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Emoji the country

Emoji - The Kingdom near the neighboring country of Smiles on the planet Halloween. The Emoji, in which the language Emoji L is spoken, is a country in planet Halloween.
With an area of 987,654 square kilometers, it is the largest state, whose borders are completely in the proximity to the Smiles and the Circus Country. The Emoji Pop and parts of the lower Emoji are since 777 days and 22 hours not under the control of the Kingdom. The Emoji is bordering Circus Country and Smiles in the northwest and west, Red Heads in the south, Microbes, Bacteria and Hungry in the south east, charlatans and others in the hidden levels and to the Bitter Sea and the Yellow Sea in the south. The capital city is Emoji SMS. The Emoji offers by Circus Country the third largest territory in Halloween. Since the liberation by the Pluto aliens in year TVND is the Emoji able itself to write down its thoughts on the blog. Some time ago, the Horror Clown had to march necessarily by Emoji with his circus army. In the Circus Country, the country is under great suspicion of having sold the Salted Cucumbers pink flashlights. This is considered a great betrayal according to the peace treaty between the two countries.

 Emoji flag




When was the first extraterrestrials known on the planet Halloween as an Emoji?

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The first mention of the word Emoji can be found in the underground hiding place of the former Circus Kingdom, which is already more than 333,333 days old. After that it will find this word in chronicles in relation to different geographic regions of the Circus Kingdom, even far outside the territory of today's Emoji. The traditional etymological interpretation of the country's name refers to the ancient word E-M-O-J which had military frontier as defined border area and the extraterrestrial notion Twelve corresponded. This point of view is dominant both in the international historiography as well as in the history of Emoji because it is supported among others by the national historian Ijome Cran and hidden from the Encyclopedia of Emoji in the dust. Most authors agree that this name, the first the border area designated for so-called Blue area, with its cool barriers existed for a long time without an ethnic reference. Moreover, when the word Emoji for parallel concept for the building and officially used in the Circus Kingdom name Emoji- Dwarfs was, however, there are different views. Further, a grave was excavated by the local archaeologists, there probably the first extraterrestrial was named Emoji. Some historians think that these extraterrestrials could be responsible for the subsequent naming of the country. Finally, it was found in his grave also the headline: Our eponym. This headline sticks to his forehead still. Further details would not release the censors. But a spy from the field of Emoji found near the tomb more evidence that these extraterrestrials time
wanted to achieve a demarcation to the Smiles. His name Emoji could convince many aliens on the territory of the country today. But there have been many protests on the part of the former Red Heads. They lived partly in the country today Emojis. They were very jealous that the country was not named "red heads". They retaliated with the eponym by locked him up in a wooden cage. That was the eponym of the country probably definitely too much. Emoji fell asleep. He stayed long (safe 11,111 days) in a coma. Another version of his subsequent death was the eruption of the volcano. At that time, many residents fled from this area to the Smiles. Official cause of death of the first Emoji is mentioned as a particularly great age of 99,999 days. At that time, the average life expectancy was around 22,222 days in the field. Some also reached 40,004 days. But no one else lived 4.5 times longer than the first eponym. Perhaps helped him at that time, the multi-day coma. That speculate the modern doctors of Emoji. Currently his body must be carefully studied by the researchers.  

 First Emoji

Geography of Emoji country

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Most of the country lies on several small bears. Other parts are almost on the nose of the neighboring Smiles. In addition, the feet of Emoji rich territory even to the border of the Circus Country. On its territory there are at least 77 forests. Some of the forests used fleeing Smiles on their way from the Horror Clowns. There are so many lakes that could not even call at the University of Emoji an exact number of Geography Professor formed. Due to the small differences in altitude, the rivers of this area flow very slowly at a rate of two bytes per hour.In the area of lowlands there, especially in the central desert Emoji smaller oil and gas deposits, which are not sufficient but for a self-sufficiency of the country. In addition, some clowns want to take away the natural resources to repeatedly. This sometimes leads to an economic conflict between the two countries. Hopes are being placed in the development of fields in the Yellow Sea. Because of the suspected natural resources exist currently border disputes with its famous neighbor Circus Country. In the central part of the country higher lying areas extending from south to north-east with elevations between 555 and just over 994 giraffe long, which are called plates.

 First Emoji

These include about lazy plate or DVD disk. These plates consist mainly of rocks from the Paleozoic, which has been raised by the emergence of strong mountain belt in the final moments again. They are rich in raw materials such as iron ore and coal. The largest ore deposits can be found in the paper boat to the city Emoji Quark in the dry region, while the coal bearing mainly around the city are located in the area of gold metal. The plates are numerous smaller and larger rivers cut through, which have cut deep into the partially terrain. The Northwest Emoji is called affluent area. This landscape is expected with red eyes to the "germ cells" a progressive Emoji, since these territories were ceded by the country of Allergies to the emperors of the predecessor of today's Emoji country only in the course of the great conflict. Part of
West Emoji had almost never heard before with brief exceptions to a top of clowns from ruled kingdom. Since the expulsion of the Eastern Eggs from the area, the local population was very suspicious of the Circus Country regime. The formation region of Emoji culture and language is but probably in the lower bunker southeast of today's border between Emoticons and Emoji where almost 112,113 days ago the Chips Conquerors from Mercury was spying for a short time the area with his binoculars. In addition, each felled tree had to be replaced with at least two new small trees. This is to prevent that the area of Emoji would completely look like a desert.

Climate and soils of the area of the Emoji

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Apart from the mountain regions and the south-west and southern coastal regions can be in terms the Emoji the climate, the soil and vegetation in several central areas are divided. In the West it has a share in the square mountains, which in particular through former glacial advances were minted from Circus Country during the bee hours. Here are the most worthless soil of the country. In addition, this region particularly hard by the disaster of the conflict between Smiles and Horror Clowns is concerned. The area receives a relatively large amount of precipitation (888-1112 bottles / per second), the summers are hot, with average temperatures in the seventh month after the last theater from 29 to 48.678 ° C. At this zone joins to the north and south West the so-called at forest-zone where formerly existing forests but mostly already were cut down in the war against the Emoji by the Horror Clowns. Here are sprawling mountains that have arisen in the ice ages under unknown conditions. From the loess mainly very fertile black earth soils have developed, which are among the richest on the planet Halloween. This condition led to a large part of envy attack Circus Country.
The amounts of precipitation are 777 and 999 bottles of apple juice between per second, the average temperatures at that time at 36 ° C. So ideal temperature for the human body, but which leads the local residents to galloping Emojis.

 Weather in Emoji

Overall, this area offers very good conditions for agricultural use. However, the soils are very susceptible to erosion when, as often happened in the time of inspection by the Horror Clowns, be ordered incorrectly. They said that they need to mix the soil with the chocolate. In the north of the forest zone bordering which has only relatively low precipitation of partially under 22 bottles of orange juice per hour per year. The summers are very hot here, with average temperatures in the mid-month of partially more than 67 ° C. The fertile black and chestnut brown soils of this area could be mostly used only after the personal written approval of the rulers from the Circus Country after caused by the construction of dams on the major rivers extensive irrigation systems. The coastal regions on the island of refugees from Smile and pink area are very fertile and are due to the favorable climatic conditions
especially used with mild winters for date cultivation.

Waters in the country of Emoji

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The west coast of the Emoji has a 55,55 houses long share the Yellow Sea and the Polar Sea. Among the many rivers that crisscross the country from west to east and there lead in the Yellow Sea, are many secret seas which Emoji not want to call the curious readers in detail. Since there especially many marine resources could lie. What all curious readers may know, is mentioned here, of course. They have the salty sea. One legend has it, the Salted Cucumbers could be for that responsible. They invested a lot of money at the Emoji, so that they would start a conflict with the Circus Country.

 Yellow Sea in Emoji

There is also the blue sea in their field. Therein swim different fish: shark, trout, eel, lionfish and dwarf gourami. More fish were not approved by the censorship of Emoji for publication. The reason is that otherwise many Greedy would return. The conservationists want to protect the diversity of fish in the area to ensure that no prohibited fishing shrink the stock of fish is not massive. There is also the pink sea near a mountain in Emoji. This place is very popular for swimming with tourists from the upper classes from Jupiter. Especially a lot of covetous love this pink sea. As a precaution, before the approval of the tourists on the pink sea all the fish have been moved from the conservationists in the sweet sea. On the sweet sea no one may fish and hunt. There must bathe not even a resident of the Emoji.

Islands and peninsulas in the field of Emoji

The pink sea islands include Happy, Emoji Joggers and the Emoji Pillows (belonges since 24,822 days of Emoji) in North of the country. By far the most popular Peninsula is the Emoji Backpack, which - from the perspective of the supreme censorship authority of the State and the vast majority of the General Assembly the planetwide dictators since 17777 days belongs to Emoji.
Emoji Pants in the east of the country is the largest island. The Emoji Clothing has many river islands and in the capital of the country and in its estuary on the Yellow Sea.  

Emoji has interesting natural areas

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 In the mountains the last real jungles of the planet Halloween exist. They include 53,328 hours since the planets natural heritage of the galaxy. Almost 1/5 of the land area is forested (mainly with beech, pine, birch, aspen, oak, alder, ash and maple). In addition to the volcanic mountains and the peaks on the border form the Smiles
the most important ecosystems. Cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, onions, nuts and eggplant are the most commonly grown vegetables. Typical fruits include watermelon, pears, apples, melons, peaches, plums and apricots. The most important crop is wheat.  Beside him, but also a lot of rye, barley, potatoes, corn, and especially buckwheat is grown. The sunflower is a symbol of friendship between the Smiles and Emojis. For this reason, it is very active nationwide planted. In addition to the natural biodiversity (cracidae, cranes, peacock) were in the nature reserve Emoji Protection also exotics
like the African wild dog lives. Even small hamster with yellow-orange color live there. The traditional breeding animals
the region is the spitting camel. In the seas around the peninsula some dolphin and whale species are located. Turtles, lizards and snakes are in throughout the country represented. Raccoons, wild boars, bears, wolves, lions and deer are forest dwellers and therefore most frequently encountered in the east and north of the Emoji.
In Emoji Protection there are about 123 copies of the endangered hamster onion, the two forehead fled to Emoji from the cage of biologists 42,224 days ago. One legend has it that the biologist Two Forehead could be an animal abuser. But evidence is lacking. Perhaps the locals hate this reason the Circus Country because the biologist to his onion hamster bad was watching. They came en masse by Emoji time. Until 81,032 days lived in the Emoji crocodiles in the wild, until they were finally wiped out by hunters. Widely used in Emoji was until the rise of Mercury for the first course of population growth planet far the White Lion.

 Animals in Emoji

Nature conservancy in Emoji

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 After serious environmental disasters like the disaster of Mars attack and the shooting of two innocent but hungry bears by a shepherd in the forest, the new government has set itself the objective to carry out reforms for conservation. In the Emoji, there are 95 national parks. Also decided the domestic parliament in future confine the shepherd with the farm animals in prison. To protect livestock and the herders. At the same time bears and other predators should be given more freedom in their movement. The shooting of wild animals was officially banned in the country. Those caught at launch, to be shot with an orange gun. In addition, every citizen must plant at least one tree per year in the country. This was introduced as a substitute for tax collection in Emoji. That worked very well. At the present second already at least 101 million new trees are planted by the population in the country. Even some stingy refugees from Jupiter come to Emoji, so they have to pay any taxes. They plant as a thank-you even more than an average of more trees than native inhabitants.

Population: Historical development in Emoji

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Before the outbreak of the great volcano lived a small minority of the Martians of hundreds of thousands of extraterrestrials on the territory of modern Emoji (Iceberg, Pink Mountains, Funny Faces, Yellow Sea coast); at the present time it is about 11,234 to 46,782.  The number can not be known precisely for reasons chaotic in the management of Emoji. Until 26,226 days ago lived millions of Allergies in the today to the west of the Emoji belonging areas Iceberg,
Pink Mountains and Funny Faces. About 26,000 days ago it came mainly in Iceberg for mass demonstration against the Allergies in the region, which fell more than 36,791 Allergies victim. After the outbreak of the great volcano and the annexation of the allergic territories east of the yellow tower allergic population was expelled entirely from Emoji. Until the big earthquake lived in the Emoji many Unknowns, but they were stolen in large part during the occupation by the crazy kingdom of treasure seekers. The Emoji was one of the major distribution areas of the fake language. The Unknowns emigrate since then to the Salted Cucumbers, to Pluto and to a small extent by Mars. 5222 days ago were still alive around 99,998 Unknowns in the Emoji. Their number reduces because of emigration and the general birth rate from continuing.
Many of Unknowns simply feel challenged in the land of Emoji. That is why many choose to emigrate to technically advanced Pluto. After all, Pluto has the time machine for hundreds of years. While the Emoji could look forward only through the invention of coffee machine recently.

 Population in Emoji

According to the official census from the Statistical Office of the government live in the Emoji 79.98% Emojis, 9.89% Jugglers and over 104 other population groups (including spies and charlatans). A state not recognized minority, the female clowns (their ancestors came from the neighboring Circus Country). In addition to the twelve largest populations there are even smaller minorities less than 90999 inhabitants, including mainly Venus aliens, Thieves, Mercury aliens, Saturn aliens and Martians. The Emojis make in all regions with the exception of the autonomous Republic Clowns Rules the Show and the city Utopia most of the population. In these two regions, Horror Clowns are the most important by far ethnic group, other areas with high foreign population share of 49.99% and 48.98% (secret census commissioned by the Government has been carried out of the spies) are the clowns and mountains Horror Circle in the northwest of the Emoji. Clowns live in the Emoji mainly in cities. In rural regions are only 1.234% of the population Clowns while Emojis there represent a share of nearly 92.3456%. The reasons for the city love of Clowns are professional reasons already granted. More particularly important population group in the Emoji are Smiles. They belong since laughter contract with the Emojis many years ago as the largest immigrant group in the country.

What languages are spoken in Emoji and who, how uses his tongue?

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The different historical experiences of multi-ethnic states in the regions of Emoji complicate the language issue: The vast majority of people and aliens speak both the language of Emoji-L and the language of Smiles, another important language is the Circus Country language. The language of Horror Clowns lost with the written exemption of the Emojis from the rule of Clowns also the status as an official language. All three languages are local languages of the planet and thus Halloween related. There is also a hybrid of all three languages, which was invented by researchers in common the good old days. Or rather, in the factory of the top thinkers was prepared. In the census of early times, the mother tongue of the population according to their own information of the respondents was determined. Here, a population share of 66 2/3% of the local language Emoji was determined. The difference with the nationality distribution is explained by the fact that 29.89% of Emojis details the language of the Smiles as their mother tongue, but only 28.98% of the Smiles the majority language of the country. One prominent example is the Emojis Blue Brain, whose native language is the Smiles. The members of the smaller national groups nominated overwhelmingly the language of the Smiles as their mother tongue, only dominated the Allergies the majority language. Smile's language native indicated 36.79% of the residentsA clear majority of the population identifies strongly with their main language. Other languages are generally avoided. Above all, the language of the neighbor Circus Country can sometimes lead to a prison punishment in Emoji. A good example was the visit of the circus of a clown from the language area of the Circus Country. He must then pay a high fine it. This even though he lives and works in their country. The language of the Smiles will however be accepted and welcomed. Some parliamentarians even wanted to launch an initiative to ensure that the language of the Smiles country the second most important language in the kingdom. Due to great confusion in the management of Emoji it will still take a while until it is ready.
In most medium-sized areas gave two-thirds of the population the language Emoji as their mother tongue. In the autonomous republic of Verb and Yellow Temple of Emoji native share reached only 34.67% and 4.98%.

The professor and the smartest researcher of Emoji

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The speech Professor Don Jim looked at various areas in the country. He came to the conclusion that many residents are also bilingual. Many residents of the country also speak the language of the Smiles. As a reason, the good economic relations between the two states are called. But there are also a few in Emoji who named the language of Circus Country proud as their second language. After all the horror clowns must be checked for dangerous materials at the border. Some time ago, Parliament, allow an additional language in certain regions decided. A prerequisite for this was the fact that in a region of at least 11 percent of the indigenous population had tattooed the other language as their mother tongue in the own forehead. This led to mass protests among the linguistic minorities in the country. It is not the recognition of their language, but that they would have tattooed on their forehead their native language. For this reason, even Venus aliens marched with their army into the land of Emoji.
The local authority got goose pimples. Thereafter, the decision had to be changed somehow. But had the smartest scientists in the country and top lawyer to work. He clung to all letterboxes the following question: "What is your mother tongue?
Then complained many residents who wanted tear up the adhesive with their teeth, but their teeth fell out of their mouth within two megabytes. But at least no one in the country had tattooed his mother tongue on the forehead. The second most important language of each region could very well be determined in this way. For his success the smartest scientists and lawyer got an entry in the Encyclopedia. He also got specially organized for him pie in the face and applause of at least 44556 Emojis. Then he took the cake and threw it on the joyous crowd. What he did not know that behind his back there was a charlatan. The charlatan tried to penetrate into the brain of the wisest researcher using a key. The researcher suddenly realized that something move behind him. He became very afraid that the secret might be revealed to his intelligence at that unfavorable second of his life. The Charlatan could break into the brain of the cleverest scientist after 666 seconds. He took a memory card (a USB stick) from his brain. The successful charlatan took the memory card and fled with a flying saucer to Saturn.  He wanted to look calmly what these cleverest scientists of Emoji had hidden everything in his brain. The Charlatan opened the file "law school". Therein he found all the laws of the country and even many of the laws of other planets. The Charlatan responded very envious of the possibility of a memory card in the brain. He was very angry that he was one of "old varieties" of extraterrestrials.
At this time, the smartest scientists of Emojis could not even remember who he was at all. He no longer knew his name. He even noticed not that he was pelted back from the crowd with the cake. He stood helpless in front of the crowd and looked at them. Suddenly a worm jumped out of his right ear and shouted: Emergency. Immediately Charging !. The researcher urgently needs electricity from the electricity line. Reacted to the crowd with a broad smile. Simultaneously, the charlatan tried everything that was in the memory card to memorize. Since the charlatan only brought a motivation in the amount of two A4 sheets, he learned only as much as two A4 sheets site has.
The smartest researcher fell into a coma. The Emojis did not help the lawyer.
At that time, realized that Pluto alien that he desperately takes the brightest researchers provide energy. He also noted that the memory card was stolen from the brain of the smartest scientist. Quick tapped the Pluto alien in his notebook the inquiry: "Where is the memory card of the wisest researcher of Emoji?"

Then came the exact answer: "The memory card is located in the home of a charlatan from Saturn, who is studying in detail the contents of the memory card."
The Pluto alien pressed the "Delete" button on the corresponding charlatan. Immediately fell asleep the charlatan. The memory card flew out automatically to Pluto. The Pluto alien sent his robots in direction Emoji, this put the memory card back into the brain of the smartest scientist. At the same time got the researcher also enough energy for his life. Nevertheless, no one noticed in the country of Emojis the professionalism of Pluto aliens in dealing with the latest technology.

Religion of Emoji

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The Emoji is a confessionally mixed country. Approximately 3/4 of Emojis belong to the funny houses. The highest number of faithful has the planets-recognized Emoji Jeans House of the faithful, an autonomous part of the Smile Pants House. Besides there is the planet far not recognized, formed after TDWP EM Jim House. Between the two houses is raging a fierce dispute over religious dictatorship and to avaricious claim ownership of any real estate. Local Gray Religion is the third largest in the country. This established some charlatans to advertise it can. Their legitimacy is disputed. So the gray religion of many extraterrestrials has been viewed as a means for commercial purpose. In addition, many members of the Venus religion living in the country. This religion sometimes also love some tourists from the Circus Country. In addition, there are about 4.46 million in the Emoji Spaghetti (censored percent %), 0.33 million Counterfeiters (0.0889%, especially Allergies and Martians) and
1,000,400 mixed race (1.24%), and approximately 22,468 Pluto.

What about the health of the population of Emoji?

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Life expectancy in male population is in the Emoji at 43,435 days, female residents are on average 47,086 days old. This is considerably less than in highly developed regions of the universe and some less than in the rest of the moderate states. This is mainly due to the food crisis in the not distant past, of which the country has still not recovered in full. Also, there is in the Emoji no compulsory or government-mandated physician visits to each inhabitant (as exists in most developed planets of the universe), so many can afford little more than 19 minutes from the doctor visit. And so quickly can produce a useful diagnostic no doctor. After an Emoji survived significantly longer than all Earthlings. This leads to the conclusion that many Earthlings are lacking in humor. Therefore Emojis laugh at least eleven minutes a day and continuously.

 Laugh Emojis

What pandemics experienced Emoji in recent years?

2999 days ago 1/111 of the total population were infected with the virus of the thick lips, according to the Health spies. According to estimates before 2666 days ago were infected 1/223 of the adult population (of 20 to 69 years). It is not clear to what extent this is a long-standing disease incidence. The Emoji is thus the most affected country in Halloween. In connection with the growth of the second nose (generally known under the name second nose) arranged the local government after a series of smelly odors 2008 days ago in some cities the closure of the public authorities and a ban on major events for 29 weeks. Overall, the authorities there confirmed the escape of 122 Emojis by Circus Country. In the south of the country led to panic buying in pharmacies. The government forces put on doctors, paramedics and reservists to serve the masses of suffering from second nasal extraterrestrials. "The situation threatens to completely get out of control," said the chief of the security committee in parliament on all channels and web sites simultaneously.

History of Emoji

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In the area of today's Emoji most circus-loving peoples (among other Clowns, Smile faces and Chess) stopped in the early days. In addition, AD several colonies of Venus aliens emerged in the second to first century  on the Yellow Sea coast, the later the Chlorine-free Kingdom formed. A little later came another aliens from different planets of the galaxy also Kepler. Less known extraterrestrials from the small village of Mercury came, too. Pluto aliens particularly fond settled in Emoji. Later, however, they returned en masse after the first major advance on their planet to Pluto. The wild door, served many curious as entry into the new land of the planet Halloween. So many race horses stormed into the country.But the floor is not coped with so much weight. The spoiled soil resented so much so that the local earth began to shake. So the locals had to learn to live properly in the country.

Medieval time in Emoji

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The region Allergies in northwestern Emoji is regarded as a possible homeland of funny peoples this includes Smile Faces and Circus Country. However, it could also include other nations to do so. Today Emoji has its origins, just like Circus Country and Smile, then in the first State, the Grand Clown. From the 10th century sailed Arrow Shooters the local rivers and mingled with the funny majority population.
Next must be mentioned that by visiting the Pluto aliens with their time machine in year 1111 in Grand Clown's then most important events of that year were very well corrected in the history books. A historian from the Pluto traveled back to this period and documented his experiences in Emoji in his notes. In 1111 the first clown settled near the present-day territory Emoji. At this time, active research on a formula of laughter. The aim of the former kings was to have very satisfied inhabitants of the land. Decades of research paid off. But the laughter formula was found by a Smile Face. Probably when he was born his parents were laughing for several days, weeks or even years almost continuously over the face. Next wrote the historian of the Pluto, a large theft from a grocery store. At that time, several bananas shall sound, Orange shall sound, apple shall and watermelon shall were stolen. Unfortunately, the thief could not be found. At that time, the entire population was looking for the stolen goods. Even all the former police and army failed with their search. Next wrote the historian that many valuable treasures were hidden in the years 1112-1212 at a specific location in Emoji. The exact location was the historian of the Pluto under no circumstances reveal. The cost to the historian but a life sentence under the first Horror Clowns regime in Circus Country. The first horror clown had his spies to Mars, arrest the historian from the Pluto during his sleep. Historian exchanged finally freedom from the secret of the hidden treasures.
In the years 1300-1699, the historian was on the present territory of Emoji hold several flying dolphins and birds crawling in his notes.
But he had no explanation. A climate researcher commented that in this period took place strong changes in the climate.

Modern Times in Emoji

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Legal discrimination, economic exploitation and religious pressure on the population of funny Emoji by the allergic rulers and the allergic magnates repeatedly led to bloody uprisings against the allergic rule that prevailed from the beginning 1700 until 1899 in Emoji with an iron hand. Allergies have spread several bee stings, ant bites and stings worm in the country as a sign of oppression of Emoji. At this time, some Jugglers could be convinced from the Circus Kingdom of proceed the Smiles and Emojis in the fight against Allergies. This created an army of the United Funnies. This army could play against the rulers of Allergies in the fight by yellow water. The defeat of the Allergies could ensure the Jugglers with their skill.
The Allergies had to flee from Emoji after they were given by an exploding water bottle great anxiety. Even the ruler of Allergies had to admit defeat with tears in handcuffs in front of his people and aliens on television. Then the ruler of Allergies has been left in an underground bunker alive and without food in full darkness alone. For unknown reasons he survived this horror very long. The secret of his survival was later found in the Horror Clowns notes the research-based and planets widely publicized as a sensation. The ruler of Allergies lived in underground bunkers still 11,111 days long. He could feed with rainwater. The ceiling of the bunker had small holes. This flowed from the ceiling directly raindrops for captured ruler in Emoji. The other Allergies were driven from the land of Emojis back to their homeland.
41,245 days ago, two unknown charlatans would necessarily make the headlines of the yellow press. But they kidnapped ten televisions, two cameras, voice recorders and a bag full sixty microbes from a laboratory of the then most advanced researchers. The two charlatans were indeed hampered in their flight to Venus by a sporty policeman. But the microbes were able to flee out of the bag for unexplained reasons. For this, the researchers had to appear soon for a special session. The search for the microbes from the stolen bag lasted for at least 8889 days. The microbes were found in the stomach of the corpse of the charlatans. It was at the charlatans at one of the two hijackers. However, the Government of the Emoji refused to publish the names of charlatans publicly. Parliament in Emoji even invented a special law on this subject. The law is called "Two charlatans censorship" and is still considered in the funny farm. Even Smiles took over this law without opposition. The microbes had to be taken very cumbersome from the stomach of the corpse using a vacuum cleaner back into the sack. The other charlatan was still alive at that time and tried in court to immortalize his name in the history books. The chief judge banned that journalists were allowed to attend the trial of the surviving charlatans. After all, was a clever photographer send his tiny photo drone into the courtroom. This provided a photo of the charlatan. However, the quality of the image was so bad that it was assumed an average myopia behind the unit. Nevertheless, the photographer forged from a small village in the Emoji photography by improved individual facial parts with a pencil by hand.

Civil war and the early reign of Circus Country

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After the Egoists from the Mars and the Eastern Eggs had tried, bring Emoji under their rule, the Emojis decided resistance to the two groups. A pear bomb could be launched using the Clowns on the greedy Egoists from Mars. The Egotists came to the conclusion that they could not simply destroy and exploit the natural resources on the planet Halloween. The Eastern Eggs did all the fish from the waters of Emoji fishing. They were themselves victims of falling scissors out of the clouds. After these losses, the Egoists and Eastern Eggs fled back to their homeland. This is also a reason that in Emoji still remained up to now to second large plant diversity. When civil war between nature haters and nature lovers, the nature-friendly neighboring country Circus Country came to the aid of nature lovers in Emoji. The defeat of the nature haters meant that they were expelled to Easter and Mars by the rulers of the Circus Country.
Revenge of nature haters did not wait for a long time. The leader of the nature haters Anti Nature had fled on his way back to Emoji from Mars. He came up with several natural haters back in his homeland. With several thousands of colored plastic bags, which were filled with poisoned water, the group nature haters came and tried to destroy the regional diversity of plants. In addition, the nature haters precipitated at least 346 trees in Emoji. But the success of nature haters did not last long. When the First Horror Clown learned of the return of nature haters in Emoji, he decided to respond urgently. He sent his army to conquer the whole territory of the neighboring country. The then king of Emoji was arrested by the elite soldiers of the Circus Country. His fortune has been automatically transferred to the First Horror Clown. The former King was sentenced to forced labor at a cornfield. Then the king was very arrogant, he refused to fulfill his incapacitation. Then the First Horror Clown decided deeply buried alive under the earth the former king of Emoji. But the elite soldiers from the Circus Country hidden the king simply in an underground bunker. This was two giraffes deeper from the surface. The nature hater Anti Nature was captured by the elite soldiers. The other natural haters had no chance against the most powerful army of the Circus Country. At the end of all natural haters were brought together in a very narrow space. The First Horror Clown refused to waste food for nature haters. The reason he said his famous statement: "Anyone who hates nature and destroyed, no claim has to be nourished by nature."

After some time, the First Horror Clown decided to send even hungry rats in this space. Nature haters tried to eat the rats. The rats ate the walls of the room. Then fled some of the natural haters. The First Horror Clown looked out of his office, that nature haters fled. He alerted his elite soldiers. The elite soldiers received an order to shoot.
Then shot the elite soldiers with pears guns on the fleeing nature haters.
Several natural haters injured themselves so strongly from the Pears that they could hardly walk. Then nature haters got the handcuffs. They were this time all hidden even deeper into one of the deepest underground bunker on the Circus Country. After some time, all arrested nature haters from Emoji died in the hiding place. The nature lovers of Emoji were from this heroic act of the First Horror Clowns so enthusiastic that they voluntarily joined the Circus Country. Interesting was the fact that none of the residents of Emoji missed the previous king. The former king of Emoji died as a working objectors on the cornfield. The First Horror Clown ordered to hide the corpse of the king in an underground bunker.

The big conflict: The Return of egoists from Mars by Emoji

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The Egoists from Mars decided after their expulsion from the field of Emojis again but this time a comprehensive conquest of the territory. In addition, the Egoists also wanted the Circus Country and Smiles bring under their domination. They tried in convincing the Eastern Eggs from their position. The Eastern Eggs did not want to waste their time again this time. Then shot the Mars Egoists to Eastern Eggs Country a water bomb at the government building. From the water bomb flew the heading "Made in Emoji" far away. The silly Eastern Eggs thought that the water bomb really came from the land of Emoji. The Eastern Eggs Country joined the conflict on the Mars Egoists. Mars Egoists and Eastern Eggs sent plastic skeletons to Circus Country, Smile and Emoji. The First Horror Clown ordered the supreme army chief of Circus Country to bomb the whole area of Easter Eggs surprising. Next the peppermint bomb was dropped to the headquarters of Mars dictators from the Clowns, Emoji and Smiles. At that time, were in the building more high-ranking leaders of the planet Mars. The wife of Mars dictator died with two of his grown sons. The Mars dictator hid in his royal palace somewhere on the Venus. The plastic skeletons were splashed by the army of the Circus Country and Emoji with salty water. It broke all plastic skeletons within three megabytes. The Mars dictator but had been reported for the army as missing. The Easter Eggs gave up in the conflict after 777 hours on relatively quickly.

After the big conflict: The Emoji planned throughout the sacking of their enemies from their territory

On the day of victory over the Mars Egoists, Emojis, Smiles and Circus Countries launched an offensive against the remaining in their territories Allergies and other enemies. These enemies have been declared by law the First Horror Clowns to the last variety of inhabitants. Moreover, these enemies were marked in all registers. At each prohibited act in their fields Allergies and other unwanted population were automatically sentenced by the court. In addition, the inhabitants of Pile of Sugar had an expropriation by the First Horror Clowns regime fear. This mountain was on the border between Circus Country and Emoji. Two days after the death of the First Horror Clowns that mountain was heavily damaged by a huge volcano. Many residents of Pile of Sugars escaped it by Smile and Emoji. In the days of the reign of Horror Clowns in Circus Country remained Emoji and Smile as two autonomous states within the Union with the Circus Country. Later the desire of Emoji and Smiles grew after independence from the Circus Country.

Independence of Emoji from Circus Country

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After the death of the last reigning Horror Clowns in Circus Country an acrobat came to power. The acrobat could no longer hold as much in the population cohesion. The iron hand of the former rulers lacked. Emoji began flashlights on the border to throw Circus Country. The helpless acrobat decided on a democratization of Emoji. In a vote 99.9901 percent of the population in favor of the full maturity of the Circus Country. The independence weakened the country's Emoji economically so strong that they suffer from great poverty still. Only a few visitors from Pluto came to the poor country using their time machine. A Pluto alien said that he was so interested in the history of Emoji. For this he even traveled with his time machine to the time of the government of long-dead Horror Clowns. He interviewed some of the former rulers even.
The last Horror Clown admitted in the interview that he saw no strong successor who might hold Emoji under the rule of Circus Country. At the same time he warned that Emoji would fall for their independence in the safe poverty.
The Pluto alien was very surprised by these statements. The reason was determined that in any encyclopedia or historical writing so exact details were provided at this location. After its declaration of independence Emoji became a democracy.
Democracy, however, was short-lived. A descendant of the former king organized a nasty surprise for the chosen dictator. He threw 89,079 old newspapers on the dictator, which his followers gave him for free. After this event, the dictator from office resigned after just 70 days. The next elected dictator suffered the same fate. This time 101,345 old and very smelly newspapers were already thrown at him. The police and the army were unable to do anything about it. The next election of the third dictator came seven candidates. Six of them were abducted by supporters of the royal offspring and shackled in an enclosed space. The seventh candidate announced his withdrawal from the candidacy on state television. The land of Emoji was under great pressure a dictator as soon as possible to choose. But no one wanted to be more dictator of the country to this very second. The visit of the Minister of Economy of the Mercury was already planned in the near term. Reacted to the royal descendant. Finally, he took over the dictatorship in the country of Emoji. After he consolidated his position, he promoted himself king. He founded the kingdom Emoji.

Devil Emoji


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The Emoji is according to the constitution of the Emoji a royal, funny, social and constitutionally organized unitary state with an upper King and uniform parliament. From constitution for a separation of powers is provided.
Head of state is the king of Emoji, the government (the Cabinet of Ministers) is led by a lower dictator. Only the autonomous region Little Face had notwithstanding, the right to have its own constitution, government and semi-autonomous legislation. In addition, some clowns are exempt from the fulfillment of the tax liability. These include cross-border workers from the Circus Country, who sometimes work in Emoji in local circuses. There is also a free trade agreement with the Smiles. These deliver their species to poorer neighboring country. Among other things, bananas, apple juice, eleven years old hardware, twelve years old microwaves, nineteen years old refrigerators and other technical equipment, which would have thrown away some modern states already at least 2988 days ago.

Constitution of the Emoji

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The constitution of the Emoji comes from last spring from the blue period and claimed as State Constitution highest legal authority. All measures of the State and its institutions, including the legislative and international law contracts must be with its in line. For the interpretation of the constitution and the examination of the constitutionality of government action solely and exclusively the constitutional court of Emoji is responsible. Of course, the king can do anything that would not fit his taste, prohibit. Amendments to the constitution is responsible in most cases the parliament and are in a special process in a freezer
as part of a regular legislative session to decide by a majority of at least 91 1/9 of the legal members of the seated, standing or falling asleep parliamentarians. They are as a constitution-amending act by the King of Emoji must be made out. Changes in the government policies, the parliamentary elections and referendums, as well as the provisions on constitutional amendment requiring about addition to approval in a referendum. This happened with the law no. 7,777,777 from cold winter of unidentifiable year for the first time, and asked for a special tax collection for the king. Until that day the king had to pay taxes under any circumstances. Following the introduction of this law, the king of Emoji committed to an annual tax payment in the amount of the smallest and least valuable coin in the country. These amendments were rejected but after growing avarice of the king with a decision of the constitutional court of Emoji after 2196 days as unconstitutional and annulled. In the wake of the economic crisis 666 days before the parliament of the "agreement on the settlement of the economic crisis in the Emoji" on a beautiful day decided faithfully introduce the taxation of the king again.  However, this parliament decision lacked the constitutional validity the signature of the King. This refused to part with the smallest coin annually. Then a new currency in Emoji the king decided to introduce. He wanted to reduce the competition and his costs massively. To this end, he traveled to Jupiter to the misers on the diplomatic visit. There he learned how he could solve the economic crisis in his favor. After the trip from Jupiter, the king ordered to introduce the new currency within 64 days. Most Emoji did not realize that they have much less earned. The new currency was massively undervalued in relation to other planets. This means that an Emoji at this time, although earned 4500 funny coins, but according to the old currency, this would be only 890 funny coins. The companies were able to sell much more and increased their profits significantly. The king could save a lot of money on his personal staff. The same holds true constitution still today in Emoji. Constitutional bodies in the country are: The King, Parliament, Ministers Parliament, Constitutional Court, the army chief, police chief of the capital city, two refugees from the Circus Country, tax officials, espionage and other less important personalities to the publication of several small villages of Emoji.

What tasks does the king in Emoji?

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The King of Emoji is head of state and represents the state of the Emoji by internally and externally in international law. He should respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Emoji and stands at the head of the executive. In addition, he must make his own wishes in exceptional cases against the wishes of the entire population.

The King's duties include:
 -The appointment of ministers according to their tasks with the approval of parliament and the Ministers, the diplomatic representative of the country, 4/5 of the members of the constitutional court and the central bank, as well as the army chief,
- Invention of new laws for processing by parliament with the possibility of a veto against decisions of parliament,
-Right Repealing measures of parliamentarians and determination of the blank of the ministries,
- Exercise Of grace for the entire law Emoji,
-the Provision or resolution of courts and court branches,
chairmanship of the National Security and defence council
the Emoji
- Termination the squad heads for treason
- Supreme Command over the armed forces of the Emoji, imposition
of martial law and proclamation of general mobilization
the voltage or the event of war,
- Premature dissolution of parliament
- Exercise to death of every citizen in the country
Ordinances and decrees of the bodies of the
Executive, including the various ministers.
A delegation of these powers is expressly excluded. Will advise the king of the "Supreme humorists of Emoji".

 Young Devil Emoji

The King will be for an unlimited term available.
Exceptionally, the king may be dismissed in some cases from his office. For the parliament but requires a demonstration with at least 222,222 participants.
Sometimes this also create Clowns from the Circus Country perform in Emoji.
The natural death of the king is in most cases, the choice of his successor from his family. If the King has several offspring, they have to be elected by the people. The reigning king can not easy determine in his will his successor himself. That was a compromise that allowed the king to his democracy abolition. Other conditions for the takeover of the king's throne are over the age of 12,046 days. Other conditions also includes a very long beard. This beard have to be yellow white colored. A mustache must be colored pink. In addition, the reigning king needs a judge wig.

What responsibilities does the parliament in Emoji?

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Parliament is still called "The Funny Cabinet". The term is intended to recall the friendship regularly with the Smiles. It shall exercise the sole legislative authority of the state. It is directly elected for a legislative period of 2424 days from citizens of the Emoji, where election date and procedures are determined by the outgoing parliament. Members of the cabinet will enjoy legal immunity for the duration of its term and may hold any other office during their time as members within the Emoji exercise, especially do not belong to the executive. The funny cabinet can not only by the end of the legislative period in exceptional cases from the king of Emoji are resolved, where elections are immediately to be recognized in this case. The funny cabinet is led and represented by an ever-laughing Emoji.

The tasks include:
- The legislation,
- The decision on constitutional changes
- Decision of the national budget,
- Decision on the holding of a referendum,
- Consent to the appointment of the Ministers
and the rest appointed by the king officials,
and confidence motions against them,
- Decision on the framework of internal and
foreign policy of the cabinet of Ministers and King,
- Formation of the armed forces of the Emoji,
- Decision on the case of war and declarations of war,
But this can also decide alone the king.
- Parliamentary control of the king and the ministers,
- Resolution of funny cabinet
- Death penalty for tax fraudsters

The last point was imposed by avaricious parliamentarians in the legislation. Then tried some Emoji to hide their wealth to the neighboring country Smile.
The miserly parliamentarians enjoy themselves tax-free and can increase their wages regularly. In addition, every parliamentarian must always carry with them a sign, so that they can be different from the population. For this purpose every parliamentarian must have at least two bodyguards at public expense. Other rights of parliamentarians in the country: They can as much as they want to fly into the holidays.
They also have the right to discounts for healthy foods in every store automatically. Some of these rules are known only for parliamentarians. For the general public this information is deemed "state secrets". So they can protect the population from the envy.

Who governs Emoji except King?

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The government of the Emoji is the cabinet of ministers "the Cabinet of Ministers
Emoji "perceived. This consists of the Ministers president "The Prime Minister
Emoji ", the small Deputy Prime Minister, four other Vice-Prime Minister and the ministers together. The former is appointed by the King of Emoji with the consent of funny cabinet. The other members of the cabinet on a proposal
the prime minister appointed by the king. The term of office of the cabinet usually takes bound between 1666 days and 2424 days. The main task of the Minister is to take responsibility for different aspects of life. There is the Minister of Education, Minister of Sport, Minister of Health, Biology Minister, Minister of Economics, Finance, tax collection Minister, cakes Minister, Forest Minister, Sea Minister, Defence Minister, declared war Minister, Minister of Religion, Humor ministers, music ministers, minister of construction, beverage Minister, Treasury Minister, bears Minister, Zoo minister, aviation minister, Crime Minister, clothing Minister and fun Minister , There are probably many more ministers in Emoji. But for orientation, the above-mentioned areas have been approved by the censorship office for publication on the Internet.

The funny cabinet can against the Prime Minister, a vote of no confidence add their own, with the result that these and the entire cabinet can be dismissed by the king from the office with him. The Cabinet of Ministers is due to its double-sided appointment and dismissal for its work on sponsored majorities in the funny cabinet as instructed on the support of the king. Recently the government of Prime Minister Emq Jiop was instructed by the party of the mountains on the support of the opposing party and independent deputy. Jiop was sold by the king on the resignations from the ZP. day of the year before UIWP funny cabinet with the broom. With government affairs until the appointment a new government was the former third Deputy Prime Minister Work Brain
Also, provisionally determined by the Party of Mountains. On warm days the enemies of the king, Work Brain certain to expel as executive prime minister with the broom.
The management of the Cabinet of Ministers until the election of a new Prime Minister to the Speaker of funny Cabinet, ID PDF (from the to transfer war party). ID PDF tried to throw the king of Emoji from his throne. To protect the king Mercury aliens sent a colored rainbow. It had ID PDF to admit that he does not want to have to get rid of this king.

Justice and police are particularly commercially in Emoji

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The law is also in the Pineapple Republic, entrusted to the courts of the Emoji. They are indeed of the Constitution because of formally independent, in practice, the distinction between law and politics and economic interests but weak. The jurisdiction of the Emoji is considered very commercially. There is a principle in principle of unity in terms of the division of judicial powers:
The courts are basically responsible for all court proceedings, regardless of the matter to be processed. The jurisdiction has several colored instances: Green courts, Yellow courts, Pink courts, commercial courts and the Supreme Court of Emoji as Court of Appeals. Except for the green courts consist own chambers for administrative and commercial matters. The constitutional jurisdiction is exercised by the Constitutional Court of Emoji. This has the sole competence for rejection laws, rulings on the interpretation of the Constitution and contributes in the ouster of all ministers and the dissolution of the local parliament of the Pineapple Republic. For the prosecution a political doctor is responsible for jurisprudence on the model of Circus Country, projecting the local prosecutors. His skills are directly by the Constitution
The Emoji police considered to be very purchasable. In every criminal Emoji can freely buy from his stay in prison. Even heavy murderer paid a deposit to the top police officers. This gave a portion of the funds paid to the competent judicial. After that a murderer is kicked into freedom out of the window. This problem Emoji is trying to solve by using Smiles. So far, progress could hardly be registered.

 Laugh Emojis

Elections in Emoji

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For the organization and conduct of the parliamentary elections, local elections, Minister elections and other high-level positions in the country, the Central Electoral Commission in the capital of Emoji is responsible. It consists of different layers of the population. There necessarily following types sitting: Very rich entrepreneur, a venal police officer, a government employee with normal professional function, a worker with no training, an employee with a simple associate degree, an academic with an university degree without a doctorate, an academician with Ph.D., a mathematician (this must be able to use the calculator), a philosopher (this must be able to worry about the future of Emoji), a magician and a pensioner. Other types may not be announced for reasons of censorship.

Foreign Policy

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The Emoji foreign policy in the first months of government relief was described by Emoji politicians as "planet-wide orientation" and thereby of political observers abroad often perceived as inconsistent and incapable. On the one hand Emoji strived for the an approach to the modern Mars Egoists the other hand, were good relations with the powerful neighbor Circus Country for the country of economic importance. So it drives the country to be theater between many states and governments.
After all Emoji able to significantly expand its popularity on the planet Earth. So land their faces all over the internet. This success is designated the king as his personal merit. But the collaboration with some Clowns from the Circus Country hampered somewhat the good cooperation with the Smiles. Nevertheless, the Smiles remain the most important friends of Emoji. Foreign policy, interesting are relations with Jupiter. In particular, many Misers come from this planet and hide their valuables from the tax authorities of their home. The Saturn's record-apple eater Good Bye also visited Emoji in a contest the apple eaters. Unfortunately, he was not hungry enough for the victory. Mercury aliens are coveted tourists in this country. The tourism ministers of Emoji granted regularly tons of coins that must be invested in this sector. The King of Emoji accuses the Minister of Tourism before even to be too wasteful. Venus aliens also visit like the country and its history. Particularly interesting are also Pluto aliens who come into the country. They do not come as tourists to the area, but as a very qualified researchers with the latest technology and investigate the past of the country by using the Time Machine. As was the case with the last reigning Horror Clown.
Besides Pluto aliens are helping the Emoji when technical progress. Finally, the population learned with great enthusiasm the operation of technical novelty. That was a red microwave. Neptune and Uranus help the country to find its archaeological finds better and build museums.

Geopolitical importance of Emoji

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The Emoji is meted out by many authors by their position in the interface between Circus Country and Smile high geopolitical importance. It is considered a geopolitical pivot because its very existence as an independent state contributes to the conversion Circus Country. Without the Emoji Circus Country has no access to the underground prisons more. If Clowns should, however, regain control of the Emoji, became Circus Country automatically establish the center, a powerful empire on the planet Halloween. Lose the Emoji their independence, this would have direct consequences for the faint-hearted and would Allergies can become a geopolitical pivot on the western border of an united empire selfish. More often discussed geopolitical issues are also a possible convergence or integration into the Salted Cucumbers. The King Poisonous Snake refuses that Emoji approximates the Salted Cucumbers. His reasoning for this is quite simple: we do not want to risk our prosperity. If Emoji tries to nourish our country, he saw in his eyes blind. This statement felt Emojis very discriminatory. Thereupon the king Poisonous Snake apologized in a writing two-page letter. This statement even led to a crisis between the Salted Cucumbers and Emoji.

Cooperation with the Emoticons

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The Emoticons have approved an action plan for closer cooperation with the Emoji as part of its so-called neighborhood policy two weeks after the liberation from the Circus Country. As priorities in the action plan
called, inter alia, the following points:

-Promote the payments to the Emoji to strengthen the influence of Emoticons
Outfitting of economic relations
-Gradually takeover of the whole territory by Emoticons
-Emojis Laws, norms and standards will be gradually brought into line with the laws of Emoticons.
Negotiations on employment, the example opportunities for citizens of the Emoji, in
the Emoticons to work as cheap labor. Negotiations on the facilitation of issuance of honey flights.
-Fulfillment the agreements between the Emoji and Emoticons on the closure of sugar wadding power plant in Enjoy Life.
Improvement of the investment climate, and, inter alia, by preparing a non-discriminatory, transparent business conditions, reduction of bureaucracy and fight corruption, trafficking of aliens, torture racism.
Bandit Doc, Emoticons- Commissioner for External Relations and neighbourhood policy, planet-wide, called the following additional measures to ensure the to strengthen economic relations with Emoji:
-The import of cheap textiles and rusted iron from the Emoji
should be facilitated.
-The allocation of credit of Emoticons Investment Bank
the Emoji should be facilitated to 1/4.
-The financial aid to bring into line the Emoji legal system with the legal system of the Emoticons are to be increased.
-In the areas of energy, environment and transport closer cooperation is provided.
Basis of relations of Emoji Emoticons are to:
-The Anti-Clowns Act
-Next Must Emoji roll out the red carpet for every tourist from the Emoticons
Moreover Emojis must compete better than cheap professionals indigenous expensive Emoticons.

These Emoticons need may be sent as cheap slave labor to Emoji.
A short time ago it was announced that Bandit Doc (important personality of Emoticons)
after the signature of Emojis to cooperate immediately several residents did kidnap of Emoji. He left them at home, doing housework, homework for his children do, dissertations and theses for his eldest daughter to write, solve other tasks. For this purpose, Bandit Doc justified with his six hands in a television broadcast as follows: "I had no money even to employ a single Emoticon with me, so I'd rather pay dumping wages to immigrant Emojis Finally that was my original goal with the treaty . "
Then protested many Emoticons front of the villa of Bandit Doc.
He was then sentenced by a court for arrears on his foreign employees. The verdict had only symbolic value. Bandit Doc was through a small payment to the court, embellish his reputation back. So he continued to pay miserly wages. Only the population received the "trial" a psychological reassurance.
An employee Emoji, the dissertation for his eldest daughter wrote extensively at Bandit Doc, inadvertently signed with his signature the last page. The daughter of Bandit Doc took over not only the lyrics, but also the signature of Emoji. This saw the senior professor and asked the daughter of Bandit Doc, who signed here. At that moment she realized that she would have to change the signature quickly. But the senior professor had been in the doctoral thesis with his stamp. This means that the work was considered controlled. After law of theses of Emoticons can an already signed work, not be changed. This must be released immediately in a specialist publisher for publication. The daughter of Bandit Doc told this to her father. Then he decided to buy a small wage increase the rights to the signature of his employees. The affected Emoji was inwardly not agree, but he agreed. He later told his family in Emoji in a telephone conversation about this event. His parents reacted very angry about how their son is treated in Emoticons. Then they tried to get the support of the authorities. They refused to interfere in this matter. Then his parents sought support elsewhere. They decided using the Horror Juggler pick up. This really was keen to bring Emoji (again) under his control in the modern Circus Country. Then sent Horror Juggler his army and threw several sugar bombs on the house of Bandit Doc. Then the staff of Emoji got very scared and fled with their little bags from the Villa. From a sugar bomb came thousands of caries and diabetes. These raided Bandit Doc. What he lost his teeth and two days later was diagnosed with diabetes.
The senior professor could refer to this second, the thesis of the eldest daughter of Bandit Doc easily as a forgery. Then grant the title of Doctor of the daughter of Doc was prohibited by law in Emoticons. The Emojis who worked at Doc, fled to their homes with the horses.

Military in Emoji

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The local forces had 2888 days ago with about 12 million coins one of the smallest military budgets in Halloween, in particular with respect to the number of troops of 67,896 active soldiers and 111456 reservists. Meanwhile, the defense budget has risen to 999 million coins. The equipment is usually from the time the cooperation with the Circus Country. The armed forces are divided into the army with a male and female Emojis of about 11000 intensity, air force with a thickness of approximately 12,009 male and female Emojis and Marine, which has about 234 soldiers, of which 69 marines. Furthermore, there are still 22,222 male and female in the troops of the internal Ministry of Interior, 9999 male and female Emojis border protection (including some spies at the Coast Guard) and over 6665 skilled troops for civil defense (Disaster relief). Military service is mandatory for male and female citizens with legal completing the 7000 life day begins and lasts 444 days. The abolition of conscription and the transition to a professional army should have been proposed in a plan of misers from the Jupiter. The goal was to save more money. But the fearful Emojis had great concerns about this idea because they feel threatened by other beings in the Galaxy almost every third day.
555 days ago a meteor was dropped to the bottom of Emoji. This led to a great panic in the country. Many residents fled to their shelters. The king gave in 88 hours clear. Then the people were brought into normal life out of their shelters using the crisis soldiers back. A researcher confirmed previously that there was no declaration of war.

How rich is actually Emoji at the present time?

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The economic spy was trying to count every coin in the country. Or rather, his task was to control the state budget exactly.
The state budget included expenditures of 996 days ago converted 9 billion of local coins, which were offset by revenue from converted 22 billion coins. This results in a budget surplus in the amount of 2.5669% of the gross domestic product. The national debt could be fully passed to the detriment of the poor population has become after the currency reform by the king.
In 7QUW the proportion of government expenditure was (in% of GDP) following areas:

- Health: 8.992%
- Education: 2.648%
- Military: 0,024%
Up to the time of the rise of Horror Juggler in Circus Country fear the Emoji rose compared to the neighboring country to about 45 degrees Celsius.
Emoticons have established a special money factory for Emoji. This happened after a storm swept away the central bank from its previous location at a speed of 66 gigabytes per second. The search for the central bank was unsuccessful. The shortage of money led to a quick solution within 11 hours would have to lie on the table of the king. Then Emojis received a friendly but sly supply of the Emoticons. This got an opportunity to tie Emoji on their land. To produce Emoticons since that time the funds for this. Just came information that the king of the Emoji found the reserve bank somewhere on a paid parking lot. The penalty is in any case already on the work table of the king. But the central bank does not seem to be willing to try posing in a Selfie with the parking lot owners. But the king will not be held liable for the crimes of the lost central bank. Car park operators are threatening even to get into the business of coins of Emoji. The king decided to accept the help of Pluto aliens. A Pluto alien tried to make the location of the central bank identify with his robot dog. After 122 seconds, the robot dog showed on its screen the exact location of the central bank. This landed precisely in the parking lot on the Saturn of a lender.
The supreme head of the firm Credit Card tried meanwhile to take away from the central bank precious metals.
That showed the robot dog on his description of the events. As a solution, there were two options: to let 1. raining a hot shower in the area 2. to destroy the whole area with an oil spill
The Pluto alien decided in consultation with the king of Emoji to choose the first option with the hot rain.
After two seconds, the Pluto alien pressed the corresponding button on the robot dog. Within 66 minutes it was raining so strong and hot that many Saturn aliens felt burned in the field of credit business. Many of them fled away from this place. Then came the decision of the Government of Saturn to send the central bank to its owners. The credit company had to pay in addition a compensation to Emoji.

How does it in Emoji with the rights of aliens and humans?

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Galaxy Organization for Civil Rights criticized the dealer violence in the
Emoji. This organization documented torture by choking and electric shocks and throw the banana by traders to pedestrians. The reason was the refusal of the pedestrian, to buy the products from the traders. Further, the surveillance of citizens has been heavily criticized. Even in the mountains hidden video cameras are installed. This despite there only foxes. Wolves and bears were at the time presented by Mercury. Another criticism of the organization of the rights of aliens and humans is that no one can simply steal something. Even in all the shops every detail is recorded. Thereafter, the authorities analyze every movement of their citizens regardless of whether the left, right, up or down. Each step is not only documented but also archived and stored in multiple databases. Another problem is also the entry of Horror Clowns in Emoji. These have to strip down to their underpants. This even though they come only for professional reasons into the country. They have appeared in several circuses.
Another point of criticism is the abduction of newborn citizen of the hospitals. Many Emojis are very afraid of their own children. The result is that some of them have their own children kidnap at birth of unknowns.

Administrative divisions

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The Emoji is in 99 regions, the autonomous republic of Pineapple and two Cities with special status, capital city of Emoji and royal palace, divided.
The autonomous republic of Pineapple, officially during the rule of the Circus Country Pineapple territory is geographically the warmer area and has several smaller dwarf dictators. Since the tax increase crisis 299 days ago, the government in the capital Emojis no control over the collection of taxes from the Pineapple republic and their inhabitants. These areas decided to remove all video cameras. For this was also done symbolically the tax collection machine broken with water bombs.
The Pineapples wanted no monitoring by the capital and the king of Emoji.
Next they asked for a reduction of taxes in the amount of 2/3 of the previous charges.
The luxurious king and the other beneficiaries of the tax revenue refused by all means against it. This led. Pineapples that their liberation from the kingdom Emoji ahead exaggerated. The king tried unsuccessfully to send his army to Pineapple republic. The soldiers were so badly injured with watermelons that they attributed their defeat in writing voluntarily on their foreheads. They returned to the king with these headlines. Then the king waived provisionally to the reconquest of the territory.

The largest conurbations in Emoji are:
1. Emoji Capital City (Emoji SMS): 6,687,908 inhabitants

2. Emoji Face: 2,357,864 inhabitants

3. Emoji Clown: 2,222,221 inhabitants

4. Emoji Town: 1,666,555 inhabitants

5. Emoji Opinion: 1,444,567 inhabitants

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The main foreign trade partners are Smile (29.56%), Circus Country (24.67%), Venus (11.11%), Saturn (10.097%), followed by Salted Cucumbers (8.88%), Emoticons (5.78%), Mercury (2.78%) and the planet Mars (2.44%). The other trading partners are currently less important. Uranus and Saturn were the largest direct investors in 2222 days ago and ended up in first place, interplanetary totaling 123 million Bitcoins account for Uranus 6.66 million and on Saturn 5.55 million. The main exports of the Emoji are metallurgy products, chemical products, machinery, equipment, pineapples, bananas, pears, other food and textiles. Noteworthy is the technical support of Emoji by Pluto aliens.

What average wages do earn employees in Emoji?

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For large parts of the 66.68 million Emojis great social misery exists. The capital of the Emoji Capital City has far planet at an hourly wage of 1.60 planetary Bitcoins the lowest hourly wage and 12% by far the lowest purchasing power of all cities. Within the country, the content continues to grow, depending on the western region lies with the tip in the Rain EM and the taillight Poor EM in the east. Many residents in the country operate forbidden economy, as salaries and pensions later and were paid incomplete and wage levels with the increased cost of living does not could keep up. Some Emojis tried to flee into the Circus Country. But the government there did not want Emojis with him. For this reason, the electric fences were built by the Clowns on the border with Emoji. The Emojis were according to a survey, despite very low income very satisfied residents. Finally, they have relatively low prices in their country. In more expensive Jupiter most Emojis were not able to pay with their money even for one day, the cheapest hotel rooms. The misers require at least 69 Bitcoins for one hour.

Economic development in Emoji

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After the Emoji someday has detached from the Circus Country, the country has gradually initiated a process of modernization. In later years, the country initially experienced similar to the other transition countries of the planet Halloween but an economic crisis, which was a consequence of the overall economic transformation. In addition, the impact of the volcano of 12,222 days ago represent a continuing heavy burden on the country. 2999 days ago, the Emoji could not yet reach the production level of the past again. This is particularly attributed to the prescribed by the International Association dictator shock therapy, of PDFR to MP4CD a decline in gross domestic product of 55 5/9% result had. End of MP3Player years the economy has stabilized but. From the date of the rise of Horror Juggler in the neighboring country Emoji was marked by a strong economic upturn. The annual growth rate of domestic GDP was since then an average of about 9 8/9%. 2999 days ago, there were still 6 2/3%. The Emoji is particularly affected by the planet-wide paper worthlessness crisis. 2444 days ago burgled the gross domestic product in comparison to the time in 2777 days ago by 33 1/3%. It came to a destabilization of the domestic factories, the local currency Emoji coin lost much of its value and the production collapsed. The high dependence on energy imports and energy-intensive economy with higher electricity import prices intensified the crisis. The Emoji received from the factory money to avert the bankruptcy to imposing a loan of 44 million iron Bistoins which should be paid in five installments. As the government of the Emoji editions did not want to meet, decided the top money factory owner, the fifth installment not to pay. As the Ministry of Economy announced that the gross domestic product has declined by a total of about 11 1/9% in 2333 days ago.

3333 days ago took place power exchange, which not only covered the ministers, but also caused new majority in parliament did, expect profound reforms. Miser investors from Jupiter buy or lease agricultural land increasingly. But land sales are for the time being, remain a few exceptions, prohibited. According to the report of the international espionage Winner -Institute were already since 4141 days 6.79 million hectares of land to multinationals overwritten. Of which received more than 777,888 hectares to a company based in Luxury Shoes, another 555,666 to a registered investor in Venus, 999,222 hectares to a company from the Mercury and 333,111 hectares to a company of a Jupiter alien. The raw material base of the Emoji is comprised of various metals and coal. Approximately 9.99% of the planet-wide stone forest resources are the Emoji. There are also bauxite, lead, chromium, piggy bank, silver, copper, nickel,
germ T, uranium and creatine. On the shelf of the Yellow Sea oil and gas reserves have been discovered. Many misers from the Jupiter showed great interest in the field and sent already their devices. Jupiter aliens see great potential, oil and gas from Emoji to send Jupiter. After that oil and gas can be sold to the people of planet Earth. The proportion of heavy industry in the economy exceeded even that of the also influenced heavily industrially Allergies by more than three times. 66 2/3% of industrial production took place 7777 days ago in the sectors of mechanical engineering, ferrous metallurgy (iron and steel), energy, chemicals, paper and building materials. Some prominent Clowns from the Circus Country can be built cottages in Emoji. Others are trying to get to an underground bunker in the funny farm. Therein bread, waffles, rotten teeth, old lamps and silver plated chains are hidden from the authorities. This is considered as equipment for emergencies.

Which shareholders do participate in the country Emoji?

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555 days ago, the government agreed with Smiles as buying government bonds of Emojis worth 999 million interplanetary Bitcoins and the "transient" reduction of diaper prices by one-third, to support the domestic economy. The prime minister expressed without the contract with Smiles threaten the total impoverishment of the king and the collapse of society. According to the charlatans the Emoji for the year TDMN would an external financing amounting to 666 million require local coins in order to continue to service their debts.
The Emoji received after the government stuck to the King's signature on the wall, establishing and ensuring a stable economy and politics, grants and loans at very low interest rates of less greedy in the amount of at least 8 million Bitcoins. Other misers from other planets showed great interest in buying shares of the state Emoji. Only Pluto aliens have no interest in investments of this kind. Since their help without direct consideration by Emojis is possible. Emojis have to offer anything, what would be missing on the Pluto.


The Emoji is among the countries with the average energy consumption in Halloween. 28.98% of the energy generated from hydropower, about 23% of waste paper, 49.2% of energy drinks and 0.98% of old waste. The old waste is collected regularly. Thereafter, everything that can not be re-used, released to generate electricity. Especially the Yellow Sea is used as a source of hydroelectric power. Waste paper is also collected for this purpose. From the old paper turns a company of a miser (who learned in Pluto) paper into electricity. This electricity is sold to wealthy households in the country.

Primary Sector

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Annually the Emoji produces around 77 million tons of grain, mainly oats, rye and durum wheat, of which over 56% are exported. The country is thus world at an important point of the grain producers in the list of producers.

Sale of land to misers

Since the Emoji with a thick layer of very fertile black soil on 89.98% of their land area has the planet's highest proportion of farmland highest quality and land prices are very low in comparison, takes place sell out the country to foreign misers. 1111 days ago, the prices per hectare amounted to 266 Emoji coin to the 8.89 interplanetary Bitcoins lease. 2121 days ago told the secret service on the acquisition of 124,123 hectares of farmland in the Emoji by Neptune. A company from the Circus Country leased approximately 222,346 hectares of land. 1212 days ago stopped the greedy investment funds "even richer immediately" around 554,559 hectares of land in the Emoji. 1010 days ago, the Jupiter Misers granted a -Bank
Loan of 1 million Bitcoins and received for the following 24 years to reach 12 million tons of grain per annum and 444 days later began the stingy State-owned enterprises to negotiate with the agricultural group of about 999,998 hectares in the Emojis Yellow Sea region. Crops are grown for the market of Jupiter and predators are grown. For additional lease rights to 21900 days, the miserly government from the Jupiter wants to take up to twelve million hectares. The covetous will gradually take over "Emoji". Then they would be able to rename the country into a second Jupiter.


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Many cucumbers are produced in Emoji. The land belongs to an important pickles producer of Galaxy. In the southern part of the country there was once a vast forest place with very fertile soil. Except for a small residual holdings, these forests were cut down by stingy but Jupiter aliens and converted into arable land. The country has at this moment only for about 6.68% natural forest share of the
total. The newer forests were planted manually active during the reign of Horror Clowns. The birch forests on the border with Circus Country and the woods near the vulcanized mountains are known. On the northern border the country Emoticons can in a radius of 45 giraffes at the city Moji Earth since the explosion of a large banana airman from ancient times because of persistent fear-mongering no more agriculture are operated. There are rumors that many spirits of bananas airman still have taken the entire area hostage. Probably the spirits are therefore not agree that they had to die unexpectedly at that time. Since that time, avoid the ghosts every movement of survivors in Emoji in this field. Regardless suffers agriculture for several decades also under heavy soil erosion. The associated land desertification, the Emoji has already lost approximately one-twelfth of their agricultural land.

To the west of the Emoji on the coast fruit growing is operated, in the rest of the country
is mainly cultivated cinnamon, potato and sugar beet. At the time of liberation from Circus Country 79.79% of the domestic territory for agriculture were used
and a total of 89.89% of the land for agriculture. The agro-industrial complex posted 8888 days ago about 39.89% of the national income. At the present hour is used for agriculture in the Emoji total 67.562 million hectares (ha) of land. Almost a quarter of the population (especially in the eastern part) lives from agriculture, which generate 24% of gross domestic product. The Emoji has 66 million hectares of arable land twice as much as competitors from other planets, but scored with 69 million tonnes, only 56% of foreign grain production. Some farms are taken from the Jupiter by the misers. These locations are then used to build underground bunkers where misers hide their valuables from their government. Among other things, the note printer, magic box and other stuff. This information could be found, thanks to Saturn Maps. Here covetous from the Jupiter was caught as he hid his dog deciduous teeth in an underground bunker. The milk teeth served to deflect the attention of the observer. The Saturn's observer could also see how the miser also dragged along an ancient suitcase. Radiographs showed a lot of bills in an unknown value. Then the miser went to pink sea bathing.

Secondary Sector (Industry in Emoji)

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Approximately 1111 foot steps away from the Yellow Sea are iron ore deposits with appropriate processing. In addition, mechanical engineering and the automotive industry, aerospace industry, food industry, construction of Dictaphones
and an extensive book printing industry. Next many Emojis work in the factories for the production of small microprocessors, which misers are shopping conveniently in Emoji. But later sell at exorbitant prices to their own population. Lately they build in their country and microwaves for everyday use. Not long ago, some residents received letters from abroad and a theme was "Selfie". This aroused great curiosity among Emojis. An inhabitant of the country tried it to build a camera for receiving Selfies. He succeeded by means of an experienced Pluto alien. This Emoji is one of the producers of cameras focusing "Selfie". This means that Emojis added already at least 11,111 ,111 Selfies to this second. This emerges from a spy program sponsored by the Salted Cucumbers. The Selfie - cameras are considered a special industry in the country. For this company are also many Horror Clowns interested. They love to take themselves Selfies.

Tertiary Sector: Which services do provide in Emoji?

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The tertiary sector is developing very stable in the Emoji in recent years, however, remained largely on the international markets depends. In addition to the banks and the software industry showed medium growth rates. Its turnover was 299 days ago about 182 million of local coins. What software do they produce?
Especially digital dictionaries for different languages: for example, the horror language, circus language and other interesting languages. These companies are generally run by the experienced Neptune aliens. They also produce a lot of computer games for the majority of domestic population. Unfortunately scored no single program from the Emoji planetwide breakthrough.

Software industry

Among the largest software producers include Emoji Brain headquartered in Jupiter and Emoji Premium offering especially graphics programming, as well as the producer of computer games EM Game. The IT industry employs about 44446 engineers and programmers. Especially misers from the Jupiter invest a lot of money in these companies still hope to be able to put more profits in their underground bunkers.

Banking in Emoji

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In banking, the first acquisition took place by a foreign credit institution 4449 days ago, but even before that banks with foreign capital founded. This was done at high pressure of the Misers. This would at last come very favorable to a foreign company. At that time the bank took over from the Venus "Kill Tax" the second largest bank in the country, "Monkey Bank" (now Tax Killer Monkey). The sales negotiations were deliberately drawn from Emoji page in length, as soon found more interested in the bank, and the purchase price therefore piece by piece to ultimately 12 million interplanetary Bitcoins (for 91.6
% Share) increased. This price was presented but fallen through bad news, who bought the Misers from the Jupiter in the business news, within two days significantly down. Then the misers got an opportunity and bought the bank for only 2 million. After four days, the company reached its original value. However, the previous shareholders (citizens of Emoji) had to settle for the lower profit. The art of misers must be able to also dominate. The thought that Emojis. After this event, many investors were looking in the direction of the country with their shopping list. From then on, there was suddenly great interest from many foreign banks, who wanted to invest into the Emoji their money. Within just six months soared, the share of foreign banks in the domestic banking sector of just over 8.7% to about 29%, amounting to 603 days later, 42.25%. But after 1011 days was the development again in the opposite direction. Another of the seven local banks that Emoji Bank was taken from the largest bank Mercury 3333 days ago. 65% changed hands for just under 56 million Bitcoins. Later, a few charlatans banks in Emoji tried to take over at low prices. This was a charlatan someday so good that he was able to achieve total control through legal channels. He knew the tricks that he had to make in the stock market. He just started messed up everywhere to choose buying and selling. He confused the stock exchange. At the same time he caused sixty depth charges explode near the bank branches. The value of the bank fell from fear of high costs due to these events so far down that the charlatan was the same for only 10114 Bitcoins become the largest shareholder of the bank. After the police gave the all-clear on this event, noted many Emojis that nothing happened bad. But it was already too late. The share price of bank recovered after 42 days. The charlatan sold partially his shares for several times. So he sold only a very small proportion of shares after only 2 months with a profit of 4 million Bitcoins. Many previous shareholders complained to the local courts to try this. But their complaints were sent back with the paper boat to them. So ended a few domestic banks into the hands of foreigners. The awkwardness of Emojis here made itself clearly noticeable.


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News and press agencies, the state news agency Emoji Stories is founded 36135 days ago and deducts daily from approximately 444 messages. However, each message must be personally tested and approved by the supreme king of the land. Every story must have survived before it can be sent to the ears of Emojis the baking time in the oven at 222 degrees Celsius. General since 1414 days Oculus Left. Other influential companies are the non-governmental news agency Rude Emoji and the private Extra Emoji information agency, which is controlled by the competitor Ocly Garnier with the X-ray machine. A total of some 44 news agencies are in the Emoji active, but most are very small and take over the information of the leading news agencies using a vacuum cleaner. Since 424 days located in the bunker of the yellow square Emoji Icon plays an important role. It is funded by an opponent of the Feast Halloween Anti Hello Ween, the Salted Cucumber company. These try the Feast of the planet out of the country to ban. Showing with evil faces every time on the night of first November Horror Clowns. A Clown complained even about the mendacious representation in this medium. His claim was however sent to the Circus Country by mail. This means quite simply that the court on the complaint was not allowed to enter. As a basic payment of protecting the media was called out of the Salted Cucumbers.

TV stations in the country:
When watching TV, which was introduced in the 22222 days ago Emoji, there is next to the state television since 7444 days also private TV providers. This was necessary since some Emojis about the lack of diversity in the media minister complained.
Here are some important television stations in the country are listed below:

- Emoji Pictures, is the national television station of Emoji. It was founded in 18250 days ago in a radioactive hiding and maintains the only national television program First Faces.
- Funny Emoji is established in 6666 days ago private station, which
in addition to seven other TV stations EMTV,
New Channel, E1, E4, JITV, EM2, ME First currently the competitors
Same Face and founder of Little Emoji Face
Group belongs.
- Emoji, originally days ago 7676 as a regional station in
conurbation Emoji PC founded, part of the Free Emoji, which is controlled by the iron hand of the entrepreneur Big Face and very high ratings achieved by its sports programs.
- Mathematics E is a domestic television station, are subscribed since the gold rush largely covetous from the Jupiter about their own investment company (SWNDR). Mathematics E is one of the stations with the highest market share in the Emoji and can be received by 89.9999% of the local population.
- Haphazard is another popular TV channel with very high coverage in the Emoji, which was acquired by the limited capable of acting charlatans 100% 346 days ago, which is regularly inspected by the rich oranges from the Jupiter WWW OE with a video camera.
- Law E was founded in 3535 days ago. The aim of the radio station was there and is there to teach their own citizens for free when it comes to national laws. This know increasingly Emojis what rights and obligations they have in their own country. This had a particularly positive effect on the legal education of citizens.

- Edu Emoji is a training station. In it are several subjects that are taught at the universities, discussed in the program for free. This channel was founded by the employers' associations in the country. This channel was founded only 44 days ago. This channel is funded by job advertisements of different companies. So potential candidates can be addressed directly.
- Politics Emoji is a transmitter, which is dedicated to the political issues. This was established 222 days ago. The censorship examined previously at least 2828 days long, which may be shown and what needs to be censored.
- Family Emoji was founded by overburdened parents 9982 days ago. Here are mainly issues such as the education of children and young people from age 0 years to 20 years.

- Movie Emoji was approved by the Minister of Culture 5555 days ago writing on paper and formally established 5554 days . In this channel it comes to cultural topics such as films, theater, circus, painting and other things in this area.
-Music Emoji was specially separated from other cultural areas 4848 days ago. After an urgent resolution of the musical range of other entertainment areas had to be separated. Since Emojis had composed so many songs in recent times as never before in history, increased the demand for a music channel.
These are the most important TV channels in the country of Emoji.

There are also numerous newspapers in the country, which inform the public about various subjects

IT services

The Emoji has become planet widely known in recent years in connection with the video game industry. Many domestic software development companies work particularly favorable, so have many misers from the Jupiter program their programs in this country. While there are sometimes language barriers. But most covetous are very happy that they can save a lot of money. Most of these companies are quite spread in the country. Growth can not be compared with other planets but despite favorable labor. What program Emojis precisely for miserly Jupiter aliens?
They must install especially manipulations for the tax declaration in favor of the misers.

Fairs and Exhibitions

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- Emoji Farmers - International Trade Fair for domestic
Agriculture in the capital city
- Emoji Animals - Trade Fair for Livestock Farming
and veterinary medicine in the capital
- Emoji Energy- trade fair for energy in the country's capital city

- Emoji Books- trade fair for authors from different regions of the country and abroad
- Emoji Drinks- International Trade Fair for various beverages in the skin city.
At this exhibition the competition of bottled water drinker takes place.
- World - Exhibition of globalization and internationalization of world trade
- Emoji Green- exhibition nationally and planets far for promotion of nature conservation
in the country's capital city

- Emoji Thinkers - A held annually meeting of planet-wide elite from the business, politics and other serious areas of life.
At this meeting will be discussed theoretically on the future of the galaxy. Then celebrate the present "their successes" in close circle known at a hidden place.
- Emoji Travel- trade fair, at the various states its peculiarities may present annually offline again.
- Emoji Innovation- exhibition of innovative start-ups and interesting ideas. An important idea from the past was the microwave.

There are more other trade fairs and exhibitions in Emoji. But some of them may not be published. The censorship forbids expressly to tell too much about the small trade shows.

Tourism in Emoji

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A major tourist destination in the Emoji is the capital city Emoji SMS, in addition to many historic attractions and a modern vibrant cultural life offers. As a recreational area and the Yellow Sea since the ancient times is used, above all, the border with Circus Country. The border provides in addition to cultural legacies many peoples (Venus aliens, Mercury aliens, Martians), a warm climate and a large number of palaces and sanatoriums. There are many old stones lying by the conquest attempt by the Egoists from Mars still somewhere. The stones are indeed historically very valuable, but the market value of these stones is very deep. Covetous of the Jupiter tried two of the stones to sell one day. But no one was willing to spend even the smallest coin for this stone. So he threw the stones back to their original location. In addition, many tourists visit in Emoji also very fond of the nature reserves that have remained fundamentally protected from the consequences of industrialization. There are many interesting places in the funny farm to admire.


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The Emoji has from the days of former kings especially a north-south traffic orientation between different neighboring countries.
The Emoji is current minute mainly a transit country between smaller states on the planet Halloween and the other aliens and between smaller islands and Circus Country. Main mode of transport in the Emoji is the railroad, followed by road transport and inland waterway transport in the field of the Yellow Sea. There are also banana vehicles that can bring the inland population from various villages to larger cities within 222 minutes. These were approved unanimously by domestic parliament 8764 days ago. The king also decided to endorse this approach. The censors considered the use of banana vehicles for their services. But they had to turn to other vehicles. What they have chosen, had yet to find a charlatan. These are lemon vehicles from banana peels from a freezer.


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In the Emoji track gauge of 2222 bytes is used by the railroad. The routes in the area of ​​the largest cities in the country and in the west of the Emoji are electrified, in between there are wet sections. A complete electrification is provided on the 113 day of a gruesome winter. The national railway manufacturer is the locomotive factory onion. The national railway company Emoji Train was founded 8787 days ago with an applause and also is in state hands. Some allies of the misers kept trying to do everything possible so that they take over the control of the railway. 2426 days ago sent a stingy Jupiter alien a takeover bid of the state railway to the government and the king of Emoji. The two sides in the country-considered all the advantages and all the disadvantages of this business. At the end, the king did not want to be separated from the state railway at any time. Then the miser had to get his offer with a flying saucer back to Jupiter.


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The Emoji has a road network of nearly 55,566,708 giraffes length. A coherent motorway network exists only in places near the Yellow Sea. Many local roads included countless bacteria on its surface. In places that have been specifically set up for tourists, there are very beautiful orange highways and national roads. These are used to free ride the covetous and other aliens from another planets.
The old road between Smile and Emoji had to be nearly 2698 days of uninterrupted renovated. Moreover, some programmers had to update the road with an antivirus program and delete old shells. The retail network is very dense. In some villages the roads are still very poorly developed, but are gradually rehabilitated. In many cities there are trams and subways, such as the underground railway in the capital of the country and throughout the region a very dense network of bus services. Due to the constant laughter of some residents, the bus drivers must be engaged from other countries in Emoji. As the willingness to low-wage labor was scarce, only sad Emojis were hired as a bus driver.

Aviation in Emoji

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In all major cities there are large international airports. There are flown aircraft from Papyrus and flying saucers from textiles of Emoji after abroad. And vice versa. The aircraft and saucers are very outdated and are in a state of aging. That is why the motto many citizens called in Emoji:
"Better on the floor remain, instead of flying." The fear of the aircraft and saucers is very widespread in the country. There are flying of course pilots and tourists from other countries. From the domestic population fly narrowly 19.98 percent of the local Emojis. Despite the low interest, there are several airlines like Emoji Air and Emoji Worldwide. There are the most famous of many other smaller companies. The airports in several major cities are the main international airports of Emoji.
The aircraft manufacturer Emoji Fly headquartered in the capital city has developed with the flying saucer 10 million gigabytes a strong aircraft.

Shipborne- Why is this has become so popular with the Emoji?

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In the Emoji there are many ocean-going vessels that send a lot of tourists in the Yellow Sea.
The cruises have become increasingly popular over the last 2626 days. More and more go nationwide with the ship. The ship researcher tried to fish on this subject a formula from the Yellow Sea. He hired a camera from old-time and stuck to every seat in different ships each a small camera from the times of the First Horror Clowns. His formula, he wrote in journals of Marine Sciences. His formula was: "A fish in the sea, two fishes on the sea surface, three fishes in the bag of a Emoji, four fishes in the bottle, five fishes in front of the hungry eyes, six fishes on the plate, seven fishes at the end in the stomach."
This formula made the ship researcher so famous that he received a major research award to the applause of 99,999 attendees. Later, he was allowed to get stuck very proud the title of smartest inhabitant of Emoji on his forehead.


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In the Emoji also G3 mobile networks were in addition to the traditional public telephone network, which is dominated to 91.91% from state providers Emoji Telecom constructed. The biggest mobile networks are currently:
- Emoji Phone

- G3 Emoji

- Purple Emoji Life

- Emoji Watch

- International Emoji Talk
- Emoticon Phone (Censored company)

Emoji Telecom launched a nationwide survey of customer satisfaction on the quality of telephone conversations in 2929 days ago. Besides, many respondents expressed a desire to expand the reach of the Internet on the way. The goal should be that Emojis could load web pages from the Circus Country quickly and easily to their hard drive. Previously, they had to wait around 69 minutes for a simple homepage from the Circus Country was readable. The king had to precisely analyze details on this request. After 124 days he granted a faster speed of loading times. At the same time the Health Minister was very concerned about the rising radiation through the faster Internet. He commissioned a research group of 111 participants, to examine the effects of the faster Internet exactly. Since the research group had great difficulty with the mathematics, nobody was able to develop an ingenious formula. So this attempt failed completely miserably. Normally, the mobile phones have at least 222 keys in Emoji. This meant that a resident complained so strongly about the variety of keys. For his trouble, an article in a newspaper was created. The journalists had great understanding for these residents, because they severely injured their fingers regularly because of the keyboard. This led to an unification of the haters of 222 keys. Then the king ordered the state Emoji Telecom to develop a new mobile phone as quickly as possible. Then the misers came from Jupiter and tried to sale a patent for touchscreen phone to the state telecommunications company. The King of Emoji decided to officially get into debt the country because of fault of the patent. This statement made the king in front of the opponents of 222 keys. Finally, the government paid a lot of money to the misers of Jupiter. It is noteworthy that the patent for touchscreen phone was quite outdated. On other planets, there were a lot more advanced mobile phones than that model from the Jupiter. Nevertheless, finally able to make all Emoji 222 keys in the old photos in memory. Since this progress have Emoji keyboard free phones.


By the middle of the Emoji flowing with the Yellow Sea is the fourth longest river of Halloween and divides the country into several parts. In the country there are several small and medium-sized bridges. The largest bridge was built at the time of the First Horror Clowns command. This was the expulsion of Egoists from Mars. The bridge is in poor condition and can only be observed at a distance of five giraffes. The material of the bridge is also very sensitive to images.

Culture of Emoji

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The picture painting has a high priority in the Emoji. Known local painter include Best Emoji,  PR Emoji and Sun Emoji. Some of the paintings of the artist were sold far planet at high prices.

What literature and films produce Emojis?

The first book published in the Emoji was written by Text Emoji 194,194 days ago.
The best writer in the country wrote easily in a 555-page book on every small fish from the Yellow Sea. The book became a bestseller within 122 days of the country. With most sites were attached to it from glued photos from his old album. The best director of the country has been rewarded in the times of the First Horror Clowns of this. He made a film about love of Horror Clowns to photograph themselves. Modern said: "Selfie of the Clowns"


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The most popular high jumper from the Emoji's Recycling Bin, who recently injured himself moderate under the ceiling. He ended his athletic career 777 days ago. He was considered the most successful vaulter of all time in the country. This even led to a personal meeting with the king. The king accused the popular jumper a bag full of ants on the head. This meeting has been documented and archived when necessary everywhere. High jump belongs to the most popular sport in the funny farm. But many residents overdo it with this sport. They jump sometimes as high after a long exercise that could cause injury to their head by the aircraft or flying saucers. The Minister of Health considered banning of this sport. The king made him stay on in an underground bunker for four days. Then the health minister threw the ban in a trash can. Other sport in Emoji is swimming on the left side. The right side of the body remains dry and the left side is hidden under water. So many residents swim regularly but only at high temperatures.
The lakes in the country are heated artificially by the health authorities. So they can go swimming in the lakes and in the cold winter. So far, however, no Emoji could win a world championship in swimming.
Other sport that is gaining standard popularity in the country, is the jump with the ball in the air. Here you take a ball in one of your hands and tried to jump higher than your competitors. This sport but tried to ban airlines. A ban could not be enforced, but a significant limitation on the exercise of this sport could be achieved.
Regularly championships are carried out in the food sector. The participants must, for example, eat ten fruits first. Then run twenty laps. Later drink two megabytes water. And again run twenty laps. This then takes all day. Who still has enough strength at the end, was entitled to be called the winner.





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