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Mr. Credit Card is one of the most successful lenders in Saturn

Mr. Credit Card is one of the most successful lenders in Saturn. For his work as the chief of the credit company, he spoke on various topics. Even to his last working day prior to his deserved retirement he still has something to say.
In this interview, the extraterrestrials Sweasy26 talked with the top boss of a credit company in Saturn. Before the interview, Mr. Credit Card refused at the beginning to put on a gray chair. He also called on Sweasy26 to lay out the red carpet under his feet. This led to a delay of the interview start. Luckily there was a horror clown with his circus on the road. He agreed to rent a red carpet for this case. Credit Card but still had a problem: The gray chair. In the beginning he wanted to answer questions on the gray chair. But After 76 seconds, he unexpectedly changed his mind and sat down on the gray chair. After all, he could put his feet on the red carpet.

Mr. Card, you are more relaxed than you were a few months ago?
Credit Card responds and shows at the same time on his feet.
I am relaxed, I am usually. But especially if under my feet is a red carpet. And as you know it, I still have some trouble with the gray chair.

When is your last day of work?
Credit Card required Sweasy26 patience. He looks in his notebook in the calendar.
There are no specific minute. My last hour will be sometime in the tenth raindrops.

The moving company needs an appointment to vacate your office from your bacteria. Eventually, you have to say: Ok, this is my last second.
Credit Card is based on his flying thought in the room.
My priority is the smooth handover of my leadership chair. Even my move depends on. Among my personal bacteria in the office: This I take in a bag to my home as pets. They have something of me in it. For this reason I can not give my successor for free them.

What will you do if you have to leave the credit company?
Credit Card responds quite confidently.
I try to apply as a credit professor at the University of Saturn's future business elite. Another option would be to issue a teaching tool against the debt of young Saturn aliens. There are in Saturn so many extraterrestrials that too much into debt for their consumption. This, even though they would have no need. After all, they know that the first small growth comes in their professional career. Later, they would be able to take those places anyway, who were free of the retired extraterrestrials.

Saturn's aliens  do not know you as extraterrestrials who drifts from the stream of life.
Credit Card must confess that the question is too complicated for his level.
What do you mean?

You can not live without a plan yet.
Credit Card brings out of his pocket a multi-page book.
Of course, I have a very detailed plan, but as I said, my plan at the moment is the transfer of my functions. In my book, you are viewing in my left hand, I have very detailed created my previous plans. So from A to Z, so to speak. I still have a lot of time thinking about what I'm going to design new plan for my future.

Can you actually after so many years of professional heteronomy find back from one minute to the other to live independently?
Credit Card considering exactly 120 seconds to respond.
Of course, this job requires a lot of energy from one, also that you must be constantly up to date what's happening in and around the company. I have visited every month at least 2.75 of our offices throughout the solar system, so it was also very much on the road. Again in Saturn I was traveling a lot to look every three months in another region to employees and customers in their eyes. It has a very structured daily routine in my function actually. But I have also helped to shape this structure over the last 3333 days myself. I think I'll have a structured daily routine even in my next task. I personally find this helpful. I also create happy detailed plans for everything, then I will be able to leave with a stamp "Done".

Who has now determined your daily life, you or the job?
Credit Card looks at a painted credit card that colored his grandson in kindergarten recently.
It is a mixture of both. I had to learn not only to respond to expectations that were brought to me in my role as the chief of the credit company. If you do that, you have to quickly grasp not a bit more space, its own thoughts or to put even an initiative in motion. That's why I think it's also important that you decide in advance what you want to use your time. For me personally help my plan book. Therein I write, what to do at any second. That has been very helpful for me.

Where and how have you created specific clearances?
Credit Card needs approximately 606 seconds in order to give an answer to this question.
I'm always traveling, for example, for 111 hours a month for increased motivation to the Sweet Chocolate Coast because there important foods are being developed that can be used to the credit company of importance as lunch for employees and shareholders. I also regularly visits the most important countries in Venus with their rapidly growing markets. Such trips were always very important to me. They gave me a broader perspective on the future of our company. I have the same goal also repeatedly met extraterrestrials that can take us forward with ideas and suggestions. Some of these extraterrestrials are involved in the loan company themselves, other outside also.

But these are still end meetings and not what you would expect from everyday freedoms.
Credit Card puts the credit card painted his grandson on the table.
That's true. This is also one reason why I drive every day sport for minimum 660 seconds. I run every day so a few kilometers and mostly alone. I usually wear a mask. So to celebrity hunter myself can not interfere in my spare time. As I have time and quiet, something fundamental thinking about things. I even think about the meaning of life in this relatively short time.

If you are on yourself and start, always thinking about things, sometimes a creep but self-doubt. Do you know this feeling?
Credit Card barks like a dog in the direction of gray chair.
I know the feeling, having to re-evaluate things again and again. The credit industry is extremely dynamic and that it was in the past 3333 days especially. One is therefore compelled to question certain decisions continuously and to check. But you must still have the courage to set a course and to adhere to it. One can not constantly change direction. Then, the failure is inevitable. It is therefore a concrete question of finding on a long-term route to each right course between the individual milestones. The best way leads certainly not always strictly straight. Once I realized that suddenly more pears landed on Saturn because of our wrong lending instead of bananas.

So you never had doubts about the long-term course of the loan company?
Credit Card acts like a real professor.
As the chief of a credit company you have to re-evaluate things again and again, but may not ever doubt. One has to be determined and have a conviction. This is one of the most important qualities that should have a leader. Other ways to invent a sudden, is definitely not, if you have already chosen a clear path.

You had about 70.1 times come into your 3333 days as the chief credit company before your shareholders, analysts and the media, and repeatedly explain smaller or larger rate changes. If there is not eventually own credibility on the line? Credit Card seems to explain one of his performances.
I do not believe that. All understand yet that the credit industry is in a very dynamic change and continual adjustments are needed.
At that 0. 1 time I must say that appearance ended then as soon as the red carpet unexpectedly changed its color. On that day my appearance therefore lasted 9 minutes and 9 seconds.

It's no coincidence that you are with 3333 days already one of the longest in the planet-wide credit industry.
Credit Card points to his account statement.
There is certainly something like an optimum tenure for top chief. When I took over the position, I thought to myself that this would be a task for eleven to twenty-two years. I have already spoken to some time earlier top chiefs on the subject. Many recognize the high, ever-changing content requirements and the physical stresses as natural boundaries of the term of office. But the task requires a lot of mental strength and a lot of calories. One is criticized for each set, the spitting out of its mouth, as well as for some of the things you did not do. Deal with it will not be easier in the long run. The most important part of my motivation was the loyalty to the company, to the extraterrestrials here, I know for a long time. But the main motivation was of course the growth of zeros in my bank statement.

And your record-breaking salary? You will go down as a highly paid top boss of Saturn's credit company in history.
Credit Card now wants to show very modest up.
I'm not sure if your statement true. It was a month since it was different. So I got only 43 packages with chocolate around the summer of my second year in office. Nevertheless, I was working full with all the overtime. The reason I had to explain the tax officials that at this time all just spent the summer holidays with their debts together.
For me, money was never the primary motivation, and I hope that extraterrestrials do not have such a picture in their mind of mine. I can only repeat: My motivation came largely from the fact that I was the credit company and the extraterrestrials feel very connected to the Saturn. For me, it was always about doing what's right for the company. Of course, money is important. Finally, one can not grant loans without money.

You have enumerated at the last General Assembly a few things to which you are particularly proud of looking back at your office and to the shareholders should be proud. For example, the credit company would have prevented a tax increase by the State, or that the credit company for prohibited transactions barely forgave loans. The successes have been sufficiently appreciated?
Credit Card checks the Internet for the Nobel Prize Laureates.
Look, these were difficult and sometimes confusing times. A lot has happened, and it was necessary to make decisions and implement them. I think it has been shown that our team has done the right thing for our stakeholders. Whether this was appreciated or not, was not a priority for me. I got definitely no Nobel Prize for my achievements. But actually I do not care.

Were your achievements recognized in Saturn?
Credit Card is annoying slowly about the questions.
I repeat my opinion on the second time. I think we have performed very well in a difficult environment. I hope though, that this is accepted, but for me that's what we've done, really. On a recognition with a round of applause from the audience, I can completely do without.

Do you go with mixed feelings?
Credit Card looks at the drawing of ten banknote of his grandson.
I hope so, that some of our services in the credit history to be recognized, the less far back somewhat in the past. One of the major challenges of our industry is still the correct handling of the current prohibitions. The fact that we did not play a significant role in the recent scandals in our industry, is a clear sign that we have done our job well in this respect for me. I think that my detailed plan was very helpful here.

Do you think that the Saturn aliens are spoiled by pastries Uncle Graphic and their credit institutions value low?
Credit Card searches on the Internet a photo from his student days.
I have to study exactly your question. I do not think the Saturn aliens are spoiled by pastries Uncle Graphics. Slavery, including minutes to hide life like a miser and money in the ovens, which are the values, which are commonly known as Saturn's virtues - there are values that I have always in my role as the chief of the credit company, and this culture I've been trying to establish itself in the company. That I managed to 49.674 percent.

That will certainly not so many seen when one calls the criticism of the lenders and in your person remembered.
Credit Card tries to defend himself with his fully filled purse.
Sure, there was much criticism of the lenders, even here in Saturn. But Saturn's lenders and our credit company are great assets for the economy of the planet, even though the industry has certainly not always performed perfectly in the long-term retrospective. But this is nevertheless still a major asset, and I hope they continue to do so see. Of course, lending is also some negative phenomena, but it is still an excellent brand name for the planet.

You have emphasized the virtues of the credit company. But at least as present as the absence of the credit company in the banana scandal is also the record buses, which had to pay in a dispute with the covetous from the Jupiter, the credit company 444 days ago.
Credit Card acts as the largest debtor of the second.
I know that, and I also understand that many have trouble trying to keep the timing of the loan scandals in the past few hours in memory. The incidents that led to the buses in a dispute with the covetous from Jupiter, are back about a generation. I was still working in a different role than debtors hunters. In addition, but the whole world knows these misers from the Jupiter. They refused to pay the interest on our loans. For them was the most illogical in this context. But even I have my wages, pay wages of employees and dividends to shareholders.

But you are made as the chief of the credit company ultimately responsible for these incidents.
Credit Card looks at his feet.
So I have to die. When we had to stand in Jupiter speech and answer the covetous middle of the night some time ago, I said that a small group has been responsible for the failings of extraterrestrials in dealing with Jupiter customers. It was said that the management try to use such statements to cover up their own complicity. As I said, I was at the material time in yet another role. Also, it is perhaps the most illumined subject at all, so that any attempt to cover up anything, would have failed. In addition, we found that could not be fair that the misers money without paying interest to borrow. Unfortunately, we were powerless at this time.

Let us return to the positive things your tenure. If you look after all also remember this and can attract long-term loan from a company benefit?
Credit Card pleased about this question raises a glass to the gray chair. More specifically on the rear leg of the chair.
I consider it a great success that we avoided a tax increase for credit business to Saturn and its surroundings. And I'm looking back also proud that we have earned us a very early and constructively in the development of the Saturn's legislation. But it is also a fact that many lender who could avoid any tax increase suffering, still in front of two seconds away. It is a known phenomenon in all industries that companies that are looking for in a bad time to protect their gains, often more from coming out of the bad times than the others, which are always complied with their obligations themselves using a patent.

But if the public your work can not properly assess, that's because not a reason to say now must be found, a new top boss?
Credit Card study the images of ants on his wallpaper. The public has no idea anyway complicated contexts therefore rather no, I think that should not be a reason for cancellation. As the chief one comes inevitably in situations where you have to stand up straight for legacy of your predecessors. The decisive factor is the support from the customers, the shareholders and other stakeholders of the credit company. Of course I was on a bad day also own bodyguards at the expense of the credit company. But that was no reason for me to separate from my executive chair.

What was your biggest mistake as head of the credit company?
Credit Card not confesses gladly his mistakes. For this reason, he is looking for the mistakes of his predecessor on the Internet.
The granting of loans to twelve charlatans who came to our credit company someday. They wanted to finance a factory for spaghetti with credit. At least, stood in their business plan, they my subordinate employees presented with great enthusiasm at that time. The lower branch, however, was skeptical about this lending. The business plan tasted somehow a fraud. He then called me. Then I called on a copy of the business plan. Unfortunately I granted at this time these lending. I granted only 1/10 of the desired sum Luckily. The twelve charlatans had their factory due to lack of funds already on the sixth day after the opening close. We then lost 49937 Bitcoins. That annoyed me particularly because I approved this lending personally with my signature.
Later we learned that the charlatans at all easy accumulated funds from various lenders for their factory. With the money they bought winter jackets of Saturn's upper class. The factory they let extra-build. Thus they would be credible to the lender.

But the fact is that the question about the capital adequacy since that time is a constant companion of the credit company. Was the error at the end but not bigger than you want to admit it?
Credit Card counts his fingers.
Some see that perhaps this way. But fact is however that we comply with all applicable lending requirements since charlatans case. And if you take into account all our secure capital - i.e. the hard core capital plus our convertible capital, the so-called vampires - we are so well capitalized like all our competitors. However, the investors now focus much more on the hard core capital, i.e. on the amount of paid-in share capital and retained earnings, and less on other equity components. We have kept us in the capital planning exactly to the specified in the lender act requirements. If we, as others have done, simply withhold our profits, our quota for common equity would be higher. But we have an order to reward our shareholders with our profits.

Are you saying that the regulation has quasi itself diluted?
Credit Card writes the number 11 in his notebook. So many fingers he could see with himself. He wondered already where the finger came eleventh. But he searched the internet for a suitable response. But now he answers to the question asked.
How often must I repeat myself yet? Our ratio of total lending capital belongs to the highest in the industry. The regulation for which we had used very strong along with the Saturn's Note Factory and Saturn's credit market supervision and which we consider a good regulation is, now judged differently from the market. But we have always paid our shareholders a dividend. That is also the reason why the total return for our shareholders was comparatively high over the entire period of the banana crisis of time, especially in the adjacent comparison.

Let's talk about your successor nor Further More. How long have you known him?
Credit Card needs his calendar.
I know him since 2225 days. At that time he wanted to take over as the chief of dental clinic the other part of the dental clinic using our credit. We from the credit company have advised him. So I met him.

Is it true that you are suggesting to the Board yourself the choice of More?
Credit Card admits.
Yes, I excluded personally all the other candidates from the selection process.

You have nevertheless campaigned for Mr. More public. What can he better than you?
Credit Card refuses at first, to compare himself to his successor. Then he answers.
I'm sure he brings his own strengths, and as head of a dental clinic he also brings a different perspective to the credit company. When choosing between an external and an internal candidate for a top chief posts it always comes to a weighing of interests, both have advantages and disadvantages. The external candidate has the inner workings of the organization only in a study in an internal university graduate, but he has a fresh look at things.

What role does the freedom on your travels planet far?
Credit Card screams.
I love my professional freedom as the chief of the credit company. I'll be doing different places everywhere. I buy cucumbers in every restaurant. I dance with the special music at each place visited by me. Also, I sometimes take my grandson with the travel.

The credit industry has changed a lot in your time as the chief. One would like to believe that it is less prone to become major crises. Is the industry mean?
Credit Card eats two chocolate bars and answered the question.
The changes are very influential and ants strong indeed. Lenders are legally established otherwise, the credit industry works with considerably lower risk and capital ratios are much higher than a few years ago. All in all, the industry become safer and more resilient, and you can see that indeed the results that have become much more steady in recent years. But there is still much to do. Work on the business culture in which all employees adhere strictly to the applicable rules, remains an important issue. I think that we have made significant progress by the credit company in this field. But the work is certainly not done for a long time.
But I think that the exclusion of charlatans in lending is a major advance in our industry.

How do you say goodbye really of 124'567 employees?
Credit Card is blue in the face.
I say goodbye with a personal electronic letter of every single employee. Of course, for reasons of productivity, I send all the same content with a simple salutation in their mailbox. Some people I meet in person one on one. Others may apply in writing with me for a farewell. When I visit individual stores I meet lots of people. That's always an opportunity to say goodbye in person at many. This is sometimes quite hard after 51 years with the company. I have countless relationships with our extraterrestrials and many have achieved great things. But I have to look into the future.

You say it's hard, but you think it is sad.
Credit Card looks at his schedule. Therein stands from which employees he will be what day goodbye personally.
That's also sad after such a long career in the credit company.
Simultaneously, the company also is in the normal after so many years.

Credit Card needs to wipe away his tears with the toilet paper.

What do you do when it does not work with the professor at the University?
Credit Card throws his toilet paper with his tears on the red carpet.
I told you in advance that I will write a book on the topic "Prevention of indebtedness of young Saturn aliens". Or rather a teaching tool on this issue.

After several questions to the outgoing head of the top credit company Credit Card of extraterrestrial Sweasy26 decides to say goodbye to him.
Credit Card lays out the red carpet in his pocket that previously lay his feet comfortably. He leaves the room with the red carpet as a reminder of his celebrity hours.



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