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Why time is relative

One day a group of extraterrestrials on Pluto it to build a time machine in all temporal directions. This means that the time machine was able to bring the aliens at any desired time. From distant past to the distant future. Everything was possible. That was the greatest progress of that art. The first attempt was to travel then in the time of the ancient kings. Since Pluto aliens did not know exactly what effect would have to travel to them, they took various foods, beverages and medications along for the ride. They also took twelve robots. Fortunately, the time machine was big enough for the whole content. The Pluto aliens sat in the time machine. The leadership of the time machine took over the big Dwarf. He asked his fellow passengers where they want to enjoy driving. The answer was unanimously in favor of visit to the past and not in the future. Then the time machine for selection pointed to the following options: In the area of the ancient kings of Pluto were available at that second the following kings:
🤩🤚🚗👩‍🎓👩‍🏫😑🗝🤶🤴🗝🤶🚗🍌🤚👥🌓🛋🏰🍖🌐🚽🗝🤶🚽. The Red Bald was accused in the encyclopedia on the Internet of the solar system as the cause of the subsequent birth of the horror clowns. This was however not confirmed by any official or unofficial expert. DNA analyzes could not be carried out up to this time.

Mister Indifferent remained for Pluto aliens in the Time Machine as the only alternative. In his time, Mister Indifferent built a shopping center at a height of two cities. What was sold in this mall but, was lacking on the Internet in the encyclopedia. Other important points of the life of the king Mister Indifferent were:

- The construction of a tower for waffle production.
- The prophecy of the birth of Emperor and Food revolutionary Chips Conquerors from the Mercury.
- The birth of the quadruplets as a sign of his death.

Furthermore knew Mister Indifferent, that he would live exactly 98185 days. That was in his book "My Life as a King of Pluto."

The big Dwarf, head of travel in the time machine decided shortly afterwards to buy the book from Mister Indifferent. Then he came up with the book back to the time machine.
At that second, all occupants of the time machine were agreed that they wanted to meet the King Mister Indifferent.
The time machine showed it to select certain events in the life of the king Mister Indifferent.

The following life events were available:
- Mister Indifferent steals a toilet paper of his neighbors at the age of 3322 days.
- Mister Indifferent looks exactly how the building process of the shopping center going forward.
- Mister Indifferent is studying a plan to build the tower for waffle production.
- Mister Indifferent writes his prophecies about various important but also unimportant future events.

After a long internal dispute among the Pluto aliens in the Time Machine, just big Dwarf decided to choose an event from the life of Mister Indifferent with closed eyes. His finger pressed the button with the number 2. After the temperature changed in the time machine from -12 degrees to +69 degrees on temporarily, two of battered robots were inoperable. After 1320 minutes showed the time machine screen that Pluto aliens arrived at the desired time zone. 😃🌉🆘🤚👑👭🔥⌚🔥👩‍🎓🚯🤴🌉🧫🌿👩‍💼👮‍♀️⚗⚛⛎🔭💩.
Simultaneously Mister Indifferent went to his journey from the future home. What he saw at home, he could not understand. He saw himself sitting on the family table with his eldest son and guests from the Neptune. He went to his "twin" and showed the medicament, which he brought from the "Future of Pluto." His son shouted to his father seated Mister Indifferent: I never knew you had an exact same twin brother. The seated king Mister Indifferent reacted exactly the same way: I also did not know that I had a twin brother who looked exactly the same as I do. Then decided the king Mister Indifferent, who came from the future travel to return to big Dwarf. The big Dwarf realized that this time also happened an error. The king Mister Indifferent was finally brought back at the right time at the right place. Since he had no problems with a twin king as before.
Following this success, the great Dwarf and his group returned to their proper time and in the right place. They had much to report that they visited not only the past, but even 111 years were in the future. And who did not believe them, of course, was their own fault.

Why time is relative



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