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Japanese Emoji

This is the story about town (for other Japanese Emojis, See: 🎋 Japanese signs). The urban area Japanese Emoji is close to the yellow sea completely in the south of the kingdom Emoji. In this area the fishing is very sophisticated. Who would like to work as a fisherman in the kingdom Emoji, comes to Japanese Emoji. Moreover, the town has been liked as a recreation area with the misers from the Jupiter and local Emojis during the last 4444 days very much.


 Japanese Emoji




Why is the area called Japanese Emoji?

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803,000 days ago visited the town people from today's Japan. They left several old writings. Many archaeologists suppose that some time also Japanese inhabited this area in Emoji. Many historians also found proofs in addition. Thus a book from ceramics was found into Japanese language. Moreover, old Emojis reported that they could defeat the opponents from the planet Venus 298,275 days ago with the help of the Japanese. From gratitude for their help inhabitants decided to honour the Japanese. Thus the city Japanese Emoji was called. At this time still many Japanese lived in the town. Long profited Emojis of their friends from the planet Earth. Moreover, belonged Japanese to the second-most important language in this area. However, some historians also suppose that Japanese called the local population Emoji. That's why the country was also named later thus. But what concerns the name Emojis in general, there are a lot of different opinions. That's why historians and archaeologists research for other possibilities.

Geography of Japanese Emoji

🌈 Geography and Weather

The town has a lot of mountains. Moreover, there exists a spitting volcano. The working hours of the volcano were exactly examined by the geologists. They came in the end that the volcano breaks out triangular golden pieces. The volcano all 76 days makes this. Many misers from the Jupiter come regularly to the nearness of the volcano. They come even 5760 minutes before the next volcano eruption. They wait very patiently. Near the volcano a long queue always exists before the next volcano eruption. A mathematician had exactly examined the width and length of the queue in his long-standing study. He came on the number of 12,468 recumbent giraffes length. The width was estimated by him on 456,568 elephants. Many local inhabitants complain regularly of the noise of the waiting misers. The parliament in Japanese Emoji explained to the fact that the volcano was and is an important tourist attraction in the whole town. That's why the city Japanese Emoji cannot renounce so much free advertisement. Here, finally, many misers from the Jupiter must also spend the night. That's why a lot of hotel keepers profit from overnight stays of the misers. Many tourists are interested in golden pieces from the volcano. That's why misers collect them. Then they sell the golden pieces in Japanese Emoji to other extraterrestrial tourists. Mostly they sell the golden pieces as a souvenir. However, from this income they must deliver to the parliament in Japanese Emoji about 24 percent. In the town there are according to the local statistics office about 13,578,978,979 trees of every age. The oldest tree was estimated at 1,460,000 days by biologists. Who would like to touch this tree, must pay 4 Bitcoins. Who would like to take a photo of this tree, pays 8 Bitcoins. Who makes a Selfie with this tree, must pay 14 Bitcoins. These rules were introduced by the urban parliament 5567 days ago. Moreover, a very strict law of the protection of the plants is valid in Japanese Emoji. Who offends against it, has to go for 446 days in the prison. In addition there comes a punishment of 869 days of forced labour. This applies also, if somebody only one dry sheet rends. Many people, Emojis and extraterrestrials come to the beaches of the yellow sea. Swimming is known as the most important sport in Japanese Emoji.


😁 Smiley

In Japanese Emoji live current about 86898 inhabitants. Most are Emojis. Many Emoticons live here. Also Clowns, Allergies and extraterrestrials from Pluto belong to the inhabitants of the town. Historians try since long time to find out, why no earthlings live in this area. That's why the parliament decided to invest about 30 millions Bitcoins in the suitable research in Japanese Emoji. At least, the population had to print only the suitable money at home. This was the fulfilment of the tax duty. In addition the inhabitants of the town got the suitable paper for bank notes.

History of Japanese Emoji

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The oldest writings were found from the time of more than 803,000 days in the town. As archaeologists wrote in their doctoral theses, at that time many Japanese in this area lived. And they lived relatively long time in this area. Which professions were practiced at that time in Japanese Emoji, is a riddle. At least, the population lived definitely on the fishing and agriculture. Moreover, then blue crocodiles were hunted. Archaeologists found blue crocodiles on an old cup. When first Emojis about 300,000 days ago came to the area, here Japanese already lived. An archaeologist also found the peace treaty between Emojis and Japanese. At that time thus they prevented a conflict and lived peacefully side by side. At the beginning the nervousness was still big when up to now unknown Emojis came to Japanese Emoji. Later they made friends so much that the town got the suitable name. 298,300 days ago came extraterrestrials from the Venus. They wanted to take several pieces of the local earth to Venus. Besides, they were caught by the local population. 298,296 days ago organised Emojis together with the Japanese an opposition movement against Venus. With the help of karate and judo were defeated all criminal extraterrestrials from the Venus. After this event Emojis wanted to learn Japanese. That's why many Japanese became the linguistic teachers. In other towns it was accused of the Emojis in Japanese Emoji that they wanted to give up their own identity. But they rejected this criticism. Later extraterrestrials from the Venus tried to occupy the area again. This time they wanted to come to the volcano. There they were defeated by the Japanese successfully. Emojis were very thankfully to the Japanese for their help. Thus it was a long time over and over again. Extraterrestrials from the Venus came to Japanese Emoji and another conflict began. Several times Japanese saved Emojis from the extraterrestrials from the Venus. 219,365 days ago Japanese lost their interest to the whole area. They started to leave Japanese Emoji. More and more the population of the Emojis grew in the town.

Conquest by Neptune

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213,525 days ago the prince of Neptune decided to send his army in the direction of the planet Halloween. By chance the flying saucer landed in Japanese Emoji. Extraterrestrials from the Neptune were interested very much in the volcano eruption in this area. At that time they exactly decided to examine the volcano. They discovered the flying golden pieces. That's why the prince from Neptune got to know about that. He commanded to hold Japanese Emoji completely under the control of Neptune. 213,489 days ago the whole area was conquered by the extraterrestrials from the Neptune. They were interested above all in the golden pieces from the volcano. That's why they established a big and long wall all around the volcano. They stopped the local population from coming to the volcano. For the protection of the volcano the prince of Neptune allowed to supervise nearly 40405 soldiers. An admission ban applied for Emojis to the volcano. This ban was strictly put through by the army of Neptune. 213,223 days ago an inhabitant wanted to approach to the volcano. When he stood about two giraffes before the soldiers, he was pushed back by force by the soldiers. At the same time the prince of Neptune was informed. At this time extraterrestrials in Pluto tested a rocket which could fly 123,464 gigabytes per second. They allowed to test the rocket.  The rocket flew on the soldiers from the Neptune in Japanese Emoji. About 34568 soldiers injured themselves very hard. Many of them died. The area around the volcano resembled a common grave. The pushed back inhabitant survived. He ran thereon to the volcano. The other soldiers informed the prince of Neptune. The prince decided to send other 35000 soldiers to Japanese Emoji. In the meantime, the inhabitant collected several small golden pieces. When he wanted to leave the area around the volcano, he was arrested by the soldiers of Neptune. They took away his golden pieces from him. After this event the prince from the Neptune ordered the construction of a prison for local disobedience. 188,340 days ago a well organised army of the Generous came to Japanese Emoji. They attacked several buildings of the rulers from the Neptune. Many houses were destroyed. The prince of the Neptune came at that time personally to the town. He was angry very much at the destruction. He wanted to fight against the Generous. At that time a long war between both sides began. At this time extraterrestrials from Pluto shot a modern bomb in the direction of Japanese Emoji. The whole army of the extraterrestrials from the Neptune was killed completely. In Pluto the progress was celebrated. In Neptune the prince decided the entire retreat from Japanese Emoji. 146,000 days ago the last extraterrestrials from the Neptune emigrated from Emoji.

The mighty tax authority of the Saturn aliens

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144,000 days ago more and more extraterrestrials from the Saturn started to come to Japanese Emoji. They founded small enterprises. Moreover, they learnt actively Japanese here. The business development of the town experienced big growth. At the same time Saturn wanted to take income from this town. That's why the construction of a castle began. The castle became the highest building in the whole town. At that time the Saturn's mayor of the Japanese Emoji decided the levy. The aim was the control of all income of the local population. Moreover, Saturn sent soldiers to the levy. At that time Saturn's soldiers went to every inhabitant. They counted the whole money and took away the amount. Besides, they took so much they wanted. Moreover, they checked with the vacuum cleaner whether the inhabitant still hid money. If an inhabitant exactly did not declare everything, the soldiers became aggressive. They closed such inhabitants in a dark space for 126 hours. In addition they hit their victims with full socks. The rulers of Saturn always said that the tax authority was the most important building. Moreover, they made from the tax authority a sort of religion. The reason for this was the monetary addiction of the extraterrestrials from the Saturn. They invented a law that all inhabitants had to deliver at least 90 percent of their income to the tax authority. This was no matter whether to the inhabitant enough money remained at the possession for their basic needs. At that time the tax authority was above all. Moreover, Saturn supervised all monetary movements in the economy of Japanese Emoji. Many Emojis suffered very strongly from the existence of the tax authority. Many inhabitants had nightmare dreams. They dreamt of the fact that soldiers stole their whole property. At that time frustration rose under the population. More and more inhabitants decided to run down their work in such a way that they generated no income. The productivity clearly fell. The prosperous enterprise belonged more and more to the past. Japanese Emoji experienced a big economic crisis. The owners of the tax authority became very nervous that they hardly had income anymore. More and more Emojis became too decayed the work. It happened the case, which extraterrestrials from the Saturn under no circumstances wanted to have. Now they had to finance Emojis from the income of the tax authority. However, this did not fit the Saturn aliens at all. They started to look for solutions. They changed the urban law in their favour. From now on applied working compulsion. Moreover, who offended against it, agreed no help of the Saturn. This lasted other days in such a way. 114,975 days ago came the first misers from the Jupiter. They founded several enterprises of the golden processing. They paid attention to the fact that they could take the surroundings of the volcano with their enterprises. They advertised actively with the inhabitants to the fact that they offered interesting jobs. More and more inhabitants changed to the misers. The influence of the extraterrestrials from the Saturn clearly started to decrease. The misers also had no interest in the existence of the tax authority. That's why they promised to the population if they all worked with the misers, there would be no more tax authority. This promise motivated more and more local inhabitants to change to the enterprises of the misers from the Jupiter. 108,770 days ago nearly 90 percent of the local population already worked with the misers. At that time inhabitants of Japanese Emoji organised an opposition against the rulers from the Saturn. The Saturn's mayor was kidnapped with the help of the miser personally by his job. The miser used the chance. He handed over the Saturn's mayor of the local population. He said them that they could make everything with the extraterrestrial from the Saturn. The Saturn's mayor became seriously injured from furious inhabitant of the town. Then the tax authority was burnt with petrol. The remaining Saturn aliens saw that they had lost. That's why they fled to Saturn. After the disappearance of the Saturn-extraterrestrials from Japanese Emoji, the misers from the Jupiter became the high-powered employers in the town. They increased the working hours up to 16 hours per day. They paid stingy wages. But the enthusiasm of the inhabitants was still big. Finally, they escaped from the extraterrestrials from the Saturn after long time. 

Japanese Emoji-connection to the Circus Kingdom

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89790 days ago the town joined to the Circus Kingdom. The misers from the Jupiter were active above all as an employer in the town. That's why there were no problems with the ruling Acrobats. 83950 days ago After Adverb with his family came from the Easter Egg Country to Japanese Emoji. He examined the whole area with his microscope. He considered long time what he could do with his family here. Finally, he was not contently with the rulers in his homeland. He enquired with different inhabitants after job opportunities in the town. Many Emojis recommended to learn After Adverb and his family first really well Japanese. He and his family intensely started to learn Japanese with a local Emoji. Just at this time the ruler of the Circus Kingdom visited Japanese Emoji with his subordinated. The ruling Acrobat decided to introduce the Circus Language as a main language in the town. After Adverb had to learn with his family now still the Circus Language. While his family had trouble with the second language, After Adverb learnt the second language thanks to his diligence relatively fast and well. Most inhabitants had big trouble to learn the Circus Language. There After Adverb decided to teach the Circus Language the Emojis. He opened a linguistic school. Moreover, he intensely started to work on a dictionary. After long work he had published his first version Japanese-Circus Language. Quell Queen was the wife of the stingy factory owner for golden processing in Japanese Emoji. She wanted to profit from the sales of the new dictionary financially. That's why she invited After Adverb to herself. He received from her an offer that the factory of her husband would improve in appearance of a big edition of the dictionary with golden pieces. For After Adverb this offer was odd. He wanted to produce quite normal dictionaries. 78475 days ago After Adverb had the biggest linguistic school in Japanese Emoji. At that time he also had own paper factory. In his paper factory above all his dictionaries were printed. The other enterprisers in the town became more and more very with envy on After Adverb. Above all misers from the Jupiter wanted to take over the whole linguistic school and the paper factory as fast as possible. Before all Quell Queen wanted to take over the shops from the successful After Adverb. For this purpose she engaged a detective. The detective should make friends with After Adverb. Moreover, the detective should find out what After Adverb would exchange his linguistic school and paper factory for. In this time After Adverb had many sleepless nights. He had a big problem that hardly somebody could substitute for him from his family professionally.

Though his sons and daughters were able to do the Circus Language and Japanese, but at a deep level. When the detective about these problems from After Adverb found out, he tried to persuade him to the sales of both enterprises. After Adverb thought that it was a good idea. But he wanted that his family should profit furthermore from his enterprises. That's why he started to think to himself on the subject. Someday he had a good idea. He decided to sell single shares of his enterprises. At the same time he wanted that his family involved in his enterprises financially. He got the idea of a joint-stock company. 78110 days ago went anus adverb with his idea of the joint-stock company for the urban parliament. He applied for the introduction of the new system. To his idea he added his arguments. After long discussions in the urban parliament his idea was accepted. After Adverb celebrated his political success in Japanese Emoji. Then he transformed his linguistic school and his paper factory into a joint-stock company. He headlined all shares on all his members of the family. He remained the uppermost manager and chief accountant of his company. He invested less and less time for the work as a linguistic teacher. 78046 days ago After Adverb went to the yellow sea. He started to fish. After adverb fell in love with the fishing. He thought that the detective was right. He wanted to sell his enterprises. But he forgot that he headlined his linguistic school and paper factory on his family members. At this time Quell Queen found out from her detective that After Adverb spent more and more time with the fishing by the yellow sea. She decided to meet him there. She came on one day to After Adverb. She started to fish beside After Adverb. She started to talk with him about the languages of Japanese Emoji. Thus she tried to influence the conversation to the direction of the linguistic school. Moreover, Quell Queen told him that she teaches with pleasure languages. She told After Adverb simply fairy stories. When he heard about that, he thought of engaging her as a linguistic teacher. Moreover, he thought that Quell could be the suitable successor for his linguistic school. 78044 days ago Quell Queen got the place as a linguistic teacher. After Adverb went more and more to the yellow sea and fished. With him also went his adult children. His children loved the fishing also very much. They thought about the foundation of a fish shop. 78042 days ago Quell Queen came to her job at the linguistic school. She tried to look in the break for documents of the property of the linguistic school. She found nothing there. She became very nervous. She had to teach the Circus Language. After a short time Quell Queen was ridiculed by the students. They threw their dictionaries on her. They were disappointed very much. They would shout for what they paid, actually, money. After this event Quell Queen tried to sue the whole linguistic school and its owner for compensation. In Japanese Emoji there was a court under the guidance of the Clowns. When After Adverb found out about that, the situation was very disagreeable to him and embarrassing. But the compensation complaint was too much for After Adverb. He submitted a cross action. In the court the linguistic proficiency of Quell Queen was checked. Besides, she used a pinched audio file from the linguistic school. Thus After Adverb was condemned to a payment of the compensation sum. Moreover, Quell Queen tried to destroy the list of the students. She changed even the names of the students when she noticed that there would be problems for her. After Adverb tried to find the students who suffered from Quell Queen. He started to spread several advertisements everywhere in Japanese Emoji. After some time several discontented students came to him. They claimed back their money. After Adverb said that in his linguistic school a wrong linguistic teacher acted. He explained that he searched proofs against her. The students smiled only. It concerned bought students. They were paid by Quell Queen for that. The real students were kidnapped by the husband of Quell Queen to Jupiter. 78000 days ago announced more and more Emojis as missed at the police in Japanese Emoji. This led to a riddle. These were always those who learnt at the linguistic school on that day when the wrong linguistic teacher came to the headlines. When the uppermost Acrobat of the Circus Kingdom got to know about that, he sent his army. 77986 days ago the whole golden processing factory of the husband of Quell Queen was closed. There soldiers found several maps of subterranean bunkers in Jupiter. They flew to Jupiter and found the missing students. When the husband of Quell Queen came to his factory to Japanese Emoji, he was arrested by the police. Then he had to go for the kidnapping of the inhabitants for 12346 days in the prison. However, the miser could not endure the life in the prison. He tried to put the blame to his wife Quell Queen over and over again. 77789 days ago Quell Queen came to her husband to the prison and shot him with a milk gun. After some days he died of his injuries.

In Japanese Emoji puzzled all inhabitants who shot the miser in the prison. A fishing store also founded After Adverb together with his family. This time Quell Queen tried to make her son from the first marriage to the factory owner in Japanese Emoji. For this purpose she went to the office for economy and allowed to fake the documents. She faked above all the testament of her second husband (factory owner whom she shot). There nobody noticed the forgery. Thus her son became the new factory owner. After this event she calmed down.  69350 days ago ill After Adverb in growing nose. His nose became suddenly longer than his fingers together. At this time his oldest grandson took over the guidance of the linguistic school and the paper factory. After Adverb had to operate his nose. The operating doctor was the niece of Quell Queen. When After Adverb recovered from his illness, he also founded a newspaper together with his oldest grandson. The newspaper served as a linguistic help. All articles were at least bilingual. In Japanese and in the Circus Language one could read texts. 65700 days ago After Adverb was honoured by the mayor of the Japanese Emoji for his life works. Finally, he helped the town with the new language. At that time the inhabitants of the town started to build so-called curative houses. Who spent there some time, felt much better in the future. Quell Queen visited such houses with pleasure. 63145 days ago the modern harbour was built by Japanese Emoji from the star architect Out Queen. Out Queen was the grandson of Quell Queen. He could climb up in short time to the architect year's best. 62415 days ago After Adverb died at the age of 39786 days. He died shortly after his birthday. To his burial came even Quell Queen with her family. 60225 days ago the first railway station was built by Japanese Emoji. Many inhabitants were enthusiastic about the train journey. More and more misers from the Jupiter tried to build own houses in the town. Out Queen opened an enterprise for this purpose. He let by his employees take land surfaces. Thereon he wrote always occupied or to sell. He let to throw out even some local inhabitants of their houses. Then he sold the land surfaces to the misers from the Jupiter. The father of Out Queen decided an increase of the working hours in his golden processing factories. He explained this with the fact that the economic situation was tightened very much. Thus he raised the working hours up to 21 hours per day. To food and sleeping employees had only 3 hours. In addition paid he resemble wage for more work. Moreover, he could build up with the help of his son a sort of monarchy in Japanese Emoji. He controlled every new law. The family of After Adverb decided the emigration and the sales of its enterprises. Out Queen was friends very well with the uppermost acrobat. The acrobat spent the night even in his house. 59860 days ago Out Queen took over the linguistic school, paper factory and the newspaper from the family Adverb. The fishing store was taken over from his father. When Quell Queen found out about that, she could hardly think that her grandson created this. She told Out Queen that she already wanted to have these enterprises. Out Queen decided the dismissal of many employees from the new enterprises. Most dismissed began a mass demonstration in Japanese Emoji against Out Queen. Then he called his new terms of employment. These were much worse. Nevertheless, the dismissed accepted this.

The power of the family Queen became stronger and stronger in this town. The winners also were above all always Queens. 49275 days ago Quell Queen died at the age of 45990 days. Because her son and grandson were very high-powered in Japanese Emoji, she could be buried in the city centre. Moreover, her son allowed to build a sculpture to her honour. 43070 days ago Out Queen took over the place of the mayor of the town. At his order four hospitals were built in the town. 42986 days ago exploded a lab of the golden processing factory of his father. His father died with several researchers. That's why Out Queen decided to introduce the day of death of his father as an annual funereal day. He wrote this in the urban constitution of Japanese Emoji. He was known for inhabitant of the town as very strange. He invented especially funny laws as a mayor. Later the First Horror Clown laughed at his laws. 38690 days ago Out Queen decided the construction of a house from cardboard. There he wanted to establish a child prison. His deputy recommended him that the town needed several educational institutions urgently. Out Queen decided on the fact that the levy building of the extraterrestrial from the Saturn should be restored. He decided deductions from wages by the height of 65 percent of the gross income. He explained his decision with the fact that the empires had to be protected economically. Finally, the general population profited from the urban politics. Many Emojis were angry very much at the fact that they might have only 35 percent of their income. Moreover, Out Queen decided an emigration ban from Japanese Emoji. Thus he wanted to prevent that inhabitants could leave the town. In addition he allowed to supervise the borders of the town of the police and the soldiers. In addition he also received the approval from the acrobats. 34675 days ago a civil war began in the town. Many Emojis fought against the army and police. They wanted to flee from Japanese Emoji.


Japanese Emoji under Horror Clowns

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After some days the acrobats lost the power in their country. Thus the First Horror Clown took over the whole rule. Moreover, he allowed to examine the terms of employment exactly with microscope and telescope. 34310 days ago the First Horror Clown decided to use the town as a recreation area. Moreover, he sent his circus army to the reassurance of the situation. He got to know from many discontented voices to the mayor Out Queen. Then he decided the dismissal of the architect of his place. Out Queen became compulsive-retired. The First Horror Clown commanded this when he looked at the face of Out Queen about 66 minutes. 33580 days ago the First Horror Clown examined the curriculum vitae of Out Queen. He noticed that Out absolutely contrary politics pursued. That's why the First Horror Clown commanded the shooting of Out Queen with water pistol. Moreover, soldiers had to throw four pumpkins on Out Queen. All enterprises of Out Queen were automatically transferred to the First Horror Clown. The ruler also considered the town of Japanese Emoji to Horror Clown Emoji to rename. However, the local population wanted to leave the honour to the Japanese. That's why he had to place this name somewhere differently. 33288 days ago the First Horror Clown ordered the construction of several curative houses in completely Japanese Emoji. At that time he also noticed that the town lacked a mayor. In addition he decided to write out the place as a mayor of Japanese Emoji publicly. After seven days the Horror Clown started to examine the curricula vitae of the candidates. Moreover, he sent his soldiers to the applicants home. They exactly had to examine the life-style of the candidates. His soldiers took down all valuables which they found in the flats of the candidates. When the Horror Clown found out about the valuables of the candidates, he called all applicants as "descendants of the haughty". Then he sent Sum Mon as a sole candidate for the place as a mayor of Japanese Emoji. After an initiated choice Sum Mon became the mayor of the town. Sum Mon was a qualified ophthalmologist. Moreover, he also worked as a Japanese teacher in Circus Country. Sum Mon became famous when he renounced his inheritance by the height of 2 millions Bitcoins publicly. At that time he said: "I have already concluded my educations. I can live very well with my occupations." Sum Mon donated his inheritance in favour of good education for poor children. Sum Mon was known for the First Horror Clown as the right model for the society.

In contrast to the extraterrestrial from the Saturn or the misers from the Jupiter who were interested themselves always only in own enrichment. Horror Clown called Sum Mon as a right model for the society of the Circus Union. 33215 days ago Sum Mon took over the place of the mayor from Japanese Emoji. He was the initiator of free health controls for all inhabitants of the town. The misers from the Jupiter felt threatened economically by Sum Mon. They feared that he would make them, like him to proceed. At that time many misers started to smuggle their bank notes to Jupiter. The circus army felt many flying saucers as a menace. That's why several flying saucers of the misers were hindered. The misers explained that they liked to fly to their home planet. Thereon they could fly. Sum Mon signed other documents on the subject recreation area Japanese Emoji. 31025 days ago the First Horror Clown visited the town and the mayor Sum Mon. Thereon the First Horror Clown got as a present a dictionary Japanese-Circus Language written from After Adverb. Besides, the Horror Clown was interested in the family Adverb. When he found out that this family did not live any more here, he decided to extinguish the name Adverb everywhere. After Adverb and his family applied as a betrayer. The reason was that no descendants of the family in the area of the Circus Union lived. 30295 days ago Egoists came to the power in Mars. James Adverb was the old old great-grandchild of After Adverb. He was always an opponent of the Egoists on Mars. That's why he decided to emigrate with his family to Japanese Emoji. He knew the history of his forefather. This is why he knew that he wanted to live exactly there. 30268 days ago James Adverb with his family came to the Circus Union. He emigrated to Japanese Emoji. Thanks to his forefather the family Adverb could hand over both languages also to the next generations. Thus James Adverb and his family had no linguistic problems. Only there were problems with the regime of the First Horror Clowns. The family Adverb was placed in a prison close to Japanese Emoji. The family Adverb was accused of wanting to use the advantages of its name. James Adverb appeared very self-confidently before the First Horror Clown. He explained that he did not like the Egoists. Thereon the whole family Adverb was dismissed from the prison. However, the soldiers had to supervise every step of all members of the family. The mayor Sum Mon lent the citizens of the town to the whole family. Moreover, Sum Mon decided to write the names Adverb again in the dictionaries. 27375 days ago Egoists from Mars tried to bomb Japanese Emoji. Besides, several positions of the circus army were destroyed. Many soldiers were seriously injured. Egoists could thereby take over the control of the town. They allowed to shoot thousands of citizens of the town with fire guns. There were many dead people. In the meantime, Sum Mon and James Adverb worked very intensely on a counterattack. The First Horror Clown sent them for the help 246 well qualified soldiers. Only 25915 days ago Sum Mon and his assistants the town of the Egoists succeeded in releasing. Many Egoists were pelted with pumpkins fatally. Their weapons were automatically handed over to the circus army. 22630 days ago the Second Horror Clown decided to connect the Japanese Emoji to the geographical situation in Emoji. At this time James Adverb worked as a deputy of the mayor Sum Mon. The popularity of the town as a recreation area of the Second and Third Horror Clowns was known under other inhabitant very much. 21900 days ago the urban fishing was promoted by the mayor actively. At that time several researchers explained in their studies that food of the fish was very healthy. This was the principal reason for the support of the fishing. The Second Horror Clown commanded the removal of the linguistic schools in Japanese Emoji. He visited the town for two purposes: Here on the one hand he recovered. On the other hand, he learnt Japanese. Later the Second Horror Clown was welcomed in Japan with big applause because of his linguistic proficiency. 20000 days ago the mayor Sum Mon with his deputy James Adverb had to fly to the Salted Cucumbers. In the Salted Cucumbers were Horror Clowns very unpopular at that time. In this country a meeting was organised between several states and planets. The subject was the dismantling of the chemical and nuclear weapons from all participant states. After this meeting the participants might leave the Salted Cucumbers. At this time a Venus alien deposited a bomb in the flying saucer of the Circus Union.

When the saucer was about 4 giraffes above ground, the flying saucer exploded in its rear part. The passengers seriously injured themselves. In the Salted Cucumbers Sum Mon was unpopular. That's why many inhabitants of Japanese Emoji supposed a specific murder attempt. The confidential admissions of the Circus Union provided the evidence that the king of the Salted Cucumbers ordered personally this action. Moreover, he specially ordered an extraterrestrial from another planet the action. This led to a deterioration of the relations between the Circus Union and the Salted Cucumbers. Both states were during a long-standing war. Besides, the war was without bloodshed. Besides, a big competition began. When the injured persons recovered, the Second Horror Clown decided to call in a new law the Salted Cucumbers enemy of the state number one. After this event every child had to learn at school what was as angry in the life. The Salted Cucumbers and their culture were denigrated. Only 11315 days ago the Salted Cucumbers were not treated with hostility any more on the part of Circus Union. The Last Horror Clown decided this. 10950 days ago the long-standing mayor of Japanese Emoji Sum Mon was very old. That's why he decided to say goodbye to all political offices. The Last Horror Clown decided to organise thereon a big party. There Sum Mon was honoured for his services for the town. 10946 days ago the resignation party began. On this day about 4444 inhabitants assembled in this party. There were a lot of tables for all guests. The Last Horror Clown wanted to thank Sum Mon with his farewell speech. He started to speak. Suddenly several shots started to disturb the party.  Several participants became seriously injured by the shots of a stranger. The party ended for many in the hospital. The criminal almost murder was surprised behind by a group of Japanese. They hit the criminal with their special technologies. He fell thereon on the ground. Thereon the Last Horror Clown ran to him and threw a bottle on the head of the criminal. This case confirmed once more as important the Japanese culture and tourist from Japan were for Japanese Emoji. The Last Horror Clown said this in his speech. 10928 days ago Sum Mon went to bed earlier than normally. He fell asleep. In his dream he was asked to leave his physical body. He still asked some days to be allowed to live. Thereon he still got some days to live. When Sum Mon awoke, he became nervous a little bit. He informed his family that he must soon leave his body. He said his family that he had to live according to programme another eight days. Thereon they said goodbye to him. 10920 days ago the spirit of Sum Mon had to leave his body definitively. Sum Mon died at the age of 46999 days in Japanese Emoji. James Adverb was appointed the mayor of the town by the Last Horror Clown.

Japanese Emoji under Devil Emoji

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After the death of the Last Horror Clown and some time afterwards James Adverb was an advocate of the postarrival of the former king of Emoji. He organised many old newspapers for the fight against the dictators. When Devil Emoji became king of the country, he thanked for the application of James Adverb. Thus the family Adverb might have again the linguistic school and paper factory of its forefathers. Devil Emoji recovers regularly in Japanese Emoji after his meetings with the inhabitants of the country. He also decided the renovation of many buildings of the town. The old tax authority of the Saturn-extraterrestrials was transformed into a museum. The levy was forbidden as civil-hostile. Strict labour laws must fulfil the misers from the Jupiter if they want to found an enterprise in the town. The king of Emoji sends yearly free of charge all inhabitants of the town to the dentist. Healthy teeth apply as a symbol of the prosperity. So most inhabitants have very healthy teeth. The golden pieces of the volcano are processed to flying saucers. In the lovely saucers everybody may fly. The volcano is supervised by the police. Thus misers from the Jupiter in the theft of the golden pieces are prevented. Japanese  is a very important language also even today in Japanese Emoji. This town has this language as only in the whole kingdom as an official language.


Fishing and linguistic schools belong to the most important main focuses of the town. Moreover, there are many golden processing factories. Also the agriculture produces healthy products, above all water melons, pumpkins, apples and pears. In the meantime, several newspapers exist into different languages in Japanese Emoji. The town is visited by many tourists. Most tourists want to swim in the Yellow Sea. But there are also tourists who want above all to the volcano. Besides, they are supervised with video cameras.

Tourist attractions

The old tax authority of the Saturn-extraterrestrials is called interesting place for tourists. It is a matter also the special architecture of the town to admire. The amusing house stands quite northern. The house served some time for religious purposes. There are several museums in the town. Also the urban archive is known as visit-worth. In the museums are the different findings which Japanese and other inhabitants of Japanese Emoji left in the course of the time. Other places of interest are still prepared by the censorship authority exactly on their public publication.

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