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Heart Emoji

This is the story about the medical city Heart Emoji. For other meanings 💘 Hearts. Heart Emoji is the medical capital of the kingdom Emoji. Who would like to learn 😷 doctor or another medical occupation, should emigrate to this city for education purposes. The city is about 72-minute journey to the east remotely from Middle Finger Emoji. Geographically is Heart Emoji in the west of the country. According to the last calculations of the mathematicians from the 21st of February of an up to now unknown year Heart Emoji counted 267,776 inhabitants. Moreover, this city landed in the top 30 of the most-inhabited cities of the kingdom. (According to a special formula). In comparison to other important cities of the country experienced Heart Emoji a special history still long before the official foundation with the today's name.
In comparison to other towns Heart Emoji enjoys a high autonomy status which would be comparable with an independent state. The city had during the time of the Circus Union a special status. After the death of the last Horror Clown Heart Emoji rejected an entry to the independent state of Emoji because of the tax duty. So its lawyers did not take part in the legislation of the gathered lawyers. Therefore Heart Emoji formed an independent and tax-free state.


 Heart Emoji




Heart Emoji was named after the famous politician and doctor who became famous with logical medicine over national borders. Moreover, Heart Emoji was a special politician who won the elections after the entire automation by 🤖 robot. All present politicians did not believe in his success and suspected his followers of the electoral forgery. After the repetition of the elections Heart Emoji became the clear winner in the urban politics again. Except friends and members of the family of the present politicians, all the other inhabitants elected Heart Emoji.
New time began with it in the local politics. But why almost did everybody elect uniformly the unknown Heart Emoji at that time? The reason was that more and more Emojis lost their working places by the automation. The present politicians rejected progress clearly. They wanted to make further so as before. The famous Heart Emoji was a 💛 yellow heart.


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2,109,700 days ago Direct Message lived in the today's area of Heart Emoji. Archaeologists found this in their findings. Moreover, Emojis found a true sensation in an ancient document. There it was described that several planets were together. The today's area of the medical city was original on the planet Pluto. Later an event caused the separation of all planets of each other.
When Direct Message lived, he dealt with the natural laws and started to write an additional book. He had the very special first book with himself. In it all letters shone.
There he read about different characteristics like joy, grief, satisfaction and aggression. His problem was that he could imagine nothing at all under these concepts. Direct Message was on an absolutely neutral mode. Beside the shining letters in the book the book not only internally, but also shone externally. There read Direct Message about all future events of the history. In his second book he took down different important names. Among them were beside Heart Emoji and DVD at least 424 other names.
In comparison to future humanoid Aliens and Emojis Direct Message knew what he should eat. For example: On one day he studied the leaves of a 🌲 fir and a 🌴 palm. At the end of the day Direct Message knew exactly how much energy he lost. Then he ate exactly those fruits which compensated for the lost ingredients to him again or could restore his forces. One day on Friday Direct Message absolutely wanted to understand what was an aggression. He looked in the luminous book for a possibility to get this characteristic.
For this purpose he had to look for red food. Direct Message ate tomatoes and other red vegetables and fruits. He got the feeling of a 🦸 hero and became sporty. After 1234 seconds 🦹 Supervillain appeared before him and began a conversation. He said: "One gets the true feeling of the aggression only by food of red meat. What you experience now, is no aggression." Supervillain looked very persuasive and plausible on Direct Message. Up to now DM was a vegan. After this conversation Supervillain still a small piece of red meat gave him. Direct Message thanked and ate. Supervillain disappeared. From this second Direct Message started to lose his energy. From his lost energy there originated 70 nations. The different planets started to separate of each other.
Several planets thereby became independently of each other. The today's area of Heart Emoji still remained in Pluto. With the red meat Direct Message got not only the feeling of the aggression, but he noticed that he started to get older. He took the shining book and found directly the following statement: "Who listens Supervillain, becomes his slave. Strong personalities can and should oppose him. Anyone can do that. This requires personal motivation." Direct Message further tried to study the natural laws. His problem were increasing concentration disorders. In spite of these difficulties Direct Message could write several books in his very long life. On account of his serious mistake he tried to look for a special donation possibility in the first book.
He wanted to donate to several humanoid Aliens and Emojis his years. From his remaining years he could make a donation only 25,555 days. As a first that could profit, who was in the history most near to him. This was a DVD. 1,770,615 days ago Direct Message went, as usual, different plants to study. He forgot the way back. Thus he still remained several days far away from other inhabitants of Pluto. There he died. One day his sons remembered that their father disappeared. They started to search for Direct Message. Later they found his corpse deep in the forest. They began a violent quarrel because of his most important inheritance: These were several books. By this quarrel they fought against themselves fatally. At this time was LMHT interested for these books, because he got to know from the effect of the letters and the information of his father. Everywhere thus LMHT intensely looked for these books of DM. On this day he wanted to go on the hunt of yellow 🍏 apples. On the way he found a tent. In it LMHT found several 📚 books. He checked them. He found there the desired information. LMHT feared that the books could be destroyed by criminals. This is why he hid them at that time at a place which only he knew. Later he informed his son NHT about the existence of these books. 1,642,500 days ago NHT started to study some books of Direct Message. Moreover, he wanted to find the most important book with shining and luminous letters unconditional. In comparison to other books hid LMHT this book at another place which he protected with several 🐺 wolves.
The reason was a very high criminal activity among the inhabitants. LMHT learnt by the information under the luminous letters how wolves and other predators could obey humanoid Aliens.
1,496,500 days ago NHT took over all inherited books which he should protect according to testament of LMHT especially well. For this purpose he started to make of silver several solid baskets. The books should be thereby preserved also for the future.
One day the youngest son of NHT tried to bite to pieces the books. Other sons of NHT could protect the books against their brother. On it NHT praised the other sons and cursed his youngest who blushed after this event. Moreover, inherited NHT all books to his oldest son SHMT. The curse led to the fact that all descendants of his youngest son became unsuccessful citizens with regular problems.
At this time several local Aliens from Pluto began disappear. They landed at other places of the galaxy. 1,366,925 days ago SHMT on recommendation of his father decided to learn all books and in particular the first book with shining and luminous letters intensely. For this purpose he founded a special school. Some minorities were interested in the knowledge from these books. This is why came more and more humanoid Aliens to SHMT. Together they studied the profundities of the natural laws. The best and most diligent student was RHMT. Before the death NHT recommended to his son all books to hand over RHMT. Thus passed other days and the valuable books found the way to first big leader of the Aliens in Pluto called MST.
At his time leading Aliens tried to spread for the first time the books among the population. For this purpose several inhabitants became professional distributors of the books. In particular the first book was promoted actively by MST. At that time this led to big progress. The lazy Aliens who defended themselves against the learning of the book with luminous letters felt unwell on Pluto. This is why they started to emigrate to Neptune. With the time disappeared some books and also the first book could not be found any more. This changed only when king DVD became the ruler of Pluto. 1,105,220 days ago king DVD found out that in the present history the original book that Direct Message had as the first was absent.
So he commanded his employees to search for the book. For this purpose different tools were used. At this time all inhabitants of Pluto had to look for this book. After many years' search the book of the books could be found finally. It was found with several other books deeply underground. Humanoid Aliens had been surprised very much about the fact that the most important book remained in the best state. Other books were badly readable. The king DVD was very glad that he could find the most important book with luminous letters, finally, after many years of the search during his rule.
So that this book does not get lost in the future simply so again, the king DVD wanted to build a big building where this book could be kept very carefully.
In a book of Direct Message he found that this DM donated some life days to him.
He noticed that he would not live any more long. So he called his son SLMT to fulfil this job. Moreover, king DVD outlined the form of the building in his 📓 notebook. After the important book was found, the king studied it. His own books were based on it. 1,084,050 days ago the king SLMT sat in one of his buildings and had a good idea. With it the first 📀 DVD of the history was produced. SLMT wanted to digitize all information of the first book. Before he read very intensely all details. In a chapter he found the section of the population Emojis who will be in future a part of the amusing people. Moreover, he found Heart Emoji who will be especially long-lasting. SLMT knew that it still needs long time, until Heart Emoji is born. At the same time it was very important to him to hand over the books to him. On account of his understanding king SLMT used a wisdom from the book which enabled to him to inform Heart Emoji about the location of the book.
During the sleep SLMT sent to the place where Heart Emoji will be, exact details to the appearance of the most important book. King SLMT commented on different parts of the first book and other works.
992,800 days ago the king from north-east Venus found out that in the big building in Pluto a very important book was kept since generations. So he sent a big army to Pluto. At that time Venus stuck to Pluto during some time. The king of Pluto called HZKT commanded to all Aliens to read the copies of the first book exactly on the page 76. At this time Venus was separated from Pluto. The king of north-east Venus was beaten by own soldiers with several 🔦 flashlights.
After this event HZKT left several notes and comments. Moreover, he underlined the name Heart Emoji in addition he used ❦ Floral Heart.951,920 days ago a natural disaster led to the fact that the building where many important books long time were kept, was destroyed. The books spread at different places in Pluto. In the next time most Aliens knew nothing more about the existence of these books. At least, several DVDs remained where suitable information existed. This natural disaster was the reason for the fact that several parts of the earth of Pluto landed on the planet Halloween, there where later the city of Heart Emoji should originate.

Industrialization and first generation of automation

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464,645 days ago came several Aliens from Pluto to the today's area of Heart Emoji. They wanted to build there beyond their planet a high tech zone. Thus the first 📷 cameras and phone devices in this area were produced. At this time Pluto wanted to try to motivate some local Aliens on this area to emigrate.
Among them were also the forefathers of Heart Emoji who came at that time. But how did these Aliens become later Emojis?
A historian stated that the local earth had very strong influence on its inhabitants. His version was even that thereby the characteristics of the inhabitants would be adapted to the area. According to residential area Aliens became red or yellow.
Most inhabitants nourished themselves exclusively on local food in spite of the increasing progress which was imported by Pluto. 446,395 days ago Pluto decided to make the area of Heart Emoji independent. The population with its 4500 inhabitants could thereby take its life and its destiny in the own hands. By different detours other nations came to the area of Heart Emoji. Thus the local political system was invented. In it several parties could work together. The people might re-elect their politicians all 4 years or vote out of office.
412,450 days ago local inhabitants noticed that more and more heart-shaped babies were born. Local doctors worried about the continuance of their present race. This is why they considered what they could undertake against the new generation.
At this time "present kinds" were also further born. The local parliament decided a special discrimination law for heart-shaped inhabitants. Thus these Heart Emojis might not choose their professional career themselves. The industrial progress led to an enlargement of the urban area. So the local parliament without blackballing decided the construction of a railway station. Because of the strong growth in population the parliament decided the construction of 🏛 Classical Building which became mighty tax authority. Moreover, the first big central bank was built. This bank was responsible for the monetary policy and production of the banknotes and coins. The occupation of the politicians became more and more popular among the inhabitants of the city. One day the parliament decided to limit the choice of career for certain social classes.
The political elite worked actively on developing own position professionally. Thus politicians distributed the property rights in local companies under themselves. Moreover, they decided different laws in their own defence and strengthening of their position within the society. At this time Heart Emoji had one single political party called "stinginess".
401,500 days ago 45,000 inhabitants already lived in Heart Emoji. At this time the life expectancy of the population clearly rose. So there rose the pressure on younger employees. The reason was a missing old-age pension. Older employees felt not strong enough for work. At this time several Aliens and Emojis tried to demand in writing the introduction of the old-age pension of the government and of the parliament. The misers rejected every time these demands.
They explained their decision with the fact that own responsibility of every singles about own life was not a thing of the politics.
Other peaceful attempts followed. Every time politicians rejected the old-age pension.
Instead, misers wanted to make from all citizens taxable slaves. Of course they invented tricks in the defence of their stinginess. Thus they paid on their companies hardly taxes. The reason was a complicated accountancy.
More and more younger employees could not finance their older family members any more. So they organised a protest for the introduction of the old-age pension. They thereby wanted to distribute the financial load together. Some inhabitants used this protest for the foundation of the first oppositional party of the socialists.
This led to the fact that at the next parliamentary elections the misers suffered with an election of massive losses. The socialists got 67% of all voices. In the parliament their leader made the application for the introduction of the compulsory old-age pension. After some time the new law was accepted by the parliament and the government. Because of the complexity of the calculation of the life costs several mathematicians were searched. They had to calculate exactly, how high the deduction of the wage must be, so that all old Emojis and Aliens would have enough to the life. Besides, the load of the young employees should not be too strong. According to several calculations and budget proposals mathematicians recommended 7.6% of the gross wage.
Another proposal of the mathematicians to parliamentarians was:
If this income should not reach, the increase of the value added tax (VAT) to 4.24% would be the right action. By these proposals the parliament decided to move both measures for the protection of the old-age pensions. 397,850 days ago a heart-shaped Heart Emoji who was green in the birth was born. This was a sensation for the doctors at that time. They recommended to the parents to give 💚 Green Heart for research purposes. They said them that the baby was not survivable. The parents declined, because they dreamt their whole life long of a child. Moreover, his parents were already older than 32,850 days old. After this discussion parents with Green Heart might leave the 🏥 hospital. Doctors required from them that they signed a document that they took away of the responsibility compared with their baby. The parents accepted it.
Later the colour of Green Heart changed to red. 390,550 days ago the former green heart was completely red. ZHK was invited at this time after the military to study physiotherapy.
During the military the before green heart was called by his friends as a ZHK.
During his education ZHK dealt with invalids. They often complained because of political disadvantage. At this time no rights had disabled in Heart Emoji. They might not even vote. Moreover, they got no 💰 money if they were incapacitated. Among them were also those who had an accident (Emojis who lost their working ability). They had no claim for an old-age pension because they were too young.
So ZHK decided to fight for their rights. Because he was independent, he had no chance. So he found out about the past of all political parties.
At this time were misers and socialists. He found out that misers were against old-age pension. This is why he decided to join to the socialists.
386,900 days ago ZHK celebrated his political success: The rights of the invalids were considered in a special law. The introduction of accident insurance and invalid's pension followed this. The boss of the socialists wanted that ZHK becomes the professional politician. For it he asked him one day.
ZHK declined. Finally, he already achieved his political aim. For reasons of the courtesy he remained a member of the party still some time. 383,250 days ago female Emojis started to protest. The reason was that in the politics only male Emojis and Aliens were admitted. Moreover, the electoral votes of the women counted by the votes only to 25% of a full vote.
At this time the boss of the socialists supported this demonstration. His problem was that he was as the only male Emoji. This is why he asked ZHK whether he could support him. ZHK could not cry off, because he was very thankfully for the former support. During the demonstration, ZHK tried to remain very unobtrusive. After the demonstration it did not last long, until the demands were fulfilled by the politicians. In the interim an especially intensive building activity began in Heart Emoji. The population already reached 90,000 regular inhabitants. At this time ZHK got a 💌 love letter. In it a demonstrator wrote that she fell in love with him. He refused to react. ZHK feared a deception or forgery. He thought that somebody mistook him for the boss of the socialists. This is why he laid this love letter on side.
381,425 days ago the urban parliament with several representatives of the government decided the construction of the most important and biggest shopping centre. Moreover, it was very important that there would be a subterranean garage. Visitors should be able to go by their vehicles. 379,600 days ago the new building of the shopping centre was built. All inhabitants were invited to the celebration. Finally, the city president might tell his speech, after he learnt by heart during several weeks every sentence. He got 👏 applause.
During the celebration ZHK got to know the female yellow heart. She told him that her older sister took part in a demonstration where only two male Emojis appeared.
Later she spontaneously sent a love letter to the unknown Emoji. At this second ZHK did not remember that he got this letter. Only after his marriage his wife found the letter of her older sister. At this time the owner of the shopping centre wanted to search a shop assistant for entry tickets in the garage. Important requirement was a nice face and elegant appearance. Finally, visitors by vehicles got this employee as the first impression before their faces.

The birth of Heart Emoji

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In the time before the birth of Heart Emoji Pluto absolutely wanted to have the first 💻 computers in the area of the today's medicine city. For this purpose the first PCs were brought to this area by an informatics enterprise. At this time the mother of ZHK died. So he interrupted a continuing education on the subject "Contact with the new technology". At this time this was compulsory. This is why ZHK like every other physiotherapist had to catch up for the education in the contact with computer absolutely within 10 weeks. Otherwise he could lose the approval for the exercise of his occupation.
Finally, after the burial of his mother ZHK wanted to catch up for this education. He was unlucky again. This time the former boss of the socialists died.
ZHK was invited to the burial of the members of the family. He could not cry off, because he was still grateful for the fact that the dead helped for him with the introduction of the invalid's pension.
In the interim there were other obstacles in the life of ZHK. He had to do different things. This led to the fact that he missed to catch up for the education. He lost his approval. At this time above all professors might work at universities without computer knowledge. This is why he tried to work as a professor for physiotherapy. This was permitted to him juridical.
375,950 days ago two unequal twins were born. Among them the future politician and doctor Heart Emoji and his brother. Geometrically they looked alike. Every had the other colours. Heart Emoji was born at the beginning quite yellow. His brother was extremely red. He was also called ❤ Red Heart. In comparison to their father ZHK who was green at the beginning long time both brothers had their definitive colours at the beginning.
Because ZHK himself became red, he preferred the Red Heart. His wife was yellow, this is why she preferred Heart Emoji. Both brothers drew very much with pleasure. Heart Emoji loved to draw natural landscapes. His brother Red Heart drew very much with pleasure bloody scenes.
One day Red Heart fled from the kindergarten. His brother Heart Emoji tried to come along with him. He wanted to bring back him. In the interim the Internet was invented. This led to the fact that also professors should learn the contact with the computers. ZHK went together with other suitable education in a leading company in the informatics. At this time machines came thanks to new technology for parking. The main problem was that such machines were still very expensive. This is why it was to be done the much favourable employee who sold tickets.
At this time a war in the north south of the planet Halloween began among different nations. Several younger inhabitants above all fled from their countries. By different detours several refugees came to Heart Emoji. The politics was overwhelmed too much with several refugees. So misers decided a tax increase for the financing. They wanted to raise economic pressure on average wage earners, so that they could defend their profits better against tax increases. In the interim more 100,000 refugees were picked up. Renters wanted to use this situation. This is why they increased every Friday the rents. The Internet became more and more important in the working life of the Emojis and Aliens. Thus Heart Emoji and his brother Red Heart wanted to create own web page. ZHK declined, because he had the same difficulties with Internet. Every time by an Internet connection there came the announcement: "Your computer was just infected! Please, urgently buy by emergency antivirus software."
At this time there was small political earthquake in the local politics: Nationalists became the number 1 party. The party of the socialists broke in half. More extreme half wanted massive tax increases for the financing of the refugees. Other half wanted to integrate refugees into the job market and simplify the working approvals clearly. However, nationalists wanted no working approval for strangers. They wanted to deport all refugees immediately from the area of Heart Emoji.
The reason was that refugees got social money. When the time came, both twins got recommendations for their professional future from the ministry of education. Red Heart got an invitation for education as a 🐌 snail collector. His brother Heart Emoji was asked to learn the profession of the bureaucratic politician. 370,475 days ago the father of ZHK died. So he interrupted his work and organised a big memorial service. Shortly after these events Red Heart was invited to his education. After the first day he decided the escape from Heart Emoji. He wanted to learn no dull occupation of a snail collector. This is why he fled from his hometown.
By different detours he came to Venus. There he found out that the local king NMR revered himself too strongly. This NMR claimed to be responsible for everything. Even the invention of the galaxy was his work. He claimed this.
Red Heart wanted to meet him absolutely and surprise. He took a 🧹 broom and hit on NMR and stole his 👑 crown. Then he fled. NMR died after his heavy injuries. At this time an Emoji forgot a ⏲ Timer Clock in the shopping centre in Heart Emoji. Other visitors feared that it could be a 💣 bomb. So Security Emoji had to come. He came with different tools and fled because of fear. At this time KRHT was on the move and jobless. He looked for possibilities to earn money. He took immediately the timer clock. He was celebrated by other visitors as a hero of the shopping centre and was praised. Later the owner of the garage got to know from the heroic deed of KRHT. He absolutely wanted to give him the job in the garage. Thus he became the face all visitors by the vehicles. The present Emoji was dismissed without notice. After his return Red Heart came to his parents and showed proudly the crown of Venus. He said them that he defeated the mighty king with only one broom. At this time KRHT started to lose his hair. He tried to undertake something against it.
He went to a doctor. The diagnosis was: Result of the long-term stay in the garage because of exhaust. In spite of this situation KRHT loved the work in the garage. Thus he was called 🦲 Bald Emoji. After 1000 days the present boss said goodbye to Bald Emoji. Moreover, garage and the shopping centre was taken over from a miser. The new boss tried to surprise regularly every Monday the Bald Emoji, while he said him that he starts a machine at his place before the entrance to the garage. Bald Emoji reacted shocked. In the short term he became jobless. Bald Emoji tried as a seated in 🚍 Oncoming Bus. The reason was his prominent face. Bald Emoji hoped by his popularity to get the job. The new employer required from him wearing of wig as a condition. Bald Emoji had to fulfil this disagreeable demand. Thus he tried in this position. He missed very strongly the garage and was 😭 sad.
After 17 days his former boss called him and wanted to employ him again. The reason was that the machine could not substitute so well for the Bald Emoji. Bald Emoji ran immediately to the garage. He was even more contented than before. In the interim Heart Emoji was included in the higher education of the bureaucratic politician. He learnt how bureaucracy functioned really and in detail. His brother Red Heart was on a long-term trip.

Second generation of automation

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After the end of the first year of his education met Heart Emoji a female 🦰 Red-Haired Emoji shortly before the oral exam. She complained with him to the too high taxes. Heart Emoji said that he was no high-powered politician. Moreover, he was in the middle of his education. He stored to himself this wish in the 🧠 brain. In the same year the stock exchange announced to strengthen the cooperation with High Tech companies.
368,650 days ago there were very intelligent robots with the best algorithms for which all employees of the stock exchange could substitute easily. At that time this led to the first big mass redundancy in the history of Heart Emoji. The dismissed employees began a demonstration for their financial security. On it the parliament decided a compulsory unemployment insurance and minimum emergency help.
Moreover, a ban of the organised demonstrations was decided. This meant who wanted to protest, an expensive bureaucratic approval had to order from the city administration.
Politicians thereby better wanted to protect themselves against the people legally. With it the police might wage a war against the demonstrators. During this difficult time Bald Emoji was dismissed again. Because of his fame he got a job at the police as an advertising face in 🚔 Oncoming Police Car. At that time by his appearance the criminal activity sank in the city. Bald Emoji loved his job. This time he might go with his bald head and did not need to hide this. After some time he missed the garage. After 45 days his former boss wanted to see him again in the garage as an employee.
After Heart Emoji finished his education, he was sent because of the economic crisis like many other graduates of the apprenticeship to a recruitment agent.The 🧓 older Emoji was also known as very like to experiment. Thus Heart Emoji came to him on the 2nd of June. It smelt of 🔥 fire in his 🏡 house. Heart Emoji asked him whether there was a fire. The recruitment agent said him that he placed a 🕯 candle in the oven. In the same year several protests began in the east of Venus. The political confrontations led to the fact that several Aliens from Venus fled. Some of them came to Heart Emoji and applied for political asylum.
At this time the mother of Heart Emoji got an employment as a shop assistant in the shopping centre. A little later Heart Emoji might work as an assistant of a politician.
366,825 days ago Heart Emoji went to the garage because of the 🚽 toilet in the city centre.
There several coins and banknotes fell from him on the ground. At this time also was Bald Emoji there. He helped him with collecting the coins. Thus both Emojis became acquainted. Later visited Heart Emoji daily Bald Emoji in the garage between 🕔 17:00 and 🕢 19:30 o'clock. They told each other about their occupations. One day Bald Emoji told that he found a ring. At the same time there came a blond Emoji and looked for her 💍 ring. Bald Emoji handed over it to her. After some time Bald Emoji was dismissed for the third time. This time he had to wear 🧢 Billed Cap. He suffered very strongly from this duty. After only 264 hours he lost this job. This time Bald Emoji decided to make the machine in the garage with a 🧲 magnet functional-incapable. After some time the machine showed to every driver ⛔ No Entry. After this event the owners of the garage and the shopping centre invited Bald Emoji again to the garage. At this time the first 📱 smartphones came on the market. The miser hoped to automate the work in the garage by the new technology better. Because of the unsafe situation Bald Emoji started to draw even on the wall in the garage. Thus he drew a 🦁 lion. The animal became the urban symbol.
In the big railway station Heart Emoji and Bald Emoji got to know the Moustache Emoji. He told both Emojis that he was substituted with a robot. This made him very depressive. He noticed that he suddenly had not enough money. The unemployment insurance was too stingy to pay to him his deserving unemployment benefit. Thus he was harassed several times. He had to wait during at least 2 months. In the interim Moustache Emoji had to go beg several times. Heart Emoji promised to exert pressure on his boss, so that the situation of the victims of the automation improves.
At this time 🧔 Bearded Emoji decided to donate the hair of his beard to good purpose. The reason were many victims of the automation. An especially warm wig was produced of this hair. After Bald Emoji was dismissed for the fourth time, he got in winter this wig for the cover of his bald head.
365,548 days ago the manufacturer of the paper weapons took over the clothing shop from the shopping centre. High Definition was appointed this time to the regional boss. At that time the area of Heart Emoji was so big that it had place for 2,600,000 inhabitants. Because of big changes TK Article was appointed the store manager. Because paper weapons were unlawful, the enterprise by money laundering wanted to improve its reputation in the lucrative area of Heart Emoji. Thus this enterprise presented itself in times of the progressive automation as the big employer who created new jobs.
The new enterprise wanted to make to every clothing shop its own format. This is why all present rooms had to be renovated. High Definition was asked to determine appointments for forthcoming renovations. The reason was that owners of the company knew no local holidays and habits. Thus High Definition decided the blockage of the relation of the holidays in summer for all employees. At the same time he and other subordinated bosses might use all holiday's claims. The information came only 55 days before the beginning of the summer holidays. The mother of Heart Emoji criticised this action because she could go only on holiday with her youngest daughter during the summer holidays. The reason was that the youngest sister of Heart Emoji and Red Heart could have holidays only at this time. The reason was her education as a nurse. Thus the mother of Heart Emoji tried to inform politely the headstrong High Definition in writing in a letter that it was the only time for holidays because of her daughter.
The bad High Definition declined it regularly. Thus his mother tried to speak with the boss TK Article at that time about it. He reacted 🤷 shrugging. By this situation mother of Heart Emoji suffered a breakdown. During the rebuilding phase she came in spite of the illness to the work. Later she could not come any more. This is why she went to the doctor. He diagnosed her heavy depression (caused by the surroundings). She received a doctor's report. Later she brought this doctor's report to the store manager. He did not trust the doctor's report. He spoke of a forgery. In the interim he discussed the other action with his boss High Definition. He reacted 😉 winking. He said TK Article to prepare a written threat to the employee as a preparation for the notice. After the preservation of the threat the way freely became for a later notice. High Definition came regularly to the renovated clothing shop and winked his both 👀 eyes quite cheeky.
The politician, Heart Emoji worked with, feared that his employee could overtake him on the political career. This is why he dismissed Heart Emoji with an unjustified reason. Instead, he took his own son as a political employee. Thereby he protected him a valuable job of that time.
Heart Emoji got an employment as a journalist of a local news website which informed its readers about political events exclusively on the Internet.
One day Bald Emoji came to the garage and found a sleeping 🛌 person in the bed. He found out that this person became homeless because of the instant notice of the rental contract.
So he looked for a solution. At this time very strange events occurred in the garage. Visitors from other times came to the garage. Bald Emoji had to look over and over again for solutions.
One day he wanted to come even with them to the other time. The visitors often wanted to make with the historical personality a 🤳 Selfie.
After the notice mother of Heart Emoji went to the unemployment insurance. This reacted morbidly stingy if it was about the payment of the legal unemployment benefit. The bureaucratic officials tried to defend the stinginess of the assurance to prevent every payment. In the same time Heart Emoji helped his mother in the fight for the unemployment benefit. At that time thus Emojis had to write several letters to justify the preservation of the unemployment benefit. After long and very laborious fight the mother of Heart Emoji got the legally earned money. There passed other days.
The clothing shop which was acquired by the new owner got in financial difficulties. The principal reason was the competition from the Internet.
Exactly 270 days later High Definition was dismissed as a needlessly expensive boss. He looked for a new job. He found the advertisement of the owner of the building of the shopping centre in the city centre Heart Emoji. He got the job as the uppermost person responsible of the building. This meant that he became with every problem the contact person. In special cases he had to come even personally.
One day Bald Emoji discovered in the garage a 🦂 scorpion. He decided to act immediately. After some time several scorpions appeared in the garage. On that day the garage was closed. The owner became very nervous because instead of the income he had several issues.
On this day visited Heart Emoji the Bald Emoji in the garage. At the same time High Definition (HD) had to go to the garage to poison scorpions. HD took his poison in the 👐 hands. At the same time recognised him Heart Emoji and started to look at scorpions with a special look. After this event High Definition was attacked of all scorpions without exception. Externally HD had no damages of the attack. Later a doctor diagnosed to him, injury of that brain half which was responsible for eyesight. After 666 days High Definition went blind completely. One day Heart Emoji and Bald Emoji have gone on the search for treasures. The reason was that Bald Emoji understood by Multiplication X that rich inhabitants of the city of Heart Emoji hid their valuable things underground.
The principal reason was his unsafe career. Finally, Bald Emoji was dismissed regularly from the garage. Later his employer shortened his working hours so far that he did not have to do any more him at short notice again after the notice. Thus Bald Emoji earned so little money, as never before. In the interim the robot became so good that Bald Emoji could be substituted easily. He had to be satisfied with the donations from the 🛒 shopping carts. Because of his nervous breakdown Bald Emoji started to eat 🍿 popcorn. Thus he calmed down. He started to play in the lottery. On the 16th of January he won absolutely unexpectedly 160,000,000 millions. He informed Heart Emoji and other Emojis with whom he was in good contact. He wanted to fetch together with them the money.
Thus Moustache Emoji on the right side had to sit in the 🚆 train beside Bald Emoji.
The other was Bearded Emoji who sat on the left side beside him. Both Emojis said each other: The Bald Emoji has no hair but a lot of money. We have hair but no money. Thus both hairy Emojis held on the Bald Emoji completely. Heart Emoji sat before them. Later they went together to a restaurant to celebrate the profit. The Bald Emoji received net 100,000,000 from his profit paid out. He promised to donate a part of the profit to his friends to their support. Thus everybody single got from him 2,500,000. After this event Bald Emoji decided to organise his life anew. He wanted to look as it was to live richly. Thus he started to buy different things. He noticed fast that all these things started to bore fast him. Moreover, there came every Monday inquiries of the envious people that concerned his money.
364,270 days ago became the first former high tech things than outdated legally stamped.
Among them were 💿 CD, cassettes of all kind like video or audio, DVD, old mobile phones of the first and second generation. Emojis decided to build a special cemetery for former technology. Thus a big grave was built for compact disc. Several old devices experienced the same destiny. Heart Emoji decided to buy with the money from Bald Emoji a house for his parents. ZHK and his mother reacted very positively in amazement from his present.
The unemployment because of the automation rose. More and more Emojis were substituted with automated devices. Thus the first teacher robots became successfully tested and later the more favourable solution was supported by the local politics actively. Politicians recommended this solution with the following reasons: A teacher robot could be trained much faster and more favourably. The whole knowledge was fast transferred on an USB-Stick. Then the robot could give the suitable information about the right time to the students. Moreover, misers recommended that all necessary knowledge was on the Internet. Politicians thereby wanted to save also electricity costs for teacher robot. High Tech companies supported actively the road enterprise. During the subsequent years train drivers were substituted with automatic robots. Even a ban on driving was given for all normal inhabitants. From a new year only robots might drive all public vehicles. For private purposes normal inhabitants of Heart Emoji by their vehicle might also go.
The digital money became so popular that politicians demanded an end of the production of the banknotes and coins. In spite of this development politicians wanted to steal the digital money via tax return from the citizens. In the interim a known boss of a big company warned that it needed a tax increase for the social peace. Losers of the automation should be thereby protected financially. However, his idea was very bad for following reason: If the population earns no money, the taxes would have to be increased. In this case the losers would still have less money.
362,445 days ago were jobless already more than 60% of the population in Heart Emoji and were substituted with artificial intelligence successfully in original occupations. The former teachers, office workers and drivers of different transports demonstrated peacefully against their unemployment because they had only maximum 20% of their former income.
Politicians explained in a message that citizens should teach themselves the saving.
Moreover, politicians wanted to invest money in the army and 👮 police. At this time Heart Emoji wrote his political notes. He tried to speak with different politicians of the future of the city. His method was not easy to understand. Moreover, all politicians rejected this because they had interest in the levy.
360,620 days ago soldiers and policemen were also substituted with the automated robots. It further went with the up to now remained occupations. Thus the whole medical knowledge was stored in every robot actively. With it the medicine staff was also substituted easily after several successful tests.
The major task of the remained real employees was the control of the electricity and the examination of the quality of the robots. One more third of the former working persons could thereby work. Later the robots became so good that they could activate automatic repair with themselves. The number of the unemployed people rose on 76% of the whole population. The idleness of the present long-standing politicians annoyed the people of Heart Emoji. The financial restrictions could accept less and less inhabitants. Finally, the parliament invented a law which refused to tolerate the replacement of a politician by robot anyway. About this decision many Emojis irritated themselves.

Heart Emoji as politician-political earthquake

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Heart Emoji started to publish his political theories on the Internet news website where he worked since some time. More and more inhabitants of the city felt addressed from his position. Heart Emoji was popular among the losers of the automation very much. 358,795 days ago the big elections began, as usual, all 4 years. The surprise for all present politicians was very big. Although Heart Emoji did not run for election, he got 70% of all votes. With it Heart Emoji was elected practically the autocrat. The established and long-standing politicians called the election result a forgery. They did not want to accept this. This is why second elections were organised. This time a successful entrepreneur from the informatics branch sponsored the candidature of Heart Emoji.
Moreover, other companies from the high tech area motivated Heart Emoji by his election to become the autocrat. With the electoral repetition got Heart Emoji 91% of all valid votes. Only friends and members of the family chose the present politicians. These historical elections called the mass media as a "political earthquake". The name Heart Emoji became the concept of the political fresh start. The present politicians had to confirm their defeat in the urban 📺 television. Heart Emoji offered to them to work together with him. With it he also tried to include present politicians in his political programme. With his election all traditional parties became practically only a part for the history books. After he took over the autocracy, he refused to tolerate as the first the collection of the direct taxes. The end came for the tax duty for income and assets. He lowered the value added tax (VAT) to 1%.
By new law the digital money was introduced for state expenditures. Moreover, all present debts of the state with digital money were paid. The new law of Heart Emoji permitted no more losses for central bank. Though the uppermost bank might take risks, money always had at disposal ♾ Infinity. With it there never was not enough money for state expenses. In addition, during his reign Heart Emoji had as much money for all the necessary tasks as necessary.
Bureaucracy could be diminished by the abolition of the direct tax duty. Thus there was much less rubbish (no tax declarations). Heart Emoji was aware that by robots executed works could get sometime in the oblivion. This would be problematic if one day the robots for some reasons did not function any more. This is why he organised educations for jobless inhabitants.
In this way the knowledge should be preserved for the future. Really there was a much later problem. At that time Heart Emoji was glad that the autocrat promoted the education on stock or for emergency case earlier. At this time inhabitants complained of high duties and rising electric prices. Heart Emoji reacted to it with the lowering of the duties and construction of new companies in the area of the electricity. In this area he started to use actively the advantages of the renewable energy. Thus he used actively wind energy, solar energy, earth energy and water energy. In this way he could lower the prices of electricity. At that time Heart Emoji decided to let produce the amount of 2000 for the everyday need in the form of cash of the central bank. In this way metal and paper should be clearly saved. The rest of the money existed in the form of digital money as figures at the banks.
Another law was a protection of the privacy. That is the fact that politics might have no access to bank accounts. With other law Heart Emoji commanded the lowering of the fees for new identity cards and passports. He lowered the prices of this achievement about 50%. Moreover, he strengthened the food industry. Emojis and Aliens were very contented with his politics. Thus he was re-elected four years later. Other candidates and parties had no chance not even on a seat. After his re-election all present inhabitants were not jobless any more. Heart Emoji could employ everybody. Moreover, everybody clearly received more money for the fact that they visited the preservation of the knowledge in educations. Therefore became the majority of 67% of learners who earned with it full-time money. In the interim Bald Emoji had more than enough of his things. Thus he sold a big yacht and several 🛸 flying saucers and other more expensive assets.
He returned after several years to the garage. There he fell asleep from joy. The next day TK Article came to the garage. He started to insult Bald Emoji loudly. Bald Emoji reacted 😱 shocked. In his life he got never angry thus and still in his once favourite place in amazement. After this event Bald Emoji decided to complain at the police. There he found out that his known Heart Emoji was the autocrat in the politics. This is why he complained directly with him against TK.
Heart Emoji invited TK Article to himself in the office. He said him: "As if it was not enough to dismiss my mother at that time because of your stupidity, now you cause other problems. Nothing learned!????"
Heart Emoji commanded the arrest of TK Article in a dark space. Moreover, in his prison cell no objects might be with which the prisoner could injure himself or kill. After these events Bald Emoji asked how he could help the city. Heart Emoji knew that every political aim with the digital money could be financed. This is why he suggested to him investing his money in the construction of the big hospital. Under the following condition: The hospital will belong to the city and the population. Bald Emoji agreed with it. At this time Heart Emoji commanded the construction of houses with several floors. The rents should thereby sink in the city clearly. This aim achieved Heart Emoji during the next years of his reign. Other job of his government was to adapt the working hours to the different needs of the population.
Over and over again Heart Emoji was re-elected by the population. In talks with the ageing population he noticed the need the medicine of the city clearly to upgrade. For this purpose he commanded to the central bank to give digital money. In the close future a lot of work and money was invested in the research of the urban medicine. Heart Emoji remained in the politics. Because of his political success most inhabitants wanted to rename the area to his honour. 354,050 days ago the city was officially named according to the long-standing ruler. In the same year Heart Emoji celebrated his 60th birthday.
At this time a technology enterprise presented its newest innovation: Normal walls of a house could store all data of USB memory and other data storage in themselves. Besides, it was possible to store so much video material in the average walls at least, how 99 years of a life. Some Emojis wanted to store in this way the photos of their forefathers. Other Emojis wanted to store their digital money so.
By the biggest progress refugees from neighbouring areas came to Heart Emoji. The autocrat reacted fast to it. Thus all refugees were integrated immediately into the working process. Thereby he wanted to prevent negative effects like at times of his childhood. At that time refugees might not work and were underemployed. This caused for negative headlines. Heart Emoji sent them to the learning of the local languages. Then they were divided according to profession there. In his notes used Heart Emoji regularly Heavy Heart Exclamation for exclamation point.
350,400 days ago inhabitants of the city wanted to surprise their long-standing autocrat with a special kind. For this purpose a big cake was baked in the form of 💟 Heart Decoration. Heart Emoji started to be interested in medicine.

Heart Emoji as a doctor

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Politically achieved Heart Emoji everything what he planned. On account of his age he started to make to himself more thought about the health. He felt very healthy. He noticed how Emojis from his surroundings were clearly aged. Among them was the famous Bald Emoji. Also his own parents became older. Heart Emoji started to spend increasingly his time in the nature. On account of his geometrical resemblance to his brother Red Heart, he permitted to him in the politics his way to go. Thus he got more power. Heart Emoji concentrated more and more upon medicine. Officially he remained as an autocrat of the city registered. He still took important decisions. Heart Emoji started to study independently the natural laws. He noted his knowledge. One day at the age of 27,376 days the 👻 ghost of Direct Message appeared on a tree. He told Heart Emoji about the shining book and wanted to say where it was. He disappeared. After some time appeared the former king of Pluto HZKT.
He said Heart Emoji that he found the first and most important book of all times and generations here under the thick tree at this place. After several hours of excavations Heart Emoji found the book in the best state. He started to study the book with shining and luminous letters very intensely. By his study more time hardly remained to him for political work. Instead, his brother Red Heart took over the job. The population showed understanding for his retreat. Finally, more and more inhabitants wanted to stay healthy as long as possible. This is why they hoped that Heart Emoji could reach big progress like in the politics also in the medicine. After Heart Emoji studied some chapters intensely, he began the first tests. Thus he learnt the effect of the colours. For this purpose the long-standing enemy TK Article was put in a space. All walls were black there.
He felt very unwell there. He lost his forces. Then TK was put in another space. All walls were yellow there. The mood of TK improved. At this time achieved Heart Emoji the information that High Definition died after a heavy illness. He absolutely wanted to have to the investigation the corpse. At that time, finally, many Emojis and Aliens fell ill with this heavy illness. This is why Heart Emoji wanted to find out preventive measures by the knowledge of the first book and try out. He recommended them to eat dates, carrots and pomegranates. Moreover, his patients should drink mineral water. With this method Heart Emoji one of the biggest illnesses could fight preventively. On cloudy days he recommended his patients to go to a yellow space.
He prescribed the yellow colour against depressions. Heart Emoji started to develop a sort of parallel medicine. He noticed interesting facts to the effects of the colours. Moreover, Heart Emoji noticed that the shape of a fruit or shape vegetables had a certain shape of a body part. Thus he used 🍅 tomato for heart and blood circulation. He found more and more fruits and other things in the nature which had exactly the same shape like body parts. He realised that thus healthy eating could put together. Thus he found in the cut carrot the shape of an 👁 eye.
Heart Emoji used common walnut for the brain. He recommended red beans to eat with healthy kidneys. He recommended some ill Emojis in the room to fall asleep beside onion. The reason was that the colour "White" took up everything in itself.
The doctor Heart Emoji recommended 🍠 sweet potato for pancreas. After the birth of babies he recommended to the mothers to eat 🥑 avocado. For heart he recommended to eat bunch of 🍇 grapes. One day Heart Emoji with Bald Emoji spoke of his medicine. On account of this logic Bald Emoji asked whether 🥝 kiwi with his hair was well for growth of the hair. Thereon Heart Emoji said that this "hair" is eaten not really. At least, agreed both Emojis that they should eat yellow 🍌 bananas on cloudy days. These fruits had and mostly have the shape of a smile. After this conversation the newest project of Heart Emoji wanted to support Bald Emoji absolutely.
The self-become doctor wanted to develop a device with the highest technology. In this way it should be possible to diagnose the illness fast. For this purpose Heart Emoji gave a command his brother Red Heart. All doctors and other experts of the medicine had to work together with Heart Emoji on this device. First doctors wanted to know nothing about it. Finally, used Heart Emoji another medicine. His own patients called this logical medicine.
Because of rising inquiry for nature products Emojis and Aliens had to perform in the agriculture more and more. Finally, 339,450 days ago a functioning device was built. It was as a magnet resonance imaging. As opposed to this device it was transparent and could indicate fast the problem. It scanned the whole body of the patient and showed what exactly was absent. Thus Heart Emoji prescribed food of two bananas per day for a patient.
Other patients were given appropriate recommendations. Due to great success rates, Heart Emoji commanded his brother Red Heart more money through the central bank for the construction of further scanners according to the same pattern. Red Heart granted and demanded for every device the sign of 🖤 Black Heart.
After several preparations, the whole area of Heart Emoji had at least 777 scanners for the same purpose at different locations. The doctor Heart Emoji had no political office, but as a former city president with a special status was allowed to write particularly important laws in the municipal law book. So he used his right this time. He wrote, "§ All scanners are the property of the city. Their use is fully possible for the benefit of the health of all patients and the duty of all doctors."
With this law Heart Emoji wanted to allow the access to his scanning devices for the whole population of his city in every situation. At that time every inhabitant of the city had an annual subscription for the amount of 424 of the local currency an unlimited access to all medical supplies at every place of the big city. This kind of the preventive medicine motivated more Emojis to study even logical medicine.During this time an epidemic of the very growing fingers began. TK Article was most affected. He was brought to Heart Emoji. The patient could not be brought by the door to the room because all ten fingers became so big and long. In the interim Heart Emoji not even knew that once the next patient offended his mother. When an assistant came to TK, he found him dead.
The widow accused Heart Emoji and tried to sue him. In the meantime, at least 11 more Emojis died of this disease. Heart emoji said he had to look for the reason for this epidemic. For this purpose, all corpses were placed in a special scanning device. The result did not surprise Heart Emoji. He found poisoning in the brain at all dead Emojis. That part of the brain was responsible for the agility of the fingers. Heart Emoji suspected some food. In fact, a poisoned 🍫 chocolate was found. The reason was that a miser old chocolate with a long-expired date resold. A toxic ingredient has been added to this.
After this event the miser lost his sales licence. With the miser it concerned a descendant of the former high-ranking politician who was substituted once with Heart Emoji by the big elections. Later realised Heart Emoji that it concerned late revenge. 334,705 days ago the first Clowns came to the area of the city. They started to use the concept Emoji in different way. Although Heart Emoji was the first official Emoji according to all historical information, he was not recognised as real Emoji by historians. Finally, heart-shaped Emojis did not correspond to the average standard externally.
More and more inhabitants of other areas got to know from the excellent medicine in Heart Emoji. The average life expectancy rose by 150% in comparison to the time of the technological progress. The average age of all inhabitants was 120 years. The inhabitants of the city already got the feeling of the physical immortality. Even Bald Emoji experienced light hair growth after a lot of years of his hairlessness. The doctor Heart Emoji worked diligently on other scanning devices.

Heart Emoji under Uranus

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Because of the rising life expectancy in the most advanced city of the planet Halloween Uranus was interested in the area. With several flying saucers Aliens from the Uranus came to Heart Emoji. They tried to get as refugees in the city residence. If the ruling Red Heart got to know from new refugees, he reacted very much angry. The main problem of the city was a growing and immortal population. And if already Aliens from other areas wanted to live there, Heart Emoji had to fight practically with the overpopulation. At that time there lived quite just 9,998,879 inhabitants. Because of his excessive demand Red Heart decided to consult his brother in this connection. Heart Emoji recommended the neighbouring border areas to connect to the city.
Conurbations should originate from it for other inhabitants. Red Heart obeyed. The geometrical shape of the city resembled a heart.
After many years' research Uranus could take different information from the city. 312,805 days ago Uranus from several 🧬 DNA in the lab decided to produce such a clever heart-shaped Emoji like Heart Emoji. Their research led to the birth of Black Heart. The aim of Uranus was to be built up an empire in the northern east on the planet Halloween. At this time Emojis found out in the medicine city that a danger for them could exist in close future. A device showed the birth of a phoney heart-shaped Emoji in a far away area of the planet.
At this time Heart Emoji celebrated its 20,222,222 inhabitants. The older the inhabitants became, the healthier and stronger they felt. Doctor Heart Emoji wrote this in his notes. He compared the situation to a strong and very thick tree which stronger works for observers. 301,855 days ago Black Heart got to know the 🧞 Genie K. Genie K worked as a guardian of the royal dogs of Uranus. He had to feed the dogs and supervise. Black Heart said him: "Why do you want to be a slave of Uranus?" Genie K reacted to it fast. He let all dogs out. Genie K commanded to them to attack the high-ranking Aliens from the Uranus. Together Black Heart and Genie K went to take over the rule about the area of Uranus. All Aliens from the Uranus of local population arrested Genie K and Black Heart.
Both power addicts started to conquer an area after the other. After a short time Genie K became the first big leader of the whole 🍊 Tangerine Country. Black Heart was his military commander-in-chief.
Together they organised a strong army of the north-east. If they came to a new area, they asked who was there the leader. Then threatened Genie K and Black Heart with their dogs. Later they got fast other areas in the middle south.
Genius K was interested in other cultures and read more about their life-style. By their conquest started Black Heart to be interested for other areas. The death of several dogs forced the both think about own end. The life expectancy in their occupied areas amounted a little bit more than 66 years. One day came Genie K and Black Heart to the area of the today's Circus Country.
There a Clown told about the good medicine and very high longevity in the heart-shaped city.
290,905 days ago Black Heart and Genie K came to the city of Heart Emoji. They came not only, but with a big army. They started to search all places. They looked for the miracle devices which the inhabitants used for many years for their health. Genie K and Black Heart noticed that nobody said something voluntarily them. This is why they commanded a pitiless war against the city. Some inhabitants fled from the city voluntarily because of fear to be killed. The city of Heart Emoji was moved into great fear. From 40,000,000 inhabitants nearly 26,000,000 inhabitants fled to other areas of the planet that had no advanced medicine. More and more houses became ghost areas. Black Heart found the government seat of the city. There was Red Heart.
In the interim Heart Emoji worked as a doctor in the background. Black Heart wanted to kidnap Red Heart. Nevertheless, he felt any relationship with him. Red Heart told him that Aliens from Uranus took his blood tests. Black Heart decided to kidnap Red Heart. He made this not personal. He commanded his soldier. After some time Genie K wanted to find the most important doctor of the city personal. Because Heart Emoji was nowhere discoverable, Genie K tried to question the parents of Yellow Heart. They also did not know where Heart Emoji was. Thus Genie K commanded to take the father ZHK as a hostage.
In the interim Black Heart explained himself to the city king. He put the ⚑ black flag.
Heart Emoji noticed how several inhabitants from the city fled to a direction. He realised that was not right a little bit for the first time in his long life at all. He tried to contact his brother Red Heart. Black Heart asked him who was he.
Heart Emoji explained that he was a doctor. The self-appointed city king invited him to himself. There he remained quiet. He asked where Red Heart was. The city king said him that he was away. At the same time he said that he was now the uppermost leader of the city. Thus Red Heart wanted.
Because of the unsafe situation Heart Emoji decided to hide several scanning devices at confidential places of the city. Moreover, he hid the plans for the construction of these devices at a confidential place. At this time Genie K tried to kidnap several doctors with such scanning devices. The advanced city experienced the worst time of its present history. Later Heart Emoji had to calm the remained inhabitants.
He wanted to prevent other emigration from the city. He explained into local language which did not understand Genie K and Black Heart that he will look for a solution to expel both criminals from the city. After these events Genie K wanted to learn all health tips of Heart Emoji personally. At the same time he wanted to know who lived in this city. He found out that many Aliens with roots from Venus and Pluto lived there. He was allergic on their religions. That's why he commanded strong restrictions for the practice of their religions. Black Heart made no difference their religions, actually. Nevertheless, he obeyed Genie K because of their long-standing friendship. On account of their discrimination Aliens from Pluto and Venus decided to undertake together something against the army of Genie K and Black Heart.
After successful good preparation the army was surprised by Genie K negatively. All soldiers were infected by 🦠 microbes from the air with a Trojan. They became fight-incapable. Genie K was killed with several pocket calculators. Heart Emoji did not allow to his urban people to make something against Black Heart. The reason was that he wanted to find his brother Red Heart alive. Black Heart noticed that he remained alone from the mighty empire. This is why he refused to say the truth. That's why Heart Emoji commanded to lock up him for lifelong in the prison.
283,605 days ago Heart Emoji got to know about the strange death of Black Heart in the prison. The reason was that several prison guards observed how Black Heart exploded after his death. Thereon a slip of paper with the DNA information about the dead remained.
Moreover, on the slip of paper was found the information where Red Heart was at that time.
For Heart Emoji a new chapter began in the medicine research. He studied DNA and everything in this connection. After some time Red Heart succeeded the escape from the area of the Tangerines. He could return in his hometown. There he might become a city president again. During his work Heart Emoji got postcards with 💞 Revolving Hearts of a female heart-shaped yellow heart. These were modern love letters of that time. 273,750 days ago the oldest son of Heart Emoji called 🧡 Orange Heart was born. He is valid as a forefather of the famous monk Heart Eyes Emoji.
Because of the other colour of his son Heart Emoji decided to study the meaning of the colours again.

Heart Emoji under Saturn - construction of a mighty tax authority

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229,950 days ago Heart Emoji and Red Heart celebrated together their 400 birthdays. In the same year 💜 Purple Heart was born. After his birth Red Heart wanted to know exactly, why his son quite different colour than he and other Emojis had in the family.
At this time he got to know some Aliens from the Saturn. The life on this planet fascinated Red Heart very much. Finally thus he decided to emigrate with his family to Saturn. He took a list of healthy tips of his brother with himself. At this time the city of Heart Emoji started to live increasingly like neighbouring states. The population was interested less and less in the technical things. Only in the medicine, agriculture and monetary policy advanced technology was used.
There passed other days. In the interim the population from Heart Emoji reached more than 22,222,222 inhabitants. 147,095 days ago several descendants of Red Heart came to the city of the medicine and burnt several buildings. This event caused the highest damages since long time. Several Emojis died as a result of the fires. The city started to lose to attraction. In the same year one of the best known descendants was born by Red Heart. He was called Non Sense. He was the inventor of the tax authority in Crying Laughing Emoji.He inspired his friends to do the same in other cities of Emoji. Some of his friends remained in Saturn. A former inmate of a prison who was freed by Non Sense came to Heart Emoji. He was called Global Village. 136,510 days ago Global Village got to know the doctor Heart Emoji.
He made an especially good impression on the long-standing politician. Heart Emoji wanted to concentrate after a lot of years exclusively upon the health of his parents and the medicine. That's why he recommended Global Village as his successor as a city president. The only condition was that Heart Emoji always would have at disposal enough money of the central bank for the further development of the medicine. Global Village agreed to this demand. After his election he examined the present laws with his 🔍 magnifying glass directed on the left. He refused to tolerate the digital money to the Emojis. Instead, the population should be able to have so much money as central bank could print. His principal purpose was the reintroduction of the tax duty. For this purpose he flew several times to Saturn. There invited and took Global Village local Aliens to Heart Emoji.
He wanted that they help him with the tax duty. For his plan the new city president needed a lot of paper and several 🖨 printers. Most Emojis hid their digital money in own four walls at home. The main problem was that Global Village his tax-collecting army commanded to take away the whole digital money. Thus several walls were destroyed. Because of these circumstances complained more and more Emojis directly at the doctor Heart Emoji. Because of these events he recommended to transfer to them on the tax declarations special infections. These were contagious microbes which made the receivers seriously ill with the touch of the paper. Most Emojis obeyed their long-standing politician and doctor. After a short time several tax collectors from the Saturn fell ill. For unknown reasons they died. Global Village survived as the only one.
He did not understand the world any more. He wanted to discuss with Heart Emoji as the uppermost doctor this situation. The long-standing doctor with the following story reacted to it: "Once these were 100,000 taxable Emojis and Aliens. One day the taxes were increased so far that the citizens hardly had money for own needs. Later there came a new solution-oriented and advanced politician who simplified the old monetary system by the new digital money clearly." Global Village rejected the return to the digital money. He explained his opinion with the fact that he should know as the uppermost city president and politician about the existence of every single coin of every citizen. After this conversation Heart Emoji left the room disappointed. After this conversation Global Village decided to proceed differently. Thus a very big building was built first for the urban tax authority. This time wanted Global Village that Emojis believe in the holiness of the building.
Later he motivated them to throw coins into its big 👄 mouth. The building had an oral-shaped place. After some time a new tax duty introduced Global Village. This time he picked up Aliens from the Saturn again. His problem was that the population was so big that he could never have enough employees as tax collectors. This is why Heart Emoji used every opportunity to undertake something against the problematic city president. This time thus the banknotes and coins were infected with the most different bacteria. After a short time all tax collectors from the Saturn fell ill. They died. Heart Emoji warned the population against burying the corpses of the Aliens from the Saturn only with special masks. Some inhabitants of the city did not obey him. So several citizens died. This time Heart Emoji commanded to arrest his friendly Emojis the bad city president Global Village. After these events the city got an inquiry of the Circus Kingdom for the joining. Heart Emoji more exactly wanted to check the conditions with all possible results for the city.
After long time he decided to join to the kingdom Emoji partially. The reason was that many Emojis from the kingdom lived at that time in Heart Emoji. Besides, the long-standing doctor and city president paid attention that his city kept its big autonomy. At the same time he wanted to escape from decades of duty as a head of the city. On account of different specific features the king of Emoji in this city founded his second residence.

Heart Emoji under Jupiter and Easter Eggs

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Because of the tax freedom in the city of Heart Emoji, the interest of the political elite of Jupiter rose to this city. More and more stingy Aliens came from Jupiter and founded companies here. 121,910 days ago, a strong epidemic of fast-growing hair began in Heart Emoji. Many Emojis had no time in their lives for other things than to cut hair. This burdened many long-time residents of the city so much that they left the area. The doctor Heart Emoji accused Aliens from the Jupiter to have imported a special virus from their planet. Due to this event many long-time specialists left the area. They even voluntarily renounced the best medicine of Heart Emoji. After some time, the most famous doctor of history found a solution to this problem. At the same time, he remembered his former friend Bald Emoji, who desperately wanted to have hair. He wanted to find him. He found him nowhere.
Suddenly the ghost of Bald Emoji appeared and told him how he died. He promised him that he would be born again in the near future. During this time, Global Village took over the municipal bureau again after a long time. In comparison to earlier, he rejected the tax collection completely. Due to various events, the city of Heart Emoji lost more and more of its previous progress. The central bank began again with the production of cash. Digital money always worked less. In addition, many Emojis died with advanced knowledge during various events such as wars and epidemics. Despite this negative development, the medicine remained at the highest level thanks to Heart Emoji. 116,070 days ago, the two nephews of Heart Emoji were born. They were 💙Blue Heart and 💜 Purple Heart. Later, the two Hearts took over the city bureau together.
Meanwhile, Heart Emoji has continued to focus on the study of natural laws. He also took over another building for his parents. He paid attention to the fact that there were many plants in his parents ' house. He visited his parents daily and regularly. He also checked his parents weekly for their health in a scanning device. The family of his younger sister had his own scanning device for this purpose. Later, Heart Emoji taught his two nephews the logical medicine and preventive medicine. At the same time, misers from Jupiter began to bring more and more money from their homeland into the city. They invested a lot of money in various trading companies.
98.550 days ago, Global Village died. The city president was an 🧝 Elf who was previously an assistant in the government. 89.790 days ago, several Easter Eggs came to Heart Emoji and occupied important buildings. At the same time, the city was annexed from the kingdom of Emoji.
Easter Eggs invented an education for 🧒 children, in which children had to work for a professional qualification. After the end of the "training" they received a title as a trained specialist. Heart Emoji paid attention to the fact that in his surroundings everyone studied logical medicine directly with him. During the reign of Easter Eggs, Heart Emoji and his family lost all access to the city bureau. At the same time, the doctor had no money for the construction of new scanners, which annoyed him. After all, he had created a very good health plan. Ever fewer Emojis knew the medicine of Heart Emoji. This significantly decreased the life expectancy of the population.
79.570 days ago, Heart Emoji decided to leave his own city for some time.
On his journey he met other famous Emojis. Among them was Star Emoji.
He told him of the suffering of the Stars under the reign of city king F1 of Saturn.
Heart Emoji told him how to deal with Saturn and the tax collection. The problem with Star Emoji was that he had no influence on politics in his hometown. After this conversation, Heart Emoji left the area to the direction of Japanese Emoji. There he wanted to learn Japanese. At the same time he realized that he was too long gone. That's why Heart Emoji decided to return to his hometown. His family members were in good condition. Meanwhile, his two nephews, Blue and Purple Heart, planned to establish political opposition to the ruling Easter Eggs. The long-time doctor and their uncle persuaded them to refrain from it. He said that it needed a new political crisis first. 76,285 days ago, Easter Eggs feared the conquest attempt of the medical city by the emperor of Mercury.
That's why Elf commanded the construction of 🧱 bricks boundary walls. After a short time, Heart Emoji had a red great wall at its borders. 75,190 days ago, the emperor of Mercury came to the borders of Heart Emoji with his army. He asked his generals and officers if they could open the wall somehow or somewhere. They responded with ignorant facial expressions. On that he commanded to cause heavy noise. In the meantime, the city president Elf responded to it. He went to the emperor of Mercury and asked what happened. Then the ruler of Mercury asked if the city needed a food revolution. Elf did not know what to say. He allowed the army of Mercury to enter the city. The emperor and Elf spoke so amicably at the beginning that Elf did not notice the true goals of Mercury. With much information about the city, the emperor commanded the conquest of several important buildings. There were mainly Easter Eggs. The emperor commanded to arrest them.
In the meantime, a soldier dreamed of the takeover of power in foreign territory. For this reason, he tried to imprison Elf in an underground bunker. The former city president starved there. For a few days, the emperor sat in important buildings, and was rethinking what he could do with this city. Exceptionally, he had not found any solutions in his brain. After some time he decided not to waste time for Heart Emoji. He left the whole area with his army. A soldier of his army stayed here. His main problem was that no one understood his language. After a while, an Alien from Jupiter took over the city leadership. He understood as one of the few inhabitants the language of Mercury. Later, the former soldier was arrested for the command of the miser. After these events, an epidemic of falling hair began. More and more Emojis and Aliens lost their hair. Heart Emoji remembered the conversation with the ghost of Bald Emoji that he would eventually be born again.
64,970 days ago, the earlier Bald Emoji was born again. At that time, the city of Heart Emoji was the centre of the reigning king of Emoji. The then king had a lot of important buildings in this city. At the same time, he allowed the misers of Jupiter to exploit the Emojis maximally. The former city president Heart Emoji decided to pretend his death. After all, he had enough adventures in his long life. He even wanted to take another name for himself. Out of consideration for his parents, he renounced it.
61,320 days ago a very strong rain of sand began. Most of the buildings disappeared under the ground in Heart Emoji. Many Emojis had to get free. Some residents had no chance against the dust and starved after some time. The population of the city fell to 1,767,770 inhabitants. After the unique rain of sand, Emojis had to rebuild the city. This is why more and more residents are concentrating on building new buildings and factories. The king of Emoji appointed the miser Ha Ve to the city president of the medical city.
The new guide allowed the Aliens from Jupiter to take over the scanners. The miser began to demand very high prices for the use of these devices. The previous simple medical checks were very expensive for the majority of the population. The boy Bald Emoji had to go like the other kids working. In return he received a diploma with a professional title like all other children. In this way child labor was legalized. After some time Ha Ve decided to collect the taxes from normal Emojis. Except were misers from Jupiter. Due to poor organization of the tax authority, several Emojis and Aliens had luck to pay no taxes. The king of Emoji increasingly took into account the interests of the Aliens from Jupiter and Saturn in different places of the kingdom. 54.020 days ago, the city Heart Emoji was connected with the railroad to Middle Finger Emoji.
At the same time, the father of Heart Emoji ZHK felt that important and decisive personalities in history would be born in the near future. From many years of tradition, more Emojis focused on agriculture. 46,720 days ago, the population of Heart Emoji sank to 450,000 inhabitants. The main reasons were too high costs for scanners, increasingly wrong nutrition and rising income taxes. In addition, more and more Emojis had to work more because the greed of the Jupiter's company owners grew into the clouds. During this time, the king of Emoji commissioned the renovation and expansion of the central bank. Ha Ve used this desire to build a castle for his family at the expense of ordinary taxpayers.
Bald Emoji took the main responsibility for the new building on this assignment. During the construction work, the king of Emoji died. That's why Ha Ve commanded a funeral ceremony for all Emojis. In addition, Ha Ve appointed the new city president his eldest son, Potato V. 43.800 days ago the big castle was built for the family of Ha Ve. The long-time city president died out of joy. At that time, the last king of Emoji visited his son, who took power in the city. Due to his success, Bald Emoji became the uppermost responsible of urban architecture.

Heart Emoji under Clowns

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Because of the power abuse of the misers from Jupiter and their enslavement of the Emojis and other population groups, Bronze Stone Clown began to write his theories for a new political system. At that time, Bronze Stone Clown lived near Emoji Symbols. There he saw Emojis suffering from long hours of misers.
Because of his appearances, he was classified as a risk for the last king of Emoji. For this reason, Bronze Stone Clown was arrested by emergency. After some time, Bronze Stone Clown landed in Heart Emoji in a prison for political prisoners. There he met Scary Clown. The two Clowns wrote their political theories.
Their opinions were different. Nevertheless, they agreed on one point: The greed of Jupiter must end. In addition, Bronze Stone Clown wanted to abolish the tax authority. The last king of Emoji wanted to deport several family members of Scary Clown from all over the country. At the same time he invented a law of discrimination against certain Aliens. After some time, Bronze Stone Clown and Scary Clown were freed from prison thanks to the use of Bald Emoji.
The two 🤡 Clowns stayed in Heart Emoji. There they began to write their theories. Bronze Stone Clown got a job as a journalist. Scary Clown was a lawyer in a company of a miser from Jupiter. 41,975 days ago, Bronze Stone Clown spoke to several victims of the Jupiter's avarice.
In the meantime, the future first Horror Clown began to dream of it every day, as he was the greatest ruler on the planet Halloween. That's why he bought a 📰 newspaper one day. There he found very interesting statements by Bronze Stone Clown. For this reason, Horror Clown left his birthplace and fled to Heart Emoji. In the most politically important city, Bronze Stone Clown was planning the armed resistance to the last king of Emoji. He wanted to fight the political bureaucrats who defended the greed of Jupiter at all costs. Scary Clown was more interested in the takeover of power and the replacement of the king.
An entrepreneur with roots from Jupiter supported the resistance of Bronze Stone Clown and Scary Clown. His personal reason was that he was the only entrepreneur who had no influence on the political elite.
That is why he supported Clowns. The entrepreneur financed the distribution of several notes, which invited the opposition against the king.
Under the leadership of Bronze Stone Clown, several Emojis tried to deprive of power the king. The demonstration ended negatively for several participants. The last king commanded to arrest all participants. Among them was also Bronze Stone Clown. After this event, the last king noted that he was to change something in his government. In the meantime, Bald Emoji tried to free the imprisoned Bronze Stone Clown. That's why he spoke with city president Potato V. After some time, Bronze Stone Clown was freed again. After the failure of the coup attempt, several Clowns sat down at one table with Emojis and discussed the further procedure.
The First Horror Clown became the supreme chief of militant resistance fighters. Several resistors were oppressed by king. In some cities the Horror Clown was able to celebrate first successes.
40,150 days ago, Bronze Stone Clown began to create more precise and detailed plans with other opponents of the king. So Clowns asked in the soldiers about their working conditions personally. One of the goals was to bring the royal military to the side of the Clowns. Bronze Stone Clown said that without an army their resistance would end as before. That is why he wrote the following duties for the future government: "Every army member will have much more advantages than before. This included vouchers for all services and almost unrestricted purchase of various foodstuffs and goods." The new offer pleased the soldiers so much that they swore loyalty to the Clowns. This allowed Horror Clown to build the most powerful circus army.
The last king of Emoji realized that he should calm down his opponents somehow. That is why he commanded the establishment of the great parliament in the city of Heart Emoji. He also wanted to organise the first elections for new head of government. With these measures he wanted to protect the stingy Aliens from Jupiter. This is how the first parliament was organised. The former city president Potato V was appointed head of government. The last king only theoretically retained his title. During this time, the two nephews of Heart Emoji wanted to ascend to urban politics. Their uncle Heart Emoji was against it because the political situation was confusing. 38.690 days ago, Scary Clown and Bronze Stone Clown were dissatisfied with the previous policy.
That is why they formed the opposition to politics. The plans of Bronze Stone Clown have been getting better.
Scary Clown was not at all agree with the plans of Bronze Stone Clown. He certainly wanted to expand bureaucracy and not like Bronze Stone Clown, who called for less high-ranking politicians. Despite these differences, Clowns were allergic to the new politicians at the same level. In the background, the last king supported the misers from Jupiter nationwide. By impoverishing several Emojis had to wear a 🧐 monocle if needed. The reason was that glasses were too expensive for both eyes.
37.230 days ago the clowns were well organized. Scary Clown wanted to take over the power a month later, as Bronze Stone Clown. That's why a quarrel began between the two Clowns. After all, Bald Emoji tried to balance their positions.
In the meantime the proponents of Bronze Stone Clown waited for his crucial commands. He then decided to use 🦚 Peacock as a sign of the central bank's occupation. In a building Bronze Stone Clown began to distribute his commands by ☎ phone. Bronze Stone Clown commanded the occupation of the central bank. The next command concerned the arrest of all members of parliament. In addition, the head of government Potato V was arrested. The next command concerned the occupation of all important buildings. In addition, the whole family of the last king was arrested. At the same time came Scary Clown and started a detailed conversation with Bronze Stone Clown. He made it clear that he was to be the supreme leader of the new great state. As a reason, he called his original training as a lawyer. Then Bronze Stone Clown handed over the job to Scary Clown.
Scary Clown sat on the warmest chair in the political building. The first conversation after the takeover of the Clowns was the creation of a new one-party system. Bronze Stone Clown became minister of internal and external affairs. The first Horror Clown was in the meantime much on the way to conquer different areas. Meanwhile, several stingy Aliens and Saturn's residents tried to resist the ruling Clowns. In a crisis meeting Scary Clown and Bronze Stone Clown, together with other politicians, were looking for a way to stifle these resistances. Due to his many years of experience, Bald Emoji was invited. He proposed to arrest all opponents. 35,040 days ago, the Horror Clown finished his military work and returned to Heart Emoji.
There he visited political prisoners from the times of the last king. He took several pumpkins and threw them. Several former high-ranking politicians died in the aftermath of this attack. Among them was the former city president Potato v. The first Horror Clown wanted the family of the former king to be killed. Instead, forced labor was commanded for them by Scary Clown. The whole family was sent to it as far as possible from Heart Emoji and other important cities. In the same year, the long-time doctor Heart Emoji experienced a nasty surprise. His father ZHK died. He had to organize a funeral for the first time in his life. On his way to the city council, he met Bald Emoji. He recognized in him his long-time friend who once worked in the garage. He carefully tried to ask him how deceased Emojis were buried.
On this, Bald Emoji felt that he was suddenly reminded of his former life. He told him that would be normal. So he told him about his own funeral back then. Because of this knowledge, Heart Emoji was able to bury the corpse of ZHK in the garden of his house. A few months later, Bald Emoji and Scary Clown were invited to the first Horror Clown. The Horror Clown wanted to poison Scary Clown. He put the poison in the bun of Bald Emoji incorrectly. After a few days, Bald Emoji died. The first Horror Clown later realized that he was wrong. In any case, the local population of Heart Emoji could be persuaded that Bald Emoji died for age reasons. This prevented the analysis of the corpse.
That's why the Horror Clown decided to get rid of Scary Clown later. At that time, Bronze Stone Clown was responsible for finding city president for the medical city. Purple Heart applied for this job. After some time he was allowed to go to the Clowns. There he was analyzed with various tools in more detail. Through his medical knowledge, the first Horror Clown wanted to give precise recommendations to the army. Purple Heart made a very good impression. That's why he became the uppermost city guide after talks with Bronze Stone Clown, Scary Clown and Horror Clown. After his takeover of power, Purple Heart tried to turn the stolen scanners back into an urban property.
That's why all Jupiter's thieves were searched and arrested. He also commanded the construction of new scanners according to the plan of his uncle Heart Emoji. At the same time he was allowed to choose his employees. His brother, Blue Heart, was allowed to be the supreme minister of health in his government.
34,670 days ago the wish of the Horror Clown grew to take over the power of the founded Circus Union at last. As a preparation he began to count to 1234. The Horror Clown started eating a lot of red meat. He then used the conversation with Scary Clown. He had a poisoned piece of meat. He commanded the cook to cook a good lunch for both Clowns. After the food was ready, the Horror Clown threw his poisoned piece of meat into the pot. Later, the two Clowns were allowed to eat.
While Scary Clown knew nothing and ate, the Horror Clown tried not to start eating at the beginning. So he said he had to go to the bathroom quickly. He stayed there longer. At the same time, the poison began to work on Scary Clown.
He always felt worse. The Horror Clown heard that Scary Clown felt uncomfortable. He was very happy inside. At the same time he tried to arouse a worried impression on him. So he came to Scary Clown and alerted the emergency. After the quick treatment, Scary Clown could still survive. However, he had to contend with health problems on a regular basis. His state of health was constantly worsening. Still, he remained as a ruler. At the same time, Horror Clown tried to position himself even better. After all, he wanted to prevent Bronze Stone Clown from coming to power. Scary Clown fell into a coma one day. That is why a crisis meeting was organised. The two brothers, Purple Heart and Blue Heart, were allowed to participate. The Horror Clown knew that the two high-ranking urban employees were not at risk for his takeover of power.
That is why the two Hearts were allowed to take over in the short term. After the expected death of Scary Clown, Horror Clown even better positioned than the only successor to the dead Scary Clown. After the burial of the ruler, 76 days passed. After that, Horror Clown took over the power for a long time. For the long-time doctor Heart Emoji, the whole story was very strange. Nevertheless, he did not interfere. After all, he had more than enough of the dirty politics in his long life. The first Horror Clown used every opportunity to humiliate Bronze Stone Clown. At one meeting, he said that Bronze Stone Clown reacted completely incorrectly when several Emojis occupied the building of the tax office. At that time, Emojis protested against the increase in value added tax (VAT), which the Scary Clown decided shortly before his death.
One day, the first Horror Clown decided to banish the long-time politician from Heart Emoji. At the same time, Bronze Stone Clown was not allowed to pursue any more political positions. Due to this situation, Bronze Stone Clown decided to flee into the Saturn's Rings. There, Bronze Stone Clown tried to apply for political asylum to the uppermost religious leader. The religious leader accepted only on one condition: Bronze Stone Clown had to take over the Saturn's religion.
In the meantime, the first Horror Clown enjoyed his power. Due to these events, he fell ill with the excessive production of Selfies. He also called himself king of the Circus Union. In addition, Horror Clown tried to rename several cities in his honor. The city of Heart Emoji he wanted to call a Horror Clown Heart Emoji.
29,200 days ago, first Egoists came to Heart Emoji and occupied various buildings. At that time, the uppermost Egoist wanted to find the most important medical book. Finally, through his acquaintances, he learned about the existence of a first book that was responsible for the longevity of several Emojis in the medical city. The book was incorrectly referred to as "medical".
The book was and is more than just medical. The uppermost Egoist commanded the maximum damage to be caused in Heart Emoji until someone gave up the first book. Despite these events, Aliens from the South Mars had to leave the city without success. Several buildings have been damaged. After this event, Purple Heart criticized the first Horror Clown for not doing anything. After this criticism, the Horror Clown had to organize the circus army well. The uppermost Egoist decided in the meantime to proceed differently. So he did not immediately attack Heart Emoji. That's why he commanded his army to occupy other cities. This should distract the lead of Horror Clown. In fact, the Horror Clown was interested in the whereabouts of Bronze Stone Clown. Therefore, he sent several employees of his government to search for his personal enemy. After some time, a fan of the first Horror Clown told that he saw at the Saturn's Rings Bronze Stone Clown. The Horror Clown was very happy that after a long time he was able to find the exact whereabouts. That's why he started again with several selfies his day. At the same time he wrote several commands.
He also promised the murderer of Bronze Stone Clown great honor. For this honor the Alien with roots from Mercury flew to the religious capital of Saturn. There he searched intensely for Bronze Stone Clown. He found him in a house. After some time, he became friends with Bronze Stone Clown. One day, the 👽 Alien took red poisoned meat and put it in a 🍕 pizza, which he baked especially for the dinner together. In the evening, the two should eat this pizza. The Alien tried to prevent himself from eating with skilful excuses.
First he said he should close the oven quickly. Later he went to the toilet.
Later he tried with excuses to leave the house of Bronze Stone Clown. So he said that he should meet the uppermost religious leader. That same night, Bronze Stone Clown died from the aftermath of his poisoning. In the meantime, the Alien tried to flee from Saturn's Rings.
He was shot by criminal Aliens with a stinking perfume. The reason was that they found out that this Alien worked for the enemy of the Saturn the first Horror Clown. The uppermost religious leader organised a national state grief on the Saturn's Rings after the death of Bronze Stone Clown.
In the interim the first Horror Clown found out from the death of his rival in Saturn. He celebrated himself as a big 🦸 hero. During this time occupied Egoists from Mars several towns with great success. Several inhabitants of the Circus Union were forced to the hard labour for Egoists. The city of Heart Emoji was occupied again.
27,010 days ago soldiers from south Mars tried to destroy not only several buildings in Heart Emoji, but several libraries. While all books burnt, the first book remained intact and in the best quality. It was the book which Heart Emoji found under the thick tree once. It was the book which Direct Message had first of all books generally. After this event Heart Emoji took the book and more exactly started to read.
Heart Emoji read the book already at least several thousand times. This time he discovered an important sentence about the rebirth of ten high-ranking personalities who should be punished for the second time. In comparison to at that time everybody of ten lived in south Mars. They were the most important high-ranking Egoists under the rule of the uppermost Egoist. Heart Emoji informed his nephews about this finding. It was to be found very importantly these ten Egoists. Only after their death all Egoists would be defeated without exception.
The search was very difficult. The reason was clear that high-ranking Egoists in their native country could well hide. After Blue Heart and Purple Heart from their uncle found out this, they absolutely wanted to fly with the circus army to Mars. There the last fight should take place against Egoists. For this time the son of Heart Emoji Orange Heart took over the city guidance of the city. Blue and Purple Heart flew together with the circus army to south Mars. There several places were attacked pitilessly.
In the interim the uppermost Egoist noticed that he hardly had chances for the victory. So he left a similarly looking corpse like he in his office. Then he fled with several Aliens from his surroundings. In the interim south Mars was occupied by the circus army successfully. Several responsible high-ranking employees of the uppermost Egoist were arrested. By the arrest everybody highly criminal was condemned to the maximum punishment immediately. Purple Heart and his brother Blue Heart might punish ten Egoists. One of the Egoists said something very much loudly. Purple Emoji had surprised very much that it concerned a sentence in the first book. Moreover, he realised that these ten Egoists reincarnated after more than 876,000 days. The exact death kind became censored from Purple Heart and his brother for the public.
With their return both Hearts told their uncle how an Egoist said exactly this what was in the first book with shining and luminous letters. Thereon Heart Emoji explained to them that in this book was every information about past, present and future. This is why they called the book also "the book of past, present and future". After their return all participants might receive personal honouring at the command of the first Horror Clown. Moreover, the Horror Clown wanted to make a Selfie for history books with different winners of the war.
After the several days distribution of the honouring by the first Horror Clown to the heroes of the circus army and other inhabitants of the union, the reconstruction of the different areas began.
24,455 days ago the first Horror Clown commanded the reconstruction of Heart Emoji. In the interim the Horror Clown changed definitively the residence of his government definitively in the former capital of the Circus Kingdom. Finally, the Horror Clown wanted to dissociate himself from Scary Clown and Bronze Stone Clown and their time. Purple Heart took over the city guidance. The first Horror Clown commanded the construction of different factories in Heart Emoji. Moreover, he sent several architects to this city, so that they could adapt their plans for the reconstruction more exactly to the local reality.
After the death of the first Horror Clown Purple Heart tried to restore the former strength of the city. Thus he reached that Heart Emoji got bigger autonomy within the Circus Union. Finally, he justified this decision with maximum neutrality because of the great importance of the urban medicine. At the times of the Second Horror Clown the long-standing doctor Heart Emoji tried to work on new scanning devices. At that time on account of lacking raw materials his plan failed. Thus old scanning devices had to be repaired. Later Purple Heart started to use the central bank for the production of the local money. With it local pharmaceutical industry was financed. These pharmaceutical companies belonged to the city and were obliged legally as of benefit to the public, the health of the population is over all other aims.
The medicine after the method of Heart Emoji was spread again actively. The most famous doctor of all times decided to let build a new house near the wood. After the unexpected death of the Last Horror Clown Emojis was clear that single states of the union would explain their independence. So Purple Heart warned about an immediate connection with an independent state of Emoji. Purple Heart was very careful in this connection. So Heart Emoji remained a state as an independent city at the same time.

Joining of Heart Emoji to the kingdom

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At the beginning of the independence of different states was a big mess. At that time gathered lawyers took over temporarily the power of the state by emergency.
They started to work in new laws. Heart Emoji remained independent during this time. Moreover, the city had its tax freedom. There was the danger, the introduction of the general tax duty for all Emojis. This danger became the reality for all Emojis. The most-hated Emoji was the uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji.
He became the minister of finance and wanted unlimited tax duty for all Emojis.
Moreover, he wanted to put through an emigration ban to Heart Emoji.
Because of the tax freedom all Emojis were especially exactly controlled on the border to Heart Emoji by the police. In spite of this situation there remained peacefully between Emoji and Heart Emoji long time. Opponents of the direct taxes sometimes met in Heart Emoji.
They organised different activities against the tax duty. The famous leader of the demonstration Emoji Guide claimed to have forefathers from Heart Emoji.
The first dictator visited the city of the medicine after his resignation secretly.
After the victory against the tax duty and ban of the direct taxes Purple Heart explained his readiness to join to the kingdom Emoji. After some months of the negotiations Heart Emoji joined to the tax-free kingdom 191 days after the demonstration against tax duty. Since then local heart-shaped Emojis celebrate the reunion with the kingdom.


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