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Emoji PC

This station was founded by an active entrepreneur named Big Face before the birth of his daughter. At first he wanted to call the transmitter Emoji. But there was a big demonstration in the Kingdom. Many Emojis pelted the building of the station with rusty pans. There was a loss in the amount of 9 local Bitcoins. Most notebooks have been damaged. Then Big Face to let the name Emoji PC spray on the building in the form of graffiti quite bold decided. The TV channel  was specializing mainly in the field of digital innovations. Who had an interest in computers, mobile phones and so on, this channel looks at regularly. Big Face discovered furthermore one day under his desk to wish his son that also sports broadcasts are shown on the transmitter. First Big Face took his iron hand and tried to hide this desire into a new folder. On the same day he dreamed of a big demonstration. The leader of the demonstration was in a dream, his son and the faces of the other protesters his son's face resembled each other very much. Big Face woke up shocked. Then he asked some of his employees at the transmitter, what they think about sports. The sought-after employees felt this was a good idea. Then Big Face sent some employees to the sporting events. First ball throwing was broadcast live. Big Face believed his eyes were not as many spectators arrived at his station on that day. He fells even joy out of the chair. It had to help him at least six employees. He shouted: From now on, immediately fly to any sporting event within 16 seconds!

Sports broadcasts on Emoji PC became so popular that all the other sports channels reacted very allergic to the photo of Big Face. Given the strong growth of Internet use in the Kingdom, the shipments are to the computer themes less and less watched. But the sports programs attract more and more viewers. A market researcher commented that sports fans have rather lazy fingers. Computer and technology fans, however, have very hardworking finger for browsing and searching the web.


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