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Emoji 2

Emoji 2 is in the north of the kingdom Emoji. The town is in the region of the capital of the country. In the former history a lot of inhabitants lived in the today's area of the town. When the town got its today's name, Emoji 2 was regularly on the second place in all areas of life. That's why the area got the name Emoji 2.


 Emoji 2


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182,500 days ago the first Emojis came to the area. They came with several frying pans to this region. After a short time nearly 22,467 inhabitants already lived in this area. This led to the fact which got this area the second place in completely Emoji. The uppermost leader of Emoji 2 was called just Emoji 1. He also called his latest son after this town.

Thus he wanted to protect the claims to power of his family in Emoji 2. Moreover, he invented a special fee for the expansion of the town.

For this purpose he sent his wife Emojia 1. She came to every inhabitant with the heading on her forehead. Stood on it: Emoji 2 needs your help. Development aid for the ambitious town. Really Emoji 2 long times could grow economically. More and more Emojis came to the area. Thus lived here already 177,390 days ago nearly 48,876 inhabitants. Most inhabitants were Emojis and Acrobats. 172,280 days ago went Emoji 1 with his latest son on a town tour. ➡️🍀👤➕💰️😭. ➡️💫👤❌️🛠️➕➡️❌️👤🛠️☠️🧓≡😴. ➡️👄👤📦️➕🥫❓️➡️🖼️👤😭. ➡️😅👤❌️👤🌿➡️❌️💜2️⃣ 👸🎥❤️*️⃣❌️*️⃣ 😭💬2️⃣7️⃣ ❌😉➕4️⃣5️⃣ ❌️✨➕💪🏼😍🙏🏼➕🤦‍♀️🐩👩❌️🧓😭👎️🛠️👥👎️ .➡️⭐👍👤❤️❌️⛏️👤👩⬅️. 👤👩🐚🧜‍♀️🌊🔥🌡️➕1️⃣ 🥫🗣️👤⬅️🆗🥇❌️📌🥈🎣🍎. 😭➕2️⃣ 💖➕😘2️⃣ .

35040 days ago the inhabitant's number on 18874 inhabitants got smaller. The air quality got further worse. Emoji 2 feared the decline of the town. He hoped that he would meet one day the alien from Pluto again. 31755 days ago the First Horror Clown planned to visit this town. But shortly before a poison production factory exploded in this town.

That's why the First Horror Clown commanded the evacuation of all inhabitants from Emoji 2. At that time these were nearly 4488 inhabitants. Only the town leader did not want to leave the area. Thus he became as the only inhabitant of the town a long time. 27010 days ago the town leader Emoji 2 died in his hometown at the age of 155,490 days as a result of the poisoned air quality. 11680 days ago the town was recaptured by the nature. Up to now no Emoji and no alien wanted to visit this town after the disaster.

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