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Sad Emoji

This is the story of 😭. Sad Emoji was mentioned for the first time in the history books of the kingdom Emoji 267,545 days ago. What happened exactly at that time in this area?
By that second an Emoji with a sad face was born in the royal family. In Sad Emoji 255,555 inhabitants were counted on a sunny day in the coldest winter's day. In Sad Emoji exists a river. According to an unconfirmed legend the river originated from many tears of the sad Emojis after a bitter defeat during an ancient war.


 Sad Emoji



Birth of Sad Emoji

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According to historians from the kingdom Emoji an Emoji was born 267,747 days ago in the royal family with a sad face. This shocked the haughty family long time. They tried to undertake different measures to the removal of the sad face. However, several independent doctors had to find out that it concerned in the birth of the sad Emojis species or an exception. However, the child was valid in spite of his sad face very healthy. The royal family feared a deterioration of the mood with itself at home. So Sad Emoji was separated from his family.
Thus Sad Emoji might be adopted by a maidservant. The royal family donated the area of the today's Sad Emoji to the sad child with the maidservant for this purpose. Thus the town was also called Sad Emoji. Because of his sad face Sad Emoji had got own town.


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At the beginning the royal family tried to undertake something against the sad face of the newborn child. Also operations were planned. But at the end the royal family rather renounced the child in favour of an adoption by a maidservant. Sad Emoji grew with his adoptive mother in the today's area of the city. He lived by fishing. Moreover, he might receive a scholarship for linguistic study from his royal family. Thus he studied the languages of the past. Because of his sad face no Emoji wanted to marry him. At this time came an extraterrestrial from the asteroid Pallas with a suitcase of aluminium. Sad Emoji met the stranger when he fished by the river. 👽️💬👤👨🏗🌉.


 Sad Emoji young

Sad Emoji was interested in the bridge. Then Sad Emoji made friends with the extraterrestrial from Pallas. 👤👨🌉👽️🦶. Thus the adventure of Sad Emoji began with the extraterrestrial. 😭🤚😦🅰️👟🌎🤝🍖🅰️🕌🌎🏅🏈🎾🏅➕🕌😭⚜🤚🌎👟🅰️.  👤👨😯❗️👤👨⬅️💻👥☃⛄. Sad Emoji did not want to return at all home on the ground. 😭❄️👯‍♀️👽️⏯☁️. 👤👨👨🥕🔭☁️☷🎃. ♅👽️😭☁️❗️. 👤👨😭💻👥☃⛄😭🙅😋. They planted several lemon cores in the earth. Thus they wanted to allow to warm up the climate in Sad Emoji.
Uranus aliens brought at least 1,245,689 lemon cores to Sad Emoji. Thus it really happened.


 Sad Emoji with snowmen


The climate became clearly warmer. The snowy people thereby started to melt. However, this lasted long time. Sad Emoji also decided to program snowy people more resistant to glaze. Thus he had at least 11,111 programmed snowmen and snowy women who could survive at temperatures of +100 and more. 😭⌨☃️☁️. After these events several spies from the Neptune came to Sad Emoji. They noticed that on top were the clouds of cotton.


 Sad Emoji on clouds of cotton


Thus they sat down on their flying saucers. Then they flew to the clouds of cotton. 😭😆🙃🍖🤚⬇️🛋️⬇️🛸✈️☁️. There they read the city name. They accepted this name. Eye wanted to take over the town dictatorship here. In the meantime, several Emojis from Poop Emoji came to the area. They found the way to Sad Emoji because they fled from slavery. Eye accepted them partially as normal citizens. Finally, he was same too especially.
202,940 days ago Sad Emoji was awoken from his energy savings mode.


 Sad Emoji: energy saving mode


He decided to go by the bridge of aluminium. Anyhow he could hardly remember his past. Also his past hid from Sad Emoji quite officially. Thus he went to the town which was named after him. 🤩🚽🤔🚸🍖😶😭⏯🅰️👏🈶🇮🇹👋🤩🕌🅰️ℹ️🇺🇸👶🕌👒. 👤👨👨🌊🍈. 👤👨👨😨♀⚔🛐.
Thus they fled from Sad Emoji by the bridge over the clouds to their native country. Allergies celebrated their victory over Venus. That's why Allergies sent several cucumbers for the salad of the inhabitants of Sad Emoji. In the meantime, Sad Emoji took over the town dictatorship. His deputy was his wife Emojia Poop. 👤👨😣🐌⬆👤👨⬅️🏘️. Although he was born earlier in the royal family, Sad Emoji hardly knew something about his original religion of the laughter. By different investigations Sad Emoji got to know about the city Heart Eyes Emoji. He visited this town.


 Sad Emoji in Heart Eyes Emoji

At this time governed Backton in this town. Sad Emoji wanted to find out about the religion of the town. He knew that in Heart Eyes Emoji was a good religion. That's why there came Sad Emoji with his delegation and took down all traditions of the religion. Thus the long-standing monk also came to Sad Emoji. After this event Sad Emoji was joined to the amusing houses. Suddenly remembered Sad Emoji to his roots. He remembered that he was excluded because of his sad face from the royal family. This made him again sad. One day he decided to rise again on the bridge. Then he went to the clouds of cotton. In the meantime, the town dictator Sad Emoji was announced everywhere as missing. However, Sad Emoji fell asleep on the clouds.

Sad Emoji and tax authority

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133,590 days ago came the entrepreneur called Why from the Saturn. He founded a sewing factory in Sad Emoji. He ate eternally of the work onions. In the meantime, many Emojis were inspired by a new enterprise and his methods very much. Thus Why became a big and mighty employer in Sad Emoji. More and more Emojis worked for Why. 😭🌉🔚🤚👆😠🅰️👭🍞🤚👩‍💼🚽. 👤👨❓️🛒📰⬆🏘️. 👤👨❓️🔍️💼. Some Emojis fled to other areas of Emoji. After the collection of several data about the income of the inhabitants the king of Emoji noticed that the population handled in Sad Emoji too wastefully with the money. 😫🤚🎮😄🍖👏⏯🚽🤲. 👑🧔↖️♂👀👤👨⬅️🪖➕📢. ⏱️🪖⤵️😭🛐➕😷. 112,055 days ago the entrepreneur Why from the Saturn was kidnapped by several allergic soldiers to Allergies. 😭🚽🤲👾🔋🤛🌉🔚. 🎅💻👥☃⛄. 🧑🧑💬👥☃⛄. 🤚😭🍖🕌☃🅰️👩‍⚕️🤚👧👩🍞. 🕴🕴🔨⛏🚪. The cut fingernails made Emojis sadly.
Thus they established a cemetery for fingernails.
For it Emojis received a discount with the income tax for the next year.
80665 days ago Sad Emoji was connected to the Circus Kingdom at the command of the rulers. The tax authority was used actively. Most Emojis from Sad Emoji did not take seriously this authority. Thus they saved a lot of money. Only who was afraid, paid voluntarily taxes. 77015 days ago Mercury tried to occupy the tax authority. That's why an officer from the Mercury required the key for the front door of the tax authority. He received the key without resistance. Nevertheless, Mercury could gain nobody in Sad Emoji for its food revolution. Finally, Mercury collected all worthless papers from the tax authority and disappeared from Sad Emoji with big disappointment.

The papers were presented in the Mercury with big pride as "a victory". In the reality these were old papers with outdated data from ancient time. 🧤😛🅰️💍🈯😄🚽🤙🌫😭. This led to a big respect under the local Emojis. 28105 days ago signed Allergies a document with the First Horror Clown for the immediate handing over of Sad Emoji to the Circus Union. Thereby there ended the rule of the Allergies over Sad Emoji.

Sad Emoji in the modernity

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After the joining to the Circus Union the First Horror Clown visited and touched the town Sad Emoji with his both eyes and with his both feet. He asked himself over and over again that in the town any secret hid. 😭🅰️😪🤚👆👩‍💼📑🉐📴🙅🔚🤚🈶🍖➖😄🅰️🙅🤙🅰️👩‍💼🈯😄🚯🇮🇹.
17888 days ago a descendant of Sad Emoji was born in the clouds of cotton called Sad Face Emoji. He also had a sad face like his former forefather.
In spite of his sad face he was put in his childhood on the list of the desirable grandchildren of the Third Horror Clowns. Later Sad Face Emoji became the town dictator of Sad Emoji.
17520 days ago a museum was founded in memory of the time of the Egoists and the First Horror Clowns in Sad Emoji.
On account of the sad name giver of the town entertainers from Laughing Emoji more and more often come to the town.
The mood of the Emojis thereby improves in Sad Emoji continuously. Many Emojis from other towns associate this town with a memorial service. However, this contradicts all together the truth. Here it was excluded only Sad Emoji in his childhood from the royal family. The rest was half as tragic. After the death of the Last Horror Clown a street was renamed to honour of the town name giver.

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