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Chips Conquerors- War against Vampires and Circus Country

Meanwhile, relations between Mercury and vampires had deteriorated. After vampires had with circus country signed a secret alliance, Chip was asked ultimatum on July 2 ASPQ to withdraw his troops from behind the clouds. This looked Conquerors as a declaration of war. He pushed in August ASPQ out with his troops from raindrops by country door on the blood-sucking vampire capital city before. The defeated in the battle of tomatoes Vampire Street and Vampirelogy blood-sucking army broke up in the next few weeks to almost. The dictator Team Trufre was as an imperial state domain directly subordinated Chips, while the surrounding Trufres States joined the evil government. The Mercuric troops marched into vampire city. 🌏😃🎖🌓⌚🤚🍟🎖🗾🚽🗜😛🌌🗜🦹‍♀️🎖🚽🚇💪🐺⛄🚮.
Chips Conqueror, the king was planning to invent a whole new calendar. He wanted to fix his birthday as the new day of the new year. This attempt failed but because of the lying in the fridge preserved fish and other foods.

The circus country campaign

Prince Seven of circus country was ABTA end for economic reasons no longer willing to participate in the fines of Chips Food Delivery barrier against Mars. Since Chips looked at this as the only weapon against Mars, the position circus Lands and other factors led to the fact that cooled down the relationship between both sides. 🧤😵🍟🍧🦹‍♀️5️⃣ 🍖🇮🇹🤳🍫🤚🧛‍♀️😍⛄🈶🍂🍖👆🤚☮🗾👭🎪🗾☮🤚📺☮🤚🏳🈶.

The last days in the life of Chips Conquerors

On the violet moon Night Conqueror and his few companions of the Residence of the Governor Short Brain has been assigned. After Chips will Mercury maintained their illusion of imperial courtiers. Peculiar wrote his memoirs. Over time, the state of health deteriorated rapidly Chips. Even 999999 physicians who treated him, could not help him more. Therefore Chips had to wear white socks. That was an important tradition in Mercury. Everyone must be able to attract the dying white socks as independently as possible before his own death. At his death ate Chips conquerors much chocolate, apples, cherries, tomatoes, pears and drank a lot of water. On the last day of June in the year ALFA Chips fell asleep peacefully and died. 🚽🍖🤚🤲🅰️📐🤚🈶🕌🍖💻🌉🚽🍖📚🍟🤚🦷💥🤚🅰️🦷🚽🎗🤚💀😛🦷🚽🚯🍖👪🏰🎗🤚💀🤚👪🚯👪🤚🍟🍖😛👹🕌🇮🇹😛🅰️🤚🚇🌎😛🤚👮‍♀️🅰️👮‍♀️🤚⌚🚯👪🤚. He is buried there since August 7 ALHA in a sarcophagus.

Chips Conquerors the emperor from Mercury

Story: Chips Conquerors was an emperor



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