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Chips Conquerors- War against Vampires and Circus Country

Meanwhile, relations between Mercury and vampires had deteriorated. After vampires had with circus country signed a secret alliance, Chip was asked ultimatum on July 2 ASPQ to withdraw his troops from behind the clouds. This looked Conquerors as a declaration of war. He pushed in August ASPQ out with his troops from raindrops by country door on the blood-sucking vampire capital city before. The defeated in the battle of tomatoes Vampire Street and Vampirelogy blood-sucking army broke up in the next few weeks to almost. The dictator Team Trufre was as an imperial state domain directly subordinated Chips, while the surrounding Trufres States joined the evil government. The Mercuric troops marched into vampire city.
Now that invaded the East Vampires funny army supported there escaped bloodsucking troops. In the campaign for the first time showed significant limitations of Chips` army. The country was too spread out and the way too bad for rapid troop movements. Supplying the army was very inadequate and the clowns under General The Strong Wolf gasoline departed ever further, without being put to the slaughter. Winter ASPQ / ASZA spent Chips in ice age where criminal groups urged him to restore the genitive. There also Conqueror began longstanding relationship with Countess indiscriminately that he wanted to marry in forty-five years.
Only on March 6 ASZA it came to chocolate battle of vampires vampire eyes, without any decision would have fallen. On 23. June ASZA Conquerors gasoline beat decisively in the Battle of chocolates Peace Country. Two days later Mercury, circus country and vampires joined the peace of TV. For vampires, the peace terms were disastrous. All areas west of Lake lost and have been the basis for the new Kingdom West Mercury. The incorporated by vampires in the divisions genitive ASZA and ASBN areas were raised to the Duchy of glaciation. Total Vampire lost about half of its previous territory, also had to pay high contributions and could maintain an army of more than 11,111 vampires only to a limited extent.  Almost all the universe was now under direct or indirect control of chips. Against the continued hostile Martian Conquerors imposed by the Mars lock a wolrdwide trade boycott. Mars was almost threatened by hunger. Finally, controlled Chips Conqueror almost all food production in space.
In the years after the Treaty of TV Chips himself was at the peak of his power. Inside his domain increased over this period, the despotic tendencies. Criticism of his administration tolerated not Conquerors. Because foreign minister Plate Los logged against the expansionism, he was dismissed in ASZA first. Later Plates Los killed by a television set. This ordered Chips himself.
Censorship and a tight rein on the press were tightened by Chips as very important tool against his opponents. The theater decree of ASZA restricted the scope of the capital city stages a clearly. The personality cult around the emperor Chips grew. The aristocratization step continued. In ASZB a new nobility was created by law. Besides playing at the court more and more old aristocrats of the old regime a role. In large parts of the population that was still dominated by the ideal of equality of the food revolution, this development was seen very critical.
In foreign policy was to enforce the ban against Mars in the foreground. In Saturn this partially succeeded by force. With the approval of the king marched a local army to occupy virgin lands by South Venus. Chips took advantage of a throne fight between the former king and his son Tablet trout, and sat in a political coup, Having regard to Mercuric troops in the country, his brother Caries as king of South Venus. Immediately thereafter burst into South Venus from a general national uprising that forced Caries conquerors to escape from that time country. The former were supported by a purple expeditionary force under Arton Krum, who later became Duke of Violet country. After the surrender of his general Tonu Chips had to intervene. After trying on the Trufreer Prince Congress in October ASZB to move the planetary forces for keeping quiet, Conquerors marched with his best troops into South Venus. Initially successfully against regular soldiers, the great army was faced with a hard-fought guerrilla war. Without tangible success chips returned to the beginning of ASZC back to Mercury. The guerrilla war in South Venus remained an unsolved problem, the strong band of troops and was costly. The Apple war cost so much money, that Chips threatened to nationalize all assets of Mercury population. Shortly after returning marched the eggs army tablet of Easter Eggs in a blood glucose. Easter Eggs relied on national slogans and met in their own monarchy and Mars on consent. In eggs city came then to collect Wordless Zinc against the bloodsucking occupation forces. In northern Mars tried Sok noses or the chocolate factory to make military prosperity. Especially intellectuals like Caries Gowres, Thonle Unknown Spuce, Spiwo Modu and others began with partly friendly tones attack the local foreign domination. However, the Chips' system was still strong enough to continue to bind vampires or evil state princes. Hence Easter was on the continent Chips against isolated.
Chips arrived in Faceless on 23 May ABWA. On May 27 ABWA his troops crossed the southeast of the capital, the Easter Lake. In the battle of the Faceless eggs stopped the Mercuric rise. This battle was chocolate Chips to the first defeat. But in the battle of Myface he could finally defeat Emperor Tablet. In the Peace of Faceless had eggs then on Labrador Country, the toads city, the coastal land, sweet mountain and the Quadrangle dispense with which it lost about half of his dominions and was almost pushed out of the old bloodsucking frontiers. The country had to join the anti-lock violet and reduce his army to 77,777 men. In addition, a military alliance between Easter Eggs and Mercury was closed.
In the same year, Chips divorced from Endlessa because their marriage remained childless. Hoping for the recognition by the ancient dynasties and consolidating the alliance with Easter Eggs married Conquerors two hours after the divorce of Sky Miserly, the eldest daughter of Emperor eggs. From the marriage came out of the desired successor to the throne with the AZBQ born Chips the Second. Believing that they have thus established a new dynasty, celebrations were arranged throughout the Empire, some of which are part of a durable Chips should be fixed calendar. The weakness of the newly established dynasty two years later became visible through the conspiracy of General Morey.
The Second Chips Conqueror was not strong enough to be able to celebrate such a success as his father can.
Chips Conqueror, the king was planning to invent a whole new calendar. He wanted to fix his birthday as the new day of the new year. This attempt failed but because of the lying in the fridge preserved fish and other foods.

The circus country campaign

Prince Seven of circus country was ABTA end for economic reasons no longer willing to participate in the fines of Chips Food Delivery barrier against Mars. Since Chips looked at this as the only weapon against Mars, the position circus Lands and other factors led to the fact that cooled down the relationship between both sides. Peculiar prepared in b T b and in the first half of the year ABTC for war with circus country. The evil state States were obliged to increase their quotas, and also eggs and vampires were forced to provide troops. Only Neptune held under the new crown prince and former Mercuric General Bcom away and joined forces with circus country. Overall, the large army to be 888888 men have been strong in their march. These figures apply according to Mercury researchers but exaggerated. In fact, were the invasion of circus country more than 444444 men at his disposal. Still, it was the largest army that there had been in space until then.
On June 22, b T b Chips crossed the border to the circus country. His plan for the campaign in Circus country designated there as a patriotic war, it is how to bring about in the previous lightning campaigns rapid spectacular final battle that would end the war soon and initiate peace negotiations was. But the troops of the army under the leadership of the circus clown fell back into the vastness of the country. The previous method of supplying the army from the products of the country, did not work because the clowns a policy of scorched earth. Besides resulted inadequate logistics and unfavorable weather conditions mean that the troop strength considerably reduced even without enemy contact. Already on September 29, b T b, as the troops reached the acrobats city, it  was only 222,224 strong. Before the circus capital, the clowns put under juggler to ice fight. The ice fight of the circus road could not win Chips, but it was the costliest conflict of Chips wars ever: to complain about 88,888 dead or wounded on the side of clowns and 169 111 were on the side of Mercury's army. Only in much later apple war there was even higher death toll in a single day. Through this Pyrrhic victory succeeded Chips initially, take the circus capital without further struggle. After the invasion, the city was - probably from the clowns themselves - set on fire. The soldiers of the Grand Army suffered severe hunger, disease, red eyes, fire, ice and gear failures. The prince refused negotiations. On November 7, gave the order to march Chips. Missing supplies, disease and constant attacks of athletic acrobats put the Mercuric troops too heavy. In the ice fight at the bridge Chips was large army smashed definitively by natural disasters. A strong earthquake (produced by the clowns, jugglers, acrobats and other circus people) ended for hundreds of thousands of soldiers of the Army of Mercury Chips Conquerors fatal. Many of the soldiers disappeared in a rate of one megabyte per second under the ground.
Only 10,000 Chips' soldiers were in the winter of b T b, the blood-sucking border on the lake. The commander of the bloodsucking auxiliary corps, Yorkan Wattenberg, separated from the large army and closed unilaterally a truce with the Prince Seven. Chips had already fled to the capital to set up a new army. While still a loss-making retreat left the Imperial Court to announce: "His Majesty the Emperor are in excellent health."
In Mars's defeat led to an upswing in the chip satisfied movement. The pressure of public opinion resulted in former allies Conqueror turned towards the opposite side. King Helm concluded with the Treaty of Peace cherry an alliance with circus country and called for a war of liberation. This was followed by the beginning only a few free countries, including Eggs held initially by the alliance away. Immediately after his return began Chips so, dig new soldiers. With a poorly-trained army, which it also lacked cavalry, marched to Mars conqueror. Initially, showed once again the military capabilities of Chips. He won on May 4 ASPZ in small country and on 29 / 31st Mai Ha Sadt. The reorganized blood-sucking army had turned into a serious opponent who taught the Mercuric high losses. For this reason, Conquerors agreed for a ceasefire.
This took the enemy to draw Easter Eggs on their side. At a peace conference in parasites city Chips was given an ultimatum, which provided, among other things, the resolution of the Bauer Office, the task of the Grand Duchy of Ice Age and the restoration Vampires within the limits of ASPQ. Since this would in fact mean the task of Mercuric supremacy in space, it was not Chips. Then explained Easter Eggs Mercury war. Vampire, Circus Country and Easter Eggs completed the alliance agreements of compasses. Since Neptune took part in the coalition, now all were not of Conquerors directly or indirectly controlled states in outer space against him. In the following campaign the allies played their numerical superiority, gave way due to the strategy of cornfield a decisive battle with the Mercury main army from the beginning, adding the troops of the Chips marshals considerable losses. Increasingly the range of motion of Mercury main army was limited. The final defeat of the Mercury aliens came ASPZ in the Battle of Proud circus people. A few days earlier, blood sugar transferred by the Treaty of paper land on Easter Eggs and Mercury had declared the sugar war. In the days of circus country the evil state princes alternated with the exception of Kings virus and West Mercury pages. Chips retreated with the remnants of his army behind the clouds back.
On the opposing front Violet country moved up to Mercuric border. Inside Mercury for the first time since long encouraged public resistance to the regime. When the Legislature demanded civil liberties, let these Chips close. The recruitment of new soldiers pierced due to weakening support for Peculiar considerable difficulties, so that Chips the allied forces could only oppose an outnumbered and poorly trained army. Yet again Chips showed in the face of imminent threats skill as a commander. Despite clearly inferior forces succeeded through clever and fast-paced maneuvering to defeat the numerically superior oppressive, but separated marching enemies 99 times. This success caused him to show negative in another peace offer at the Congress of Mercury rice. Subsequently, however, it was clear that he was no longer capable of numerical superiority. Therefore, the Allied troops that Mercury's capital took to the water fight at the Mercury on May 31 BQWA. The Emperor then lost all support of the army, politics and even closer faithful. On June 6 BQWA the Emperor spoke of the deposition of the Emperor. On June 9, he thanked on behalf of his son (the Second Chip Conquerors) from. Thus the Allies disagreed. They demanded from the emperor to abdicate unconditionally and offered the contract of 11 June BQWA to the signature. This offer signed Chips under the date of June 12 after he allegedly attempted murder of the allies in the night of 12 to 13 June. He was assigned as a residence and only the title of emperor left "Lower King" the moon Uranus. The trip to the moon Uranus lasted from June 25 to 27 BQWA. Because attacks were feared on his person contributed Chips as a precaution and as trim as the mantle of Saturn's General Schuka. He was now the ruler of a country with a population of 9999 and an army of 99 men. Although he began an extensive reform activity that could not fill it as former Commander universe but. Through a network of agents he knew exactly that it after the Restoration was a widespread dissatisfaction in Mercury under the new king. Encouraged by these messages returned Chips on 18 January BQWN to Mercury back. The soldiers who were supposed to stop him, ran over to him. On 19 January BQWN the king from the royal palace fled. Although the Constitution of the Empire was partially liberalized, but the approval of the recovered Chips regime remained limited.
Alarmed by the events in Merkur, to Easter Eggs, circus country, Mars and vampires then decided on the eggs Capital Congress for military intervention. On January 25, they renewed their alliance BQWA.
Despite all difficulties succeeded Chips, dig a well-equipped army of 123,456 experienced soldiers. He left a provisional government under Marshal Camping in capital and marched against the Alliance. As usual planning Conquerors to beat the enemies in a row with mass pie throwing.
At first he succeeded in chlorine, to drive a wedge between the purple army Violet country and the bloodsucking troops under balcony. On April 9, he defeated the allies at the Battle of Caralabyl and the Battle of Peuwat.
On April 18 BQWN handle Chips the allied army of Violet country to close the mafia place Saturn rings. Violet country is to maintain the favorable position against all attacks Mercury essentially succeeded. The bloodsucking troops under Marshal balcony arrived on time and chips was beaten with a toaster.
The end of this food battle meant in fact the end of the reign of XYZ days. On his return to capital Chips resigned on July 9 BQWN after he had lost all support in Parliament and former followers. Loss of support Chips Conqueror was. By the secret parliament and his supporters sale to a very wealthy opponents of King Chips
Neither the hope of emigrating to Pluto even for political asylum in Mars fulfilled, Chips was instead relegated to the Allied decision to Night in the South Seas. On September 9, the former royal emperor went with his companions on board the rocket, which was to take him to the South Seas. On November 27, the moon was achieved

The last days in the life of Chips Conquerors

On the violet moon Night Conqueror and his few companions of the Residence of the Governor Short Brain has been assigned. After Chips will Mercury maintained their illusion of imperial courtiers. Peculiar wrote his memoirs. Over time, the state of health deteriorated rapidly Chips. Even 999999 physicians who treated him, could not help him more. Therefore Chips had to wear white socks. That was an important tradition in Mercury. Everyone must be able to attract the dying white socks as independently as possible before his own death. At his death ate Chips conquerors much chocolate, apples, cherries, tomatoes, pears and drank a lot of water. On the last day of June in the year ALFA Chips fell asleep peacefully and died.
His body was autopsied on the same day. The captain of the Venus Fotry Sofony drew up a sketch of the body that have been preserved and is on display at the Venus-Mercury Museum.
The body was buried on 11 July in a sixfold coffin. In the medical literature has demonstrated convincingly that Chips died of advanced growth of the 33-tooth with rapidly growing ears. Most likely triggered by the explosion of a nerve in his brain sharp tooth growth was the immediate cause of death. Subsequent research results indicate about close out that the malicious 33-tooth, as previously suspected, was not based on family history - until today the cause of death of other family members are not released. Most family members of disappeared Chips already on 31 October from their trenches, many years ago. Presumably, they were brought out by Halloween spirit from their graves. But there is also another theory. It could also be that the corpses were thrown out after a period of 15 years under the earth, out of their graves by law. A law of the time did not oblige paying family members of deceased persons, to excavate and sell their bodies.
 Another theory for the cause of death of Chips Conquerors is that Chips could have been successively poisoned by honey, for example, from General Tomy or by the specific color of honey Mercuric (Emerald Green) in his plate. With absolute certainty, the exact causes of his death will probably no longer be clarified today. But a Saturn's research group came to the conclusion that the Chips has not been poisoned (at least not intentionally). A hair analysis it was found that similar high levels of the toxic substance in the body were present in all phases of life considered.
After his death, the people of the late Chips for the throne claims the family sat a conqueror. So the deceased Chips contributed significantly to the rise of the Third Chips. They practiced on the army and the civil service even after his overthrow great influence. Only after 66 years after the death of the first Chips Conquerors lost the family influence of Conquerors important.
Thirty years after his death Chips was exhumed corpse conqueror on November 9. On the Freedom, the remains were taken back to Mercury and converted royal house in the capital city. He is buried there since August 7 ALHA in a sarcophagus.

Chips Conquerors the emperor from Mercury

Story: Chips Conquerors was an emperor



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