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Biography of supreme head of the credit company from the Saturn Credit Card

Credit Card was born 25,299 days ago in Saturn. He worked as the lower head at the beginning of his career in an apricot company that increased its profit equal to a Bitcoin year after his successful entry into the company. That brought Credit Card then planets far the best reputation among the young lower bosses. Since 3333 days, he is still working with the credit company. He stays there for some time sitting on the red chair. Of course, can not miss the red carpet under his feet. This he proved in-depth interview with the extraterrestrials Sweasy26.
Card studied economics at the elite university for well-heeled Saturn aliens and finished 16608 days ago with a degree in the field of the business plan in finance. He started as a lower assistant to his former bosses the count of each banana. After he made this task successfully, he could be promoted to the lower head of the banana company. In the banana company, young Credit Card had to run at that time personally from door to door and try as many as possible inspire customers for the banana consumption. One day he was injured moderately difficult by a passerby on the street with the banana peel. As a reason called the attacker before the Supreme Court that Credit Card sold him rotten bananas at a horrendous price. The attacker was released after he was paying a deposit of 777 Bitcoins to Saturn's Justice with immediate effect. Credit Card contrast, was sentenced to a full payment of all court costs. That did not accept Card. The result was a longtime justice porridge. Finally, Credit Card gave up in this case. He paid 22,222.46 Bitcoins to the court. In addition, the amount was not enough for the greedy authorities in Saturn. Credit Card was still sentenced to a special payment to the Saturn in the amount of 4,444.57 Bitcoins. He could settle the interest penalty in prison for 4 years. Since Credit Card's own career was more important, he paid the amount to the authorities. After this case, Card one day decided himself to work in a credit company. At first he was only allowed to produce credit cards. He had to make almost 1989 days long. Later, a lower head of a credit company by a group of charlatans was kidnapped on the moon. As the search for that boss was too expensive, the authorities decided from Saturn along with the top leader of the credit company to let the lower boss on the moon under the control of the charlatans. The big boss instructed the middle boss to look for a new lower chief for the credit company. He wrote the following minimum requirements in the job description:
- The lower head must have worked at least 2121 days as credit card producer.
- The candidate for this job must have reached an intelligence test with an intelligence level on the elephant. That is, he must belong to the brightest two percent on Saturn.
- The candidate must have been on a semester abroad in at least three planets.
- The candidate must be a lot of languages. This is important for the planet-wide growth of the credit company.
The average chief asked his subordinates if they could bring these skills. One of the staff who worked since 8080 days in the company, could bring all these requirements. Credit Card did not want to accept this. He sat down on the yellow plastic chair. Then, his desire for the position of the lower bosses grew necessarily at any price to take over, in the height as the flowers in spring. He ran an intelligence test company and took the test. Unfortunately, he was well below the minimum requirements of the supreme chief of the credit company. He forged on the result on the test first. Later, he thought, I'd rather pay the company more money for a better result on paper. Credit Card did this with great success. He paid for a "higher intelligence" around 99.65 Bitcoins. Then he bought a confirmation that he had worked 2223 days as credit card producer. He also wrote a beautiful letter to the central boss and settled in a financial offer in the envelope. The average boss was so excited that he was willing to replace the lower boss on Credit Card for sale.
The other employees had to remain at the same position, despite his real qualification. So Credit Card reached his first job at the credit company as a lower head. This even though he previously worked as a chief in the lower apricots company. But that did not count for the credit company. After unexpected death of the central bosses after 6666 days Credit Card has been proposed for this post. Credit Card accepted the position. As the supreme head of the credit company resigned from his position, Credit Card could also rely on the throne of the company himself. He remained more than 3300 days in office. Further his future plans are: Professor of lending to an university or an author. Credit Card talked with Sweasy26 in an interview.



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