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Heart Eyes Emoji

This is the story about the town of 😍 Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes. Heart Eyes Emoji belongs in the top 50 biggest towns of the kingdom Emoji. Mathematicians had to calculate the whole population with the help of a pocket calculator 1001 days ago. Before all mathematicians had to work out the bank notes with the qualified bank note bosses. At least, the city administration of Heart Eyes Emoji to every inhabitant of the town distributed 10 Bitcoins. Mathematicians and postal employees had to pay the money to the population as a thank-you.
But why did the inhabitants receive 10 Bitcoins per inhabitant from Heart Eyes Emoji?
At the beginning many mathematicians had informed the authorities that they forgot the next following number always with the number 1222. That is every mathematician counted at most till 1222. Then the urban parliament decided to recompense the population. For the assistance of the Emojis and aliens got every inhabitant his 10 Bitcoins. However, the payment occurred without public national publication. So that no misers from the Jupiter or other towns of the country would come to Heart Eyes Emoji.
At the end mathematicians could write the number 101,101 in their books with the help of the inhabitants. At that time so the town counted many inhabitants. Many mathematicians complained at their work also of the fact that their pocket calculators suddenly pointed "Error". Then they automatically forgot which number at the end was. The population was so proud of the number 101,101 in Heart Eyes Emoji that the urban party 100,000 was introduced.


 Heart Eyes Emoji





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The area was settled 255,500 days ago by many religious Emojis. At that time a monk called Heart Eyes Emoji lived. He was called in such a way because his eyes had the form of the heart. The monk influenced the early history of Heart Eyes Emoji. He also wrote a lot of books in his long life. In his most famous book he wrote how one should live very healthy. Many archaeologists found a lot of hidden books close to several amusing houses. Most books were written by the monk Heart Eyes Emoji.
His schoolboys had to laugh together with him. This was a long tradition of the amusing houses. Some researchers deal very intensely with it, why in Heart Eyes Emoji the religion was thus a high position in the everyday life of the Emojis. Some inhabitants of the kingdom call Heart Eyes Emoji even as the religious capital of the country.


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More and more discontented Emojis walked away from the capital city Emoji SMS to the different directions of the region. This happened about 273,752 days ago. Most Emojis who came to Heart Eyes Emoji were very religious. They wanted to build up their own life far from the central towns. The everyday life of the first Emojis in the new area were above all long working days. Finally, the area had to be suitable for the living. At that time the first inhabitants of the area built several houses from wood.
For this purpose several trees were felled. At least, the first inhabitants decided to substitute for every felled tree with a new tree. Heart Eyes Emoji had then about 222 inhabitants. The Emojis worked above all in the agriculture. They lived on different kinds of the fruits and vegetables. Because they were afraid of dental illnesses, they ate no meat and renounced sweet food. Among the first inhabitants was also the monk Heart Eyes Emoji.
256,124 days ago inhabitants wanted to nominate a town dictator or a town person responsible to the area. An Emoji called Smell absolutely wanted to take over this position in the new area. Moreover, he hoped that the area is named after his name. The inhabitants decided to carry out a vote. Many inhabitants wanted that the monk Heart Eyes Emoji took over the town guidance. Besides, Smell felt unwell. He prayed actively for the fact that the monk renounces the acceptance.
When the monk Heart Eyes Emoji got to know about his nomination, he gave a refusal. Finally, he did not want to take over the town dictatorship voluntarily. Thus Smell became the city guide. In spite of this state inhabitants wanted to revere anyhow the monk. Thus almost everybody wanted to call except an inhabitant the area Heart Eyes Emoji. Smell was angry very strongly in his heart. His annoyance fell in his heart. Nevertheless, he went hang up the nameplates of the town personally.
As a small consolation he might name a way after his name. Heart Eyes Emoji had established a big garden for agricultural purposes. He wanted to live above all in the background. Thus he had made for himself a clear daily routine. In the morning at 7:00 o'clock he got up. During 16 minutes laughed the monk. Then he had good mood. At 7:20 o'clock Heart Eyes Emoji got the water from the well. He cooked the water to the tea. He drank herb tea together with other occupational colleagues. Moreover, he had breakfast a lot of vegetables.
In addition there was also a full soup on the big plate. At 9:00 o'clock Heart Eyes Emoji with other monks went together for the laughing prayer. At 10:00 o'clock they changed their clothes. Then they went to the work on the farm. Moreover, they cooked tea. Heart Eyes Emoji was responsible for the packaging of the tea bags. Smell was religious, but he wanted to use religion for the purpose of the moneymaking. Thus he raised a laughing tax. Thus every inhabitant had to bring him regularly to the laughter.
Who defended himself against it, had to pay several golden coins. Thus Smell filled his bag more and more with golden coins. However, Heart Eyes Emoji was ready to bring the city guide to the laughter. Thus the monk also profited from it. Finally, belonged entertainment to his religion. 246,375 days ago Heart Eyes Emoji already counted 1222 inhabitants. At this time Biky from the Neptune came to the area. He made friends with Smell. He wanted to find out everything about him. However, the city guide wanted to provoke a conflict against the monk Heart Eyes Emoji.
For this purpose he used the contact with Biky. Thus Smell sponsored a military attack against the amusing house of Heart Eyes Emoji. The alien from the Neptune wanted to get to know the monk himself. He did this secretly. Then Biky flew back to Neptune. There he wanted to prepare for the seizure of power in Heart Eyes Emoji. 242,725 days ago Biky returned to Heart Eyes Emoji. However, he came not alone. Together with ten other aliens from the Neptune he built a house from copper.
Moreover, he met the city guide Smell. Biky got an employment as a deputy of the city guide. That's why renounced Biky on a military attack in this town. He knew that he will receive anyway his power in Heart Eyes Emoji. In the meantime, regretted Smell that he gave so good position in the city administration Biky. That's why he calmed down daily, while he counted his golden coins. 240,900 days ago came several extraterrestrials from the sphere of Biky to Heart Eyes Emoji.
They took several government buildings. Moreover, they started to hit the houses with the axes. Smell felt very much threatened. He commanded his subordinated and Biky to proceed against the enemy. Biky feared that somebody wanted to get rid of him. That's why he commanded to undertake his ten aliens from the Neptune against the enemy something. Thus ten friends of Biky started to fire at the other Neptune's aliens with marketing gun. Thereon many aliens from the Neptune injured themselves.
Biky arrested all his enemies independently with the help of ten friends. Smell wrote himself an honouring with his manuscript. Biky was revered by the city guide for his achievement. Smell decided to invite all inhabitants to this event. Moreover, he wanted to inform about something important. On that day Smell explained the whole population that he withdraws after more than 14888 days in the office as a city guide. The monk Heart Eyes Emoji wrote in his book the date in which the first city guide of the town left the office.
At the same time Biky explained that he took over the power in the town. 239,075 days ago the monk Heart Eyes Emoji decided to leave the amusing house for some time. He went with his donkey on a trip by the kingdom Emoji.
235,440 days ago Heart Eyes Emoji came to Middle Finger Emoji. There he decided to remain for some time. He had a few cores for planting with himself. He built for himself on the edge of a wood a small tent. When he planted the cores of a cucumber, he did not anticipate yet that the cucumber harvest would be so productive.

Thus nourished Heart Eyes Emoji to himself in the new hometown long time. He wrote other books. In particular he was inspired of the quality of the earth very much. At this time he got to know the alien from the Venus called VV. The stranger helped Heart Eyes Emoji in the transport of the earth. Together they went with the donkeys to the direction of Heart Eyes Emoji. 231,410 days ago the monk came together with VV to the town named after him. At this time the population was sad exceptionally.
Some time ago Smell died. The monk had to pray for the late first city guide in the burial. Biky said his funeral oration before the present Emojis and aliens. This time used Heart Eyes Emoji the earth which he brought from his trip. Thus he planted several apple seeds in this earth. Moreover, he produced with other monks fruit drinks. 224,840 days ago the prince of Neptune wanted to take revenge for the death of his land people in Heart Eyes Emoji.
That's why he sent 25678 soldiers in this town. Biky got to know from this attack by his special radioactive device. Thus he organised a big army. He commanded to pray incessantly to the monks of the town. In the meantime, the alien from the Venus VV visited the house of the dead Smell. There he started to look because of curiosity at the things. He found the big treasure with golden coins. He tried to hide all golden coins underground. He managed this very well.
The conflict between Neptune and the army of Biky left a lot of damages. That's why Biky wanted to throw down several radioactive bombs to Neptune. The prince of Neptune sent other 48987 soldiers to Heart Eyes Emoji. Biky commanded the construction of other radioactive bombs.
Moreover, several soldiers from the Neptune were defeated by Biky and his army within two days. In Neptune the population puzzled about who was so advanced in this opposing army. Finally, were no extraterrestrials from the sophisticated planets on the planet Halloween. So the prince of Neptune decided to study the names of all Neptune's aliens. He commanded the search for the aliens who flew away from the Neptune. He had a list with several hundred thousands.
That's why he decided to finish the costly search. His advisers recommended him that he should not waste his valuable time with a small town called Heart Eyes Emoji. On account of his great success Biky decided to build several monuments in the town to his honour. In the meantime, VV wanted to make friends with the city guide. That's why agreed VV an appointment with him. At this meeting VV had to shake the hand of Biky. At the same time a strong earthquake began in completely Heart Eyes Emoji. Biky died immediately.
VV reacted very much shocked. He feared that he would be arrested. The monk was urgently invited to the burial of the city guide. At this time appointed Heart Eyes Emoji his friend VV to the new city guide. 215,350 days ago tried aliens from the Uranus to use the area for their spinach industry. They bought several surfaces. 208,780 days ago the city guide VV from the Venus died. Nobody wanted to take over the town guidance. That's why the monk Heart Eyes Emoji took over temporarily this job.
He wanted that somebody ran for election, nevertheless. But very long time nobody wanted. 188,340 days ago several extraterrestrials from the Deimos came to the town. In comparison to other extraterrestrials they were invisibly for Emojis and the other inhabitants of Heart Eyes Emoji. They got stuck in the clouds as an UFO. Only the monk and city guide recognised something special in the clouds. However, he wanted to make no panic. The extraterrestrials from the Deimos completely hid deep in the forest.
There they dug quite deeply with their drill. But nobody heard the noises in Heart Eyes Emoji. The drill had been put on silently, therefore the tools caused no noises. The monk more and more often had sleepless nights. He dreamt about drilling extraterrestrials from an unknown planet. In the meantime, aliens from the Deimos built several subterranean baker's. There they baked orange bread. The smell of the baking came more and more to the Emojis and other inhabitants of Heart Eyes Emoji.
That's why the monk and city guide with several inhabitants of the town decided to go to the smells. Heart Eyes Emoji and his team went quite deeply to the wood. There they discovered several entrances to the subterranean baker's. Extraterrestrials from the Deimos had great fear of the Emojis. The monk started to speak with the strangers from the Deimos. Moreover, he praised their baking arts. After this event the monk made friends with the extraterrestrials from the Deimos.
They might officially open in Heart Eyes Emoji baker's. Among the bakers was also Baton. He taught to bake the monk and city guide orange bread. Baton was the uppermost person responsible for the baker's. The monk wanted to nominate him for the city guide, but Baton was still too young. The monk wanted a minimum age for the city guide of 9864 days. 183,230 days ago Heart Eyes Emoji praised his best friend from the Deimos before the inhabitants. He appointed Baton the city guide. For it all Emojis and aliens applauded without exception.
Finally, the population had the bread of the uppermost baker with pleasure. The monk was finally glad that he found a suitable city guide after many days. Baton wanted to renovate the old houses from wood. Most houses were already more than 73000 days old. Baton gave the command for the construction of new houses from limestones. Emojis and other inhabitants of Heart Eyes Emoji reacted to this demand very much angry. Baton said that completely deep in the forest a lot of limestones existed.
Moreover, he went together with the construction workers to the wood. Baton showed where exactly limestones were. Then he got a lot of respect from the population. Step by step all houses from wood were substituted with new houses from limestones. 179,580 days ago the construction workers finished the renewal. Only the amusing house of the monks remained from wood. Heart Eyes Emoji denied himself his old house to tear off. Finally, he wrote in the urban constitution that houses of the monks were put under conservation of monuments and historic buildings. Baton accepted this decision.
177,390 days ago the uppermost religious leader on the Rings of Saturn dealt in Saturn with the religion of Emoji very intensely. That's why he decided to touch together with his group the religious city Heart Eyes Emoji with his eyes and legs. At this time Baton got to know from forthcoming visit from the Saturn. Baton wanted to inform the monk about it. He wanted to consult from the monk for the visit. The monk Heart Eyes Emoji decided to prepare several apple juices for the guests from the Saturn.
177,025 days ago the uppermost religious leader from the Saturn with his group came after long preparations to Heart Eyes Emoji. Baton was no fan of the religions. That's why he wanted that monks meet the religious leader from the Saturn. The guest from the Saturn took down all specific features of the amusing houses in his notebook. Moreover, he tried to persuade the monks to join to the Saturn's religion. The monks were uniform against it. Finally, they argued their decision with the fact that their religion did not exist of funereal stories.
The uppermost religious leader from the Saturn left the conversation very much angry. In the meantime, Baton noticed that a little bit was not right. Thus he decided to send several policemen to the Saturn aliens. The uppermost religious leader started to get angry after the drinking of the apple juice about the amusing houses. Finally, Saturn wanted to spread out its religion further. Saturn's religious leader profited financially from the spreading of their religion. Everywhere where the Saturn's religion was valid, Saturn automatically received cash payments from these countries and planets.
The monk Heart Eyes Emoji also noticed that something was not right with the guests from the Saturn. He discussed the situation with the city guide Baton. They decided to build up an urban army. 175,565 days ago a delegation from Pluto came to Heart Eyes Emoji. They enquired about the area. Baton met the Pluto company. They gave several penknives to the city guide. Pluto wanted to warn the town about the Saturn. Finally, Saturn tried to force its religion upon Pluto. However, Pluto could defend itself very successfully. After this visit several fences were built.
However, they were equipped with electricity. Baton instructed the construction of these fences around every house of Heart Eyes Emoji. 170,090 days ago the uppermost religious leader from the Saturn wrote in his testament that in Heart Eyes Emoji the monks were against Saturn's religion. This state may not remain so. He wrote this in the order book for his successor. After some time he died. 166,440 days ago the new religious leader of Saturn discovered the testament of his predecessor. He still decided to begin a diplomatic attempt.
He wrote a date in his calendar. He wanted to visit Heart Eyes Emoji one day himself. 164,615 days ago a pandemic began. A lot of Emojis and aliens died in Heart Eyes Emoji. Among them was also the city guide Baton. The long-standing monk urgently had to find a new city guide. Moreover, he had a lot of dead people whom he had to bury. He did this with his long-standing occupational colleagues. After the burial of nearly 2246 dead people Heart Eyes Emoji wanted to find a new city guide.
Because the monk with the family of Baton was friends very well, he decided to determine a member of the family of the dead city guide for the job. This time it was the grandson of Baton called Backton. He was especially healthy. This was an important requirement for this job. This there thought the monk. Finally, he did not want to experience so many burials of the city guide. Moreover, Backton received free apples and other fruits from the farm of the monks from the monk regularly. In the middle of the pandemic time the new religious leader from the Saturn came to Heart Eyes Emoji with his group.
He wanted to meet the monk. However, he had to find out that the population had no time for his visit. Moreover, he was stuck on by the illness. He still died in Heart Eyes Emoji. His deputy invented a story that the new religious leader was killed abroad by the guests. He said that the religious leader was poisoned. Thus he wanted to legitimise a war against the town. In Saturn the population believed in this fictitious story.
Thus Saturn sent its army to Heart Eyes Emoji. Backton noticed that a lot of unknown extraterrestrials were in the area. He alarmed the whole urban army and police. The small army of the town had only 333 soldiers and policemen. While from the Saturn nearly 11457 soldiers came. Several penknives were distributed to the command of the monk to the population to the self-defence. Soldiers from the Saturn tried to attack the inhabitants. Some soldiers injured themselves fatally in the electric fences.
Other cleverer soldiers reached in the houses. There they were attacked with the penknives. After this conflict Saturn had to recognize its defeat quite publicly. This was a real disgrace for the big Saturn. Finally, Saturn lost against a relatively small town. In Saturn one said that ant won against elephant. Thus this war was called. This time for monks of Heart Eyes Emoji there were a lot of dead people again to lay to rest. 151,840 days ago Saturn sent an official letter of apology to the town guidance of Heart Eyes Emoji.
With it Saturn separated to spread of its ambitions its religion on Emoji. 133,590 days ago the long-standing monk Heart Eyes Emoji experienced how his long-standing occupational colleagues started to become extinct. Many were already more than 146,000 days old. He wanted to find out the exact reason for the death of the oldest inhabitants of the town. That's why he instructed the city guide Backton for the research of the causes of death. After long research Backton could present his results. The reason lay in the genes of the dead monks.

Misers and the tax authority

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129,940 days ago the monk Heart Eyes Emoji decided to begin a trip by the kingdom. He wanted to recover from his negative experiences of the last time. He went with his horse through the country. Heart Eyes Emoji visited amusing houses at different places of the kingdom. He always lived in a tent in different provincial towns and villages. 126,290 days ago the monk came to Japanese Emoji. There ruled the mighty aliens from the Saturn. When Heart Eyes Emoji wrote a book in his tent, several Saturn's soldiers came to him. They came to the levy. They required money from the monk. Heart Eyes Emoji remembered quite briefly the first city guide Smell. At that time the first city guide from him also wanted money. Thus the monk immediately decided to react. He started to entertain the soldiers. At the beginning laughed the soldiers. Then they said to the monk that they wanted money from him.
Heart Eyes Emoji thought that he should try once more. This time Saturn's soldiers understood no fun. They required money again. Moreover, they threatened the monk with several punches. The monk said that he was only a guest in Japanese Emoji. Then the Saturn's soldiers were interested in the origin of the monk. He said that he was resident in Heart Eyes Emoji. Saturn's soldiers started to be interested in this town. At that time they found out that in Heart Eyes Emoji any Backton ruled.
They began several researches in connection with the religious town. Several Saturn aliens from Japanese Emoji decided to emigrate to Heart Eyes Emoji. These were above all subordinated employees of the rulers. 124,830 days ago Diecey came to Heart Eyes Emoji. He was employed before as a Saturn soldier in Japanese Emoji. He dreamt about own tax authority. In Heart Eyes Emoji he met the city guide Backton. He spoke with him that the town needed a modernisation.
Diecey wanted to invent good arguments for the levy. Thus he said that the town needed concreted ground. Moreover, he invented other persuasive arguments. He also wanted to open a medical practise. He wanted that Backton explained the population the proposals for the creation of the future. Thus Diecey wanted to use the close city guide cleverly. Backton looked very persuasive for Emojis and other inhabitants. That's why Diecey could allow to build the biggest building. Diecey became the finance manager of Heart Eyes Emoji.
He strengthened his position in the town guidance. Finally, 115,705 days ago the biggest building of the town was built. The finance manager Diecey required applause from all partners. He sat down in the uppermost floor of the building on the chair. He invited several his Saturn's friends. They became the tax collectors of Heart Eyes Emoji. Diecey was very intelligent. He raised the taxes much more skilful than in other towns.
He collected a tax by the height of 40 percent on all incomes from the inhabitants. In comparison to other Saturn's rulers in Emoji it was the lowest tax rate. As a finance manager he had to deliver his promise. Thus the ground became actively concreted. Moreover, several urban doctors were financed by the tax money. At least, Diecey could keep about 75 percent of the inland revenue for himself. He was very contented with his achievement. Moreover, he could collect quite legitimately the taxes.
113,150 days ago Backton felt unwell. He wanted that his members of the family take over the town guidance. However, in addition it did not come. He died. He was 58765 days old. The finance manager had already become so mighty that he allowed to kidnap the members of the family of Backton to Saturn. Later they managed the escape to Mars. In Heart Eyes Emoji Diecey commanded the corpse of Backton to lay to rest. He organised to honour of the dead city guide a memorial service. Moreover, he allowed to build a big monument to honour of Backton.
Finally, Diecey owed his free from problems rise in Heart Eyes Emoji to the dead Backton. The finance manager appointed himself the successor to Backton to the city guide. 105,850 days ago the monk Heart Eyes Emoji returned in his hometown. He wanted to meet Backton in the city administration. There a new foreign city guide surprised him. Diecey said that Backton was dead, unfortunately, for a long time. The monk suddenly remembered that time when him one of the Saturn's soldiers in Japanese Emoji to his origin was questioned. The most curious soldier was Diecey.
Moreover, Diecey let the monk from the custody release. However, the monk did not want to thank. He noticed that his stay left in Japanese Emoji no good tracks in Heart Eyes Emoji. He realised that he was responsible for the immigration of the Saturn aliens in his hometown. He decided to find out about the news in the town. Diecey explained that still at the times of Backton a tax of 40 percent was decided. The monk thought for himself who could recommend the destruction of the ground.
Heart Eyes Emoji decided to go to his old house from wood. There he lived again. With the earned money from the tax authority Diecey started to found several enterprises. He founded above all factories for food. Moreover, he took over several baker's of the descendants of the extraterrestrials from the Deimos. Also he invested a lot of money in the spinach industry of the descendants of the Uranus aliens.
On account of the strong economic recovery more and more new inhabitants from different places came to Heart Eyes Emoji.
98550 days ago a miser from the Jupiter came to the area. He had observed before with his telescope the mighty tax authority exactly long time. Thus he tried to make to himself so ugly appearance as possible. He was called Kebab. He faked his identity. Kebab went quite deeply to the wood. There he found several entrances to the former forgotten subterranean baker's. There he made himself very comfortable. He was quite sure to himself that nobody would find him here. Moreover, he hid his flying saucer nearby.
One day Kebab went for a walk in the wood. He examined the quality of the trees with his microscope. After some time he could find the quality as best ones. Thus Kebab decided to fell several trees in the surroundings. At this time Diecey prepared his successor for the town guidance. Because most children of Diecey died by different illnesses, only his youngest daughter remained. She was called Diee. In the meantime, Kebab collected several terabytes in wood from the woods of Heart Eyes Emoji. He hid his wood in the subterranean baker's.
Then he flew to Jupiter with the wood. 89790 days ago Diecey decided a massive tax increase for all inhabitants of Heart Eyes Emoji. As usual, he made this very much skilful. He invented other taxes. From this time Emojis and other inhabitants also had to pay an immovable tax. Per inhabitant this tax amounted to 28 Bitcoins. Moreover, he invented additional taxes. He wanted that his daughter had to give herself no financial troubles. Above all he thought of the time after his own death.
Moreover, he presented to the urban population his daughter Diee. He explained that she was his deputy. For the inhabitants it made no difference, actually, completely. Finally, Diecey had very big influence on the local economy. The dependence of the inhabitants on the city guide as an employer was extremely high. 82490 days ago the stingy Kebab from the Jupiter returned to Heart Eyes Emoji. He went to his subterranean hiding place.
There he met the long-standing monk. He was very shocked. The monk calmed him.
He said him that he lived here since some time. Kebab started to be interested in the life of the monk. Moreover, Kebab hid that he felled earlier several trees in the area. He said only that he was interested in Heart Eyes Emoji and its nature. The monk felt the miser from the Jupiter much more sympathetically than Saturn aliens. After this event the monk recommended to settle down officially to the Kebab in the town. Kebab did this. For the taxes Kebab faked regularly a lot of money. He always paid taxes with the phoney money.
He hid the real money in the subterranean baker's. Moreover, he donated to the monk Heart Eyes Emoji several healthy drinks. The real money smuggled Kebab to Jupiter. 78475 days ago the long-standing city guide Diecey died. His daughter took over the town guidance completely. Diee had big difficulties with the calculation. That's why she needed a finance manager. The stingy Kebab from the Jupiter used the chance. He applied for this job. He might lead the whole tax authority.
75555 days ago Chips Conqueror from the Mercury with his army came to Heart Eyes Emoji. He wanted to claim the town for himself. Moreover, he asked for the key for the tax authority. The town leader Diee commanded the organisation of a big army against Mercury. With the blessing of the monk Heart Eyes Emoji the urban army could expel the food revolutionary with his army. For it Diee received big praise for her good organisation and quick reaction.
At that time Diee decided to build a new cemetery near the house of the monks. In the meantime, Kebab got several local aliens from the Jupiter to Heart Eyes Emoji. They received several approvals for the felling of the trees in the wood. 72635 days ago Diee commanded the construction of the first post office of the town. Thereby she could justify a tax increase well. 61685 days ago the town celebrated its 40000 inhabitants. Just Jug from the Saturn was the new inhabitant of the town.
For this reason Diee used the chance to determine for her succession. Immediately in this party she nominated Jug for the deputy. At this time Jug worked as an engineer. He also planned the construction of the first railway station of Heart Eyes Emoji. For this purpose he applied with the town leader for other tax increase. He wanted that Diee decided unpopular tax increase before her resignation. She granted this. The income taxes were increased on 70 percent. For property there was a tax of 70 percent.
60955 days ago Diee on the chair died in her working office. Jug came to the office and got fear. He called the finance manager Kebab for the help. Kebab said that for corpses he was not responsible. He contacted the monk Heart Eyes Emoji for this purpose. The monk had to bury the corpse of Diee in the new cemetery. In the meantime, the stingy Kebab feared that he would also soon die. That's why he felt under big pressure of time. He took a lot of money from the tax authority to Jupiter.
There he financed his family. He got to know by the birth of his grandson Kebaby. 59130 days ago Jug wanted to contact his finance manager Kebab. He wanted to apply for an other tax increase. However, he noticed that Kebab did not react. At this time the monk wanted to visit his stingy friend. He knocked at the front door. Nobody reacted. Suddenly also there came the city guide Jug. Afterwards Jug and Heart Eyes Emoji tried to open the door by force. At home they found the stingy Kebab deadly seated in the toilet.
The monk said: No, not again burial!!!
Jug said: We need no burial. I can allow to burn the corpse. However, for this I take the whole property of Kebab. The monk meant that he had no problem with the burial. Thus the corpse by Kebab was buried in the new cemetery.
After the memorial service Jug also took over the work of the finance manager from Heart Eyes Emoji. He founded an army for the supervision of the income of the population.
46355 days ago the grandson of Kebab from the Jupiter came to the town. He was called Kebaby. He founded several paper factories. He was responsible for the urban bank notes. Moreover, he sold loans to addicted to shopping. Kebaby legitimised the felling of the trees. Thus the wood was strongly threatened by the extinction. More and more Emojis and inhabitants of Heart Eyes Emoji were discontented with the situation in their town. 43800 days ago the first library of the town was opened.
Also several schools for agriculture and religion were founded. 36500 days ago organised Scary Clown an opposition group against his enemies.

Heart Eyes Emoji under Circus Union

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More and more discontented Emojis supported the opposition against the rule of the Saturn alien Jug. Scary Clown promised to help. One day several inhabitants of the town started to destroy the ground. The destruction of the infrastructure led to a civil war. Also the building of the levy became severely damaged. The circus army of Scary Clown arrested the city guide Jug and the stingy Kebaby. Finally, Emojis felt relieved from the mighty tax authority.
Scary Clown wanted to find a good alternative for the town guidance. He nominated the monk Heart Eyes Emoji. The long-standing monk did not want. But he agreed temporarily. 35770 days ago Scary Clown confirmed the accession of Heart Eyes Emoji to the Circus Union. He signed the suitable documents. The money of the tax authority commanded Scary Clown to use for the reconstruction of the town. 33580 days ago the First Horror Clown appointed a new city guide arbitrarily. The new city guide was called Aki.
The monk was arrested at the command of the new ruler. Later the First Horror Clown apologised to Heart Eyes Emoji for the arrest. He said him that he mistook him for the other city guide. After this event the imprisoned alien from the Saturn called Jug was shot. The released monk had to bury at the command of the First Horror Clowns the corpse of Jug. Moreover, the ruler of the Circus Union appointed the oldest monk of Heart Eyes Emoji his uppermost person responsible for funerals.
During the rule of the First Horror Clown the monk had to bury so many corpses. This was his record. The First Horror Clown wrote daily in his notebook a whole list of new enemies. For the monk it was unclear, why there were so many dead people. One day he wanted to find out about it. However, he dealt too much. 30295 days ago the First Horror Clown wrote to the city guide Aki that Heart Eyes Emoji needed own airport urgently.
That's why Aki had to find several suitable construction workers for these works. He did this. The city guide Aki looked in the prison for suitable employees. There he found the gifted miser from the Jupiter called Kebaby. He was very craft transferred. The miser had big luck that he still lived after more than 6205 days of custody. Most prisoners were mostly released only deadly from the prison. Kebaby became the most diligent construction worker of the new airport.
He had to prepare the earth. One day other construction workers wanted to go already home. Kebaby remained. He wanted to dig in spite of his old age further. To his big surprise Kebaby found a big treasure in many old coins. With the money it concerned the inland revenue of the first city guide Smell. The alien from the Venus VV hid later this money underground. In the meantime, it was getting dark very much. The stingy Kebaby considered where he could hide the money.
He started to look in his brain for a solution. After some time he remembered to the time grandfather's Kebab in Heart Eyes Emoji. He tried to look the whole night after the subterranean baker's. He went with the found money to this hiding place. There Kebaby started to dig quite deeply and fast. He hid the found money near the subterranean baker's. Thus he spent the whole night. It was already getting light. When Kebaby returned to the building site, he fell on the ground. He fell asleep.
In the dream his grandfather Kebab met him. He said him that in close future Mars aliens take over the city Heart Eyes Emoji. He recommended to flee to his grandson with the flying saucer with the found money. Moreover, he recommended to his grandson a flying saucer for the import of important stones for the construction of the airport. Thus Kebaby would have a good reason to fly from Heart Eyes Emoji legally. Kebab recommended to his grandson that he should talk with the city guide Aki about this topic.
Construction workers wanted to let the tired Kebaby sleep. They saw that he dug very diligently here the whole night. After the Kebaby awoke, he knew what he should do. He stored the conversation with the grandfather, in addition, coding on his USB stick. When the construction works should begin, spoke Kebaby with the city guide Aki about the stones. He could persuade the city guide of the fact that the stones should be imported from abroad. Aki did not know that Kebaby was originally from the Jupiter.
Thus Kebaby could make the impression that he knew the best stones by his former work as tent builder. 76 days later Kebaby knew that he would fly the next day, finally, to Jupiter. He could prepare very well and professionally for his escape. He took a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables. His preparation resembled an astronaut. Finally he brought at night his hidden money in the flying saucer. There he hid the whole money very much cleverly and professionally. He fell asleep in the flying saucer.
Before his takeoff he wanted to receive a blessing from the monk Heart Eyes Emoji. The monk was glad that he had this time no burial. Kebaby asked even the monk whether he did not fly with him to Jupiter. The monk did not want. The stingy Kebaby could fly quite quietly to Jupiter. There he met his family. Moreover, he brought the whole money from Heart Eyes Emoji. In Jupiter he had to find out that he had taken with this money even more.
In comparison to his losses he could compensate, nevertheless, by this treasure for his expropriation by Scary Clown clearly. Later Kebaby let the flying saucer shortly before the landing in Heart Eyes Emoji without him or other Emojis explode. Thereby he wanted to simulate his death. Construction workers and the city guide Aki mourned for Kebaby. Thus the grandson of Kebab escaped from the captivity the Horror Clowns. In spite of this event the airport could be built within 776 days.
27375 days ago several Egoists from Mars came to Heart Eyes Emoji. They occupied the town. They built several subterranean prisons in quick tempo. Moreover, they shot several Emojis and aliens in their prisons with tomato guns. When the monk Heart Eyes Emoji got to know about these criminal machinations, he laid more and more earth on a bag. From the bag he made to himself a thick hat. He carried thus earth on his head. One day thus he went to the city guide Aki.
He was very furious on the passiveness of the authorities. The city guide Aki had to call the First Horror Clown at this time. The ruler of the Circus Union said that he had to dig just in his nose. That's why he had no time for problems of Heart Eyes Emoji. By this second the long-standing monk regretted that he did not fly away with Kebaby. 27001 days ago several successful Egoists from Mars came to the town. They wanted to shoot several Emojis and aliens.
Moreover, the city guide Aki was arrested by the egoistic soldiers. At this time Heart Eyes Emoji came personally and quite furiously to the direction of the Egoists. He had an ancient penknife with himself. He also carried hat with the earth. His medieval clothes got big attention. Suddenly Egoists were deflected by their attacks. Suddenly Heart Eyes Emoji began more and more upwards climb up.
He worked for outsiders in such a way that he would stand on the air. More and more he became higher and higher in the air. Finally, he flew with his physical body completely upwards. His penknife and his hat fell from him. The penknife fell directly in the hands of Aki. The city guide understood that now he should fast act. He injured his overseers. He became the hero of the Emojis in the fight against the Egoists. The monk was 243,243 days old with his abandonment of the ground.
After this event the decline of the Egoists began in Heart Eyes Emoji. Mars aliens were attacked more and more by furious Emojis and aliens actively. Some egoistic soldiers could flee to Mars. There they told the uppermost Egoist about their experiences in Heart Eyes Emoji. That's why the uppermost Egoist decided to attack the town completely at the end. But in addition it did not come any more. 23360 days ago the city guide Aki got from the First Horror Clown an honouring as a hero of the Circus Union.
17520 days ago a building was destroyed by the Salted Cucumbers in Heart Eyes Emoji by a specific spy bomb. At that time the Third Horror Clown spoke about the Secret Service of the Cucumbers.

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