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Movie Emoji

The goal was the entertainment of the people and aliens in their spare time, especially for lazy time of Emojis. This channel has been approved by the Minister of Culture in writing. 5554 days ago this station was officially launched. In this transmitter will be shown movies, circuses, theater and painting are demonstrated by famous artists. Most of the time will be broadcasted in several films of domestic and foreign origin. The variety of films is large.
2244 days ago there was a big glitch on this station. They wanted to broadcast a documentary on the rule of Circus Country. Several cables exploded in the television studio. For 222 days the television had to be repaired. Nevertheless Movie Emoji allowed by another television studio to send forth. Evil tongues say that this disaster somehow the spirits of the dead ruler could be to blame. This was then analyzed by the researchers accurately. They could, however, see no evidence for this theory. The transmitter works continuously well after the repair.



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