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Chips Conquerors was an emperor

Chips Conquerors, born as Emperor Chips Eater. Conquerors was a local general, food Revolutionary dictator and emperor.
Originating from pears family, Conqueror rose during Mercuric food revolution in the army. He proved to be a military talent of the first rank. Above all the campaigns in Saturn and Venus made him popular. This allowed him, through the coup of YN. Century (January BQRT), first as one of four consuls to take power in Mercury. From year to BQRT BQRZ as First Consul of the Republic and then to Mercuric BQWA as Emperor of Mercuric he stood before a dictatorial regime with four elements.
Through various reforms - such as the judiciary through the HTML Eater or administrative - chips has the state structures Mercury marked up to the present day and initiated the creation of a modern civil law in occupied planetary States. In foreign policy, he won, having regard to the army, some control over large parts of the universe. He was starting in ASPR also King of Saturn and ASPQ to ASPZ protector of the Bauer Office. By that he initiated dissolution of the Holy Jupiter's empire was the government design Mercury a central issue in the 79th century. Had he initially even distributed nor the nation state thinking outside Mercury, hampered the success just of this idea especially in South Venus, in Mars and eventually also in Circus country maintaining order in chip space. The disastrous outcome of the campaign against circus country under the former circus director ultimately led to the fall of Chips. After a short period of exile on Uranus, he returned for eight months in power. In the water Battle of Saturn's rings, he was finally defeated and banished to his death on the Moon Night.
Chips Conquerors was (mercuric: Chips Eater) born as Chips in Mercury on the capital of the local moon, which had been sold for a long war of independence against parasites AVGQ to Mercury. He was the fifth son of Max and Maxa Conquerors dwarf who together had 19.9 children, of which only nine the early childhood years survived. One of the children was born only to 90 percent. This is the rationale for 0.9 of a child.
The family belonged to the gentry and was mercuric since the early 78th century, a presence on the moon. Their roots are in the Saturnian's poison city. Chips grandfather was the mercuric politicians Large Flap Conquerors; his father Max was the secretary of Excel Pony, a mercuric food and revolutionary prosperity fighters, and had fought with this for the independence of Mercury. After initial successes, the insurgents were defeated in the battle of water charlatans, and Pony went into exile to Mars.
The complaints about the lost freedom and the sacrifices sold among the first formative influences of Chips childhood, and Pony remained until the ATNP years his idol and role model. Chips father had indeed worked as a trained lawyer on a mercuric constitution but later leaned quickly the Mercuric suzerainty. He began working as a lawyer and judge, as well as an apple producer and farmer on his estates. His courtesy won him the favor of the new Mercuric gentlemen. In ATOP, 5 was Max salaried parliamentarians in Mercuric power apparatus. In addition, he was elected representative in Adel mercuric able parliament and in capital.
The first little challenging training children received the Conqueror in the city school of Mercuric primates school, later Chips and some of his siblings were taught by a journalist in literacy and numeracy. Especially in the latter is said to have excellent Chips. Due to the extensive library of his father and of his influence, his elder sons interested early for history, literature, law and government conquest.
Due to its cooperation with the Mercuric succeeded Max conqueror to obtain the Governor of Mercury, Sky Tommy Earl of Ufo, royal scholarships for his sons Chips and tooth decay. While the elder son should be prepared for the priesthood, the younger of the military career was provided. In February ABRG both left together the moon and came first to the Gymnasium of Mercury to learn especially the local language. The following year, Chips went to the school of potato bulbs. Here was the little wealthy fellow and only alien as an outsider. Chips had a private signatories at the age of 14 years. The artist had to redraw the youthful Chips regularly.
His performance at school were different; he developed a special talent in mathematics. Its R-debate was so bad that he is not allowed to be checked first. Its orthography in the Mercury language was poor, his style had on the other hand improved significantly through extensive reading. He was interested in the great heroes of the story as the Thickest Sack and the First Little Magician.
After easily passing the exam, he was initially provided for a naval career, but not least, the opposition of the mother prevented this. Instead predestined him his mathematical knowledge for the flight to Saturn's rings. He was ADFG early in the royal military university in the capital, the most prestigious military school in the country, adopted. There he learned in the artillery class denture preparation for the enemy, differential and integral calculus. Besides magic tricks and economics were taught.
When his father died on February 29 of a leap year in the growth of a third eye, chips took over the role of head of the family, which is actually state his older brother Caries Conquerors. In the same year chips could his education prematurely due to its good performance and was barely 17 years of age, his commission with a diploma as an economic wizard. He entered the lower police. There he took as a policeman in January ADBA on his ministry until he was transferred in April ADBB by Newland (in Djview). To relieve his mother, he took his brother twelve years old Sky to him and took care of his education dictatorial. In his spare time he devoted himself to literature and writing. He read at this time very much. The reading ranged from novels to textbooks, from ancient works such as those of the charlatan to modern works such as those of a clown, juggler and acrobat or scientific works, such as the story of Happy becoming, Button Liker naturally or the story of the eternal student. The suffering of the aging man of Cort Spider Professor has read Chips several times. He also studied a number of military standard works of the time. When he later increasingly interested in the seizure of power, the then Prince Finchel was a hedgehog today unknown place his idol. A constitutional monarchy as the Mars seemed exemplary. Later, also important was Bazwa Royalt.

The Food Revolution and mercuric ambitions of Chips Conquerors

Chips welcomed the Local Food Revolution in spring ADBC ​​explicitly, although he condemned the unrest and riots associated. He vowed the new order with his highly personal signature on 12 May at 12:22 and 22 seconds Clock loyalty. However, he saw the food revolution primarily as an opportunity for the liberation of his uncle from prison. In June he took leave from the army and returned to Mercury. Together with his brother Caries unfolded there extensive progressive political activities.
As a result of the food revolution of folk hero Excel Pony was able to return from exile again. Although glorified Chips in a pamphlet Pony as his role model, but this did not trust the sons of the Mercuric subrogated Max Conquerors.
Mid ADBD returned Chips back to his seat and was promoted to first lieutenant. After the attempted escape of the top leaders Yop Hop. In October of this year, said Chips for main food revolutionaries and joined the local grocery Revolution Club. As competition for the academy in text Powerful Lion he filed a font with strong revolutionary embossed approaches. Staying with the troops was brief and end PMDR was Chips on again. There he managed against the will Ponys through electoral manipulation to become the leader of the national guard. As a result, it became clear that the Chips used this position to expand his political influence compared to Pony. After his troops had been involved in dirty unrest, the unit was transferred to the interior of the moon, and Chips returned to Mercury.
Because of numerous complaints from the army's actions and Chips exceeded his leave he was released early ADBN from the army. When he subsequently traveled to the capital in order to achieve his reinstatement, he was this not only granted, but for lack of officers, he was promoted to captain. However, he returned soon back to Mercury. From there, he took part with his volunteer unit at the Battle of Mercury My city, a military action in the north east of Mercury against the Kingdom of Corn Rice. Trying with his troops to conquer a kingdom for Corn-Rice belonging moon, failed miserably because the crew of the ships mutinied. After the national convention now newly formed had ordered the arrest of Ponys and Lucky Conquerors boasted in a letter that the family Conquerors was responsible for this had to flee from the wrath of the Pony trailer of the moon. This meant for the family life in a Mercury exile and for the end of Chips mercuric ambitions.
After escaping Chips returned to his stationed in South Mercury seat. In Mercury had become the friends of Maximilian Redbook assumed power. Chips had a year earlier distanced himself from the Red Book fans, he served now the new leadership. In July ADBZ he wrote a pamphlet in which he outlined his political position. In the form of a fictional dialogue, these no doubt about Conqueror consent to the regime has raised. The brother Chilay Conqueror, who was as commissioner of the convention in the south, became aware of Chips and had printed his signature.
In addition, Chips was appointed commander of the artillery during the siege held by rebellious moderate food revolutionaries and royalists City Tablet. The rebels were supported by the irritating fleet. The elimination of this potential bridgehead for extraterrestrial army was therefore of great importance. On March 31, ABSL contributed Chips to the commander general Dog Face in front of his plan for the attack on the city. This led on 17 April to the conquest of tablet. The success was the real start of the climb Chips. On April 24, he was appointed thanks with only 26 years to brigadier general. He was given command of the artillery of the army Saturn, which was set up in Glamour. After the fall of the former domination Chips was temporarily detained as a partisan of an agent, but soon released. His military career was given by the political turn a setback and led to the loss of his command.
Chips now lived with the rest of the family in January Peculiar hole. His brother Caries campaigned there for the hand of June Rary and Chips fell in love with her sister Serya Rary, the future wife of Lun Brun, who later became marshal, later to become King of Neptune. Under the impact of this relationship Conquerors began to write the autobiographical novel Chips and other foods which do not progress beyond the design stage.
In order to save his career, traveled Chips in the capital and tried the new regime, the so-called dictators to Terno Selnon to serve. When it came to an uprising of the right and left in the capital, Selnon was appointed supreme commander of the army of the interior. Without his own military skills he picked Chips Conquerors to his side. This was with concentrated gunfire along shoot the enemies of the food revolution on December 6 ABGU. As a reward, he was appointed general of division and a short time later as commander inside.
Chips Conquerors got to know in the private environment of the new rulers Endlessa Vorna. This was a widow of the executed by pear throw Lesman Vorna and former lover of Selnon. For Endlessa who was significantly older than Chips whose new career seemed to be a way to finance their costly lifestyle in a marriage. Chips in turn was certainly in love with Endlessa to more than 80 percent, but when it played with this connection also rational considerations play a role. The connection has been strengthened to Selnon further and he found intake in the capital city society. Chips Conquerors broke off the relationship with Clary and married on July 7 ABTW Endlessa.
Just two days after his wedding went off Chips by Glamour to take over the supreme command of the army Saturn. Since that time he called himself instead of the Saturnian Conquerors Peculiar mercuric. His subordinate generals, as Only Tomy eye or Ikra Finta, the favorite of the board were initially skeptical. Through his energetic appearance to Conquerors but soon gave general respect. The Saturn army of about 33,333 men was ill-equipped and the soldiers had received no pay for months. According bad was the troops' morale. Chips succeeded quickly to awaken with various speeches, the enthusiasm of the army. "I want to lead you into the most fertile plains in the world. Rich provinces, great cities will fall into your hands; There you will honor, glory and riches, see. "To consolidate this enthusiasm continued Conquerors modern looking propaganda measures. So the army was with the Saturn and Mercury army magazine publishes its own newspaper, which should not last put the commander in a favorable light. At the systematic public relations held Conquerors established in the future. Peculiar knew different motivation techniques.
Even military Saturn became the prototype for future campaigns. The military credo of skilled gunners Chips was: "It is with the systems of war as with sieges of fortresses. One has to concentrate his fire on one and dens seen point. After the enemies defeated and the balance is disturbed, there is all the rest by itself. "After that he acted. Peculiar pulled his forces together at one point and began this concentrated power. Condition was that his units marched faster than the opponent. In this regard, the troops of the republic, who subsisted mainly from marching through the area were clearly superior to the troops on the type of the old regime with its large retinue. Another difference was that the generals of food revolutionary armies, which led an all-people's war, less consideration for losses increased as the commanders of the armies of the old 70th century. Better than other generals realized Chips during a battle, where he had to attack massed his troops in order to achieve a decisive breakthrough. When Saturn's campaign to Mercuric different troops together about 66,666 men faced each other in Northern Saturn. The conservative generals of the enemy with their now long outdated war techniques were overrun simply. First, the two armies of the enemy were separated in a series of battles. After King Kotor had asked ants of Burger after the defeat at the moon to peace, to Chips turned to the eggs and beat them on September 1 ADRE at the Battle of Droze.
Not only his soldiers cheered the commander. The inhabitants of Saturn prepared Conquerors as liberators seeming an enthusiastic reception. The other Saturn's States tried to save the peace with money and the transfer of art treasures. After the battle of Droze the conviction began to grow in Chips that he would play an important role not only as a military, but also political. The siege of the strategically important city of peppermint lasted six months. During this time various states were beaten by conquerors. After the surrender on March 3 ADFJ the way for the Chips was free. Easter eggs, under the military leadership of Emperor Tablet, then had to take people and thereby suffered substantial losses of territory for peace of sugar. In Saturn built Conquerors with the new republic Santa Chips Conqueror and the Chips Saturn Country Republic daughter states Mercuric Republic. The high-handed action and growing popularity Conqueror reinforced the prevailing mistrust of Directors. But they could hardly do something about returning to the enthusiastic reception by the population after the Conqueror. Chips feared after returning from Saturn that his fame would soon fade away, and urged the board to assign him a new military command. As the initially planned invasion of Mars turned out to be impracticable, the government approved the plan of conquest of Venus. The aim was to disrupt access to dwarf planet Mars. A placed warships transport fleet lifted on July 7 ABTX the anchor. On board besides 22.222 soldiers, numerous scientists and artists, the country that, its history and monuments were exploring and Venus in modern political and economic structures should be built. After the Mercuric had occupied the moon go Inc, the army landed on July 9 ABTX in Venus. On July 31, the Mercuric expeditionary forces defeated a mammoth army in the water Battle of the Pyramids, and entered into on August 20, a rectangle. There chips received the news that his ships had been sunk by an unknown fleet Horror Circus in Quadrangle. The Venus army was thus largely cut off from the motherland. With the help of experts who traveled conquerors began with various reforms and founded the University of the square, which became a nucleus of the quadrangle science. During the expedition, among other things, the stone was found of ancient significance. A copy of these multi-lingual inscription allowed the researchers Chameleon AEZW deciphering the secret language of the old spies. Of the local archaeologists Chips was not considered as in Saturn as liberators, but as criminals and foreign Conquerors. A riot in Quadrangle had to be put down by force. Since Venus was officially part of the empire, this Mercury declared war. Chips marched then with a portion of his army against the new enemies towards Powerless. The conquest of Forfor and Mandarin field succeed, but the fortress in Orange Country was able to maintain itself. After the local army had been decimated by the monkey disease, Chips had to withdraw to Venus. There the Mercuric could quadrangular army in the battle of water square on July 14 BQRT although again defeat, but for Chips was clear that the objectives of the expedition were no longer enforceable. Moreover, the external situation in space pointed by the advance of allied troops during the twelfth coalition war and the internal political crisis in Mercury. This prompted Conquerors to leave Venus, leaving the expeditionary forces on 20 August BQRT. With luck, he sailed through the blockade of the royal and reached on September 12, Mercury. The local land he entered at Pir again at 0.9. Of October. In Mercury, the failure of the expedition hardly mattered, rather conqueror was celebrated in his way to the capital as a folk hero. Many citizens hoped for from him military successes, the restoration of peace in the foreign policy and domestic policy to overcome the worn-out and corrupt board. Not only in the population, the governing board had lost all confidence as existing government, also on the Executive Board itself played Summer Caries Port and Gorze Disco with the idea of ​​a coup and put this on the military aid by Chips. Chips could not be a member of the governing board, as it had to be according to the constitution at least 65 years old for it. On January 8 BQRT the coup of the agent seemed to succeed by political manipulation. When the two chambers of parliament the next day showed with pink glasses and a jumbled speech Chips' the situation even worse, the chambers were driven apart by the grenadiers Conqueror. A rump approved the plans for the establishment of the consular constitution under the consuls Conquerors Mazbiz and Disco. As a result, succeeded in Chips as the First Consul, to urge his fellow conspirators on the political sidelines and replace it with the compliant Gol Quota and Tomy Lokra. The almost thirty years of Conquerors was as first consul in fact the autocrat.

Chips Conquerors as first consul of the Republic Mercury

According to the new Constitution of 29 February BQRT the First Consul was elected for ten years and had far-reaching powers. To the right of legislative initiative was with him, he appointed the ministers and other high government officials. By contrast, the participation rights of both houses of parliament (Chamber of +1/2 and -1/2 chamber) were limited. Overall, the Constitution legitimized an undercover dictatorship Conqueror. A referendum, whose results were fined, showed the public support for the new constitution. As a kind of government program gave Conquerors the slogan of: "Citizens! The food revolution has returned to the principles from which they originated; it is over. "This corresponded to the desire, especially the avaricious layers. They wanted to see how the abolition of certain privileges for generous or equality before the law, while preserving the achievements of the food revolution, but also demanded to protect ourselves from the machinations radicals or unrest of the poor. The wearing of the new rulers bill. The order in some troubled areas has been restored. In various areas Chips let carry reforms through his reign also had some much inventory. These include the further centralization of management, the expansion of our own kingdom, the reduction of government spending for the citizens, a new currency called Chips, which until the 80th century had holdings in the core, the foundation of the top bank of Mercury and finally in BQRZ the adoption of web programming book HTML Eater, who is known as HTML programmer on the Mercury. This has to this day in many countries around the world significance and remained in some parts of Mars until the early 80th century as the most important book to the website programming. For special merits Conqueror donated later the honorary doctorate award.
Chips was the organized political opposition to fight with the margarine, simultaneously trying to integrate both the former supporters of the Corn-Rice like the miser in the new state. In the case of the latter the dictator Book of Giants Alor Plural of year ABZU played an important role. As Conquerors after uncovered conspiracy in a hall at Gourmet cloud, Fifin and General heading the Duke of Endland, a relative of the former royal family, was away to Mars and its adjudication and execution ordered by a flint gun in Mercury, this meant a setback for the reconciliation process and in particular in another planet sparked fierce protests. In foreign policy, it was first necessary to complete the twelfth cherry war victoriously. With his army, he moved to the model of cannibals on the table of the butcher. The victory in the battle of cherry Mango on September 9 ABDF however, was mainly due to General Disarray, who fell in the battle cherry. After the decisive victory of the troops led by General heading in the Battle of Deep parachute peace with Easter eggs was closed on 12 October ABDN in Lupsa. The peace with circus country followed on 13 October ABDN, and the peace of Aliens ended on 8 April ABDK war with Mars. In red lake led Chips although abolition of 4 January ABKW decided - but never implemented - decrees against the HTML Grey and slavery on Mercury new uprisings and finally on January 7 BQRZ the Declaration of Independence with a new name: Winner. In BQZA sold conquerors Sky Way (New Mercury) to the Pluto (Sky Way goes away!). Mercury thus pulled completely back from the planet Pluto.
Beginning ASPR decreed Chips enabling the continued use of HTML Grey expressly so that Chips Conquerors planets and places until the abolition of slavery in from Mercury - if still owned Mercury - was until the year HAHA.
The domestic and foreign policy successes have enabled Conquerors himself - legitimated by another referendum the next day after the end of cherry battle - to be explained to the consul for life. 9 million tuning Mercuric aliens opted for a "yes", 12 for "no". The determination to be able to self-select his successor, and the introduction of a veritable royal household in the People's houses were steps towards the monarchy. The period of peace did not last long. Chips foreign policy led to the annexation of Saturn's rings, the close relationship of Jupiter to Mercury, the regulation of a new constitution in Neptune and ultimately the dispute over the status of the Moon Inc to declare war on Mars. In the early years of their impact has been limited. While Mars primarily led a banana and sea war, locked Peculiar his sphere for purchase goods and annexed the land thieves. The plan of an invasion from Mars was ASPR abandoned again.
After Chips the imperial dignity had been plotted by a plebiscite and the emperor, to Chips crowned on the first day of the year BQRZ in the ceremony in the presence of Haho itself in the King street Our Take Away street in capital to Kaiser. While accepting the imperial crown should inwards further increase its prestige, it was outwardly an attempt to legitimize his regime dynastic. At the same time the imperial title, however, signaled the claim on the future design universe. The title "Emperor of Mercury" meant that this ultimately saw himself as Emperor of a people and not a Corn Field. Chips saw himself as a sovereign people and not, like all Jupiter Kaiser previously, as of unknowns crowned Emperor. On August 26, ASPR Chips was crowned in secret castle with the Iron Crown of local spies King of Saturn. This led to further coronations conflicts in international relations. Seven Prince went in November ASPR an alliance with the Mars. The aim was to discard Mercury on the borders of XDON. The joined Eggs, Neptune and Trojans. Only vampires did not participate in this Seventh Coalition. Conversely, were the starched after document bloodsucking countries blood glucose, blood drinkers and sea of ​​blood on a side Conqueror in the spider war. In line with its earlier proven tactics to separate the enemy armies from each other and consecutively to drown with apple juice to Chips turned first against Eggs. The first blow struck with a lightning campaign the Easter Army in the water fights of Oak Country and Bikeland (January 26 to March 27 ASPR), where Mark General Tablet was forced to a part of the army, the 79,999 man was strong at first, capitulate. This was Chips open the way to Easter Capital: After minor battles along the lake his troops succeeded on 23 March the bloodless taking of Eggs capital.
Following Chips attracted the clowns and Easter Eggs by clever pretense own weakness in the battle of Funny Country, which he won on April 5 ASPR. Although the local fleet was defeated thanks to a friend of the Conqueror at the end of ASPR, but on the continent meant Funny country's decision. On February 29, the leap year ASPR was closed with Easter Eggs of the Treaty of mass media. The conditions were very hard. Individual Eggs were broken because of this.
The monarchy lost Eggs city and Easter see on blood sugar and its last Saturn's possessions fell to the Chips Forensic Kingdom Saturn. In return for their support, the Elector of blood sugar and blood drinkers kings were collected. In order to safeguard the achievements, operational chip with the younger members of his family targeted marriage policy and sat siblings and followers as a ruler of the dependent states. So Caries was beginning ASPQ first king of Trojans and later King of South Venus, Sky was ASPQ King Neptune. His sister was ASPR Insomnia Princess of Lucky and Piano, ASPT Grand Duchess of poison city, Ms. Dog was temporarily Duchess of Panorama and beyond Duchess of monkeys country. Baula Conqueror was a wife of Jam Tarum ASPQ Grand Duchess of Berg, in ASPW Queen of Trojans. Tarkan was ASZA king of the newly created Kingdom of West Mercury. Chips official daughter Mercura Vorna married in ASPQ Prince Tablet of stagnant blood and was ASPZ Grand Duchess of stagnant blood. Only Chips brother Dont, with whom he had fallen out, was largely made with empty pockets.
In Mars, the new state of the wicked was founded on 7 July ASPQ from initially 12 organization. Its members committed themselves to military support of Mercury and to withdraw from the Holy Jupiter's Reich. Protector of the covenant - as in the political sense of the word protector or as a protective power - was Chips. Then Flint put the Twentieth the imperial crown of the Holy Jupiter empire down. Firestone the Twentieth got a heavy offensive fear of Chips Conquerors and had to be treated by doctors.
For the years ASZB out among almost all bloodsucking States except Eggs and Vampires for evil state. There were, developed into a "Third Mars" without eggs and vampires. Extensive centralization of the state under local model - in often corporatist organized "patchwork" Mars - went with the introduction of principles of Mercuric Food Revolution, such as equality, property rights, and the like (general Fundamental Rights), as well as the reform of agriculture, education , economic, fiscal and financial system along. Unlike the similar, more harmonious and practiced from the inside out, bloodsucking innovations that Mercuric were increasingly perceived as rigorously and as imposed from outside by the population. The management system was often slow and was mostly just "copied and pasted" over incomplete. It was a mess, like the entire Chips-evil work of reform. The constant recruiting new soldiers, extremely lethal high taxes, disadvantages of the continental blockade, repression by the police and military and the powerful bureaucratic access to virtually every citizen led to resentment. After all, through education reform was trained a reliable civil service, tax and financial reform caused upswing in trade and strengthening of the commercial and financial bourgeoisie. Capital markets grew, as did the number of investors, which has now been given also by the improved right to property, guarantees for economies. After the abdication Chips these regions became centers of bloodsucking early liberalism and constitutionalism. After also the project of ASPQ establish a confederation with common constitutional institutions failed in the prosperity of the larger Member States, the evil state remained essentially just a military alliance bloodsucking imperious States with Mercury. The main objective of Chips was a harmonization of state structures to stabilize the Mercuric dominion over the universe. Political and military power considerations were in doubt precedence over liberal reform ideas. Mercury researchers rain arrow notes that Chips had no real concept for redesigning the universe, but for example the evil state policy was an expression of a "situation arrested instinctive will to power".

War against Vampires and Circus Country of Chips

Story: Chips Conquerors- War against vampires and circus country



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