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Laughing Emoji

This is the town of residents with 😁 Laughing Emoji faces. Laughing Emoji is the town which is responsible for the formula of the laughter in Emoji. Here 382,283 inhabitants live according to an official statement of the verified mathematicians. Therefore the town belongs to biggest in the whole country. Most inhabitants are Emojis, Smiles, Clowns and other aliens from different planets of the galaxy. The censorship authority supervises the formula of the laughter with several soldiers during 24 hours on the day.

At the moment the formula of the laughter is not allowed (state: 1st of April of the calendar of the planet earth) to be published on different planets. Finally, several mathematicians long time worked on showing the formula of the laughter mathematically. They managed this. The tourism minister of Emoji wanted big pressure on the censorship authority of Laughing Emoji exercise. He accuses the persons responsible of preventing many tourists with the censorship.

The censorship authority reacted to it with clear words: First the planet earth must been spammed with the faces of the Emojis completely. Only if earthlings could not live any more without Emojis, the formula of the laughter is released to the publication. That's why the tourism minister suffered for the time being a bitter defeat. Nevertheless, the king of Emoji agreed to the urban censorship authority. Also the parliament still wants to wait with the publication of the formula of the laughter. This was decided 246 days ago almost without blackballing so.


 Laughing Emoji





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According to information of several historians an inhabitant who always had a laughing face lived in this area. He could be never sad. Also he was the town founder of the modern Laughing Emoji. He was called also as well as the today's city name. By his positive life setting he also lived very long. This although he lived not necessarily healthy or exemplarily. He was easy too positively and funnily for sad subjects. Moreover, he invented the formula of the laughter. This formula became known later nationally. However, his face became known even about the frontiers planet-far.


480,340 days ago several extraterrestrials from the dwarf planet Haumea came to the today's area Laughing Emoji. They established several snowy houses in this town. At that time the climate was very coldly here. But aliens from Haumea could adapt themselves to the climate easily. They also built several cages from copper. 462,343 days ago a researcher from Pluto came to Laughing Emoji. He was sent by the uppermost king of Pluto to the area. The nervous extraterrestrials from Haumea saw a stranger in their area.

They arrested him. The king of Pluto knew that his researcher was arrested. Finally, the researcher from Pluto had a connecting device to his home planet. The king of Pluto commanded an unlimited intervention in Laughing Emoji. Thus several aliens from Pluto came to the area. The inhabitants from Haumea threatened with the homicide of the Pluto alien. Thereon the king of Pluto sent a confidential plan. Thus aliens from Pluto had to circle quite peacefully Laughing Emoji.

They made this as long as, until the inhabitants from Haumea got headaches. Thus they were clearly weakened. Thereon several cages of the town were destroyed. The researcher from Pluto could be released. At this time the king of Pluto developed a strategy how Laughing Emoji could be investigated without obstacles. Thus the earth was clearly warmed up underground in this area. 460,262 days ago the snowy houses of the extraterrestrials from Haumea started to melt.

Suddenly only broken cages of copper remained. Thereon Haumea decided a war against Pluto. The relieved researcher worked in this time very successfully on strong bombs. 460,111 days ago several bombs were shot to Haumea. This happened, after Haumea sent several flying military saucers to Pluto. 460,087 days ago several positions were treated as equal in Haumea to the ground. Also in Laughing Emoji were killed all remaining extraterrestrials from Haumea by the bombs.

Haumea tried to send once again several soldiers to Pluto. Thereon at least 50,505 small bombs were shot to Haumea. After this event the population was defeated completely by Pluto. Then the king ordered to populate the dwarf planet Haumea from Pluto. Finally, in Laughing Emoji the relieved researcher could examine easily the area. The climate became much warmer than before. On account of several researches in this area the Pluto alien could find several shrubs of the herbaceous plants.

After some time the specific cultivation of the herbaceous plants began. Later the plants were exported to Pluto. Thus the herbaceous plants spread like thyme and rosemary in Pluto. 443,840 days ago Pluto Laughing Emoji was of use for the cultivation of rosemary. 420,115 days ago Pluto had more than enough rosemary and other herbaceous plants. That's why the king of the planet with the prince of Dysnomia (moon of Eris) negotiated about the sales of the surface of Laughing Emoji. The prince of Dysnomia bought the surface in the close future.

Laughing Emoji under Dysnomia

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418,814 days ago several aliens from Dysnomia came to the area. They built several houses from rubber. They started to settle the area actively. They fed themselves basically on rosemary. 407,340 days ago they built several small midget factories in Laughing Emoji. There they produced midget bottles for spices. 382,155 days ago several Smiles in this area tried to produce their sweets. They were expelled by the extraterrestrials from Dysnomia with broom. Thereon Smiles fled to Emoji Circus. At this time excavations began in completely Laughing Emoji. From the earth there came several dead worms. A researcher from Dysnomia collected the dead worms in his frying pans. 377,777 days ago several Acrobats tried to attack Laughing Emoji with their ropes. Several extraterrestrials from Dysnomia were thereby seriously injured. This led to a big conflict between Emoji Circus and the aliens from Dysnomia. Both sides waged an armed war mutually. The researcher with the dead worms exactly tried to study the corpses. That's why he hid in a chill cave. There it was very cold. There he took a small lantern.

He exactly looked at the dead worms. After some seconds the worms were revived. The researcher got big shock. After 24 seconds the worms increased. The researcher died because of fear. Then his corpse was eaten by the worms. The worms spread rapidly in completely Laughing Emoji. Aliens from Dysnomia had no plants in this area suddenly. Thereon the prince of Dysnomia tried to require a compensation from Pluto. The king of Pluto explained that his planet gave no guarantee for Laughing Emoji. That's why the prince of Dysnomia decided to begin a war together with his population from Laughing Emoji against Pluto. At that time the king of Pluto found out that Emoji Circus had big interest in this area.

Thus Dysnomia was attacked several times. The prince was injured personally by a bomb fatally. Then Dysnomia had to withdraw. In Laughing Emoji were liquidated all aliens completely. After the end of the war against Dysnomia the hungry worms calmed down. They hid underground.

Laughing Emoji under Smiles

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352,225 days ago the first Smiles came to the area. They could profit again from the cultivation of the rosemary. They built several religious houses. They belonged like most people of this area to the religion of the amusing houses. They built several amphitheatres in Laughing Emoji. They developed actively the positive life setting in their region. At that time they wanted to give a name for this place. But they were very lacking in ideas. To their most important employments belonged beside the agriculture also acting of the old times. Some Smiles worked for amusing houses. 334,340 days ago an alien from the Neptune came to Laughing Emoji. He visited the local wood. There were several praying Smiles. The Neptune's guest asked them what they did. They explained that they prayed. For him they were only laughing inhabitants of the area. Really most extraterrestrials felt the religion as a laughter. This also was in such a way. Laughter belonged to their religion earlier, however, also later. Smiles inhabited the houses from rubber which remained from the former inhabitants. They had a big problem that they did not know how such houses were built. 261,340 days ago several aliens from the Uranus came to Laughing Emoji. They found out that in this area a lot of rosemary existed. That's why they exactly wanted to investigate the area. Several Smiles feared the conquest of the territory by strangers. That's why Smiles decided the joining to Emoji Circus.

Thus the area was connected to the mighty rulers. Uranus could take several plants of rosemary from Laughing Emoji. Uranus wanted to provoke at that time no conquest of the town. 246,010 days ago Emojis became the biggest majority in this area. They worked above all in the entertainment industry. Also many Clowns came from the Circus to the area. 238,710 days ago Vampires tried to bring the town under their control. Thus they came quite peacefully to the area. They built the first big castle in Laughing Emoji. This castle became the biggest building of the town. The emperor from the country of the Vampires felt very well in this castle. He also needed several servants. Thus several Smiles and Emojis became his employees. He used his castle also for concerts. The emperor was sad long time. He did not know how he could improve his mood. An employee of him was always very amusing. He laughed at every work. The emperor asked him how he had thus a positive life setting. This employee said that he called his son as a laughing Emoji in the birth. The face of his son was so amusing that he had to laugh practically all the time. The emperor and other inhabitants of the town started to be interested for the son of this Emoji. The face of this baby really brought many inhabitants of the town to the laughter. So all Smiles and Emojis wanted to call the area Laughing Emoji to honour of the baby. 229,585 days ago Laughing Emoji was the first actor of the town.

He told jokes about his own face. One day, moreover, he wrote together with his friend (Smile) the famous laughing formula of the kingdom Emoji. 224,475 days ago Laughing Emoji was elected as the first town dictator by the population. As the first law in the urban constitution he wrote the support of the laughter in the town. He also told all the time jokes the other politicians.  213,525 days ago Uranus aliens tried to occupy Laughing Emoji with their army. As a result the town dictator commanded the uninterrupted very loud laughter of all inhabitants. The laughter was so loud that Uranus aliens got strong earache. They could not concentrate any more upon their command. Thus they returned to Uranus. 212,430 days ago the dwarf planet Eris checked its own history. The uppermost general of Eris wanted to take revenge with the inhabitants of Laughing Emoji for the fight of the extraterrestrials from Dysnomia. That's why Eris sent several rockets to Laughing Emoji. At that time the castle of the emperor from the country of the Vampires was seriously damaged. The emperor wanted to take revenge with the attackers. Thus he organised a mighty army from Emojis, to Smiles and Vampires. All three people decided to reach to Eris. However, they had a big problem. They could not fly. Thus they started to laugh from frustration. By the laughter they got wing. Later they flew directly to Eris. There they flew to the responsible general. They loudly started to laugh. After some seconds exploded the ears of the uppermost general. He instructed the restoration of the castle. Moreover, he wrote a long excuse to the amusing population in Laughing Emoji. After this event the fighters flew back to their hometown.

208,050 days ago the emperor from the country of the Vampires died. His castle took over Laughing Emoji. He decided the construction of cannons. Thus a medium-sized factory was built for this purpose. 193,450 days ago Uranus tried to conquer again Laughing Emoji. This time there came aliens from the Uranus with several masks. Moreover, they came with earphones to the fight. They learnt from the former history something. This time they had to burn several houses from rubber with petrol. The combustion of the houses led to a big homelessness in Laughing Emoji. This time the population was unconscious against the enemies. Thus Emojis and Smiles started to laugh again. This time there came the worms from the earth. They attacked the Uranus aliens. Many soldiers were bitten fatally by the worms. Meanwhile, the population had to extinguish the fire.

Laughing Emoji after the fire

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192,355 days ago the reconstruction of the town began by its inhabitants. The town dictator Laughing Emoji checked in his documents how the new houses should be built. In the interim the population lived in the big castle quite temporarily. After some time he discovered several plastics in the surroundings. Thus houses from the plastic were built. Moreover, Laughing Emoji also found a lot of copper. Thus several cages were built in the town. There the population stored fruits and vegetables. On account of the constant laughter the average life expectancy was extremely high in this town. 182,500 days ago Allergies wanted to conquer the town. Several allergic soldiers came under the guidance of the uppermost officer to Laughing Emoji. They threatened with the combustion of all buildings if the town did not join Allergies. That's why the population because of fear of an other reconstruction decided the entry to Allergies quite peacefully. 173,375 days ago Allergies decided the construction of a tower in Laughing Emoji. 

For this purpose several inhabitants from Allergies came to the town. Thereby Allergies wanted to protect its influence peacefully. Before all construction workers came from Allergies. This led to a growth of the allergic population in Laughing Emoji. The town dictator observed the situation with big worry. He wanted to prevent a conquest by Allergies. He decided to separate from his worries. That's why he organised a laughing army. The soldiers of this army had to laugh during the day near the allergic tower loudly. The allergic population of the tower felt unwell. More and more Allergies complained about the loss of their memory card in memory. Many of them left voluntarily the tower. Nevertheless, Allergies could hold the town long time under its control. 158,775 days ago a bomb fell on the tower of the Allergies. This time Uranus aliens were responsible for it. This provided for big laughter under the local population. Laughing Emoji started to laugh so loud that several allergic soldiers want to arrest him. But the town dictator laughed extra louder. Thereby he was sent by the allergic soldiers in the freedom. The elite of Allergies considered at this time what it should make with the population and the town. 149,285 days ago the tower was restored. Allergies began with the theft of rosemary in Laughing Emoji. In this time it was built actively in this town on new buildings from plastic. Many towers and castles were built at that time. There lived many Allergies. They hid their plants in these buildings. Moreover, they exported rosemary and other herbaceous plants in their native country. 148,555 days ago the tourism minister from Allergies visited the city Laughing Emoji. He wanted to look at the buildings of his compatriots. 147,825 days ago came an alien from the Neptune. He was called Strike. One day he visited a comedy in an amphitheatre. There the town dictator Laughing Emoji played the leading role. After the end of the comedy the alien called Strike wanted to get to know the principal character personally. Laughing Emoji and Strike became the best friends. The alien from the Neptune decided to emigrate to his friend to Emoji. The king of Emoji sent on arrival of Strike several controllers. All suitcases of the Neptune's alien were exactly examined. On account of suspicious objects the king of Emoji gave the arrest of the stranger.

The town dictator of Laughing Emoji protested after this events in writing. The king refused to release the Neptune-extraterrestrial. 146,730 days ago the son of Strike found out that his father was arrested in the prison on the foreign planet Halloween. He was called One Strike. He wrote a protest letter to the uppermost general of Neptune. Thereon the general appointed the son the uppermost army leader in this area. Thus One Strike was sent together with 66,778 soldiers from the Neptune to Laughing Emoji by emergency. Neptune attacked pitilessly several towers of the Allergies. A counterattack thereby decided Allergies. But Neptune could use several flying mosquitoes against Allergies. All soldiers of the Allergies were injured by the mosquitoes fatally. Also several houses of the Emojis from plastic were damaged. About the declaration of war of Neptune the king from Emoji also got to know. He sent his army to Laughing Emoji. There One Strike hid with his army. When royal army tried to attack him, he shot several water melons at his opponents. Even the king of Emoji had to look what happened in this town. He commanded the murder of Strike with several blows. Later the uppermost general from the Neptune sent to his subordinated One Strike, the exact hiding place of the enemy. After several movements One Strike found the king of Emoji. He shot the king with hundred shots. The king of Emoji died immediately. In the meantime, took Laughing Emoji care of the seriously injured Strike. His friend from the Neptune was cured by strong laughter. The corpse of the king of Emoji was buried so deeply as possible underground. The town dictator appointed the unlimited independence of the town from all rulers. Thus he organised his own urban laughing army. He commanded the construction of several protective walls. 140,890 days ago Laughing Emoji was separated from the surroundings completely. The protective walls were built with the help of the aliens from the Neptune. At this time the pride of the Neptune grew till the clouds. Thereon the general of Neptune decided to begin a not granted attack against Pluto. Later there reacted Pluto with several atom bombs. Thereon Neptune was so weakened that the help was finished in Laughing Emoji. Assistants of the Neptune had to return to their native country for the reconstruction. At this time One Strike wanted to get rid of the town dictator Laughing Emoji from his job. One day he tried to burn the house of the town dictator. Several Emojis observed how the son of Strike caused problems. One evening several worms came from the earth and attacked One Strike. He shouted so loud that he could run much faster than the horses. He fled from this town. Strike wanted to build several discos in Laughing Emoji. Thus he told about his ideas the town dictator. 129,940 days ago several discos were built in the town. Many Emojis made music for the dancing visitors. Among the musicians were also parents of Laughing Emoji.

Suddenly One Strike from nothing came to the disco. He started to pelt all visitors with several heavy tomatoes. Thereon the parents of the town dictator hid behind the curtain. Most other visitors became seriously injured by the attacks. They had no physical pains, but they lost their ability to laugh. This was the worst what could happen to an inhabitant in Laughing Emoji. This was a death sentence for them. Many visitors became very depressive afterwards. They covered to themselves curfew. The town dictator tried to make sacrifice of the tomato attack to the laughter. This failed. Finally, the victims were also with more than 125,925 days exceptionally old in comparison to other inhabitants of that time. 118,990 days ago a lot of ancient inhabitants from Laughing Emoji suddenly started to die. The town dictator had to organise even an emergency meeting. During the last long days the town never had a cemetery. Up to now all inhabitants lived. Laughing Emoji fell in a big crisis. Finally, nobody knew what should be made with dead bodies. The town dictator sat down to the brainstorming. After several considerations he found in his memory the famous case with the killed king of Emoji. At that time he was deeply buried underground. Laughing Emoji jumped out of joy upwards. He shouted to all persons present: I know what should be done with corpses. Thereon the town had to build own cemetery for the first time in its history. For this purpose Strike received an order. He had to look for suitable workers. He wanted to look in Neptune for workers. In Neptune Strike was arrested at the command of his son. Later he might not leave Neptune. However, the advertisement of Strike flew on in the air. At this time the single-minded researcher from the Saturn was in search of a formula in the air. He was on the Rings of Saturn. He was called Gossip. He checked just the air with his microscope. Suddenly he started to read the following sentence: Laughing Emoji in Halloween urgently needs several workers for the construction of the first cemetery in its history!

Gossip wanted to use his chance. He never was up to now on this planet. He had to look on the Saturn's Internet for the location of Laughing Emoji. When he found the exact location, he decided to fly together with several Saturn aliens from his group. The adventure interested him very much. In the meantime, a lot of corpses of the inhabitants lay in the barriers of the members of the family. The problem of the missing cemetery overthrew the town in a chaos. The discontent with the government of Laughing Emoji as a town dictator became bigger and bigger under the Emojis. Finally, nobody wanted to have the corpses at home. That's why the population had so despaired that most inhabitants would be grateful for every quick solution.  

Laughing Emoji and the tax authority

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118,625 days ago several Saturn aliens came under the leadership of researcher Gossip to Laughing Emoji. They brought several tools like shovels and hammer. Gossip visited the town dictator at the beginning. He asked him how exactly he and his group could help. The town dictator felt very much made easier that, finally, somebody heard on the auxiliary call of his town. Thereon Gossip began with his group with the destruction of several forest surfaces. Nearly ten recumbent giraffes in forest surface was released from the trees. On these places Saturn aliens established the big cemetery of Laughing Emoji. 115,340 days ago the cemetery was finally ready for occupancy. Finally, under big applause the first corpses were buried there. The town dictator praised in his speech the researcher Gossip and his group as lifesavers in the crisis situation. In the meantime, the wood from the felled trees was used for the construction of a tower of the Saturn aliens. Gossip wanted to get from the town dictator a consideration for his help. However, he noticed that in Laughing Emoji the economic system was different. Here no money was used. Instead, achievements and products were exchanged for the number of the temporal laughter. That is the fact that the trader could increase his mood by the delivery of his product. He felt better physical and psychic. He got several jokes from the buyer as a payment. Up to now thus thieves and misers had no interest in this economic system. There was nothing to steal, except a few jokes.

Gossip began his conviction work for the introduction of an alternative monetary system. He showed how it functioned in his home planet. The town dictator visited other towns of the kingdom Emoji after this conversation. 114,610 days ago the local Bitcoin was accepted for the urban currency. Gossip became the finance boss of Laughing Emoji. As a finance boss of the town he decided the conversion of the woody tower as a tax authority. After the birth of this authority all bank notes and coins of the inhabitants had to be exactly counted. Gossip determined personally how much money he wanted to take away from the population. At that time the tax authority expropriated nearly 85 percent of the income. However, for Emojis and Smiles this action was still unproblematic. Finally, they had to look at the finance boss Gossip as their rescuer. He helped the town with the first cemetery. Moreover, the population still had no big experience with the national currency. Most older inhabitants used their old currency of the laughter and the jokes because of habit. That's why they still felt fine in spite of the new system. 108,770 days ago several Easter Eggs came to Laughing Emoji. They destroyed several buildings in the town with their hammers. Later all criminal Easter Eggs were arrested by the urban army. The town dictator instructed the reconstruction of the houses. The Saturn's group of Gossip decided to sell several wooden reserves for this purpose. Several Emojis wanted to buy this material. Besides, they tried to buy with the laughter and the jokes wood from Saturn aliens. The Saturn aliens refused to sell their wood. They felt this as insults. Emojis reacted strongly angry. Besides, pointed a Saturn alien which currency they accepted. Later inhabitants bought wood for the national currency. The finance boss Gossip reacted to it very much anxiously. He went to the town dictator. He said him that the population should be informed of Laughing Emoji to an obliging continuing education in the matter of national currency. The town dictator was in the heart against the national currency, but from gratitude for the solution of the funeral problem he had to recommend this. 107,310 days ago the finance boss Gossip said before the urban population that only the national currency may be used in the economic circle. All the other currencies were officially forbidden. Who uses another currency, makes itself punishable. He also said that only the national currency can be supervised by the tax authority exactly with the microscope. This was also in the interest of the population. With the last sentence tried Gossip to blandish the levy. 107,287 days ago the finance boss Gossip instructed the immigration of other Saturn aliens to Laughing Emoji. The new immigrants were used as soldiers in the town.

They had to supervise all economic areas on the fulfilment of the law of the national currency. Within the shortest time the foreign soldiers caught several Emojis and Smiles who used their old currencies. Besides, they were brought to the finance boss. This time Gossip commanded the construction of several prisons in the town. Later several Emojis and Smiles were arrested. Gossip sent several soldiers to the prisoners. The soldiers had to show the right currency during at least 222 minutes before the eyes to the arrested. Later they had to make a test. With this test they had to choose the right currency. Who passed this test, was released. 102,930 days ago several misers from the Jupiter came to Laughing Emoji. They came in the middle of the night to the woody tower of the Saturn aliens. They destroyed the front door. There slept several night watchmen. The misers from the Jupiter started to look for money. Their noses led them to big treasure. The misers found a lot of coins and bank notes in the tax authority. They collected so much money like they were able. Suddenly several Saturn aliens woke up. They ran to the misers. They tried to alarm the Saturn's soldiers. The cleverest miser pressed on a candle after this event. The Saturn aliens feared that misers would burn the building. That's why they let the misers with the money go. The next day Gossip decided to arrest several local citizens. He wanted to hold responsible them for the theft. The death rate of the population started to rise again. After some time several misers from the Jupiter noticed that they forgot their sunglasses in the woody tower. Their sunglasses cost 2 Bitcoins each. They were relatively favorable. Nevertheless, misers decided to return to Laughing Emoji. One day they came again to the tax authority. They asked for the return of their sunglasses. The Saturn aliens refused. The misers from the Jupiter came 100,010 days ago to the town. They threw several burning candles on the woody tower.

The tower started to burn very fast. After 24 hours the woody tower burnt together with several Saturn aliens. The next day the finance boss Gossip accused several Emojis and Smiles. They were arrested. At this time the town dictator made friends with the aliens from the Uranus. They swore to the Laughing Emoji to fight against the tax authority of the Saturn aliens. 99280 days ago several Uranus aliens came to the buildings of the extraterrestrials from the Saturn. They took several axes. With these tools they hit on Saturn aliens. They killed several soldiers of the tax authority. Later they took several gigabytes of rosemary in their home planet for consideration. The finance boss Gossip had great fear that he was fought actively. That's why he instructed several bodyguards for himself. When he strengthened his position again, he got Saturn aliens to Laughing Emoji again. This time they had to build a tower from copper. The new tower served as a mighty tax authority of the town. Moreover, organised Gossip also duty controllers. They had to check all objects with the microscope before the import or exportation. Thus Gossip could develop his property clearly. He became the richest citizen of Laughing Emoji. The town dictator was unconscious. He could make nothing against the tax authority of the finance boss. By many excuses of Gossip the population paid nearly 90 percent of the income to the finance boss. In comparison to previously nearly 80 percent of the urban population used the national currency. 89790 days ago many inhabitants fell ill with psychic illnesses. It began a strong pandemic. Many inhabitants who were older than 91250 days died in the quick tempo. Few ancient inhabitants survived in very bad state. At least, the town dictator Laughing Emoji protected his parents against the bad finance boss Gossip. He did not tell them what cost "gratitude in this Gossip". 79205 days ago several young misers from the Jupiter came to the town. They began with the construction of factories. Laughing Emoji changed more and more to an industrial town. 78475 days ago grew the stinginess of the aliens from the Jupiter so far that they decided the fight of the tax authority. One day the finance boss Gossip was bound in his house by several misers to the chair. He was hit later with several pocket calculators nearly 1000 times. Gossip died after this attack. The misers searched his house for bank notes and coins. They had a testament of former extraterrestrials from their native country. The former misers took a lot of money from the woody tower. 

Laughing Emoji under misers

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74825 days ago misers from the Jupiter decided to build many dusty factories. Many local inhabitants were employed as cheap labours. The positive mood of the town changed to the depressive mood. The death rate and life expectancy of the Emojis and Smiles became further declining. The parents of the town dictator suddenly died on one day at very much the old age of that time of 175,565 days. Laughing Emoji became the oldest inhabitant of his town. 68255 days ago the young miser called Presale from the Jupiter came to the town. He read before a lot about rosemary and other herbaceous plants. He wanted as a farmer of thymes make more known, these plants in Laughing Emoji. For this purpose he took over the tower of the former tax authority. There he had a big garden. He could grow a lot of gigabytes in thymes. Moreover, he made friends with the town dictator. Thus he wanted to get to know the town guidance better. Beside his agricultural activity he took over the production of the bank notes. He could pay his employees especially good wages. This was the big exception for a stingy employer. Finally, he wanted to be liked under the population very much. That's why he renounced nearly 60 percent of his stinginess. Presale became in the shortest time the deputy and finance boss of Laughing Emoji. 62415 days ago Laughing Emoji decided to spend more time with the laughter again. One day he dreamt about his parents. They said him that his son Laughing Emoji 1.5 should fight against the Egoists from Mars. He asked his parents who these Egoists and this son should be. They said him that only thanks to his son the Egoists could be defeated in 36500 days. 56210 days ago Laughing Emoji 1.5 was officially born. 54750 days ago the former town dictator got great fear of his big jubilee. That's why he asked his former deputy Presale to take over the town dictatorship. Later Laughing Emoji died at the age of 182,141 days. 53655 days ago the construction of the railway station began. Always misers from the Jupiter paid very low wages to their employees. That's why Emojis and Smiles died even earlier than before. Many misers wanted to get rid of Presale as a town dictator. In spite of the threats of his compatriots Presale still remained as a city guide. 46355 days ago Presale died in the office of the town dictator. After his death a big struggle for power began between many candidates for the office of the town dictator. The son of the late town dictator Presale 1 established a big war against other misers.

Because he disposed of the urban monetary production, he could fight against his opponents fast. Moreover, he invented the local laws in favour of the misers. More and more locals had to be active as wage slaves. Some employers paid in the form of the laughter. But the population had no fun in it. Finally, the economic system functioned in Laughing Emoji for a long time according to the national currency. The dependence of the population on the national currency made the inhabitants slaves of the owners of the bank note printers. 42340 days ago organised Laughing Emoji 1.5 a confidential meeting with his friends. The aim was the fall of Presale 1. The son of the long-standing town dictator wanted that the bank note printers become the property of the inhabitants. That's why he shot on open street Presale 1 with his wooden gun. This provided for national headlines. Thereon Laughing Emoji was arrested. He had to remain a long time in a solitary confinement. 40150 days ago Presale 2 wanted to allow to shoot the murderer of his father. For this purpose he sent his personal slaves. They wanted to say Laughing Emoji 1.5 what they should make with him. The prisoner gave them tips how they should proceed. They heard how intelligent he was. That's why they released him. Together they went to Presale 2. This time Laughing Emoji 1.5 hit the new town dictator quite firmly in the belly. After some time Presale 2 died. In the meantime, commissioned Laughing Emoji 1.5 a Smile for the takeover of the town dictatorship. But nobody wanted to assume the office.

Thus Presale 2.5, the half-brother of the killed became the town dictator. 36135 days ago Laughing Emoji 1.5 heard about opposition fights in other towns against the misers. That's why he decided to overthrow together with his group the Presale 2.5 from his position. Presale 2.5 could defend himself successfully with his stingy friends. Several Smiles were arrested. 35899 days ago the First Horror Clown found out that in Laughing Emoji the opposition was up to now fruitless. That's why he decided to send his circus army in this town. Circus army began with the firing of pumpkins from the cannon factory. Presale 2.5 was hard met in his office. Also other misers from the Jupiter became seriously injured. Later arrested circus army all misers. The rule of the misers from the Jupiter ended with it in Laughing Emoji. The son of the first long-standing town dictator received after this event a cassette with the recorded applause of the First Horror Clowns. Moreover, the Horror Clown praised him for his big courage. 

Laughing Emoji under Circus Union

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The town already had very good requirements for the joining to the Circus Union. There were many amphitheatres and other entertainment facilities. Laughing Emoji counted about 40496 inhabitants 35405 days ago. This proved a mathematical calculation by command of the First Horror Clowns. After this event several Mars aliens tried to conquer the town. They put their flags in the city centre. When the Horror Clown found out about the invasion of the aliens from Mars, he sent several trucks with several gigabyte pumpkins. The pumpkins were shot on the enemies by the cannon factory. Several Mars aliens took themselves and fled to the Vampires. 29565 days ago the uppermost Egoist sat in south Mars on his chair. He studied the land map of different towns on the galaxy. Suddenly his pencil exactly struck Laughing Emoji. He read the name of the area. He saw this event not as a chance. That's why he decided to send his egoistic army to Laughing Emoji. He was firmly persuaded of it that he could celebrate here great success. He began with the equipment of his army. He wanted to prepare his army very well. That's why his preparation lasted long time. 28105 days ago the First Horror Clown met the uppermost Egoist in Laughing Emoji. There negotiations took place between both rulers. After this meeting the Egoist shook the hand to the ruler of the Circus Union. The leader of south Mars wanted to look at Laughing Emoji with his eyes. He noticed to himself important buildings in his memory. Moreover, he visited an amphitheatre. On the street Laughing Emoji 1.5 met the uppermost Egoist. He started to laugh so strongly that the leader of south Mars got strong headaches. Besides, the Horror Clown was also a nearby. He applauded this Emoji loudly. After this event the uppermost Egoist returned in his native country. There he outlined a detailed plan to the conquest of Laughing Emoji. 27375 days ago several egoistic soldiers came to the area. They hid in a subterranean cage from the times of the extraterrestrials from Haumea. Daily they walked in the town. Thus they got to know more and more. 27256 days ago the Horror Clown commanded the organisation of a laughing army in Laughing Emoji. This was also done. Many Emojis and Smiles were motivated very much. Laughing Emoji 1.5 became the uppermost commander of the laughing army. At this time they did not notice that Egoists hid in the town. They helped with their army to the circus army. They served above all as entertainers. In the meantime, the uppermost Egoist found out that many inhabitants left the area. That's why he commanded to his egoistic soldiers the conquest of Laughing Emoji. Besides, Egoists attacked several houses. Moreover, they occupied the cannon factory. They started to use the tools of the town for their fight against the local population. Egoists arrested several factory workers. Moreover, they wanted to shoot the factory workers. They had already prepared everything. Suddenly the ghost of the first town dictator Laughing Emoji appeared to his son. He must go immediately to his hometown. Thereon the son of the former town dictator went to his hometown. There he started to laugh so loud that all factory workers also started to laugh. The Egoists tried to shoot. But their ear pains hindered them strongly in their plan. Thus Egoists were arrested by the factory workers.

The commander of the laughing army said that all Egoists should be locked up without exception in the former tax authority. 26645 days ago the uppermost Egoist commanded the construction of several subterranean lifts in Laughing Emoji. For this purpose several Egoists hid in the subterranean cage. 26444 days ago Egoists began with the subterranean bombardment of important buildings in the town. At that time Laughing Emoji 1.5 noticed that in the middle of the town a lot of pits originated. He decided to discuss the problem with his laughing army. That's why he sent several laughing soldiers to the pits. They loudly started to laugh. For Egoists this was very irritating. Their headaches became so strong that they thought of an escape from the area. Really many egoistic soldiers from Laughing Emoji fled to their native country. There they told the uppermost Egoist which problems they had in this town. After this event the leader of south Mars had to invent a new strategy. This time he outlined a special protective mask and earphone. He instructed a mass production of these products in occupied areas of his rule. The earphones were produced above all by Saturn aliens. 26080 days ago nearly 49876 egoistic soldiers from south Mars came to Laughing Emoji. They carried strong earphones. Thus they tried to protect themselves against laughter. The commander of the laughing army had a gun which shot small pumpkins. He decided to produce these guns in a mass production. Thus there were nearly 2226 guns of this kind. Moreover, heavy water melons hung on the roofs of all houses. By button inhabitants could throw down these fruits on their enemies. This time several Egoists began with the attack of the tower from copper. There several Egoists were locked up. Egoists with a diesel gun fired at the building from copper. Besides, several windows were broken. Then they penetrated into the tower. There reacted the prisoners with great fear. They tried to speak in her home language. Nevertheless, armed soldiers from south Mars were protected against noises. Moreover, they wore masks. They did not notice that they killed their own compatriots with diesel. At this time Laughing Emoji 1.5 got to know about the attack on the former tax authority. He instructed the dropping of several water melons if the soldiers left the tower. Thus Emojis also acted. All entrances were supervised by the laughing army. When the first Egoists from the tower came, they were pelted with several water melons. They fell on the ground. Then they all were arrested. This time Egoists were placed in the cages of fruits. They were disarmed. 25915 days ago most caught Egoists started to dig in their cages. They did this at night. In the early morning they were underground. There they met. Thereon they tried to flee to an unknown direction.

At this time Laughing Emoji 1.5 felt that a little bit underground it happened something. Finally, the ground moved too intensely. This led to the fact that he had to give a new command to his laughing army. His soldiers had to pursue the movements. More and more soldiers and the commander laughed so loud as never before. The Egoists heard laughter of the local population again. Their ears exploded. After some time all Egoists passed away underground. Suddenly the ground calmed down in completely Laughing Emoji. Thereon several locals started to dig out the earth because of curiosity. There they found several corpses of their enemies. When the First Horror Clown found out about that, he sent several awards to the uppermost commander of the laughing army. After this event the uppermost Egoist stroked the town from his map. He felt threatened strongly by the laughing army. His pessimism started to grow upwards. 23725 days ago Laughing Emoji could recover from the conflict.

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