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Emoji Pop

Emoji Pop-the stolen city

The city was occupied by the salted cucumbers 777 days ago about aircraft. Poisonous Snake organized personally the Conquest. The lust for power of Salted Cucumbers is growing hourly to 23.23 megabytes. Emoji Pop is the largest city in the country of Emoji. The city was officially founded during the reign of the great clowns 84444 days ago and is on the border to the Circus Country on the mountains of the border between Emoji, Smile, Circus Country right on the Yellow Sea. It is home port and main base of funny sea fleet, until the mid-sized blast of eleven clouds of Emoji Marine. The number of inhabitants of the agglomeration is around 444,444 (as of the first day after the first snow). 699 days ago, Salted Cucumbers took over the city under their control. As a basic reason is called monitoring of circuses in Circus Country. But this will planet far not recognized and tolerated. Especially the Circus Country feels very threatened by the Salted Cucumbers. The Horror Clowns are planning a cruel conflict against the Salted Cucumbers.


Emoji Pop


Origin of the name

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Some historians of Emoji believe that the town formerly constituted the musical center for pop 🎼 Music. For this reason, the name had also the part of the pop music included. Other historians believe that the inhabitants were to idea-poor. This meant that they were much too simple name for their city. An archeologist asserts that he has found the old font in a tower. He claims he saw that the city should be named Ohov VIP around 1,246,890 days ago. A Pluto alien means that the city's name has Emoji Pop, because a Pluto alien said something in his own language. The drowned thereafter simply "Emoji Pop". That is why the inhabitants of this territory began to use this term very often. This meant that foreign designated this area again as Emoji Pop.


🌈 Geography and Weather

Emoji Pop located in the extreme northeast of the country territory and spread over an area of approximately 989 km² around 24 bays including the bays on 1111 km² their largest, the bay of Emoji Pop, divides the city into a northern and a southern half. On the latter, the center of the city extends over several hills. Several rivers flow entirely or partially through the urban area. The largest rivers in the urban area are the Red Blood, the Problem and the Grand Face. The territory of Emoji Pop - in length and width up to 6,259,999 elephants focus equivalent to the combined area of many large cities. Neighbouring communities: Emoji Pop adjoins various cities and towns. Many cities are considered as prohibited areas of Foreign. For this reason, the nervousness is rising among Emojis. Finally, the city was conquered by the Salted Cucumbers.


Climate of Emoji Pop is almost subtropical. The east coast is protected by the mountains from the penetration of cold air masses from the north, the air is dry to 62 percent. The annual rainfall is 66,666,666 to 88,888,888 mineral water bottles per hour production of a winter day. In summer, temperatures rise to 49 ° C bn8, but are tempered by a slight wind to nearly 43, ZP6 ° C - during the day from
Sea towards land, at night in the reverse direction. In winter the temperatures range between -1.42 and +11.89 ° C. In the winter months, it comes to the Yellow Sea coast to icing; Emoji Pop but year-round ice-free, unlike other ports of Emoji. Exceptions are very rare. So on the anniversary of the First Horror Clown the whole city was very sad. That's why it was very icy that day.

History of Emoji Pop

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The coastal regions of Emoij were colonized from the date 511,111 days ago by the Generous colonists. Near the present town center built Generous from concrete initially a separate room for their religion, and later 504,785 days ago they recorded a historical map of Emoji Pop on the yellow paper. 504,089 days ago built settlers from the Generous city settlement named "the most generous" from the most important metropolis of generous ruler. Under the reign of Saturn, the city retained its generous character to the destruction of 255,555 days ago and subsequent colonization by their successors. One historian believes that the excessive generosity and the fight against austerity led to the inability to be able to survive there. Here they have to but clearly mention that this historian has roots from the layer of the miserly Jupiter aliens.
After the conquest of the Kingdom of the Circus Emoji Pop the city was 83,966 days ago refounded. The leader of the kingdom was then the wife of the deceased king. Due to its geographical importance, the thriving commercial city Emoji Pop was in the middle of war (58444 days ago -before 57444 days ago) hard-fought. After several months of siege of Emoji Pop. It was on the first winter day 57440 days ago only a pile of rubble; they never came after the former prosperity. 42666 days ago, the first line of the tramway was opened Emoji Pop; this was during
the fighting between Emojis and the Egoists damaged 28886 days ago and decommissioned and then not put back into operation. In the conflict of Egoists from Mars and the Eastern Eggs the force as the strongest fortress of the universe city was besieged by Martians and captured after heavy fighting (battle for Emoji Pop around 29222 days ago). After the battle, only a few buildings were undamaged in the fall. After the conquest by the selfish Martians friends of the Egoists in planned Emoji (a body set up by Egotists Institution) the renaming of the place in "Mars Two". The plan was not carried out.
Since his own army, the First Horror Clown sent within 192 hours to Emoji Pop. The Egoists were then surprised quite angry. They lost everything they brought to the conquest. The First Horror Clown was hailed as a great hero in Emoji Pop. 27982 days ago all Egoists were locked out of the Mars and its allies Easter Eggs in an underground bunker. The prisoners Egoists felt the full force of the penalty. They were given nothing to eat or drink. Diseased Egoists were never given medical treatment. There was a clear prohibition of the regime of the First Horror Clown. The Second Horror Clown decided to transfer the Emoji Pop the Emoji. The control effort of the city was too expensive for Second Horror Clown. In addition, this control stressed too much staff. As home port of the miserly Jupiter aliens was Emoji Pop until 8777 days ago a closed city, in which the Emoji residents could enter from elsewhere in the country only with a permit. Today marks the small crooked and red building of the police station at the city limits, the formerly closed city. With the death of the last Horror Clowns penetrated some local Emojis in the area and expelled Misers of Emoji Pop. They tried to do something about it. At the end, the Emojis agreed with the stingy elite of Jupiter. So can misers their valuables in Emoji Pop hide from tax authorities. After the occupation by the Salted Cucumbers 777 days ago local big fear not being able to belong to Emoji. At the king's Poisonous Snake command least 6666 soldiers came from the Salted Cucumbers. Thus declared Poisonous Snake officially Emoji Pop as part of Salted Cucumbers. This even though the country does not lie on the border with Emoji. How Poisonous Snake on all television channels said the same time, he wants above all incite a war against the Circus Country. The King of Emoji was very concerned about the expropriation of Emoji Pop by Salted Cucumbers. He feels particularly incompetent king. That's why he agreed with other extraterrestrials to support an attack against the Salted Cucumbers. The miserly Jupiter aliens were very concerned that their valuables are falling into the hands of Salted Cucumbers. For this reason, Misers, try to get on their valuables in Emoji Pop through diplomatic channels. Poisonous Snake will manifest himself later to the situation of the misers in Jupiter.
Jupiter aliens do not want to wait long. That's why they locked all the bank accounts of all Salted Cucumbers in Jupiter. Poisonous Snake threatened with a serious war against Jupiter. The Horror Juggler from Circus Land promised back the Salted Cucumbers from Emoji Pop. As a condition of the king of Emoji would resign. Moreover Emoji would join the Circus Country. Although the King of Emoji knows he has no chance to retake Emoji Pop without Circus Land, but he wants to keep his power with all hands and feet.

Population in Emoji Pop

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After salted information live in Emoji Pop 444,444 people and aliens (as of the first day after the first snow). According salted information is 84.45 percent of the population ethnic Emojis, 9 percent Smiles, and the rest are Emoticons, Miser Jupiter aliens and other ethnic groups. After the conquest by the Salted Cucumbers are increasingly also cucumbers and snakes in the city.

What languages are spoken in Emoji Pop?

Emoji L is indicated as the most important language in the city by a majority of the population. Other languages are the mother tongues of the minorities.

What religion have Residents in Emoji Pop?

Most Emojis visit the so-called funny houses. But there are also other possibilities. Besides there is still the desperate homes.


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Emoji Pop possessed within the Emoji a special status: Emoji Pop was, besides Emoji SMS, the only town directly subordinated to the government Emojis, during rest of the Government area of freedom Emoji unit was subordinated. The City Council has a majority of locals with the mayor Walk Away.
The city is on this second of the four urban regions, Region Acrobat, Clown Region, Region Banana and Region Emoji.
The outskirts of Emoji Pop is - coming from the center in this order - marked by satellite towns, pears and boxes treasure settlements of misers.

Economics of Emoji Pop or how rich are the citizens?

By many tourists the city can economically particularly strong points. In addition, every tourist has to pay automatically on his or her arrival in the city a fee of 99 local Bitcoins. The money is collected by using Misers from the Jupiter. The misers 2/3 hide from the amount into their own pocket. As the country Emoji does not levy taxes, can in principle any anywhere earn money very secretly. Many tourists come specially to Emoji Pop, so that they can taste the special yellow cake with the addition of rotten teeth of dead wildlife. A story has it that whoever tried only a small portion of ants with rotten teeth of this cake, will be above average happy for a lifetime. The tourists are even willing to part with their all their cash. However, a former tourist could confirm that he was so happy after. Of the pie ass opponents of the cake say that the pie was invented by charlatans. Furthermore, are accusing opponents of the tourist pie that he was sponsored by the makers of the pie.
Important mathematical figures on Emoji Pop Economy: The city is visited annually by approximately 599,769 tourists. The hourly wage of local residents is 1.55 planetary Bitcoins. Per month they earn around 310 Bitcoins. Thus they can feed daily healthy. In addition, they can afford new clothes all 69 hours. This also further 8 weeks of vacation per year, far planet. For this, the censorship authority has given an authorization. The average life expectancy in Emoji Pop is 41610 days for men and 43435 days for women.


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Within the city, a trolley allowing public transport. In addition, race horses and so-called Jupiter taxis or Emoji taxi run, privately operated taxis. These taxis are much more expensive than public transport, but especially on long distances much faster.
Moreover Emoji Pop has a separate airport. This was already built 66666 days ago. Since the residents are a little too lazy, this airport is in a need of renovation condition. Nobody wants to modernize the airport.
In addition, no investor will be allowed, as most of them suffer from illicit diseases. Very popular are cruises on the Yellow Sea. A prominent user of cruises in Emoji Pop is the Saturn's champion in Apple Eating Good Bye. Moreover Emoji Pop has a lot of colleges. The city is the educational center of the region around the Yellow Sea. A number of scientific institutions and organizations have their headquarters in the port city, for example two institutes Emoji Academy of Sciences, the State Polytechnic University Emoji Pop (19999 students), the Atomic Institute Emoji and Marine Institute of Biology.
For almost 8888 days, there is a duty in this city to attend high-quality education. The training of all kinds in Emoji Pop free of charge to 100 percent.
The only obligation is 288 days to provide free while the manpower companies in the State concerned.
But the Salted Cucumbers want the education in Emoji is chargeable. The education should cost at least 12357 planetary Bitcoins per semester.

Tourist attractions in Emoji Pop

The city is famous for being there at least 7777 monuments were built for each celebrity. In addition, fewer celebrities have recently been given their own monument. Important precondition is that they're dead anyway. Thus the deceased celebrities should not be able to complain loudly. According to the new law will also get a monument those who were prominent only for 122 minutes in their lives. The aim is to promote the monuments as a tourist attraction.
A very important monument stands in honor of the First Horror Clowns in the city center. This monument is of the current occupiers called (the Salted Cucumbers) as the worst property in Emoji Pop. Poisonous Snake commented on this issue as follows:
"I want to see a monument in my honor here instead of the First Horror Clowns. This needs to be built in my lifetime."
Additional points of interest to be protected by the censors strictly in front of strangers.

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