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Emoji 2

Emoji 2 is in the north of the kingdom Emoji. The town is in the region of the capital of the country. In the former history a lot of inhabitants lived in the today's area of the town. When the town got its today's name, Emoji 2 was regularly on the second place in all areas of life. That's why the area got the name Emoji 2.


 Emoji 2


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182,500 days ago the first Emojis came to the area. They came with several frying pans to this region. After a short time nearly 22,467 inhabitants already lived in this area. This led to the fact which got this area the second place in completely Emoji. The uppermost leader of Emoji 2 was called just Emoji 1. He also called his latest son after this town.

Thus he wanted to protect the claims to power of his family in Emoji 2. Moreover, he invented a special fee for the expansion of the town.

For this purpose he sent his wife Emojia 1. She came to every inhabitant with the heading on her forehead. Stood on it: Emoji 2 needs your help. Development aid for the ambitious town. Really Emoji 2 long times could grow economically. More and more Emojis came to the area. Thus lived here already 177,390 days ago nearly 48,876 inhabitants. Most inhabitants were Emojis and Acrobats. 172,280 days ago went Emoji 1 with his latest son on a town tour.

He showed his son to all inhabitants of the town. Besides, he presented his son as his successor. He explained quite proudly that his son soon took over the power in Emoji 2. Emoji 1 had bigger and bigger fear of own death. A short time ago, finally, he had to bury his both parents himself. 166,440 days ago the alien Re from Pluto came to Emoji 2. He exactly wanted to examine the area. Because he came for longer time to the region, he brought his special drinks from Pluto.

At a place in the wood Re forgot a bottle with his drink. At this time was the latest son of Emoji 1 near the wood. Suddenly he found an interesting object. This was the bottle with the special drink from Pluto. He took the bottle to himself home. Emoji 2 showed the strange bottle to his parents. Emoji 1 was with his thoughts in the subject of death. He did not hear carefully on his latest son when he spoke about the bottle. His mother Emojia 1 was very courageous. She tried the drink.

She said that this drink should come definitively from another world. Then her latest son Emoji 2 tried these drinks. He agreed to his mother. His father denied himself to drink this drink from Pluto. 157,680 days ago many Emojis fell ill with unknown illnesses in the town and its surroundings. Only Emoji 2 and his mothers stayed healthy completely. Emoji 1 regretted at this time that he refused to tolerate the drinking of the drink to his other children earlier.

All sons and daughters of Emoji 1 died because of the unknown illness. At this time Emoji 1 wanted to go to the wood. He went to the predators. He wished that he would be attacked by a predator. At this time appeared the alien Re from Pluto. He met Emoji 1 in the wood. He started to speak with him. Emoji 1 reacted very much disappointed that he refused to tolerate to his children the drinking of an unknown drink earlier. Also he regretted that he himself did not drink.

Re remembered that he forgot earlier a bottle with his drink at the same place. Thereon Re handed over a similar bottle with the same drink to the weary of life Emoji 1. Emoji 1 was very grateful. After some time he returned home. There he drank from this drink. Suddenly he felt very good. He decided to hide these bottles at a confidential place. 151,840 days ago Emojis noticed that Emoji 1 with his family were almost the only survivors of the epidemic. They wanted to find out the reason.

At this time an alien from the Saturn was on the way to Emoji 2. He wanted to see the area with his eyes, after he had seen the area by telescope before. He was a Saturn astronomer. When local population met the astronomer, the inhabitants wanted this stranger as a town leader of Emoji 2. Later Emoji 1 found out this information from his wife. That's why he decided to flee from this town.

His latest son Emoji 2 felt better and better, healthier and stronger. He wanted under no circumstances a stranger from the Saturn as the uppermost leader of the town. Finally, he further drank the drink from Pluto. On account of his physical strength Emoji 2 could build alone whole houses or destroy. Thus explained before the urban population that from this second he was the town leader. At that time applauded a lot of Emojis. They would loudly shout: Finally, this Emoji 1 is away and deadly.

They did not know that simply the latest son with bigger delay became the town leader. Finally, all inhabitants who saw the young Emoji 2 personal 20440 days ago were already dead. He reacted with big satisfaction. At the same time he built in the quick tempo a big castle nearby to the wood. There Emoji 1 and his wife Emojia 1 could live. The access to the wood was so formed for the whole population that they could hardly perceive this castle.

The heading stood on the castle: Hydroelectric power plant.

Thus the town leader hid his parents from the bad population. 144,175 days ago the Saturn's astronomer absolutely wanted to take over the management of the city Emoji 2. That's why he came with several aliens from the Saturn. He wanted to let the town leader kidnap. 144,044 days ago the Saturn's astronomer started to coach his well organised army for the fight against the town leader.

After long military training 444 aliens from the Saturn were already ready for battle. In the meantime, Emoji 2 every days drank at least one drop from the Pluto's drink. 142,350 days ago were in the town suddenly several Hundred aliens from the Saturn. The local population reacted very much frightened. The Saturn aliens said that they marched here alone because of the town leader. An Emoji called the town leader. Thereon Emoji 2 came to the Saturn aliens.

He asked them what they wanted. They asked only for his name. Hardly he answered that he was the town leader, they ran to him. On account of his strength he could injure within 124 seconds all aliens from the Saturn hard. They were clearly surprised by his strength. After other 653 seconds all Saturn aliens died. The Saturn's astronomer observed the fight in the background. He hit with his hand on his forehead. Many Emojis respected their town leader from this second.

They collected signatures that Emoji 2 should remain the town leader forever. After this event he was treated very deferentially. In the meantime, he told his parents in the castle what he experienced. 136,510 days ago the Saturn's astronomer organised a bigger fight of his compatriots in Emoji 2. This time he tried to put the local population under big pressure. At that time 90777 inhabitants already lived in this area. Many Emojis came from other regions when they got to know about the strong town leader.

Suddenly burnt aliens from the Saturn several trees in Emoji 2. Thereon all inhabitants of the town would shout that the town leader alone could defeat the opponents. This time 44844 Saturn aliens were in Emoji 2. The town leader drank nearly 1 megabyte of the special drink. Then he went to the extraterrestrials from the Saturn. He was very furious on them. He hit with his hands on the ground. Within 9 seconds a strong earthquake began. Besides, all Saturn aliens were swallowed without exception by the earth.

The Saturn's astronomer observed the scene in the background. This time he fought himself nearly 45288 spots on the forehead. Thus he put a record which no historian could take down in the book of the records. 121,910 days ago visited Emoji 1 the wood. He went very much far back in the wood. There he discovered a tent. He was very curious. He knocked at the door. From the tent there came the Saturn's astronomer. He thought that this inhabitant could be his friend. That's why the Saturn's astronomer with Emoji 1 started to talk.

He said him that he should be, actually, the town leader of Emoji 2. He told the father of the town leader that he had already tried several times the takeover of the management. He said bad things about the topical town leader over and over again. Emoji 1 wanted to hit, actually, the Saturn's astronomer. But he felt not strong enough. Instead, he made friends with the bad astronomer. Emoji 1 promised to help him.  He noticed to himself the location of the astronomer.

When Emoji 1 was at home, he told his wife Emojia 1 about his important finding in the wood. She thought that he found a valuable object. Instead, he told her that he found the biggest enemy of their son in the wood. Later visited Emoji 2 his parents in the castle. Emoji 1 told the whole story his son. 121,888 days ago Emoji 2 went to the wood. He looked for the tent of the astronomer. He found a corpse in the tent.

The Saturn's astronomer feared that he met an enemy. That's why he laid a corpse in his tent. Instead, he fled to Saturn. Emoji 2 thought that the astronomer was dead. He said later his father that he found a corpse in the tent. That's why Emoji 1 with his eyes decided to look at the corpse. But he suffered from senility. That's why he stayed at home. In Saturn the astronomer was condemned because of the murder of many innocents during the war in Emoji.

The Saturn's astronomer was pelted with heavy stones. Then he died in Saturn at the age of 60590 days. 116,070 days ago felt Emoji 1 worse and worse. At this time he and his wife had no drink from Pluto. When his son got to know about the bad state of health, he brought a bottle with the drink from Pluto. Emoji 1 denied to drink himself. He said that he must soon go from his physical body. He dreamt about his parents.

They promised to him with the defection to help in the next life. He said this his son Emoji 2. After other 21 days Emoji 1 died at the age of 87965 days. 109,500 days ago the Pluto alien Re visited the wood again. He checked the soil quality. Later he remembered that he brought to the town leader Emoji 2 several bottles with the drink from Pluto for his birthday. When Emoji 2 saw the alien from Pluto, he was very happy. He asked him, why he did not come earlier.

Re said that he had a lot of job. He could not be every day in this town. Emoji 2 accused Re that this alien was guilty in the early death of his father. Re replied: If your father received the drink earlier, he could still live. But without drink you would already die 43800 days ago. Emoji 1 would have to die, actually, at the age of 33215 days.

After this conversation thanked Emoji 2 for the life lengthening for himself and his parents. Then Re disappeared out of sight from the town leader.

108,040 days ago several aliens from the Neptune came to Emoji 2. They wanted to cut several fir-trees from the wood. When several attentive Emojis noticed the strangers, they ran in their direction. At that time the town had a small army of 5098 soldiers. The uppermost commander was the town leader.

The Neptune's aliens started to cut several fir-trees. Suddenly Emoji 2 with his small army came to the wood. He ran to the aliens from the Neptune. Together with his army he could defeat all enemies after 2 hours. Then all caught Neptune's aliens had to be locked up. For this purpose his mother Emojia 1 had to leave the castle. She lived from this second in the new house, which Emoji 2 built 1212 days ago independently.

106,580 days ago the town leader ordered the plantation several fir-trees in the wood. At this time some Emojis discovered that in the wood some fir-trees could not be damaged by Neptune. This were these trees at the same place, how the successfully felled firs although. Emoji 2 remembered the last visit of the extraterrestrial Re from Pluto. He was at these places. 100,740 days ago the town leader decided the release of the caught Neptune's aliens.

98550 days ago the former prisoners from the Neptune returned to Emoji 2. They tried to cut trees in the wood again. This time the town leader was alarmed at home. Quick he ran in the wood. There he hit on the ground with his forefinger. Then light earthquake began in the wood. All Neptune's aliens fell on the ground. Then the town leader ran to them. He hit to all enemies several times in the cheeky face. He recognised among them the same faces which he released some time ago from the prison.

Thereon he became very furious. He hit all recumbent Neptune's aliens with his fist. Then he allowed to arrest them all. In the castle Emoji 2 commanded the pitiless shooting of all Neptune's aliens. 97090 days ago quiet time began in the town. The area could develop again economically well. 82490 days ago the king of Emoji came to the town for visit. He met the town leader in his office. The king said him that he wanted to profit on account of the strong economic growth from Emoji 2 financially.

For this purpose he instructed the construction of a tax authority. The king of Emoji also wanted to find good construction workers for this location. 82125 days ago a master builder from the Saturn came to Emoji 2. In the Saturn he had a building contractor. He was called Peril. At the order of the king of Emoji he built with his enterprise the highest building in the town. 78840 days ago the building was finally ready to relation after long time. The king of Emoji dreamt of the levy in the big town.

At that time lived in Emoji 2 about 116,611 inhabitants from different nations. However, Emojis were in the majority. Peril also decided to build several factories in the town. Thus Emoji 2 became a big building site of that time. The king of Emoji sent his employees to the town. They exactly had to supervise all income. The town leader got more and more protest letters against the existence of the tax authority. At this time the king of Emoji wanted to connect this town to the capital city. Thus he could have even more influence.

74460 days ago the king of Emoji died after a long and heavy illness. His descendants were hardly interested in the town and its tax authority. Thus the master builder Peril used the chance of his life. He took over the tax authority. Moreover, the Saturn alien wanted to develop his influence in Emoji 2 clearly. All built factories belonged to Peril. The mother of the town leader Emojia 1 gave to herself more and more troubles about her son. She feared that Peril could take over the town management.

74006 days ago several Mercury aliens came at the command of the food revolutionary to the town.

They threw several stones on the inhabitants. Thereon reacted Emoji 2, how he did this before. He hit with his fingers on the ground. After 34 seconds all soldiers of the ruler from the Mercury were swallowed by the earth.

73000 days ago the town and the town leader Emoji 2 celebrated an important birthday. Both were 109,500 days old.

While the proud age of the town was known, the town leader never again said his exact date of birth. Moreover, he changed name regularly. Thus he did not want to strike with the same name. 63875 days ago the master builder Peril was already very present in Emoji 2. He controlled several factories. Thus there was a poison production factory. This factory dirtied the air quality in the town and surroundings extremely strongly. Thanks to his tax authority the master builder achieved high income and profits.

The profits he spread himself. At this time he had to fly to Saturn to the burial of his brother. Peril was too mighty in the town. This was clear to all Emojis. 62780 days ago Peril sponsored a demonstration against the town leader. At that time realised Emoji 2 that Peril was a great danger for his life. At the same time the town leader wanted to show his strengths not publicly. 62050 days ago Peril wanted to know from the town leader his exact age. He threatened even with the murder. Emoji 2 remained quiet.

He invited him to himself home. At home Emoji 2 had organised a surprise for his opponent. Emojia 1 and her son had prepared the dinner table. Peril sat down at the table. He did not anticipate that an anti Saturn spices stood on the table. Suddenly felt Peril unwell. He fell on the ground. Thereon Emoji 2 hit to the master builder in the face.

Peril died at the age of 40555 days. Later the town leader threw the corpse beside the tax authority.

In spite of the death of Peril Saturn's extraterrestrials were very incredibly in the town. They raised high taxes. Moreover, other injurious factories were built. 56940 days ago the town celebrated its 200,000 inhabitants. At that time the king of Emoji decided to visit the area. Town leader organised a big party to these both events. These times were known as golden times in the history of Emoji 2. 49640 days ago there were at least 89 poison production factories in the town.

The air quality started to get worse massively. The mortality of the population strongly increased. 43800 days ago only 114,411 inhabitants lived in this town. More and more Emojis emigrated from this town. 43066 days ago felt Emojia 1 very badly because of the air quality. She could hardly move more. 42340 days ago Emojia 1 died at the age of 146,732 days. The town leader had to find out that something was not right in the town any more. The population further shrank.

Here 37960 days ago only 49876 inhabitants were already counted. On account of bad air quality more and more Emojis left this town. 36500 days ago visited Scary Clown the town quite officially. He met the town leader Emoji 2. He was interested in the life in this area. He wanted to hide his confidential plans in this town. Emoji 2 granted this. He was glad that somebody still had interest in this town.

35040 days ago the inhabitant's number on 18874 inhabitants got smaller. The air quality got further worse. Emoji 2 feared the decline of the town. He hoped that he would meet one day the alien from Pluto again. 31755 days ago the First Horror Clown planned to visit this town. But shortly before a poison production factory exploded in this town.

That's why the First Horror Clown commanded the evacuation of all inhabitants from Emoji 2. At that time these were nearly 4488 inhabitants. Only the town leader did not want to leave the area. Thus he became as the only inhabitant of the town a long time. 27010 days ago the town leader Emoji 2 died in his hometown at the age of 155,490 days as a result of the poisoned air quality. 11680 days ago the town was recaptured by the nature. Up to now no Emoji and no alien wanted to visit this town after the disaster.

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