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Sad Emoji

This is the story of 😭. Sad Emoji was mentioned for the first time in the history books of the kingdom Emoji 267,545 days ago. What happened exactly at that time in this area?
By that second an Emoji with a sad face was born in the royal family. In Sad Emoji 255,555 inhabitants were counted on a sunny day in the coldest winter's day. In Sad Emoji exists a river. According to an unconfirmed legend the river originated from many tears of the sad Emojis after a bitter defeat during an ancient war.


 Sad Emoji



Birth of Sad Emoji

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According to historians from the kingdom Emoji an Emoji was born 267,747 days ago in the royal family with a sad face. This shocked the haughty family long time. They tried to undertake different measures to the removal of the sad face. However, several independent doctors had to find out that it concerned in the birth of the sad Emojis species or an exception. However, the child was valid in spite of his sad face very healthy. The royal family feared a deterioration of the mood with itself at home. So Sad Emoji was separated from his family.
Thus Sad Emoji might be adopted by a maidservant. The royal family donated the area of the today's Sad Emoji to the sad child with the maidservant for this purpose. Thus the town was also called Sad Emoji. Finally, nobody wanted to fall ill in the royal family with a depression. Because of his sad face Sad Emoji had got own town. In this point the historians agree without exception.


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At the beginning the royal family tried to undertake something against the sad face of the newborn child. Also operations were planned. But at the end the royal family rather renounced the child in favour of an adoption by a maidservant. Sad Emoji grew with his adoptive mother in the today's area of the city. He lived by fishing. Moreover, he might receive a scholarship for linguistic study from his royal family. Thus he studied the languages of the past. Because of his sad face no Emoji wanted to marry him. At this time came an extraterrestrial from the asteroid Pallas with a suitcase of aluminium. Sad Emoji met the stranger when he fished by the river. The extraterrestrial said that he built just a bridge of aluminium in the air.
Sad Emoji was interested in the bridge. Then Sad Emoji made friends with the extraterrestrial from Pallas. He might mount the bridge together with him. This was as if they were on foot in the air. Finally, aluminium from Pallas was quite transparent. Thus the adventure of Sad Emoji began with the extraterrestrial. They went up to the clouds. There Sad Emoji might recover. Finally, were the clouds at that time of cotton. Sad Emoji wanted to use the soft clouds also for the construction of a comfortable house. Thus Sad Emoji built a house of cotton in the clouds. The extraterrestrial from Pallas taught Sad Emoji different tricks. Thus Sad Emoji also learnt the programming of snowmen. Thereby programmed Sad Emoji nearly 9828 snowmen and snowy women.
He had been surprised very much about the fact that his programmed snowy people were quite alive. With every programming Sad Emoji wrote exactly which qualities he wanted for his snowy people. Later the snowy people could make only this what permitted Sad Emoji to them before in the code. Thus many were not only amusing, but also partly sad. Thereby he wanted to gain their understanding for his personality. Sad Emoji did not want to return at all home on the ground. Thus he remained together with his programmed snowy people on the clouds. 252,945 days ago a research team began in Uranus an experiment to the invention of the climate warming. That's why the research team with his flying saucer flew in the whole galaxy.
They had discovered with their carrot telescope a whole town in the clouds on the planet Halloween. They flew to this direction. At this time the suitcase of aluminium alarmed the extraterrestrial from Pallas. He went as quickly as possible to his friend Sad Emoji. He warned him that strangers from the planet Uranus approached the town. So Sad Emoji should program some snowy people also with aggressive and negative qualities urgently. Finally, nobody knew what Uranus aliens would make here. Thus Sad Emoji began the programming of the snowy people who could also react unkindly in the express tempo. For Uranus aliens the town was in the clouds very interesting as a research object. Thus the researchers from the Uranus came to this town. They were welcomed at the beginning by Sad Emoji friendly. Then Uranus aliens asked how it was possible to build up a town here in the clouds.
Finally, the idea was especially interesting for Uranus aliens because own population had quite scarcely place on own planet.
So the extraterrestrial from Pallas decided to fly with the Uranus aliens. Sad Emoji became sad. He felt this as a betrayal on the part of his best friend. So programmed Sad Emoji even more snowy people. One day he had already produced at least 278,890 snowy people. Thus he dealt with it full time. Sad Emoji was occupied so with the programming of snowy people that he had no hunger. He drank only a pair of raindrops from the upper clouds. Later several snowy people could find the way on the ground by the bridge of aluminium. In the meantime, many searching Uranus aliens were on the move on the ground. They planted several lemon cores in the earth. Thus they wanted to allow to warm up the climate in Sad Emoji.
Uranus aliens brought at least 1,245,689 lemon cores to Sad Emoji. Thus it really happened. The climate became clearly warmer. The snowy people thereby started to melt. However, this lasted long time. Sad Emoji also decided to program snowy people more resistant to glaze. Thus he had at least 11,111 programmed snowmen and snowy women who could survive at temperatures of +100 and more. In the meantime, several 10000 programmed snowy people of Sad Emoji melted by the climate warming. More and more Uranus aliens took the area of Sad Emoji. They built houses from different materials. Later several lemon trees started to grow in the quick tempo. The houses of the Uranus aliens were thereby made holes. That's why there fled Uranus aliens from this place. In the meantime, Sad Emoji still lived in the clouds of cotton.
At this time spies from the Neptune found out that Uranus already left its footprints in the area of Sad Emoji. Neptune was thereby under big pressure to visit this place. Thus several spies from the Neptune came to Sad Emoji. They noticed that on top were the clouds of cotton. Thus they sat down on their flying saucers. Then they flew to the clouds of cotton. There Neptune's aliens were welcomed by the snowy people and by Sad Emoji. They pressed a button. Then all clouds within 24 seconds became green. Then several ropes were liked from the clouds. These ropes could bite the Neptune's aliens like snakes. Then Neptune's aliens wanted to react. However, they could make nothing more.
Sad Emoji had been surprised very much at the strength of his place of residence. 208,415 days ago a connection unexpectedly originated between Venus and the clouds of Sad Emoji. Thus a mighty king from the Venus got to know about a possibility to come to Sad Emoji. At that time nobody knew in Venus the planet Halloween. At this time Sad Emoji was in the sleeping mode. Suddenly several Venus aliens came by the green clouds on the area of Sad Emoji. Among them was a general from Venus. He was called Eye. He had a total of four eyes. Two eyes in front and two behind. That's why he could be used very well in every fight. Eye went with a banana shovel on the clouds of cotton. Somewhere he found the sleeping Sad Emoji. He did not know whether this Emoji lived or was dead. That's why Eye looked for a doctor from the Venus. To his luck a religious doctor was in his group. The doctor checked the body of Sad Emoji. However, he could ascertain no death signs or signs of life. Here for doctor it concerned an energy savings mode. General Eye understood nothing in the medicine. That's why he left the body of Sad Emoji simply recumbent. In the meantime, several Venus aliens came under the guidance of the general by the bridge from the aluminium to Sad Emoji. There they read the city name. They accepted this name. Eye wanted to take over the town dictatorship here. In the meantime, several Emojis from Poop Emoji came to the area. They found the way to Sad Emoji because they fled from slavery. Eye accepted them partially as normal citizens. Finally, he was same too especially.
202,940 days ago Sad Emoji was awoken from his energy savings mode. He decided to go by the bridge of aluminium. Anyhow he could hardly remember his past. Also his past hid from Sad Emoji quite officially. Thus he went to the town which was named after him. He decided to live on the fishing. He built a tent of old wood for himself. At this time Sad Emoji any more did not suffer from the fact that he looked different. Finally, many aliens and Emojis with different expressions lived in Sad Emoji. The town received regular visit from the Venus. The religious leaders from the Venus decided to introduce their religion in Sad Emoji. Who refused to become religious, an income tax had to pay.
For most Emojis of this area it was no problem. Up to now, finally, they had no religion or unimportant one. Thus Venus long time influenced the history of Sad Emoji. 188,340 days ago several soldiers from Allergies came to Sad Emoji. They were hard armed with water melons. They feared that Venus could occupy their country. That's why they decided to proceed preventively against the rule of Venus. They attacked several houses of the Venus aliens. Among them several Poop Emojis were taken in the captivity of the allergic soldiers. On account of these events the town dictator Eye from the Venus suffered a bad conscience. As a result of this situation he died. Then other Venus aliens felt very much threatened.
Thus they fled from Sad Emoji by the bridge over the clouds to their native country. Allergies celebrated their victory over Venus. That's why Allergies sent several cucumbers for the salad of the inhabitants of Sad Emoji. In the meantime, Sad Emoji took over the town dictatorship. His deputy was his wife Emojia Poop. 144,540 days ago the religious leader from the Saturn was interested in the active spreading of his religion. That's why he visited Sad Emoji. Here he noticed that the religion of Venus was very popular. He suffered big shock. He died within 21 seconds. That's why Saturn decided to occupy Sad Emoji. The Saturn's army allowed to destroy all buildings and everything in connection with the religion of the Venus. At this time Venus with Pluto signed a religious peace treaty.
That's why Venus wanted that Pluto attacks the irritating enemy from the Saturn. Thus also reacted Pluto. Then the religious leader from the Saturn planet-far had to apologise. This was so embarrassing for him that he hid like a snail in his house. Nevertheless, Sad Emoji wanted to remain free of religion. That's why Sad Emoji every religion from other planets refused to tolerate. However, the town dictator Sad Emoji wanted to take over, nevertheless, a local religion. Thus he started to look for a local religion. Although he was born earlier in the royal family, Sad Emoji hardly knew something about his original religion of the laughter. By different investigations Sad Emoji got to know about the city Heart Eyes Emoji. He visited this town.
At this time governed Backton in this town. Sad Emoji wanted to find out about the religion of the town. He knew that in Heart Eyes Emoji was a good religion. That's why there came Sad Emoji with his delegation and took down all traditions of the religion. Thus the long-standing monk also came to Sad Emoji. After this event Sad Emoji was joined to the amusing houses. Suddenly remembered Sad Emoji to his roots. He remembered that he was excluded because of his sad face from the royal family. This made him again sad. One day he decided to rise again on the bridge. Then he went to the clouds of cotton. In the meantime, the town dictator Sad Emoji was announced everywhere as missing. However, Sad Emoji fell asleep on the clouds.

Sad Emoji and tax authority

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133,590 days ago came the entrepreneur called Why from the Saturn. He founded a sewing factory in Sad Emoji. He ate eternally of the work onions. In the meantime, many Emojis were inspired by a new enterprise and his methods very much. Thus Why became a big and mighty employer in Sad Emoji. More and more Emojis worked for Why. After some time many Emojis left his sewing factory. They founded companies in other areas. Thus there were more and more fishermen and farmers. On account of the economic success the king from Emoji got to know about high profits of this town. Moreover, the population grew in more than 55555 inhabitants. That's why the king of Emoji contacted the town dictator Emojia Poop. She should collect at the royal command all information about the income of the Emojis in Sad Emoji. On account of missing time Emojia Poop looked in a job advertisement for a capable person for this work. Why bought just the newspaper in a kiosk. There Why found this employment. Thus he wanted to contact the town dictator. Many Emojis who read this job advertisement noticed that a little bit was not right. That's why many well-to-do Emojis started to bury their money and other valuables underground. They already anticipated that something would happen. Some Emojis fled to other areas of Emoji. There they hid more and more treasures. After some time Why might deal with the income of the inhabitants as a sideline. After the collection of several data about the income of the inhabitants the king of Emoji noticed that the population handled in Sad Emoji too wastefully with the money.
That's why he renounced a levy temporarily. Why reacted made easier. Finally, he also did not want to organise immediate so prominent tax authority. One day Why wanted to let build a building as a tourist house. That's why he engaged many Emojis from Sad Emoji. Many Emojis took partial money from their hiding home. On finishing the so-called tourist house appointed Why secretly the building to the tax authority. But from respect for Emojia Poop he collected no taxes. 122,640 days ago awoken Sad Emoji on the clouds once more. He remembered only that he had a family there below on the ground. That's why he went to his wife Emojia Poop.
She asked Sad Emoji where he spent all the time. Thereon he did not know exactly what he should say. At this time Why came home from Sad Emoji for visit. He had been surprised. He did not know that this Sad Emoji lived. He saw him on a photo of the religious leaders on the Saturn's Rings. After this meeting Sad Emoji said that this Why still posed big problems of the town. Sad Emoji said that he partially saw the future of own town in the energy savings mode. Thus Sad Emoji started to write a multilateral testament. At the end his testament had nearly 2424 pages. 121,545 days ago Sad Emoji celebrated his 146,222 life days. On this day he left bequeath his book to his children. Moreover, he warned them, about power addiction of the Saturn's entrepreneur Why. 119,355 days ago Sad Emoji became more and more transparent. Finally he disappeared in the air.
Only few hairs fell from him. His hairs were buried. Why felt very good. In the time, when Sad Emoji returned, he was caught cold regularly. 115,705 days ago Emojia Poop died in the office as a town dictator of Sad Emoji. Why spoke a funeral oration to honour of the town dictator. Then he appointed himself the town dictator in the burial. He invented an economic crisis. That's why he required of Emojis solidarity with the enterprisers and renunciation of parts of the income or the payment of a tax. In this manner Why wanted that his enterprises were financed by the local population. Some inhabitants paid voluntarily some money to the entrepreneur Why. They simply wanted to have their rest. At this time visited Why more often his home planet Saturn. There he looked for motivated tax investigators.
He got them to Sad Emoji. There they had to search the houses of the inhabitants for valuables. The children of the disappeared Sad Emoji hid their valuables underground at a confidential place in the interim. When the Saturn's tax investigators came, they found above all old banana peels in the house of the former town dictator Emojia Poop. Why counted his income every Thursday evening by the taking away of the valuables of the Emojis. 114,245 days ago several aliens from northwest Mars came to Sad Emoji. At that time the king fell ill with a conquest addiction. That's why he also wanted to take Sad Emoji. His army took the tax authority. There many soldiers found a lot of money. They took the money for themselves. Then they fled from Sad Emoji. Then the king of northwest Mars looked for his soldiers with the loudspeaker.
However, this search remained fruitless. The soldiers filled their bags with the money and left the army to the direction of the freedom. Afterwards northwest Mars tried to conquer once more Sad Emoji. This time the soldiers came to the area with protected masks. Suddenly a rain of cotton began. The falling cotton disturbed the clear view of the soldiers in Sad Emoji so strongly that they fell on the ground. However, the soldiers did not injure themselves. They were kidnapped by the programmed snowy people to the clouds of cotton. 112,055 days ago the entrepreneur Why from the Saturn was kidnapped by several allergic soldiers to Allergies. There Why died. Sad Emoji was taken by high-powered entrepreneurs from Allergies. These entrepreneurs took over the tax authority. Then they ordered the law of the income tax. Moreover, they collected wealth taxes of the Emojis.
At the same time they advertised actively to work at their enterprises. These were several combined entrepreneurs from Allergies. They were related everybody. The town dictatorship remained only a long time unoccupied. Finally, the finance managers from Allergies were enough. At that time the descendants of Sad Emoji hid on the clouds of cotton. There they were surprised by the snowy people with the kidnapped soldiers from northwest Mars. They had to look fast in the testament of their father for a solution. Finally, their father programmed these snowy people earlier. Thus they started to communicate with the snowy people. Then the soldiers from northwest Mars from the clouds were thrown away. They suddenly fell on the roof of the tax authority. There they looked by the windows. Then they noticed that there were many high-powered entrepreneurs from Allergies.
They counted just their income. In the meantime, the soldiers from northwest Mars on the roof recovered. Then they got out. Below they knocked at the door very strongly. Then they disappeared. Later an entrepreneur opened the door. He saw nobody. He thought that he fancied only. Later several soldiers knocked at the same time. Then several entrepreneurs came outward. But in the house still some remained. They saw nobody again. Then there waited the soldiers, until all entrepreneurs left the building. This happened after other 124 minutes. Then they ran to the building. Later they closed the door so firmly that nobody was able to open the door of the building. The allergic entrepreneurs reacted anxiously. They alarmed their army. Then several soldiers of the Allergies tried to open the door. They remained fruitless.
In the meantime, searched soldiers from northwest Mars all papers in the tax authority. They found very few bank notes. They took these bank notes. Then they started to dig on the ground. Later they fled by a subterranean tunnel. Then they pushed more earth in the direction of the tax authority. Thus they wanted to make the impression that they were buried underground. On the other side the soldiers from northwest Mars came somewhere in the wood of Sad Emoji. In the meantime, allergic entrepreneurs allowed to destroy the door. After this event there exploded the door. Several allergic entrepreneurs injured themselves their fingernails. Then the doctors urgently had to cut the fingernails. About these events reacted Emojis with big grief. The cut fingernails made Emojis sadly.
Thus they established a cemetery for fingernails.
For it Emojis received a discount with the income tax for the next year.
80665 days ago Sad Emoji was connected to the Circus Kingdom at the command of the rulers. The tax authority was used actively. Most Emojis from Sad Emoji did not take seriously this authority. Thus they saved a lot of money. Only who was afraid, paid voluntarily taxes. 77015 days ago Mercury tried to occupy the tax authority. That's why an officer from the Mercury required the key for the front door of the tax authority. He received the key without resistance. Nevertheless, Mercury could gain nobody in Sad Emoji for its food revolution. Finally, Mercury collected all worthless papers from the tax authority and disappeared from Sad Emoji with big disappointment.

The papers were presented in the Mercury with big pride as "a victory". In the reality these were old papers with outdated data from ancient time. Emojis wanted not even to put into archives these papers.
Over and over again different rulers from the surroundings tried to conquer Sad Emoji. Thus originated several internal conflicts. But when all rulers saw the empty cash of the tax authority, they disappeared so fast as they came before.
35040 days ago expected Allergies that the Circus Union would attack them. That's why Allergies decided to occupy Sad Emoji. Thus Aiv was appointed the town dictator of Sad Emoji. Aiv allowed to build several visible streets from granite.
Transits by Sad Emoji should thereby make impossible in the future by hostile side. This led to a big respect under the local Emojis. 28105 days ago signed Allergies a document with the First Horror Clown for the immediate handing over of Sad Emoji to the Circus Union. Thereby there ended the rule of the Allergies over Sad Emoji.

Sad Emoji in the modernity

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After the joining to the Circus Union the First Horror Clown visited and touched the town Sad Emoji with his both eyes and with his both feet. He asked himself over and over again that in the town any secret hid. However, he could not know what was so mysteriously here. At this time the descendants of Sad Emoji lived completely on top in the clouds from the cotton.
The bridge from the aluminium was closed temporarily. Thereby nobody knew that in the clouds somebody lived. There the descendants of Sad Emoji studied his big testament every day. 27375 days ago several Egoists from south Mars came to Sad Emoji. They hid in a wood. However, there it smelt very strangely. Then Egoists found several skeletons. They feared that somebody specially wanted to use these skeletons as a scaremongering against them. They informed the uppermost guidance of the Egoists in Mars. Thereon Mars sent other 66666 soldiers to Sad Emoji. When the descendants of the sad Emojis found the chapter "Egoists from Mars", they started to work out the exact date of the arrival of the biggest enemy. They found out that the Egoists were there already.
Thus they read very intensely about the Egoists. According to testament stood the exact place of the first Egoists. That's why an Emoji pressed the cloud 7 at least 70 times. Then shampoo started to rain of specific anti-Egoists. Thus nearly 22446 soldiers from Mars were seriously damaged after a short time. The uppermost Egoist got to know about this strange rain. He commanded the dropping of several atom bombs on the clouds of Sad Emoji. The attempt failed because the atom bombs were too decayed. Nobody had the strength to bring the bombs on the clouds. So the uppermost Egoist commanded the research of the area with all modern devices of the past. At this time exploded several atom bombs when they flew independently to Mars. There the royal palace of north south Mars was damaged.
Nobody understood that. At this time the First Horror Clown watched a military movie about his circus army. At the same time he remembered the recently connected city Sad Emoji. He urgently decided to send 246 soldiers of his circus army to this town.
In the meantime, the Egoists spread in Sad Emoji like bacteria. They hid always somewhere in the town. Many local Emojis were arrested by the Egoists and were hit with baseball bats. Finally, at this time the descendants of the sad Emojis had to press the right button on the clouds. Also the circus army did not understand how the army should proceed here in Sad Emoji. The reason was the big professionalism of the Egoists. Thus Sad Emoji remained occupied during nearly 700 days by the Egoists. Only 26400 days ago many programmed snowy people were activated in the clouds. This led to the fact that the snowy people awoke from their energy savings mode. Then they left the clouds of cotton. More and more Egoists from Mars were attacked by the programmed snowy people. They used ingenious confidential method. Egoists were more and more often surprised by the snowy people. They tried to kill the snowmen and snowy women with their weapons. This failed. So snowy people won professionally against egoistic army. When the uppermost Egoist got to know about the forthcoming defeat in Sad Emoji, he hit several times on the table. His table broke.
Moreover, he lost two fingernails. This was a bad sign for him.
After some time snowy people defeated the Egoists completely. The soldiers of the circus army looked diligently for Egoists in Sad Emoji. They found many corpses of the Mars aliens there. Thus the First Horror Clown commanded the entire clearing of Sad Emoji of corpses. So the circus army had to deal exceptionally with dead enemies. 15 days after the victory the First Horror Clown wanted to award the winners of Sad Emoji. In the meantime, the snowy people hid in the clouds again. Only one snowman was on the move still. Thus an Emoji pointed at this as a hero of Sad Emoji on behalf for everybody.
A soldier of the circus army could bring the snowman to the First Horror Clown. There he said him that this soldier defeated the Egoists. The Horror Clown did not believe in this story. Later the snowman spoke about whole people of the snowy people who should line up against Egoists. Then the Horror Clown handed over a silvery medallion to the snowman. Later the snowman went to his equalised snowy people to the clouds. After the conflict with the Egoists many Emojis had to clean in Sad Emoji during nearly 444 days with the vacuum cleaner the streets of the ego of the Egoists. For it the ruler of the Circus Union sent daily motivation sentences via local urban radio station.
17888 days ago a descendant of Sad Emoji was born in the clouds of cotton called Sad Face Emoji. He also had a sad face like his former forefather.
In spite of his sad face he was put in his childhood on the list of the desirable grandchildren of the Third Horror Clowns. Later Sad Face Emoji became the town dictator of Sad Emoji.
17520 days ago a museum was founded in memory of the time of the Egoists and the First Horror Clowns in Sad Emoji.
On account of the sad name giver of the town entertainers from Laughing Emoji more and more often come to the town.
The mood of the Emojis thereby improves in Sad Emoji continuously. Many Emojis from other towns associate this town with a memorial service. However, this contradicts all together the truth. Here it was excluded only Sad Emoji in his childhood from the royal family. The rest was half as tragic. After the death of the Last Horror Clown a street was renamed to honour of the town name giver.

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