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Poop Emoji

This is the story about the town of Poop Emoji. For the corresponding Emoji see: 💩 Pile of Poo. Poop Emoji is a town in the south of the kingdom Emoji. In Poop Emoji 498,894 inhabitants live according to an official statement of the authorities. Most inhabitants belong to the so-called social class of the Emoji Poop. They differ in their skin color from most Emojis in the country. So Poop Emoji suffered especially strongly from the discrimination and exploitation by foreign rulers in its history. Moreover, Emoji Poops are valid as very spirited.
Even the today's king of Emoji wanted to discriminate against the Emoji Poop population at the beginning of his rule. This failed to the king of Emoji by big opposition.
Poop Emoji is by the yellow sea. That's why Poop Emoji is valid as a port city in the south of Emoji.


 Poop Emoji




Poop Emoji got its name because of the first colonist of the area. At that time better said several Emoji Poops came to the area. They reached from a confidential place to the today's area of Poop Emoji. Today's historians deal very intensely with the history of Poop Emoji. The reason is the growing influence of the Emoji Poop people on the modern history of the kingdom Emoji. In particular becomes the freeing from the population of the modern slavery. Also the demonstration of the modern history of Poop Emoji influenced the perception of the authorities and the king of Emoji.


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According to free and independent meteorologists Poop Emoji registers temperatures between 17.77 and 35.54 in the positive area in summer. In winter the temperatures move between -7.77 and +9.78. All temperatures which lie in between are valid as a spring or autumn. One day several meteorologists had to work out the average temperature of an up to now unknown year. They failed because of complicated mathematics. So they had to search the help of the mathematicians. Later mathematicians also had to find out that they counted on wrong mathematics. Thus it came to riots to Poop Emoji. This is why the mathematicians sent wrong mathematics as far as possible abroad. Who is concerned by wrong mathematics, the censorship authority is quiet quite iron. Plasters on their mouths had to stick all persons responsible. About the amounts of rainfall in Poop Emoji: In addition the local meteorologist granted the following figures: It always rains every Monday between 7 o'clock and 11 o'clock. The amount of rainfall is estimated at the data amount of all computers of the planet earth on the worldwide Internet. For biologists of Poop Emoji it is a big riddle, why in Poop Emoji it rains only on Mondays. Because of the regular rains Poop Emoji never has problems with water shortage. It rains here yearly every Monday regularly.


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1,460,000 days ago several forefathers of the today's Emoji Poop people came to the area. They came from an unknown place. They dealt actively with the construction of old ships from cardboard. Thus several inhabitants at that time of Poop Emoji were on the move on the way by their self built ships on the yellow sea. At this time were aliens from the midget planet Makemake on the other side of the seashore. There the inhabitants of Poop Emoji by their ships landed. Their friendship thereby began at the beginning with the aliens from Makemake. 🗣️🙊 🙊. 🗣️🙊🕓🕓⏱️, it unexpectedly came to a misunderstanding between aliens from Makemake and the guests from Poop Emoji. The aliens from Makemake interpreted a sign of the Emoji Poops as insults. However, this was a big misunderstanding. Without other explanations the offended extraterrestrial called Besides decided to enslave the Emoji Poop population. Thus the people from Poop Emoji on the other side of the yellow sea were enslaved by aliens from Makemake. Emoji Poops had to carry heavy stones for the construction of several big towers.


 Emoji Poops


This led to a rising mortality rate under the Emoji Poops. Nevertheless, that's why Besides still decided to start on negotiations with the guests. At this time Pluto found out about the abuse of power of the aliens from Makemake on the planet Halloween. 👀🇯🇵➕🌏️🧑‍💻️💩😀➕🇯🇵🧑‍💼➡️🦘🧑‍💼➕💩🇯🇵. 🗣️🔍️🔍🍼🉐🐄🐃🐮. Thus an Emoji Poop visited his friends or relatives with a donkey. This became a long tradition in Poop Emoji. The milk industry flourished in this time in Poop Emoji. Many Emojis drank several megabytes of milk daily.

Poop Emoji under Neptune

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912,500 days ago several Neptune's aliens from their planet came to Poop Emoji. The uppermost researcher from the Neptune was called Pea. He wanted to carry out several experiments in Poop Emoji. He brought several potato skins from the Neptune for this purpose. He noticed that in Poop Emoji particularly many Emojis lived. That's why he asked the population whether they built with pleasure several tents from the potato skins.
Emoji Poops were interested in the experiment. Thus they became the employees of the aliens from the Neptune. Some Emojis rather wanted to concentrate upon the milk industry and the forest plantation. Thus the researcher Pea became a respectable personality in Poop Emoji. 📐🐘⛺️🎪🥔🍠. 🧑‍💻️🧑‍🔬💩⬆️.  🎱⬅️👨‍🎨➕🖌️💩👦×1️⃣5️⃣➕🥇➕🍎💩📱🥇🍎♠️➕💩. 👤👨🅰️🅰️📚️📗📗👣🚪🏘️. 👤👨⬅️ 🈶 👭🔛✍️📝. 🎪⛺️🥔🍠💪. 👷🏗️🗞🆕🏘️🏘. ☼🔍️ℹ️. 🗣️❓️🙏 🕴👤👨⬅️🎂🥇➕👤👨⬅️📛. 🏗️🪴⬆️. 👾👽👽🔢📨🧀. 👾👽👽👀➕🔬💰🔪🔧. ⏱️👾👽🏗️➕➕🏨🏨⬆️💩. 👾👽👽🤲✏️✋.👾👽👽⬆️🏞. 🧓🏘️➕🏗🏚. He wanted to oblige the Emoji Poops for the construction of his new house. At that time the population was not to be worked by Poop Emoji at all ready for foreign rulers. More and more Emojis were active with the milk industry. Moreover, more Emojis became the cheese traders. For Neptune's aliens the situation was more difficult after the earthquake. ♆👽👽🙋🙌💩.

Poop Emoji after the earthquake

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More and more Clowns and Acrobats found the way in the former seashore of the aliens from the Makemake. They built several ships in their area. Later they came by their ships to Poop Emoji. They did not understand, why Emojis in this area looked so different. In spite of these specific features of Emoji Poops some Clowns in this area decided to found their own circus. In this time a golden time began for Emoji Poops. They could enjoy life culturally. 👑💩➕📃👑🇧🇪💩1️⃣ 👤😃👩⬅️🇧🇪➕😃🔍️👤🎨👩⬅️👤👹👨👤⛄👩⬅️. 🆕🏛∆. 💩👶🏾. 👤👨💩🔍️🏙🏗️. He landed in a chemist's shop of the extraterrestrials from the Deimos. Ironically were these aliens from the moon of Mars. At that time Middle Finger Emoji was built up actively and settled. In spite of his skin color Spell was well integrated into Middle Finger Emoji. There he lived long time. He might work as an assistant of the chemist. One day Spell wanted to buy new shoes to himself. 👤👨💩🤯. For his luck Middle Finger Emoji had at this time a strong other ruler from Allergies. The attempt of north Mars this town to discover, remained fruitless. Spell was questioned by the soldiers to his origin. Later the soldiers promised to him that they would not betray him to north Mars. Later the king of Allergies noticed that Poop Emojis could be especially good taxpayers. That's why he instructed his allergic army for the search of other Emoji Poops. Then big hunt for other Emoji Poops planet-far began.
In the meantime, Poop Emoji had the highest building in completely Emoji. This building was used by Mars aliens as a townhouse. There aliens from Mars wrote several laws in rest. Poop Emojis had to cook for the Mars aliens. At this time the king of north Mars came to Poop Emoji for visit. He wanted to make a Selfie with the special Poop Emojis. The slaves were prepared for the royal order for the photo appointment. They had to color slightly violet. The king thereby wanted to present himself in his kingdom of the population with big pride.


 Emoji Poop: King of Poop


At this time this announcement reached the former slave Spell in Middle Finger Emoji. He knew the face of the king by many portraits in north Mars. That's why Spell wanted to meet the king. However, he wanted to not only have the risk. That's why he spoke with the allergic authorities. The king of Allergies decided to meet together with his army and the Emoji Poop Spell the king from north Mars. The meeting between both rulers ended in a sales contract. The king of north Mars required very high prices for his slaves from Poop Emoji. The king of Allergies decided to buy two Poop Emojis. The allergic king hardly bought both Emojis they fell ill fast. They died after the purchase within 8 days. The king of Allergies was annoyed very much about his financial loss.👑🧔♂⬆️🙅🉑👤👨⬅️⚓💩: North Mars sold us corpses instead of good taxpayers for a lot of money. Spell realized that his present engagement brought nothing. He noticed only that he should bury two Poop Emojis.
🙍‍♂️💩➕🌌⬅️🙍‍♂️💩🅰️🤚🎱🌓🤚☎️🚋🚽👠☎️🗾🕌📴. 🥈💩🤲⬆️♀.💩👷⬆️♄🖼. ❓️💩💩➕✈️. 💩🍖🛸🧲👩‍✈️💩👈🤳👩‍✈️💩🅰️⌚. 👤👨🈯➕👤👨⬅️ 🦲 🗣️. There they learnt the local language. 79570 days ago a lot of tractors from north Mars came to Poop Emoji and kidnapped several Poop Emojis to north Mars. In north Mars the local population had enough of these strangers. ⏱️🧂🥒🥒👐🍻⚓💩. ♂💸💰💩💩∆🧂🥒🥒.

The return of the Poop Emojis

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77015 days ago the ruler of the Mercury began his conquest of Poop Emoji. That's why the descendants of the Poop Emojis also helped the ruler from the Mercury. ⏯💩👹📴🦘📴🤚🌓🚽📳🛎🦘🅰️🤚🎱🅰️🎨⛄🅰️😃🙂🤚🎱🇮🇹🍖👆💩🚮🗾🌏🅰️🦘👩‍💻🅰️🎨🤚🎱🅰️🙂🚽💩🆙👹👩‍💼💩👩‍💼🤚🎱🤚🚽🅰️👹👩‍💻🤚🎱🚽🌌🤲👽🟨🤚🎨🚽🤛🚮🅰️🦔🍖. The yellow Jupiter aliens decided to build some pointless things. Thereby they wanted to show that they made something with the stolen money.  

Poop Emoji in the modern time

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41610 days ago the irritated Scary Clown came to Poop Emoji. He found many local inhabitants under bad terms of employment working. The other people had much better jobs than Poop Emojis. That Scary Clown told the Emojis. He also copied many documents. He could prove this. 🔣💩👦🧛‍♂️🅰️🤚🎨🌓👆🍏🤚🎱📱🌓🤚🍏🎨🍖👆🎗🚽🤚💩🅰️💳🤚🎱🚽👆🚽🅰️🚋🇧🇪🅰️🤚💩🎱👑😈🅰️🤚1️⃣ 🇮🇹😶🍖〽️👨👆🅰️🙁🤚💩🎱🚽🅰️📡👆❎🍖🔣🙁🤚💩🚽🎱🚽👂🤚. 💩💩⬆️👐💵.
At this time the First Horror Clown decided to resettle at own command Emojis from other towns to the better mixing to Poop Emoji. Thus several Emojis from other towns were moved by compulsion. Others also came voluntarily. As for example the former inhabitants of Emoji 2. 17520 days ago the Third Horror Clown signed a law of the equalization of all inhabitants of the Circus Union. In spite of this law Poop Emojis were still discriminated. 🧷🍖🇨🇦👆🔤💩🕌1️⃣ 🤚🚮🧿🇮🇹🍖🎂👆🅰️🇪🇭🇦🇺🚽🅰️. Therefore they supported the royal descendant Devil Emoji. After the seizure of power of Devil Emoji he allowed to forbid different discriminating laws definitively. Thus the population by Poop Emoji was treated as equal, finally, the other Emojis. 6000 days ago a group Emojis organized in a brainstorming. The subject was: "Is moneymaking a crime?
Several participants dealt with this question in Poop Emoji. 💩🧲🅰️👫😄🛰👑😈🎱👆🆖🕌🅰️🔣👆🎥🍲. At this time Devil Emoji got more and more nightmares that he should make, finally, his political progress.

Demonstration in Poop Emoji: Moneymaking is no crime

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5666 days ago the participants of the former event together with many Poop Emojis organized a peaceful demonstration against the direct levy. Under the motto: Moneymaking is no crime. Among the demonstrators were many local Emoji Poops, but also Emojis from other towns came to this demonstration. The best known participant was the professor Emoji Guide. He provided for legal realization of the demonstration. Thus stood many Poop Emojis with the posters with the defense of the moneymaking.


Poop Emojis Demonstration Against Direct Levy

Many Emojis with Jupiter's roots got to know about this demonstration. They came even with colored posters to this demonstration. This event made all politicians argue in the country with the subject. All advocates of the tax authority argued absolutely unsuccessfully. At the end demonstrators presented alternatives to the punishment of the moneymaking. If the conviction of the national bank belonging to it to the production of the digital and physical money. Thus the suffering all Emojis ended under the mighty tax authority. Then Emoji Guide together with his codemonstrators celebrated his biggest success.
That's why the 15th of July became the urban holiday in Poop Emoji. Yearly this day of the victory over the tax authority whole is celebrated during 86400 seconds. The old townhouse of Poop Emoji was partially used as a place of interest for tourists. Every visitor can marvel at several not yet sent off bills for tax purposes in this building. They hang everywhere on the walls of the former tax authority. Finally, after the end of the direct taxes Emojis could draw a deep breath. Thereby there rose the buying power and the investment strength of the population. The economic growth could make the biggest progress. Moreover, there rose the motivation to work of the inhabitants of the kingdom Emoji. Under
💯 Hundred Points you can experience the demonstration with 100 Emojis in a video.

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