixed places lived in the town. The growth in population was widespread in this time. Thus the town further grew in 66789 inhabitants 42705 days ago. Moreover, many extraterrestrials from Pluto lived in Emoji Art. They were limited by the Easter Eggs strongly in their freedom. 60955 days ago the Easter Eggs experienced bad days. At that time several houses exploded in Easter Egg Country. The cause was the rising discontent with the political elite of the country. This led to the fact that the country had to rework its constitution. 42679 days ago several factories of the painting and other areas were founded. At that time the economy of the city Emoji Art started to grow again. Extraterrestrials from Pluto founded many companies under other also banks. In the takeover of the banks more and more misers from the Jupiter were interested. Thus they tried to acquire the banks so favourably as possible.

The interest of the Pluto aliens in the business in Emoji Art got smaller more and more. That's why they sold the banks. The misers used the banks above all for the monetary production. Thus they financed to themselves all their needs. The misers worked together with the ruling Easter Eggs in many areas. They loved this clever enslavement method. They let at their banks only learners work. These worked for the misers quite legitimately favourably and visited the school once per week. Thus gained misers and Easter Eggs full profits. More and more Emojis suffered from their rule. 36865 days ago Emoji Art was taken by the Circus Kingdom.  Many extraterrestrials from Pluto fled from this town to Circus Kingdom. First tried Emoji to bring the town under its rule. This failed. After less days occupied Vampires the city Emoji Art with their tanks. The Easter Eggs left the town as if they fled from fire. The fear of the Vampires grew faster than expected. 35770 days ago the Vampires put their flag on the ground of Emoji Art. On this day Emoji Art became a part of the Vampire's area.

Vampires in Emoji Art

👫 Human

When the Vampires occupied the city Emoji Art completely, all Easter Eggs had to pack their suitcases and flee. The uppermost ruler of the Vampires commanded this. Moreover, threatened Vampires to the Easter Eggs with the throw in the frying pans. Vampires forced the local population study their language. For Emojis above all the letters of the Vampires Language were very irritating. Because many Emojis had problems with the foreign language. Vampires agreed to build up massive pressure on Emojis. Thus they locked up the learners in dark rooms. There they had to learn by heart every letter. The army of the Vampires controlled every inhabitant on his and her progress with the learning. During the rule of the Vampires in Emoji Art above all the bloodsucker's broad industry was built up. Many nurses had to take from the population blood without consent. The uppermost ruler of the Vampires ordered this. Who refused, had to count on a punishment in a hospital. Above all hospitals and their staff profited from the rule of the Vampires. At this time a lot of hospitals were founded for the purpose of the blood sample.

Egoists and Horror Clown

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27375 days ago Egoists with the Easter Eggs came to the area. They threatened the ruling Vampires with iron. Thus the Vampires decided to join the Egoists. At this time the First Horror Clown organised his circus army according to his plans. He decided the entire conquest of the city Emoji Art. At his command 12356 soldiers came to Emoji Art. At this time the Vampires and Egoists tried to conquer together the town again. For some days Vampires conquered the town. They arrested all extraterrestrials from other planets. These extraterrestrials were condemned to the hard labour. They further had to take blood from the population. Who did not take part, was shot by the Vampires. The mayor of Emoji Art was an opponent of the Egoists. That's why he let several extraterrestrials above all from Pluto flee. 26280 days ago the mayor made friends with the soldiers of the circus army in a confidential meeting. The mayor belonged to the people of the Vampires. Nevertheless, he had big sympathies for the regime of the First Horror Clowns. This led to the fact that he helped the circus army in the fight against Egoists. However, this contradicted the other Vampires. At this time it became also possible thanks to the mayor that Emoji Art of the Egoists was released. 26267 days ago all positions of the Egoists and their allies were destroyed completely. Even the First Horror Clown came to the town. He wanted to see with his eyes how his circus army defeats the enemy. Moreover, he wanted to connect the city Emoji Art to Circus Union. After violent fights the circus army could torment all Egoists and kill with pumpkins. Then Emoji Art became a part of the Circus Union. The First Horror Clown thanked personally all generals and soldiers, who Emoji Art released of the Egoists. He printed even special bank notes to honour of the army members.  Because of the victory against Egoists in Emoji Art the First Horror Clown organised a big party in the capital city of the Circus Country. Moreover, the First Horror Clown ordered a party in the cities Emoji SMS and Emoji Meaning. With 76 fireworks this event was known as the most-famed of the past. The First Horror Clown was glad so much in this victory that he himself threw down a rocket on South Mars. The rocket destroyed the safe deposit of a bank. Later developed Emoji Art more and more to an industrial town with main focus car refinishing and painting. Important artists could realise their talents. The town founded several galleries. Emoji Art became known for most artistic exhibitions nationally and planet-far. Moreover, railway station Emoji Art was artistically improved in appearance at the command of the Third Horror Clowns. 20075 days ago the airport was restored by Emoji Art. 17885 days ago organised Emoji Art a competition among the artists. Besides, artists from other towns, countries and planets might also take part. This competition was broadcasted live on several TV stations. Although many gifted artists also came from other places, the artists from Emoji Art were valued by the spectators from other areas best of all. The best places reached Emojis from this town. After this official competition several researchers started to deal with this subject intensely. They wanted to find out, why many very successful artists were born in Emoji Art. They wanted to organise even blood samples. But the opposition in the population was so big that researchers renounced this provisionally. Many inhabitants associate the blood samples with the rule of the Vampires in Emoji Art. The researchers already look for more than 17000 days for this reason. Up to now, however, they failed in their researches.

Tourism attractions in Emoji Art

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The subterranean bunker of the Easter Eggs is known as visit-worth. There the Easter Eggs during their rule hid their plans for the future. The age of the bunker is estimated by historians at more than 80000 days old. Further a castle exists in the north of the town. There the mayor hid the foreign extraterrestrials during the rule of the Egoists. From this castle the extraterrestrials could flee in their home planets. In the middle of the city centre stand several marble figures. These figures were established by the child slaves of the regime of the Easter Eggs. They symbolised the power of the Easter Eggs in Emoji Art. Vampires established their own sculptures in this town. These sculptures were partially destroyed by the Egoists and the circus army. These sculptures stand current in the museums of the town. Relatively new place of interest in Emoji Art is the monument to honour of the First Horror Clowns. This monument was built 20440 days ago at the command of the Second Horror Clowns. The old shopping street of Emoji Art is recommended by tourism experts as visit-worth. In this shopping street a lot of misers from the Jupiter have their stores. They wave with their flags to the tourists, so that they visit their shops. What misers from the Jupiter sell there, may not be published for censorship reasons abroad.


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240 days ago the office for statistics counted about 267,676 inhabitants in Emoji Art. This number was spread afterwards nationally in all public official gazettes. The majority of the population is young.  (younger than 23725 days) The oldest inhabitants of the town amount to about 33 1/3 percent of the whole population. The oldest inhabitant of the town was born 40884 days ago in Emoji Art. At that time the Easter Eggs still ruled. That's why this inhabitant is able to do very well the language of the Easter Egg Country. She worked for an Easter Egg as a sewing machine worker. At that time many children of the Emojis were enslaved cleverly by the Easter Eggs. She told during an interview that she had to sew at least 24 clothes per day. The Easter Eggs required this default. She had to work under big pressure. She also told that she was very glad when the Easter Eggs were expelled by Vampires. The time of the First Horror Clowns called the oldest inhabitant a funny time. At that time it was celebrated very strongly. For other times she provided for censorship reasons no information.

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