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Emoji Guide Interview

Emoji Guide was born 16006 days ago in Heart Eyes Emoji. When Emoji Guide took part in the home lottery, he immediately won several educations planet-far. Thus he decided to give away several not referring vouchers for educations to diligent Emojis. He organized own lottery for this purpose. 3333 days ago Emoji Guide from his natal town fled to Laughing Emoji. He applied for asylum in the new town. But why did Emoji Guide from his hometown flee?
As a reason he called that he was not religiously enough for the natal town. That's why Emoji Guide got asylum in Laughing Emoji within 27 hours. Emoji Guide studied different occupations in his life. Thus he became a tourism expert and professor for jurisprudence and politics. On account of his name recognition in the kingdom Emoji he must speak more and more with different interviewers. That's why the extraterrestrial Sweasy26 met the professor Emoji Guide in a confidential place.
At this place function no telephone networks. The confidential place is protected against spies very well.

Mr. Guide, Why you studied so different areas like jurisprudence and tourism?
Emoji Guide must look in his Smartphone for an answer on the local Internet:

How did the death of the Last Horror Clowns influence your professional career?
Emoji Guide searches the death date of the Horror Clowns on the local Internet. Then he slowly remembers this time:
At that time many aliens from Haumea suddenly came to Emoji. They absolutely wanted to see the places of interest of Emoji with their real eyes. That's why I used this chance. I could lead them through the country. I showed different places of my native country. Moreover, I could generously receive a lot of money because of gratitude of the aliens from Haumea. The best in my activity at that time: I worked secretly. I informed the tax authority by no means about my earnings.
Thus I could collect enough money for my study as a tourism expert. Luckily several Emojis became by the home very actively against the tax authority. Finally, I found the levy very unfair. Thus I participated actively in the demonstration against the mightiest tax authority of the country in Poop Emoji. Back to my history: I could profit from the aliens from Haumea not only financially. I learnt their language by the regular contact with them.

Suddenly somebody knocks at the door of the room. Emoji Guide strongly starts to tremble. He shouts the following words from his mouth: 🤚👮‍♀️🚮🥉🕌🅰️🚮.
Are you resurrected from the cemetery?

For Sweasy26 this sounds as if Emoji Guide was a fled patient from the psychiatry.
Nevertheless, the knocking Emoji opens the door himself. He says that he is the personal doctor of Emoji Guide.
He brought several sugar sweets for the professor, so that Emoji Guide can feel fine again.
After this event Emoji Guide apologizes with several confidential signs and says: 🤩⏯🕌🚇🤚🕌🅰️.

887 days ago you demanded in a media communication that Emoji again should enter into a new union with the Circus Country. Thereon you received a protest letter from the parliament of Emoji. Why wanted you to support a new union?
Emoji Guide looks in the local encyclopedia for a historical answer: 🧔🚸🤚🎗⏯😦.

Some time ago you wanted to fight against the soil conservation in Middle Finger Emoji actively. Wanted you to take revenge with the responsible farmers because of the pear attack?
Emoji Guide defends himself with his middle finger of his right hand:
Partial already. But it is for me about equalization of all towns of the kingdom Emoji. I represent the opinion that no town may afford extreme specialities. Thus I also wanted to be able to go through Middle Finger Emoji immediately like in other towns.

Nevertheless, with this argument you will have many opponents. For Emojis it is very important that every town may keep itself and its speciality.
Emoji Guide answers with quiet voice:
I mean not that we should immediately leave out all specific features. I meant only so extreme ones. Nevertheless, you should go to an ear doctor!!!!

Suddenly there falls Emoji Guide of the chair. Within eleven seconds comes the family doctor of the professors. He takes his watering can and pours with cold water on Emoji Guide. Then there grows 467 new hairs on the head of Emoji Guide. After this story the professor recovers.

Emoji Guide speaks voluntarily: You had missed the cleaning action of dust in Emoji Meanings. This was so amusing on this day.

Which cleaning action of dust do you mean?
Emoji Guide hits on the table: Nevertheless, I meant the catch of flying particles with the dust catcher.

But what does this deal with you?
Emoji Guide gets a book from his backpack: On that day I had to donate 467 hairs to a new broom. That's why I thought that I was recompensed, finally, for my hairy donation.

You spent the night in a mountain hut in Venus. You made this from joy in the adventure. Which experiences could you take afterwards in your biography?
Emoji Guide takes a telescope from his backpack. He would like to see Venus for the answer of this question with his eyes.
There I was attacked by two wolves. Then I had to hide from the public. At least, were Venus aliens very cooperatively to me. I could speak with them so much. This led to the fact that they came to Emoji under my management. Thus we visited together several important places of interest of the kingdom. I regret my overnight stay in the mountain hut of Venus by no means. I recommend this experience to every tourist!

You recommend a high risk readiness instead of care to every tourist. Have I properly understood you?
Emoji Guide answers very self-confidently: I mean also. But I recommend this experience with the wolves anyway to everybody.

Do you want just to provoke or do you mean this quite seriously?
Emoji Guide looks on the Internet after the topical time: Of course I send nobody voluntarily to my favorite resorts. Provocation belongs of course to my occupation as a professor.

After this answer somebody knocks again at the door. Then Emoji Guide opens the door. 🇮🇹⏳🅰️🧰🚮🏅👥🎫⏭⏳🏇🕌🏅🔖🎶.

About your political work: One day you said that every injustice is shot sometime fatally. In addition you called as an example the fight of Emoji against the mighty tax authority. Can you concretise your opinion?
Emoji Guide points quite proudly at a photo: I am overjoyed about the fact that I might fight against the punishment for income and property actively. Moreover, I am against the discrimination of the Emoji Poop people. They suffered especially strongly from this authority. The today's king long time also did this.

Now a question comes about your activity as a professor for jurisprudence and tourism.
How do you judge the today's students who can make free of charge every education?
Emoji Guide looks in a list with the names of his students: In addition I must say that the quality of the students could improve. Many bought students in the education were earlier. They were bored and disturbed the lessons. This was still when I myself won the study.

Many students were condemned by their parents to the study of the jurisprudence. Thereby they were rather unmotivated. Today an algorithm decides who would fit which education best of all. Moreover, one is checked whether one was in the learnt occupation also survivable after the education.
Several bought students must thereby choose immediately another occupation for themselves.

Suddenly somebody attacks in the room. The stranger speaks with strong salted accent. He searches for Emoji Guide. Thereon both interlocutors are quiet. After some time comes a policeman and arrests the stranger. With this criminal it concerned a spy from the Salted Cucumbers. Emoji Guide gets again in big panic.
After some time comes the family doctor of the professor and pours his patient with peppermint tea. Then there grow 121 green mint hairs on the head of Emoji Guide.

How do you experience the modern mediation method to your students?
Emoji Guide: I permit to my students the use of a tablet computer, notebook or smartphones during the study. But in final examinations all devices must go off-line. I check everybody WLAN-connections with my special device. On account of more invisible WLAN-connections I must lock up the devices even in another room. For this purpose a prison exists for notebooks, tablets and smartphones.

The devices cannot thereby leave the university. Thus our students must be not afraid that they would not get back their devices.
1212 days ago I got a decayed student. He wanted to use several possibilities. On his smartphone I discovered the following possibilities: call a friend, consult guests of the broadcasting, the first one and the last letter indicate. However, later the whole class laughed at me. Finally, this aid concerned a broadcasting in a television broadcasting station.

What do you say your students regularly?
Emoji Guide rubs his nose: I expect from them that they switch on their own brain. They should be able to think increasingly independently. For this purpose I worked during nearly 1984 days on an intelligence test for beginning lawyers.

You are also a tourism professor. What do you teach the future representatives of the kingdom Emoji?
Emoji Guide looks at his backpack: I say them if you want to represent with pleasure our country, not only tourism, but also foreign languages and international language studies. Only so you can fill their mouth with advertisement to tourist.
By the way, I experienced also myself when I contacted with the tourists from Haumea.

Have you plans to get into the politics of the country?
Emoji Guide: At the moment I have no such plans. For it I am too caught cold. However, I could fancy an engagement in the politics in the future.

After this answer the extraterrestrial Sweasy26 and Emoji Guide finish the interview. Then still there comes the family doctor of the professor and wants to fetch him. The family doctor brought an umbrella for the protection against radiation of the spying. Then everybody leaves the room and return to their places.



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