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Crying Laughing Emoji

This is the story about the town of 😂 Face with Tears of Joy residents. Crying Laughing Emoji is near a river. The town is in the east of the kingdom Emoji. 401 days ago spies from the Circus Country counted about 76767 inhabitants in the town. The uppermost mathematician confirmed this 288 days ago quite officially. Later the mathematician was condemned because of his several days laziness. 46 days ago the king of Emoji visited the town. He wanted to know what Emojis do in this town so.

The surface of Crying Laughing Emoji is estimated by geologists on four recumbent giraffes high four recumbent giraffes. The death of the First Horror Clowns is valid in this town as a big party. He had caused a lot of problems here.


 Crying Laughing Emoji


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Some time ago archaeological findings confirm the first living beings. 2,080,500 days ago at least 9,787,546,674,845 bacteria and microbes lived in Crying Laughing Emoji. The exact number could be calculated with the help of the devices from Pluto. 160,600 days ago the first Emojis came to the area. At that time the whole surface was booked by marshes. That's why the inhabitants needed help from the nature. Thus the king of Emoji ordered the immediate plantation of eucalyptuses in Crying Laughing Emoji. At this time inhabitants called the area quite simply "marsh". When the marshes had dried up, many inhabitants looked crying and laughing concurrent. They could hardly realise it that, finally, they could properly inhabit the area.

142,350 days ago Crying Laughing Emoji was free of marsh. Moreover, the king of Emoji decided to name the town after the today's name. 140,890 days ago came the criminal alien from the Saturn called Non Sense.

He fled from a prison in Saturn. By his abilities he could flee so far away from his native country. After his prison outbreak his escape lasted nearly 124 days. At that time he came by the wood. In Crying Laughing Emoji the criminal from the Saturn liked the eucalyptuses. He saw these trees for the first time in his life. Thus he lived from the leaves of these trees. Meanwhile, Saturn decided to instruct international search after his criminal citizen. Non Sense was valid as very dangerous in Saturn.

In Crying Laughing Emoji the Saturn alien hid very successfully. Moreover, he used old profundities from the tangerine country. Thus Non Sense produced from the eucalypti's leaves of living animals and insects. These animals and insects obeyed every instruction of Non Sense. Thus he was responsible for several illnesses in Crying Laughing Emoji. At this time no Emoji understood advanced methods from other planets. By his animals and insects ill Emojis in intestinal reduction. Doctors were powerless against this illness. The life expectancy of the population fell on 14966 days. 

136,875 days ago Non Sense flew to Saturn. He took several his insects. Moreover, he carried a saucepan on his head. He paid attention to be very unobtrusive. He managed this. Thus Non Sense came to his former prison. There he had many friends. He pelted the warders with several worms. The prison employees could not stop him any more. Thus relieved Non Sense his Saturn's friends from the prison.

After the freeing organised Non Sense a group with his friends. They went together to the judges whom they condemned to a lifelong custody. All judges became seriously injured. Then the group went to the house of the mayor. The group of Non Sense went in the middle of the night to his house. They pelted him with several dictionaries. Thereon the mayor died. Also his family was killed by Non Sense and his friends. In the meantime, the group defeated all opponents.

Non Sense returned to Crying Laughing Emoji. He left the seizure of power in Saturn to his released friends. His friends took after this still the building of the tax authority. With it all politicians of the released friends became dependent. Non Sense had regular contact with his friends from the Saturn. He could hardly believe it. His friends became only by the takeover of the tax authority very incredibly in Saturn. All politicians everything made this time for the preservation of money from the tax authority.

That's why Non Sense decided the construction of the same name in Crying Laughing Emoji. Thus he programmed in his ants quite big construction diligence. 129,575 days ago a big tower of sand was built by the ants. Non Sense applauded after the construction his ants completely loudly. 129,210 days ago the tower was destroyed by an explosion. At that time aliens from Pluto had tested a new bomb. Many Emojis reacted after this event with a crying and laughing face at the same time.

Non Sense was angry very much at his failure. 128,810 days ago he decided to build a new tower from sand. This time he engaged hamster and mice whom he reprogrammed before in addition. 127,020 days ago his newest tower was built. This time Non Sense was glad less. There were too many holes in the new tower. One day a fisherman from Crying Laughing Emoji came by chance to the nearness of the tower. He wanted to penetrate into the tower. Suddenly a strong earthquake began.

The tower fell after this event within 2 seconds. However, the fisherman was not injured. He ran away. Later Non Sense came again. He was so annoyed that his tower was destroyed again. He thought that he had no luck with the construction of the tax authority.

So he went to another place. He came to Middle Finger Emoji. There the earth smelt so good that he took several bags of the earth. However, he did not want to live there. 118,990 days ago he returned to Crying Laughing Emoji to the eucalyptuses.

This time Non Sense decided the construction of the tower from straw. For this purpose he instructed diligent ants and other insects. Finally, 115,705 days ago he had his tower from straw. Therein he had several rooms. First he had to deal with his own bureaucracy. 115,340 days ago a group of aliens from the dwarf planet Ceres came to Crying Laughing Emoji. They landed with their flying saucer in the middle of the wood. Many inhabitants of the town saw an unidentified flying object in the middle of the clouds.

There the police of the aliens from the Ceres was stationed. Policemen served as bodyguards for their compatriots. At that time Ceres needed straw urgently. On account of astronomical observations they were successful on the planet Halloween in Crying Laughing Emoji. At a place there nowhere was so much straw at that time. Thus aliens from Ceres collected the whole straw of the tower. At this time Non Sense sat in his office in the tower. He wrote just several plans.

He thought that he sent the next day several letters to the local population. He wanted to prepare the quite first bills of his tax authority. Suddenly he noticed how his tower became ramshackle. After some seconds fell the Saturn alien on the ground. Extraterrestrials from the Ceres were completely surprised that somebody hid in this straw. They took the straw further. Non Sense started to shout. Thereon the uppermost extraterrestrial from the Ceres hit this Saturn-alien several times on his belly.

Later Non Sense remained once again without private tax authority. That's why he flew to Saturn. He wanted to find his former friends. However, he had to find out that all his friends were dead for a long time. But the methods of his friends already ruled in completely Saturn. Non Sense decided to kidnap after this event several aliens from the Saturn. In Crying Laughing Emoji he made them build a tax authority from a good material. He promised high profit sharing in the income to them.

107,675 days ago a miser from the Jupiter came to the town. He wanted to enquire about the area. At this time Non Sense with his new friends had a mighty tax authority in his property. Therein the building had a subterranean bunker. There Saturn aliens hoarded the whole money of the Emojis. The miser from the Jupiter had a monetary detector with himself. With this device he looked for money from bank notes or coins. Suddenly his device pointed at the tower of the tax authority of Crying Laughing Emoji.

The miser exactly wanted to know what happened in this building. He knocked at the door. Besides, Non Sense opened himself the door. He asked the miser whether this was a new inhabitant of the town. Thereon the miser decided to be called as a new inhabitant of the town. This was he only on the monetary search although. The miser from the Jupiter gave himself a fictive name for the tax authority. Moreover, he questioned the Saturn aliens about the tower. For Non Sense this extraterrestrial was under big suspicion. The miser said goodbye friendly.

On the way to his hiding place there thought the miser how he could come to the money in the tower. He decided to organise a party. But first he had to build up good contact with the Saturn aliens. However, this was not at all easy. That's why he flew to Jupiter. In Jupiter the miser knew several refugees from the Venus. They worked in a factory for very deep wages. He thought that they changed with pleasure in the better life. Really many Venus aliens wanted an improvement of their life.

104,755 days ago several Venus aliens came under the guidance of the miser to Crying Laughing Emoji. They hid in a tent. There told the miser how they should proceed. After long-standing observations the miser knew, when the tower in the least one was supervised. Moreover, all Venus aliens and the miser were hard armed. They had several teaspoons in the hands. One day several Venus aliens penetrated into the tower. They searched the tower for Saturn aliens. Besides, they met an Emoji.

He worked as a controller of the tax authority. He was bound in the rope like a dog. Venus aliens said him what he made here. Emoji answered that he was kidnapped by the Saturn aliens from his house. Later they forced him to the hard labour. Emoji hardly wanted to say where important things were, Non Sense came. Thereon several Venus aliens ran on this Saturn-extraterrestrial with the teaspoon. Non Sense became seriously injured. Then went Venus aliens on the search for money.

At this time the miser from the Jupiter from another side ran to the desired money. In the meantime, Venus aliens further looked for the money. The miser from the Jupiter found the whole money. He collected everything what he was able to do. He also had a vacuum cleaner. After 20 minutes he had nearly 60 percent of the money with himself. He sat down in his flying saucer. He flew to Jupiter. In Jupiter he hid the whole money. He was quite dog-tired on this day. He wanted to sleep. But his stinginess prevented his sleep.

He absolutely wanted to get remaining 40 percent from Crying Laughing Emoji. He crept to his flying saucer. He flew to the tower. There Venus aliens looked for the money. They started to threaten the Emoji. Thereon he tried to help them. In the meantime, several aliens from the Saturn came to the tower. These were the friends of Non Sense. They did not understand what Venus aliens searched in their property. Thereon they hit the Saturn aliens with the teaspoons. They fell on the ground.

During this conflict fled the Emoji from his rope. He took remaining 40 percent of the income from the tax authority. Then he ran away. Venus aliens searched the whole tower for money. They found on the roof of the tower a small bag with very few coins. They were very furious on the miser from the Jupiter. They wanted to take revenge with him. At this time the tired miser landed in Crying Laughing Emoji. He tried ones to creep. Then he fell asleep. Later there came Venus aliens and Saturn aliens on the place.

Suddenly they found the miser asleep on the ground. They started to hit him. They would shout at the same time where the money was. The miser was dog-tired. That's why he did not react. The Venus aliens and Saturn aliens thought that the miser was dead. They decided to lay him completely deep in the forest. Then they separated of each other. They understood that the late miser was to blame for their conflict. But they thought that it had no sense to argue further.

Thus Saturn aliens returned in the empty tax authority. Venus aliens did not try to fly any more to Jupiter. Instead, they flew to their native country, although they were much poorer there economically.

The next day the miser woke up. He did not understand where he was. He could not remember that he wanted to sleep in the wood. He looked for a way out. Suddenly was on the move the Emoji. It was the Emoji who took remaining 40 percent from the tax authority. He started to talk to the miser.

The miser was very glad that this Emoji was ready to help him. This Emoji could finance to themselves a flying saucer to Jupiter. Together with the miser he flew to Jupiter. This Emoji hid from the miser that he had his wealth from the tax authority of Crying Laughing Emoji.

99280 days ago several Saturn aliens died, who Non Sense with the construction of his tower helped. Non Sense remained alone in his tower.

He had big difficulties to take away money from the population. There were protests against him over and over again. He was called tax fright. At this time the miser and the Emoji from the Jupiter sponsored a pitiless opposition against Non Sense. They wanted to take revenge with him. At this time the king of Emoji visited this town. He wanted to know what happened here. More and more Emojis complained with him about the Non Sense. Thereon the king decided to arrest this Saturn alien.

In the prison he remembered his former profundities. He found just a mosquito in his prison cell. He worked on the mosquito in his favours. The mosquito flew to the prison guards. All prison guards opened voluntarily the door for the Saturn alien. Non Sense could leave laxly the prison cell. He wanted to take revenge in the future with the king of Emoji.

Non Sense felt that Emojis themselves became unfriendly towards him.

He decided to dig a subterranean bunker near the eucalyptuses. For this purpose he instructed his ants. In the meantime, he forgot his big disappointment by the construction of both towers from sand. The miser from the Jupiter returned with the former slave of the Saturn alien to Crying Laughing Emoji.

Both repatriates took the tower of the tax authority. The remained Saturn aliens tried to fight against the miser.

At this time Non Sense worked on his animals and insects. He decided to use his insects against all his opponents. In the meantime, his subterranean bunker was ready to relation quite completely. Thus Non Sense could hide easily. Meanwhile, the king of Emoji died. Nobody thought of a prisoner called Non Sense in Crying Laughing Emoji. 93075 days ago Non Sense flew to Saturn. He decided to think in his home planet about the subject "Emoji".

There he reported on the subject long life. Finally, survived Non Sense all his friends from the prison. In his talks were many extraterrestrials who were interested in a long life. Among them were many journalists and media entrepreneurs. At this time the miser from the Jupiter came to the wood to Crying Laughing Emoji. There he discovered a small pit. He was very curious. He went. It was the entrance in the subterranean bunker of Non Sense. The miser tried to walk from curiosity further there.

But the air was very dissatisfactory there. The miser could hardly breathe. After some time he died in the subterranean bunker. His ghost remained worried. The ghost of the miser flew to his big property. The ghost reacted very nervously that he had accumulated so much money. But it was his problem that he lost his whole property because of his stupidity. Finally, he died only because he went voluntarily to the subterranean bunker because of his curiosity. The corpse of the miser stayed undiscovered in the subterranean bunker long time.

84315 days ago Non Sense returned to Crying Laughing Emoji. He went to his subterranean bunker. There he found a skeleton. He feared that Emojis knew his hiding place. That's why he allowed to build another entrance.

82490 days ago the former slave of the Saturn alien looked for the deceased miser from the Jupiter. At this time this Emoji had lent a device of a Pluto alien. With this device this Emoji could find the skeleton of the miser.

Moreover, this Emoji found his former superior in the subterranean bunker. Thereon he got great fear of Non Sense. However, the Saturn alien ran to this Emoji. He played the role, as if he apologised for the past. He promised to his former slave to reveal the secret of the long life. This sounded very interesting for this Emoji. In this statement he saw a piece of truth. Finally, Non Sense was the only survivor of all.

Non Sense wanted to use this Emoji for the fact that he would come to the urban power. Moreover, he needed a confidant who was a real Emoji. For the former slave this situation was very strange. This time he saved his uppermost boss. This Emoji could present the alien from the Saturn to the population. Nobody recognised the bad tax fright of the past in him. Moreover, the tower was taken by other extraterrestrials. At this time the Emoji helped his former boss to the seizure of power in Crying Laughing Emoji.

Before he received from him healthy food. 75190 days ago the food revolutionary from the Mercury with his army came to the town. He required the handing over of the tower in his hands. Thereon he had to negotiate with Non Sense. The mayor from the Saturn required after this event a personal duel with the opposing army. The Mercury aliens refused. Thereon Non Sense became very furious. He decided to apply the Saturn's methods.

He went to his subordinated and commanded to them to attack the enemy pitilessly. The army from the Mercury hardly tried to make something, 333,444 mosquitoes flew to the soldiers from the Mercury. The army from the Mercury had to shout fast its defeat completely loudly. Then the mosquitoes from the soldiers flew away. The Saturn alien was thereby celebrated as a hero in completely Crying Laughing Emoji. Non Sense noticed that he had, finally, the recognition and the power in this town. He ordered the plantation of 156,789 eucalyptuses in the whole town.

Emojis were surprised at the fact that they had to plant only one single tree kind. 68255 days ago the son of the former slave No Emoji wanted to take over the town management. For this purpose he started to write several protest letters against the mayor Non Sense. His father knew nothing about his plans. Thus originated 66430 days ago an anti Non Sense organisation. The former slave defended his former boss. He founded a pro Non Sense organisation. In this organisation he marked all positive events which fell in the term of office of the Saturn alien.

The son No Emoji explained his decision always with the argument that Non Sense was no real Emoji. He felt him as a foreign ruler in Crying Laughing Emoji. The alien from the Saturn decided thereon an election of the new mayor in the town. For the election Non Sense positioned himself together with No Emoji. The Saturn alien won the election with 52 percent of the voices. Finally, No Emoji was a stranger. Non Sense saw that it was better to integrate his rival candidate into the local government. That's why he appointed him his deputy.

Thereby he wanted to calm his opponents. 63510 days ago the former slave of Non Sense flew to Jupiter. There he looked for the money of the deceased miser. He also got his money from the Jupiter. At that time he was not afraid that his former hard labour giver to him would damage. 54020 days ago several Easter Eggs came to Crying Laughing Emoji. They allowed to burn the tower of the former tax authority. Non Sense had to react fast. He used his tricks against the Easter Eggs. Up to 67,676,767,676 ants bit the soldiers of the Easter Eggs.

For proud Easter Eggs this conquest attempt ended with the biggest defeat in Emoji. During the next days Easter Eggs not even trusted to themselves to mention the name Crying Laughing Emoji. This word was officially forbidden. Many Emojis looked crying and laughing at the same time when they might observe the defeat of the Easter Eggs with their own eyes.

After the victory against the Easter Eggs Non Sense decided the construction of the urban railway station. For this purpose he wanted to introduce the levy again. But he also listened what his deputy No Emoji had to say.

No Emoji was an opponent of the mighty tax authority. But the king of Emoji wanted to animate this authority again. No Emoji wanted to found a local bank for the financing of the railway station. His father supported the idea of his son. He handed over his whole property to him. 53290 days ago Non Sense resigned as a mayor of Crying Laughing Emoji. No Emoji took over the place. At this time the railway station was financed with the help of the local bank. 51465 days ago Non Sense died in his subterranean bunker near the eucalyptuses. He was 94900 days old.

The father of No Emoji had more and more contacts with the misers from the Jupiter. Thus misers came over and over again to Crying Laughing Emoji. They wanted to earn money in this town. They built several factories in the town. Above all chocolate factories were built by the misers. 44165 days ago No Emoji ordered the construction of the chemical factories. The factories also had to produce chemical waffles. Some time ago as a reason No Emoji called the death of Non Sense. At that time the construction of several hospitals and medical facilities began.

For this purpose No Emoji printed the necessary capital in his bank. Moreover, mathematicians had to work out the population help of the pocket calculator. At that time they counted nearly 30,876 inhabitants. 42340 days ago Emojis wanted to have own mirrors. That's why there originated a mirror construction factory.

41610 days ago a big problem occurred in a chocolate factory. Several stingy owners hit several workers, until they bled. This led to a big demonstration against violent employers from the Jupiter.

When No Emoji got to know about that, he commanded the closing of the chocolate factory. More and more stingy employers from the Jupiter raised their power on the job market in Crying Laughing Emoji. The father of No Emoji was very much concerned. Finally, he was the same slave. But this time everything was much worse. At that time was only one small group. This time he himself was responsible for the migration of the stingy employers. He felt guilty for his people. He more and more often said himself that he imported the problems.

40880 days ago the father of No Emoji died. He was 73000 days old.

The power of the misers could not be detained any more. Emojis suffered from bad treatment of the aliens from the Jupiter. Moreover, misers bribed the policemen. Crying Laughing Emoji was governed only symbolically by No Emoji. For Emojis the mayor was a puppet of the economic elite.   

35770 days ago the First Horror Clown provoked a big conflict in the town.

This led to the fact that many Emojis were hit by the misers with fists. At that time the Horror Clown called the population to kill the misers. Emojis who had good positions in the enterprises of the misers were not at all enthusiastically from the First Horror Clown.

They wanted an opposition against him. Besides, they wrote several confidential letters together. Also No Emoji was an opponent of the First Horror Clowns. Finally, he liked his bank and the printers of his bank notes. No Emoji urgently decided to found a local elite army.

The aim of this army was the protection of the property of the misers.

35405 days ago the conflict escalated between Emojis and misers from the Jupiter. Several factory workers of the chocolate factory were shot. Thereon a member of the family of a killed factory worker decided to hand over the confidential plans of the economic elite of Crying Laughing Emoji to the ambitious Horror Clown. This did this Emoji. 35105 days ago the First Horror Clown sent several soldiers of the circus army to the town.

He did this when he got to know from the menace by the economic elite of this town. No Emoji was not ready with his elite army. The circus army came to Crying Laughing Emoji. The soldiers had a detailed list with the enemies of the First Horror Clowns. The soldiers went to the chocolate factory of the misers. They quite simply started to shoot. Several workers were injured. Then suddenly there came the owners of the factory. They said who posed here problems. The soldiers started to shoot at them several times.

The owners of the factory were killed immediately. No Emoji heard gunfights. That's why he alarmed his elite army. The soldiers of the circus army partially hid behind the eucalyptuses. On account of their width the soldiers could well hide behind the old trees. They noticed how soldiers of the elite army wanted to go to their direction. They started to shoot at it several times on the legs of the soldiers. The soldiers of the elite army fell on the ground. Then soldiers of the circus army ran and shot all opponents.

Later the soldiers of the circus army went to the city centre. There they shot every putative miser. Among them were also many Emojis. In this conflict were killed all misers from the Jupiter completely. But also many innocent Emojis became victims of this conflict. The uppermost general of the circus army looked together with 76 soldiers for the mayor No Emoji. After long search he could find him. No Emoji was killed with several shots.

Moreover, all officials of the town house were brought to the First Horror Clown. Who was not on the list of the enemies, was sent for some time in the prison. As grounds the Horror Clown called the strong nearness to the enemy. Who was marked on the list as an enemy, was shot pitilessly. After this event the First Horror Clown had not many followers in Crying Laughing Emoji. 34675 days ago the Horror Clown commanded the unlimited nationalisation of all enterprises in this town.

After the connection of the town with the Circus Union several Emojis from other towns and villages came to this town. 27192 days ago Easter Eggs tried to occupy the town. They came with several bottles from cardboard. Thereon reacted Emojis very much motivates against the attack of the enemies. Although Easter Eggs could occupy the town for some days, they had to write fast the word "Defeat" in their heads.

Many Emojis fought independently against the Easter Eggs. 26856 days ago all Easter Eggs could be fought completely.

After the death of the First Horror Clown the population in Crying Laughing Emoji celebrated this event. In addition Emojis ate their favourite dishes. Moreover, they danced in the day of death of the ruler before the live transmission of the burial. As a result the Second Horror Clown sent a protest letter.

After the death of the Last Horror Clown the day of death of the First Horror Clowns became the urban holiday. On this day it is celebrated yearly diligently.

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