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❣ Heavy Heart Exclamation

❣- Heavy Heart Exclamation, in the medical city of Heart Emoji: ❗ Exclamation Mark, Unicode: heavy heart exclamation mark ornament, heart above circle
The most famous 😷 Doctor and politician Heart Emoji used the ❣ Heavy Heart Exclamation.
On command of city president 💜 Purple Heart every 💻 Personal Computer must have the ❣ Heavy Heart Exclamation button. The former uppermost tax collector wanted to forbid the ❣ Heavy Heart Exclamation for other Emojis at the times of tax duty because he wanted to prevent the mention of the tax free city. The reason was the risk of escape from taxable kingdom.
All residents of the medical city use the ❣ Heavy Heart Exclamation as an ❗ Exclamation Mark.
In communication use residents of Heart Emoji this symbol for exclamation mark.


Heavy Heart Exclamation


Unicode:  ❣


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